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Top Barber Schools in New York

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Are you trying to find the Barber Schools in New York? Well, cutting hair is an art that requires dedication, talent, and persistence.

Because it was founded on the idea that hair can be cut with the same level of precision as any other trade, barbering is arguably the oldest profession in the world.

New York City is home to many of the top barber schools, and barbers are happy to assist anyone in need. Aspiring barbers can choose from a wide variety of top-notch barber schools in New York City.

Therefore, how do you decide? The best barber schools in New York are there any particular cities? This article will explain what New York’s barber schools have to offer and why they’re a great place to start your career.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some New York barber schools that we believe are worthy of your time and consideration.

What does a Barber do?

A barber performs the following tasks:

  • shaving, trimming, or cutting hair or a beard, massaging the face or scalp with creams, oils, or lotions, either by hand or with a machine;
  • washing one’s hair while singing;
  • applying cosmetic products to the face or scalp, such as hair tonics;
  • applying powders and oils that are anti-fungal and fungicidal, as well as cosmetic preparations and antibiotics, to the scalp;
  • putting on a hair tonic.
  • Barbers who hold a license must be knowledgeable of and strictly abide by the Practice of Barbering License Law.

Does being a Barber make Sense?

The barbering industry has experienced rapid expansion recently, with new barbershops opening up all throughout the nation.

If you like talking with people, working as a barber gives you the chance to meet different people every day and learn about their lives.

You may give boys this empowering haircut by giving them a look that fits their individuality. If you’re a good barber, you’ll make friends and connections with your customers and get more self-assurance and reputation.

Because having a haircut is a daily necessity rather than an extravagance, barbers are never out of business.

Barbers are in high demand all throughout the world, making this a great career choice for people who like to travel.

Your chances of receiving a work visa to work in the nation you desire to work in might be increased with the help of this career, which can also help you qualify as a skilled worker.

New York’s Standards for Barber Accreditation:

Applications for licenses must be submitted through the New York State e-Licensing system.

A ID is required for every barber who practices in the state of New York. My Online Services is where you should go to create an account if you don’t already have one.

In order to obtain a New York barber license, you must first:

  • Age minimum of 17 years old.
  • Schedule a visit with a physician, phlebotomist, or family nurse practitioner. A doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner must fill out and sign the application’s health certification section.
  • Within 30 days of receiving their health certifications, applicants must submit their applications.
  • successful completion of a barbering course of study.
  • In a one-time session, learn about proper sanitation and sterilization practices, as well as the transmission of dangerous diseases.
  • In two years or less, pass the NYS practical test (except when applying by Reciprocity).

A license can be applied for in a number of ways.

  • two years of training
  • If you apply from outside of New York or from a New York State-approved barber school, you must present proof of licensing, a course certificate, and a transcript with a summary of the topics covered in the course.
  • This certification requires two distinct statements of work history and three years of work experience in a different country or state.
  • It could be essential to show proof of prior New York State licensure.
  • Via reciprocity, licensing certifications from Maine, New Mexico, or Pennsylvania are accepted.
  • Under the leadership of the licensed barber’s instruction, supervision, and direction, a barber apprentice works alongside the licensed barber to learn the profession of barbering.
  • A license to practice barbering does not permit the operation of a barbershop. You will require a different license to operate a barbershop.

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Top Barber Schools in New York

1. ABI: American Barber Institute

Barber Schools in New York
Barber Schools in New York

The American Barber Institute holds a license from the New York State Department of Education (ABI). Its facility has two floors, the first of which is devoted to hands-on training.

The academic and practical components of the program are housed on their bottom floor. The 3,000 square foot building that houses their school is the biggest of its kind in the greater New York City area.

The American Barber Institute is located in Chinatown in Manhattan. The university also offers the 600-hour Instructor program in addition to the 500-hour Master Barber training.

Wheelchair access is available at the A.B.I. Although though ABI has a sizable and spacious facility, they take great pride in their small class sizes for both theoretical and practical training.

Students can also get qualifications through programs in barber instructor and barbershop management.

The institute’s spacious classroom, which is furnished with multimedia resources and several workstations, is available for students to practice their talents.

The price of tuition varies depending on whatever course you take, however they offer a refresher program for $1,500 and a master barber program with a down payment of $750.

Along with your résumé, you must have the following in order to apply to the America Barber Institute:

  • A diploma from high school or its equivalent
  • Social Security Number
  • A passport
  • There is a 750 dollar deposit needed.
  • To apply, you must be at least 17 years old.
  • Students must also cover the cost of their materials and equipment.

