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How to get the Aritzia Student Discount 2023

Aritzia Student Discount: Aritzia is a renowned global retailer of high-end clothing. This business is well known for providing top-notch clothing manufactured with the best designs available.

Aritzia offers student discounts that allow customers to spend less money on clothing, so choosing to shop there as a student is a wise choice.

However, Aritzia only grants its student discounts to those students who meet certain requirements.

Consequently, you should study this article from beginning to end if you desire an Aritzia student discount.

It explains how to qualify for an Aritzia student discount and provides you with a wealth of other crucial details about the company.

About Aritzia

Aritzia is a well-known Canadian company that sells fashionable women’s apparel and accessories and is known all over the world.

Since its founding in 1984, this business has developed into a reputable name that is well-regarded by many individuals.

Aritzia has a sizable product selection that is incomparable to the majority of global female fashion businesses.

Their designs are some of the greatest on the market, and their items are of the highest quality.

Aritzia has also developed a reputation for being a brand that celebrities and influencers love. Without a doubt, this company is among the greatest in the world for stylish brands.

Aritzia student discount
Aritzia student discount

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How to Get a Discount as an Aritzia Member Online

Members of Aritzia are eligible for a First Order Discount. Customers can get discounts on the goods they buy from the online store by using the First Order Discount code.

To be the first to learn about the newest deals Aritzia releases for its online consumers, sign up for the corporate newsletter.

Additionally, you’ll be able to make the best decisions if you are well-versed with the policies of the business regarding shipping and buying.

In addition, Aritzia welcomes returns for any item bought online with their First Order Discount.

Customers who return items at Aritzia typically are not assessed any fees.

However, Aritzia will subtract the delivery fee from the money that will be repaid to the client in rare circumstances where a customer is required to cover the expense of shipping back the product.

To ensure they spend less on things they purchase from Aritzia, clients are also advised to wait until the company issues special discounts, such as those provided around Black Friday.

Benefits of being an Aritzia Member

Aritzia Student membership has a lot of wonderful advantages, including:

1. Access to a variety of Savings

As a student member of Aritzia, you have access to a number of discounts that, if used while shopping, will lower the price of the things you buy from Aritzia.

You can use the money you save for several other requirements.

2. The Ability to use the Loyalty Programs

The Aritzia loyalty program rewards customers who are Aritzia student members for their business.

Aritzia rewards you with points for every dollar spent on purchases that can be used to win a variety of fantastic prizes.

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Aritzia student discount
Aritzia student discount

Aritzia Student Discount

Student discounts are available from Aritzia to help them spend less money when shopping there.

This business provides a 10%–20% student discount.

Additionally, it is advised that students visit Aritzia’s official website to learn about the most recent discount code that the retailer has made available to them.

However, it’s anticipated that by 2023, Aritzia would give students a 10% discount.

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Eligibility for Aritzia’s Student Discount

Students who meet the requirements can receive the Aritzia student discount:

  • A student must enrol in a full-time high school, college, or university.
  • An applicant must be older than 16 years old.
  • Students who are enrolled in an apprenticeship program are also qualified for the discount.
  • Students are required to create an Aritzia account.
  • To establish their status as students, students must present identification, such as a student ID.

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How to Get the Aritzia Student Discount and Use It

By doing the things listed below, you can get the Aritzia student discount and use it:

  1. Visit the Aritzia official website.
  2. Look at the bottom of the homepage and click it for further information.
  3. Specify the information the page has requested.
  4. You should check your mail to see if the business sent you a student discount code.
  5. Verify with the employer that you are a student.
  6. Select the items you want to buy and put them in your shopping cart.

To enable the system to make the required deductions, enter the discount code during checkout. The system will then immediately complete the required payment.

You should also be aware that there are some things for which you cannot use the Aritzia student discount.

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Aritzia student discount
Aritzia student discount

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aritzia a high-end retailer?

Aritzia is a top and big fashion store.

What is the appeal of Aritzia?

The success of Aritzia can be partly attributable to the fact that it creates fashionable, high-quality clothing that is unavailable at budget retailers like Shein. Although the clothing from Aritzia is fashionable and well-made, the common consumer can afford it.

Who is the owner of Aritzia?

Burke Hill.

Does Aritzia employ young people?

There are few worker health, safety, or other labor rights in Aritzia's supply chain. In the 2021 Fashion Transparency Index, the Canadian brand increased from 11 to 30 percent to 21 to 30 percent.


One of the top fashion companies in the world right now is Aritzia. This business offers a huge selection of apparel and accessories that are created from the best materials.

As a student, choosing to shop at the Aritzia store is the best option because this retailer provides a student discount that lowers the cost of your clothing purchases.

To learn the conditions you must satisfy in order to take advantage of Aritzia’s student discount, read the article once more.



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