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10 Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas

Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas!

The attractiveness of Online Colleges In Arkansas is that not only do they provide flexible, self-paced educational services, but they are also very affordable for all students despite dispensing high-quality information. If you are seeking Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas, I urge you to peruse this article to its conclusion.

Arkansas offers approximately 48 online degrees, with nearly 15,000 students enrolled. This includes both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the 82 international students who have been documented.

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According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, a significant number of colleges in Arkansas offer online programs, making it possible for the state’s large student population. In this article, I will demonstrate not only the online colleges in Arkansas, but also those that are globally accredited and recognized.

You can now learn from your bedroom, kitchen, workplace, etc., as long as you have an internet connection and smart devices such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, thanks to the evolution of the traditional classroom brought about by the introduction of online learning platforms.

Average Cost Of Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas

Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas have different average costs for in-state and out-of-state students. The expense of a four-year public institution for in-state students is $7,924, while the cost of a two-year public institution is $3,195.

A four-year public institution costs out-of-state pupils $19,323, while a two-year public institution costs $4,582.

Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas Requirements

There are numerous things to know and complete when applying to college. One of them is understanding the selection requirements or criteria. The following are admission requirements for online colleges in Arkansas:

  • You must have completed high school and be in possession of a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • You are required to submit all official high school transcripts and documents from previously attended institutions.
  • Your online application must be thoroughly filled out and submitted before the deadline.
  • If required, you must take and submit language proficiency examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
  • You must submit letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, a well-written college essay, etc.
  • You must have the minimum GPA required by the program for which you are applying.
  • While applying, you must pay the non-refundable application charge.
  • You must present your identification certificates and passport photos.

List of the Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas

The following is a list of the Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas:

1. Arkansas State University

Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas

The University of Arkansas tops our list of Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas. It is the largest college in the state, with approximately 28,000 students, including online students.

The institution offers online bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs utilizing virtual platforms, allowing you to obtain a degree while engaging in other activities, such as work, socializing, etc. One of the available funding opportunities is the W.E. Manning memorial scholarship for online pupils.

Bachelor’s degree programs include accounting, supply chain management, human resources, workforce development education, and others. Students who are interested in nursing can enroll in online nursing programs.

Online graduate programs in electrical engineering, operations management, and agricultural and culinary law are available. In addition, the institution offers roughly four doctoral degree programs.

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2. Harding University

Harding University offers online programs through the center for distance education (CDE) and is included on our list of Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas.

This institution offers online religious education to students seeking an alternative to traditional campus-based enrollment. Through the CDE, students acquire practical religious vocations knowledge and abilities.

The available programs include the world Christian and Christian families, the story and vision of the New Testament, the story and vision of the Old Testament, etc. There is also the opportunity to join a larger learning community through chapel services conducted both on and off campus.

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3. Little Rock’s University of Arkansas

Arkansas’s University of Arkansas The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is next on our list of Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas. Graduate and undergraduate certificate programs are offered entirely online, asynchronously, and at reduced standard tuition rates, regardless of residency.

The school provides a passionate learning environment and concentrates on delivering high-quality course development, instruction, and teachings in all subject areas through award-winning, experienced tutors on campus.

The online University of Arkansas pupils Military students at Little Rock have complete access to the school’s academic resources, including the Ottenheimer library, online writing lab, blackboard support, military student success center, etc.

Among the available programs are sociology, social work, health education and promotion, business analytics, mass communications, public relations, middle childhood education, nursing RN to BSN, information quality, and political science.

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4. Arkansas Technical University

Arkansas Tech University is one of the Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas that offers students online certificate degree programs through the college of eTech.

Through academic advisors and faculty, the college of eTech provides students with a personalized learning environment and a high-quality education. Here, you can begin with a certificate program while determining your career path, and then continue your education with a bachelor’s degree.

Organizational leadership, applied sciences, professional studies, and inter-disciplinary studies are among the many programs available. There are also financial aid opportunities, such as major-based awards for incoming undergraduates and tuition waivers for out-of-state graduate students.

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5. Central Arkansas University

Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas

Next on our list of Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas is Central Arkansas University. This institution provides phone and email access to a program coordinator for non-course-related questions.

In addition, the UCA online course administration system is supported by round-the-clock technical assistance and qualified instructors who tailor the curriculum to the diverse learning styles of their students.

In addition to affordable tuition, there are opportunities for eligible students to receive financial aid. Those who enrolled as online students and were accepted into an approved fully online undergraduate degree program pay a flat rate of $285.00 per credit hour, regardless of residency, whereas those enrolled in online graduate or certificate programs pay $325.00 per credit hour.

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6. John Brown University 

John Brown University is also one of the Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas, and according to college consensus, it is the top online college in Arkansas.

Through Blackboard learn, the university offers high-quality online academic programs. Students with 45 or fewer credits and a GPA of at least 2.0 can conclude their undergraduate degrees online.

The institution provides a variety of courses, including psychology, business administration, organizational leadership, liberal arts, political communications, and marketing, among others. Additionally, the institution offers a transparent financial aid process that allows you to maximize your financial aid potential while keeping your tuition costs as low as feasible.

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7. Arkansas State University-Beebe

Arkansas State University- Beebe is another of Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas where students can earn degrees or certificates online.

The institution provides the flexibility and convenience you need to study alongside other obligations, such as employment.

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8. Ecclesia College

One of the Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas, Ecclesia College focuses on mentoring individuals to become effective leaders in order to strengthen the societal foundations through the life and values of Christ.

EC online offers the flexibility and independence necessary to complete virtual learning at your own pace. Through the discussion forums, it also facilitates networking with highly qualified professors and peers.

The fifth-best online bachelor’s degree in mental health counseling is offered by Ecclesia College, which also accepts transfer credits from other institutions if you have the prerequisites.

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9. Ouachita Baptist University

The Ouachita Baptist College is also included on our list of accredited online colleges in Arkansas. This institution provides online degree programs to students seeking an alternative to the traditional classroom setting.

It offers a variety of accredited online undergraduate degree programs that transform students into innovative leaders. The school offers online students as much flexibility as possible to complete their coursework, and emanates an Ouachita culture that emphasizes the love of God and the love of learning.

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10. University of Arkansas at Fort Smith

Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas

University Of Arkansas Fort Smith is another Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas that provides online learning programs to students who are unable to remain on campus or cannot afford the transportation fees.

There is a vast selection of courses available through virtual learning, and instructors are highly qualified.

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FAQs On Accredited Online Colleges In Arkansas

Is University of Arkansas online accredited?

The University of Arkansas is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Does Arkansas have online school?

Arkansas Virtual Academy (ARVA) is a full-time online public school for K–12 students.

Are online schools accredited?

Online programs generally receive accreditation from the same agencies that evaluate on-campus programs, including institutional and programmatic agencies. While programmatic accreditation can vary widely, institutional accreditation remains one of the most consistent markers of a college's reputability.

Is K12 free in Arkansas?

Like a brick-and-mortar public school, the K12-powered Arkansas public school is tuition-free,* adheres to a traditional academic calendar, uses state-licensed teachers, and has counselors and school staff who offer help.

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