ABI is renowned as one of the top barbering schools in New York City for its individualized instruction from skilled teachers in traditional barbering techniques like haircutting, shaving, and beard trimming.

2. Empire Beauty School

Barber Schools in New York
Barber Schools in New York

You can develop your barbering skills and knowledge in a fun and exciting environment by enrolling in Empire Beauty Schools’ barber program.

The tuition at Empire Beauty School varies between campuses and from year to year.

There are many things to think about when choosing a barber school in New York City. On the other hand, quality training shouldn’t be disregarded.

At the Empire Beauty School, which has a well-equipped teaching center and is located close to Times Square, you might get a haircut while you learn barbering techniques.

There are numerous courses available for men, women, and kids, as well as specialized cosmetology training in areas like medical aesthetics. One of New York City’s top barber schools is EBS.

3. Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute

Aveda Institute is much more than just a school for cosmetics. They believe that with dedication and hard work, their students will be ready for the chances in the beauty industry.

They will learn how to establish enduring relationships and how to unleash their creativity.

The Cosmetology, Esthiology, and Massage Therapy programs all challenge and support learners in equal measure, helping them become skilled, self-assured artists while being supervised by caring academic personnel.

Without a doubt, Aveda Institute is regarded as one of New York’s top barbering schools.

They offer a wide range of beauty programs and are renowned for producing graduates who are prepared to enter the workforce. They are one of the top barber schools in New York City.

4. Westchester Barber Academy:

A Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE), Westchester Barber Academy is committed to creating entrepreneurs and independent workers with a sense of community.

Teenagers ages 13 to 17 who participate in the after-school program get the chance to give back to their community while also honing technical and soft skills they can use after high school.

In an Introduction to Barbering course that lasts a full year, students not only learn the skills needed to succeed as a barber, but also how to promote themselves and network with other students.

At an after-school session they host, pupils are given an introduction to barbering. Workshops are also organized by barbers who seek to obtain their State Board Barber license.

One of the top barber schools in New York City is Westchester Barber Academy.

5. New York’s Barber & Beauty Institute:

The Barber & Beauty Institute of New York performs better than expected for the sector.

The Institute’s programs are geared to get students ready to take the New York State Barber Operator exam.

The Barber & Beauty Institute of New York offers the courses Barber Operator, Barber Apprentice, Barbering for Cosmetologists II, and Fundamentals of Natural Hair Styling.

For registered apprentice barbers who need to brush up on their expertise in order to pass the state exam, it also provides a Skills Refresher course.

Both full-time and part-time classes are available at the Institute. The 700 hours needed to become a licensed barber can be finished in seven months of full-time attendance.

6. Master cutter University:

For stylists of all experience levels, from novices to seasoned pros, Mastercutter Academy offers a variety of hair cutting workshops. Laara Raynier has hand-selected the love models for these interactive workshops.

One of the top barber schools in New York City is Laara Raynier’s Mastercutter Academy because, unlike the other barber schools on this list, it focuses on men’s grooming and cosmetology.

Laara Raynier is a well-known fashion industry model esthetician. Live seminars are held by Her Mastercutter School to instruct anyone who are interested in learning the craft so they can make something for themselves.

7. The Beyond Beauty and Barber Institute:

Young people, single parents, and individuals with impairments are promised the best opportunities for professional and personal growth at Beyond Beauty & Barber Academy.

This goal is to educate as many people as we can who genuinely want to become barbers. This is one of the city’s most affordable possibilities for a career in the barber industry.

A private session typically costs between $399 and $1,000.

Barber Schools in New York
Barber Schools in New York

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Barbers earn six figures?

Indeed, a barber may earn six figures.

How long does learning to cut hair take?

You'll enroll in a nearby community college for at least two years to get practical training in haircutting. If you visit a barbershop, you should anticipate starting your hair-trimming regimen within six months, but it might take longer.

How can you obtain a license as a barber?

To be qualified to take the license exams, a barber school student typically needs to complete 1500 hours of instruction. Furthermore necessary are passing the licensure exam and having a high school diploma or GED.

How do barbers work?

As well as cutting, coloring, perming, shampooing, and styling hair, barbers are educated to shave. The hairdresser may make use of a range of tools to complete the work at hand. Qualified barbers can dye, bleach, permanently wave, and highlight hair.


In one of these barber schools in New York City, some of the best hairdressers in the world will be able to learn their trade.

This class covers every facet of being a skilled barber, from the fundamentals of cutting and coloring to the subtleties of keeping men’s facial hair.

These schools can be located on the fringes of both cities and suburbs.


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