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20 Alternative Jobs For Teachers

Alternative Jobs For Teachers.It touches on every aspect of life, teaching is a beautiful profession. But not all educators work in a formal capacity forever. They frequently apply their teaching abilities in other situations.

The finest positions for former educators depend on your unusual interests and abilities. Many choices are now accessible for businesses or people that employ teachers. Therefore, leadership and organizational abilities may be helpful for new enterprises. This is due to the fact that a business must retain and organize the information to keep projects on schedule.

On the other side, professions in business and charity organizations benefit from good interpersonal skills. When looking for positions as a teacher outside of the classroom, you find that your abilities in cooperation and project management are crucial to your chances. A second career will benefit from your patience and capacity for flexibility in the same way.

In light of this, this piece will meticulously outline the top 20 alternative jobs for teachers.

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Who Is a Teacher?

A teacher, according to Wikipedia, is a person who facilitates students’ acquisition of wisdom, skill, or virtue. Additionally, a particular level of training and proficiency are necessary for the profession of a teacher.

Additionally, a teacher’s job responsibilities could go beyond traditional instruction. Teachers may oversee study halls and go on field trips with students outside of the classroom. They can also supervise extracurricular activities and assist with planning school events.

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What Skills And Characteristics Are Needed For A Teacher?

There are some characteristics and abilities needed to be a teacher. The teacher is defined by these skills and traits, which are reflected in how they teach and leave the intended impression.

An educator is anticipated to;

  • Be an instructional manager.
  • The instructor must possess compassion.
  • Working well with others.
  • Work with information, technology, and knowledge.
  • Be able to function in and with society, as well.

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What Characteristics Make A Good Teacher?

Among all, a teacher is anticipated to have the peculiar traits listed below;


It has been found that teachers who are enthusiastic about their students and the course materials can foster an effective learning environment. Enthusiastic teachers are more likely to have students who are engaged, interested, and eager to understand the material.

According to recent studies, teachers’ enthusiasm positively affects students’ intrinsic motivation to study and classroom energy. Consequently, a passionate teacher makes a terrific one.

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An effective student-teacher connection

Studies show a strong correlation between student-teacher relationships and academic motivation and attitudes. The kids’ motivation and want to learn will be wonderful if the teacher forges an excellent and engaging relationship with the students.

A teacher’s capacity to design learning environments that support student accomplishment also rely on the rapport they develop with their pupils.

How Do I Switch Careers As A Teacher?

People frequently leave the teaching profession for reasons best known to themselves, including inadequate benefits and pay, the strain involved, and a modest shift in life ambitions.

Prior to thinking about leaving teaching to pursue different employment, you must;

  • Ascertain that it is your best choice.
  • Know exactly what you want to do after that.
  • Inform others of your intention to leave.
  • Finally, let your colleagues and students know that you will be leaving.
  • You should explore for alternate teaching positions before considering changing your current position.

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20 Alternative Jobs For Teachers

1. The caregiver

  • $23,240 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Childcare providers get to spend their days with kids while avoiding the meetings, grading, and paperwork that teachers often have to deal with.

In a private home or daycare situation, they may be in charge of one or more kids. They might also work independently or with other experts. The duty of caring for children has been placed on them.

2. Personal coach

  • $39,210 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Keeping pupils motivated is one of the most important aspects of teaching. This ability will transform the personal training industry in wonderful ways.

Personal trainers have a passion for physical fitness and use it to inspire and motivate their clients. They assist their consumers in comprehending how the physique reacts to nutrition and exercise.

If you want to develop in the industry rapidly, you should get your personal trainer certification. Physical education teachers are most suited for this career, although anyone who has coached can find themselves drawn to it.

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3. Drug and Alcohol Counselor

  • $41,070 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

The goal of substance abuse counselors is to assist clients. Their line of employment is supervising individuals as they battle drug addiction, alcoholism, and other addictions.

Similar to education, entry-level jobs are typically available for those with only a bachelor’s degree. However, in order to advance, you will generally need to complete a master’s degree program and become a licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADAC).

4. Museum Director

  • $47,360 is the national average salary.

Primary obligations:

Since museums are educational institutions, retired instructors can easily fit in there. Art is acquired, preserved, and shown by a museum curator.

Your ability to plan exhibits, events, and performances that will inform and entertain your target audience will be aided by your expertise in education. It can also assist you in determining what additional resources would be required to better educate your visitors and curate the exhibits at your museum.

If you have recently retired from teaching, volunteering at a museum is a fantastic way to stay active in your community.

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5. Event Coordinator

  • $49,370 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Weddings, meetings, and conventions are just a few of the occasions that event planners organize and arrange in full. They are in charge of governing things like times, places, and meals.

For educators who once enjoyed organizing field trips and assemblies, this might be the ideal change.

6. Archivist at a museum

  • $52,358 is the national average wage.

Principal Tasks:

Museum teams cannot function without archivists. They locate, gather, verify, and evaluate historical records and other museum items.

Additionally, they categorize, organize, and archive materials to make it simple to search through them. They serve as leaders in the museum and direct staff in the organization and display of the items.

