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Top Architecture Schools in Alabama

Architecture Schools in Alabama: Do you have a burning desire to learn architecture and pursue a career in building construction? Continue reading.

We’ve done the research and created a list of Alabama undergraduate institutions where you can obtain a degree in architecture.

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Is Architecture a Promising Career?

Between 2021 and 2031, there should be 2.7% more work for architects, according to the BLS.

After that, only years of specialized expertise in the field can lead to mastery.

Individuals who pursue a career in this field design more than simply workplaces, buildings, and other things.

They design the settings in which people spend the majority of their time, such as their homes, workplaces, and favorite hangouts.

When deciding to pursue a career in architecture, there are a number of things to take into account. It takes a tremendous amount of work to prepare.

To build practical, beautiful, and safe structures, architects use their understanding of design, engineering, management, and coordination.

Geometry, trigonometry, and algebra all have a significant impact on building construction. When creating plans and rough sketches, architects employ these mathematical formats.

Is studying architecture enjoyable?

Since it lets them utilize their ideas and gives them the gratification of producing something lovely and original, architects enjoy sketching and drawing. You'll discover that one of the most transferrable skills you bring to your university studies is your interest in art and design during your school years.

Is architecture more a science or a math?

In order to create ecologically friendly building plans, architecture majors study how to combine technical, creative, scientific, and engineering aspects. The rapidly developing field of architecture will appeal to those with interests in the arts, sciences, math, and engineering.

What is the name for someone who practices architecture?


Where can an Architect work?

An architect spends the majority of their working day in an office, where they may have client meetings, produce reports and drawings, and work with other architects and engineers. Also, they visit construction sites to supervise ongoing projects and make sure that clients' expectations are being met. Some architects decide to work from the convenience of their homes.

Top Architecture Schools in Alabama

1. University of Alabama

Architecture Schools in Alabama
Architecture Schools in Alabama

The University of Alabama is a sizable public university with four years of study in a medium-sized city.

The design of structures, how they can survive the effects of nature, how they are built, and how to maintain them are all taught to students who major in architecture.

By synchronizing the actions of a building’s different systems, including mechanical and electrical ones, students are also taught how buildings function.

Architects are innovative persons who come up with answers to challenges to address national and worldwide concerns relating to energy needs, sustainable new and reconditioned building systems, urban development, and community planning.

2. Samford University

Architecture Schools in Alabama
Architecture Schools in Alabama

One of the top architecture schools in Alabama is Samford University.

Students who participate in this course will gain a new perspective on the world and be motivated to use their special talents to improve the area in which they live.

These students collaborate on projects, attend specific design classes and studios alongside interior design students, and benefit from both programs’ design knowledge and resources.

This institution’s unique integrated approach to design would help architecture students have a better understanding of the objectives and solutions of comprehensive design.

3. Auburn University

In a very tiny community, Auburn University is a sizable public university. It was one among the first colleges in the US to offer architecture as a major, as well as the first in the South.

It began offering an architecture curriculum in 1907. As a result, Auburn became one of the first colleges in the country to offer architecture.

The School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture (APLA) has grown to include four related programs during the past century.

These courses cover environmental design, interior architecture, and landscape architecture.


A Bachelor of Architecture degree is granted upon completion of the five-year professional degree program known as the Architecture Program.

The professional Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) degree program has received the highest level of certification from the National Architectural Accrediting Board.


Students may submit an application to be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Interior Architecture Program during their second year of study in the Architecture Program.

The Interior Architecture Program features a unique application process for potential students in addition to the same fundamental admissions requirements as the Architecture Program.


Students who enroll in Auburn University’s Landscape Architecture program are prepared for careers as landscape architects who will imagine, create, and maintain the landscapes of the twenty-first century.

While utilizing a highly expressive and participatory medium—the natural environment—the landscape architecture program equips students with the tools necessary to tackle some of the most pressing issues the world is now experiencing.


A degree that can be used in many different fields is the bachelor of science in environmental design.

Students must finish their curriculum for the environmental design workshop series throughout two summers.

4. Tuskegee University

There is only one program at Tuskegee University that offers a general architecture degree right now.

Situated in a distant village, this university is a four-year college that is private and not-for-profit.

There were a total of four bachelor’s degree recipients from the General Architecture program in the year 2020.

The School upholds the motto “Learning to do by doing” that was created at Tuskegee University when it was first founded through its Department of Architecture and Building Science.

Students may choose to participate in either a four-year bachelor’s program in construction science and management or a five-year bachelor of architecture program at the school.

The academic program required to study architecture is split into two portions that each span five years.

The professional degree of Bachelor of Architecture is granted to students once they have finished all the necessary curriculum during a five-year period.

Throughout the first two years of the curriculum, referred to as the Pre-Architecture program, students are provided the appropriate foundation in liberal arts courses.

Composition, arithmetic, physics, world history, and the humanities are some of the subjects covered in these classes.

Students must finish core curriculum in architectural design, architectural history, architectural graphics, and building systems throughout the first two years of the program.

Architecture Schools in Alabama
Architecture Schools in Alabama


Some of Alabama’s most sought-after architectural schools are included in an exhaustive list.

Choose an architectural school in Alabama from the list we’ve compiled if you want to attend one that fits your tastes and advances your career goals.



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