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University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarship UK 2023

The candidate is asked to submit an application for the 2023 Oxford Clarendon Scholarship. For international students, this UK Scholarship program is completely financed. The Oxford Clarendon Scholarship is available for those pursuing a Masters or PhD. The scholarship for 2023 does not require a separate application.

You will be automatically considered for a Oxford Clarendon Scholarship if you apply for a full-time or part-time Master’s or DPhil at Oxford by the pertinent January deadline for your degree. There are 130 brand-new, fully funded scholarships available to students of all nationalities.

Oxford Clarendon Scholarship
Oxford Clarendon Scholarship

Details of the Oxford Clarendon Scholarship 2023

  • Nation: UK
  • Host: The University of Oxford
  • Degree Level: Master’s and Doctoral
  • Scholarships Awarded: 170
  • Eligible Nationalities: All Countries
  • Deadline: January 6, 2023. (annual)
  • Study: in the UK.
  • Academic Session: Starting in October, 2023.
  • Acceptable Subjects: A Clarendon Scholarship can be used to pay for any topic. There are no preferences or subject-specific quotas for any single course type. All Master’s programs—MSt, MSc, BCL/MJur, MBA, MFE, MPhil, BPhil, MSc by Research, MTh—both full-time and part-time, as well as all DPhil programs—are included in this. On the Graduate Course Guide, you may find a list of every graduate course the University of Oxford offers (from link below).

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Oxford Clarendon Scholarship Validity Duration

The Clarendon Master’s scholarship will be for one or two years, while the Clarendon Doctoral scholarship will last for three to four years. More than 2,500 scholars have been able to pursue graduate study at Oxford thanks to Clarendon since the program’s inception in 2001.

In addition to providing over 170 brand-new, fully-funded scholarships each year to support deserving graduate students, Clarendon also gives students the chance to become a part of one of Oxford’s most vibrant, diverse, and cosmopolitan communities.

Oxford Clarendon Scholarship
Oxford Clarendon Scholarship

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Oxford Clarendon Scholarship Financial Coverage

If you register for your course before the December or January deadline, you will be immediately considered for Clarendon. There is no need for you to submit a different application. Clarendon offers fully financed scholarships that include both the course fees and a living expense stipend during the time that the fees are being paid.

An annual maintenance pension will be given to fellows, which typically covers all of a single student’s living expenditures at Oxford. You should anticipate receiving at least £15,009 in 2023.

The study area, shared residence, or nationality are all unrestricted. All undergraduate and graduate courses taken on a full- or part-time basis are eligible.

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Oxford Clarendon Scholarship
Oxford Clarendon Scholarship

How to Apply for the Oxford Clarendon Scholarship

To be eligible for the Oxford Clarendon Scholarship, submit an online application for your course. Your graduation place will ultimately be decided by the department, who will inform you of the outcome. Visit the Oxford Clarendon Scholarship official application page to access the application procedures.

Requirements & Selection Criteria

Depending on the subject area and whether candidates are applying for a taught or research degree, the selection criteria change slightly, but generally include:

  • A strong academic record is necessary: A high first class honours degree or its equivalent, or an exceptional academic record at the Master’s level, is required (noting that an outstanding Master’s degree can make up for a moderate first degree performance; a GPA of at least 3.7 is required if the mark is out of 4, although most successful candidates achieve a score higher than 3.7).
  • Additional proof of excellent academic accomplishment may be found in publications, prior university honors or awards, individual grades on student transcripts, and information on your overall standing within your cohort (if applicable).
  • Examining academic references, the research plan, shown evidence of aptitude for research, and the possibility that the scholar will make a substantial contribution to their field of study can help determine a student’s aptitude for the suggested course of study.
  • Student motivation is examined by the personal statement and references’ recommendations, which provide proof of the applicant’s dedication to the proposed course.

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How to Improve your Chances of Getting a Scholarship

How can I make sure my scholarship application stands out? you may be wondering. Here are ten methods to accomplish it.

1. Maintain Organization

When submitting applications for grants and scholarships, organization is essential. Whether it’s an athletic scholarship, a merit scholarship, or a grant for college, you’ll probably have to submit a number of paperwork. Typically, applications for scholarships call for transcripts, letters of recommendation, and even an essay.

Don’t put off finishing your applications until the last minute, and try making a calendar to keep track of scholarship deadlines. When the time comes to apply, be prepared with a list of your volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and transcripts. Throughout the year, keep the list updated to make sure that everything is correct for your scholarship applications.

