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5 Best Aviation Schools in Georgia

Best Aviation Schools in Georgia

Hello, aspiring Pilot! You must have come to this page because you are interested in becoming a pilot. What are the best aviation schools in Georgia, you might be wondering? Is it your goal to become a pilot? Or perhaps you’re just interested in learning how to become a pilot in Georgia. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are in the right page to know the best aviation schools in Georgia.

When it comes to the credentials, length, and prerequisites needed for pilot training in Georgia, you undoubtedly have a ton of questions. Do not worry; we at World Scholarship Vault have assembled the essential information you require to organize your pilot course or program in Georgia.

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aviation schools in georgia

Advice on Choosing a Flight School

Before we proceed to the best aviation schools in Georgia, let’s go through some tips for choosing an aviation school.

Tip 1: Establish your pilot objectives.

What are your long-term aviation goals, first and foremost? Do you desire a private pilot license to practice flying in your spare time? Do you prefer general aviation or do you want a commercial pilot’s license? Do you intend to enroll in a program for aspiring airline pilots? Which airlines are currently hiring, too? In the upcoming years, what kind of aircraft will be used by airlines? Which flight schools typically hire for the airlines? It is best to inquire about airline relationships with flight schools. In order to answer the question “how will I become a Pilot,” you need make a list of the following important questions and seek solutions.

Tip 2: Calculate your financial capacity.

Second, learn why different flight schools charge different prices (based on factors such as location, student enrollment, kind of aircraft, and more). Additionally, do these programs offer financial aid or loans? Would a part-time course of study suit you?

Tip 3: Calculate your available free time.

Each flying school has its unique training timetable, with some allowing flexibility and others requiring full-time, on-campus instruction. Be aware that postponing flight training typically results in higher training costs.

Tip 4: Learn about the flight school’s aircraft fleet and its aircraft maintenance facility.

This is significant from a training perspective, but from a safety perspective it is even more significant. Additionally, you want to think about what kinds of devices airlines appreciate. Ask the flying school in-depth questions regarding their aircraft maintenance department and safety features to learn more about how aircraft age does not always correlate to safety.

Tip 5: Visit the flight schools on your shortlist.

In order to understand more about the training, safety procedures, background, and graduates of the flight school, last but not least, try to chat with the instructors and management teams of the flying school.

How to get a Pilot’s License in Georgia

Step 1. Study the Georgia flight training choices that are available.

You need to be aware of the available pilot training programs in the nation and which one is best for you. Here is where you need to consider your aviation objectives. Which license—a “Private Pilot License” (PPL) or a “Commercial Pilot License” (CPL)—do you wish to obtain? Are you looking for employment with an airline? If so, you should get an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). Do you also hope to finish college at the same time? Do you intend to enlist in the military, preferably the Air Force?

Step 2: Select the training phases you will need to complete.

According to their objectives, students must pass through six (6) distinct pilot training stages in general. The following are the phases of pilot training:

  • Student Pilots Licence (SPL)

You will require a student pilot license as your first pilot’s license. With this license, you can begin your flight training.

  • PPL, or Private Pilot License.

With a private pilot’s license, you can fly without being paid whether you’re carrying passengers, cargo, or yourself.

  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

You must receive a commercial pilot license in order to begin flying for pay. You can work as a paid professional pilot with this license.

Your pilot license can be upgraded with either an Instrument Rating or a Multi-Engine Rating.

  • Instrument Rating (IR)

If you have an instrument rating, you can use the instruments to pilot the aircraft in any weather, such as when there is little or no visibility. Along with their commercial pilot training, flight schools also offer instrument ratings. However, it can also be purchased independently.

  • MER, or Multi-Engine Rating

You can pilot multi-engine aircraft if you have the multi-engine rating. Along with private pilot and commercial pilot training, flight schools also provide multi-engine rating training. However, it can also be purchased independently.

  • Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL)

The highest level of aircraft pilot certification, the ATPL, permits you to serve as a pilot-in-command on regularly scheduled airlines.

Step 3: Pick a flight academy

The next step is to decide which flight school is best for your budget after conducting your study on the kind of license you want to receive. You’ll be introduced to the best aviation schools in Georgia soon.

How much does Training to be a Pilot Cost?

It is significant to remember that training to be a pilot has financial requirements. The cost of your flight training is affected by a variety of variables, including the nation in which you complete your training and the flying school you choose.

Step Four: Think About Your Career Options

While some would-be aviators have a clear career route in mind, others don’t. What you might be able to do with a pilot license is listed below.

  1. Airline pilot for international or Domestic Carriers
  • Pilot for corporate or business aviation (Commercial Pilot)
  • Air taxi and Charter Pilot
  • Flight instructor
  • Medical/Ambulance flights Pilot
  • Agricultural pilot and plenty other choices.

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5 Best Aviation Schools in Georgia

Here is a list of a few of top aviation schools in Georgia that can assist both seasoned and beginning pilots in completing the necessary training to acquire a pilot’s license.