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7. Career and School counselor

  • $54,560 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Career counselors also serve at colleges, governmental organizations, career centers, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit businesses in addition to schools, where they are mostly employed.

They assist people in making decisions about their future career goals and the education and training required to pursue such careers.

8. Representative of the Wholesale Trade

  • Average Salary: $57,906 nationally

Principal Tasks:

An entry-level salesperson who deals with businesses and organizations is known as a wholesale sales representative.

The ability to relate to a variety of people and interpret information succinctly and clearly are two teaching talents that transition well into this sector.

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9. Specialist in Human Resources

  • $59,180 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Teachers employ many of the same interpersonal skills that human resource specialists do to successfully fulfill their responsibilities. They are in charge of finding, selecting, and training new hires for businesses.

Planning and carrying out the training of new employees will be made simpler for you thanks to your aptitude for teaching and capacity for working with a variety of learners.

10. Breathing Therapist 

  • $60,240 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Work with those who have breathing problems is done by respiratory therapists. It’s an excellent chance for a former teacher who enjoys helping people because their clientele could include everyone from young children to the elderly.

Former teachers may find it easier to convert to this area than other occupations because you can even enter it with an associate degree.

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11. Radiological technologist

  • National Average Hourly Wage: $29.40

Principal Tasks:

The images from X-rays and MRIs that are utilized to make medical diagnoses are taken by radiological technicians. They must have great interpersonal skills because they frequently work with others when things are difficult. The steps that must be taken during imaging scans must be explained. When educating patients, teachers frequently employ the same interpersonal skills they did when instructing.

12. Writer

  • $60,588 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Strong writing abilities are necessary for many teaching specializations, and many teachers find that this position is a natural fit after leaving the classroom.

Regular writing jobs are available in publishing, including copywriting, magazines, newspapers, and advertising. You can work from home or as a freelancer in this line of work.

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13. Life coach

$61,900 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

You want to assist students in discovering their strengths, changing any bad habits that may be preventing them from moving forward, and identifying and working towards their goals, life coaching is more akin to teaching.

With life coaching, you might not be working in a traditional classroom environment.

14. Instructional coordinator

  • $62,460 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Leadership positions in education are held by instructional coordinators. They oversee and create the curricula and instructional strategies. They also assess the efficiency of the programs.

This work has been considerably improved by prior classroom experience. To pursue this option, you must have a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction or educational leadership.

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15. Personal financial advisor

  • $67,414 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Personal financial advisors collaborate with clients to support them in making wise financial decisions. Families are instructed about their investment alternatives during meetings with them. It will be best if the teachers have solid economic and financial expertise.

16. Dental hygienist

  • $74,820 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Dental hygienists with teaching experience will discover that they can put their abilities to use while instructing patients on proper oral hygiene.

However, dental hygienists are also in charge of taking x-rays and cleaning patients’ teeth. To assess and look after the oral health of their patients, they collaborate closely with dentists.

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17. Psychologist

$75,230 is the national average salary.

You must continue your education if you want to work in this field. But after you’re done, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge necessary to research human cognitive and emotional functions.

While some psychologists serve as a member of a healthcare team, the majority of them practice alone. Best of all, a psychology degree can prepare you for a career that is in demand with an estimated job increase of 19%.

18. Higher Education Instructor

  • $75,430 is the national average salary.

Principal Tasks:

Teachers in postsecondary institutions include community colleges, universities, and colleges. They might impart knowledge or carry out and publish research.

To work at the community college level, a master’s degree is frequently sufficient, but a doctoral degree is required to advance in this sector.

In addition, ex-teachers may work in the registrar’s office, academic advising, transcript evaluation, or admission departments of colleges and universities.

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19. Training & Development Manager

  • $105,830 is the national average salary.

A schoolteacher and a manager of training and development have clear similarities. They both aim to equip someone else with the abilities necessary for long-term success.

However, the objectives of a particular organization—typically a for-profit business—direct the actions of a training manager.

The best part is that, if you decide to leave teaching, you can get this position with just a bachelor’s degree, albeit you would need work experience. Job growth for this profession is also moderate, at 7%.

20. Sales Director

  • $117,960 is the national average salary.

While only a bachelor’s degree is needed for this position, you’ll need years of practical experience before you can advance to the position of sales manager. You’ll typically need to work in sales-related roles, such as those in manufacturing, insurance, or advertising. Sales teams in a variety of businesses are led by sales managers, both large and small. The 5% increase in employment between 2014 and 2024 is satisfactory.

FAQs on Alternative Jobs for Teachers 

What is the best teaching job?

High School Teacher.
Elementary School Teacher.
Middle School Teacher.
Health Educator.
Preschool Teacher.
Sports Coach.
Teacher Assistant.

What can I do with a teaching degree if I don t want to teach UK?

Civil Service.
local government.
human resources.
charity and not-for-profit.

What teacher makes the most money?

Professor. When you are looking for the best-paid teaching jobs for your area of interest or specialized skill, then you may consider working as a professor in a college or university. A college professor prepares course material, teaches students in a classroom environment, and grades student work.

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