2. Ask for Recommendation Letters in advance

Make sure to inquire at least four weeks in advance if you need letters of recommendation from professors, mentors, coaches, bosses, classmates, or anybody else. They will have plenty of time to finish it because of this. You should offer them a file with all of your personal details, accomplishments, honors, details about the scholarship, leadership activity, and a résumé to make the process easier for them.

Even if the scholarship doesn’t demand one, you can be given the choice to include additional pertinent documents in your application. Your chances of making a positive impression on the scholarship committee can be increased with a strong letter of recommendation.

3. Pay Close Attention to the Requirements and Details

Many scholarships offer rules for submitting your application, such as formatting requirements for essays, additional submission deadlines, or required attachments. Your application’s chances of being accepted or rejected can depend on how closely you follow instructions and conditions. Make sure you are adhering to the guidelines and conditions of the scholarship by checking them again.

4. Avoid Pasting Copied and Pasted Essays.

Every scholarship essay is unique, as are the prompts. Because of this, it’s crucial that you DON’T reuse your scholarship essays. Essays will need to demonstrate your various objectives and who you are. Even if you make minor edits to previously published pieces, such as changing names and dates, the judges could still be able to discern that you didn’t create a unique piece of writing specifically for them.

5. Recognize Your Sponsor

This is crucial to adding personality to your essay. Do your homework on the scholarship’s sponsor. It could be a corporation, cult, brand, small business, financial aid office, or even a specific person. Learn about their goals, activities, causes, donations, and any other details that can be useful. This foundational information can assist you in tailoring your essay to that organization, creating a more distinctive composition.

6. Highlight What Makes You Special

Many scholarships are awarded depending on the uniqueness of the candidate. A remarkable essay will be greatly aided by the expression of your distinctive hobbies and points of view. Share the events and hobbies that make YOU special.

The experiences you share need not be restricted to only your senior year. High school sports are popular, but perhaps you offered to help coach young athletes. Many college students work part-time jobs, but perhaps you established a workplace giving campaign. Think about what you can say about yourself that most people can’t.

7. Be passionate and Individualistic.

Making your essay personable and passionate is a fantastic thing to bear in mind when writing scholarship essays. Share your thoughts, emotions, and unique experiences. Try not to dwell on the fact that you chose to work in healthcare perhaps because you lost a parent to illness. Instead, concentrate on how your struggles helped to make you who you are now.

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8. Display Your Professionalism

Be professional in all of your interactions with scholarship sponsors, including in your essay, application, phone contact, and interview. Make sure you’re paying attention to how your work conveys tone.

Instead of communicating with your best buddy on Snapchat, write as though you are conversing to a professional in a formal situation. You might be able to get away with beginning with a hilarious sentence to catch attention, depending on the question. But be careful not to use sarcasm, emojis, SMS acronyms like LOL, or slang.

9. Check Your Work for Errors Before Submitting

When writing your scholarship essay and submitting all other required paperwork, proofreading is a crucial step. Verify that you have answered the prompt correctly and make any necessary grammar and spelling corrections.

10. Compliment them with a Letter

There should be one more step once you locate and submit an application for a scholarship. Thank the scholarship provider for their time and attention with a thank-you note. The gesture alone can mean a lot; there is no need for it to be overly formal. Sending a personalized thank you demonstrates your gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to be taken into consideration. Don’t forget to thank the people that sent your recommendation letters as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for a Clarendon Scholarship?

A strong academic record is necessary. Most accomplished scholars often hold degrees with at least a first class honors or its equivalent. For instance, a GPA of at least 3.7 on a scale of 4, keeping in mind that many Clarendon scholars earn better than this mark.

How do I Apply for an Oxford Clarendon Scholarship?

There is no separate application form for the Clarendon Scholarships, thus you do not need to send any additional materials. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must submit your application by the December or January deadline (6 or 20 January 2023) for your course.

I received a scholarship; can I stay in the UK after my studies?

After successfully completing an undergraduate or master's degree, international students may request to stay in the UK for up to two years. Graduates with a PhD may seek for a three-year extension.

Why aren’t Graduates from Other Countries Finding Jobs in the UK?

There are simply too many necessary abilities that job provides. There is limited potential to compete because most overseas grads just have academic experience presently. The greatest advise is to look for employment while pursuing a degree or a quality internship.



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