ATP Flight School:

If you’re choosing between flight schools in Georgia, this school offers some of the most thorough pilot instruction. The largest flying school in the country, ATP offers a streamlined route to beginning a fruitful airline pilot career.

Both AOPA and the National Association of Flight Instructors have continually praised the instructors’ superior training and professionalism. Along with assisting you in finding employment, the 33 airline hiring relationships also include tuition reimbursement.

  • Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046, 738 Briscoe Boulevard

School Costs:

  • Payscale for the airline career pilot program: $87,995 to $98,995
  • $9,200 for the FAA Knowledge Test and Examiners’ Fees
  • Application Store: $205
  • $8,400 for housing
  • $1,600 for training materials

Financial Support:

  • Loan from Sallie Mae

Programs Duration:

  • 7-month airline career pilot training program


  • Licensed Pilot
  • Aircraft pilot
  • Commercial Flight instructor (CFI)
  • Multiple Engines Instructor (MEI)
  • Size of School: 800-1,000
  • Individualized instruction
  • Employment Placement
  • Virtual Education: Yes

Liberty University:

One of the few aviation schools in Georgia that permits you to complete your academic instruction entirely online is this one. For your convenience while you obtain your license, they are affiliated with more than 88 practical training institutions across the country. In order to keep top-notch aeronautics instruction accessible and affordable, Liberty University also provides a number of financial aid options.

  • Virtual Learning Available

School Costs:

  • An aviation bachelor’s degree will cost between $22,500 and $46,800.
  • B.S. in aviation and practical flight instruction: $92,500–116800

Programs Duration:

  • 3.5 years for an aviation science degree
  • 3.5 years for a bachelor’s in aviation science and practical flight instruction


  • CFI\sCFII\sATP\sMEI\sMulti-Engine

Middle Georgia State University:

The four-year collegiate aviation curriculum is only offered by one flight school in Georgia. Their alumni advance in their jobs in aviation with confidence in the knowledge they have gained via training. Georgia is home to many aircraft firms, and Middle Georgia State has the highest percentage of job placement among the local schools thanks to their aviation curriculum.

aviation schools in georgia

  • Location: 100 University Parkway, Macon, Georgia 3120


  • The program will set state residents back between $13,000 and $14,000 year in tuition and fees. Residents from other states should budget closer to $48,000 annually.
  • $500 FAA Instrument Rating
  • $500 for FAA Private Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot FAA Fee: $500
  • Single Engine Flight Instructor: $500
  • Multi-Engine Flight Instructor: $500

Programmed Time:

  • Four years of commercial pilot training


  • Private Pilot School Commercial Pilot
  • Instrument Size: CFI MEI

Atlanta Aerospace Flight Center:

The first flight school in the world to provide access to the Cirrus Vision Jet, the first personal jet in the world, Aero Atlanta maintains a sizable inventory of aircraft. The goal of this Platinum Cirrus Training Center, one of the nation’s fastest-growing centers, is to develop self-assured pilots who are capable of flying highly competent and technologically sophisticated aircraft. They are swiftly rising to the top of the aviation schools in Georgia.

  • Location: 2600 Cirrus Way, NW Kennesaw, GA 30144, 1954 Airport Road, Atlanta, GA 30341

School Costs:

  • Between $20,469 and $31,719 for private pilots
  • Minimum and maximum instrument rating: $16,304 to $23,279
  • Commercials Pilot: $8,075 to $13,05

Skybound Aviation School

You can choose from a number of packages at this pilot school in Georgia to help you realize your aviation goals. Since being named to AOPA’s Honor Roll of Excellence in 2018, Skybound has been regarded as one of the finest aviation schools in Georgia. They are highly known for their fair prices and committed pilot training in the area.

  • Address: Suite 125, 2000 Airport Road, Atlanta, GA 30341

School Costs:

  • $11,522 for a private pilot’s license
  • Fees extra: between $1,500 and $2,000
  • Certificate for an Instrument Rating Pilot: $10,740
  • Additional charges: $800 to $1,500
  • Certificate for a commercial pilot’s license: $6,400
  • Additional charges: $800 to $1,200
  • Certificate of Certified Flight Instructor: $6,900
  • $7,100 Multi-Engine Certificate

aviation schools in georgia

FAQs about Aviation Schools in Georgia

In Georgia, what age is required to become a pilot?

At least 17 years of age is required.

To begin my pilot training in Georgia, what do I need?

You'll require a medical certificate in order to begin your pilot training. The simplest method to do this is to contact the flight school you want to enroll in, and they will assist you in making the necessary arrangements.

What kind of training is required to become a pilot in Georgia?

Potential candidates must have completed at least their Class 12 in high school.

What proficiency in English do I need to get a pilot’s license in Georgia?

Before earning your pilot license, it is advised that you have at least a level 4 English standard because English is the international aviation language.


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