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Accelerated Online Degree Programs for Working Adults

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Accelerated Online Degree programs have grown in popularity over time. The majority of colleges now offer online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that are accelerated. If you are a working adult interested in earning a bachelor’s degree quickly, accelerated online degree programs for working adults may be a good option.Graduation!  Cap, motarboard, diploma, digital tablet on desk.  Education. Spring graduation time.  A black cap/motarboard with black tassel on school desk beside a diploma, and digital tablet.   All objects lie on a rustic wooden desk with green chalkboard in background.  No people.  Education themes. online degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

We’ve compiled a list of the top 40 Accelerated Online Degree programs online that are suitable and convenient for working adults.

These programs help expedite the completion of your program.

In some instances, students can earn a bachelor’s degree in as little as one year by enrolling in an online bachelor’s degree program that lasts one year.

In a focused style, the same material is covered as in a four-year program. Many of these programs also permit students to establish their own study schedules, enabling them to accommodate other obligations.

What precisely is an Accelerated Online Degree program for adults with full-time jobs?

Accelerated Online Degree programs for working adults are entire bachelor’s degrees that can be finished in a short amount of time through the online medium.

They contain the same course material as conventional degrees, but you will have shorter and fewer breaks, allowing you to complete the course more quickly. University to university, course structures will differ.

These new Accelerated Online Degree, as their name suggests, are significantly simpler to get than the majority of traditional undergraduate degrees. Accelerated Online Degree can be earned in a few of years as opposed to the standard four. That means you could start your fantastic career sooner.

Financial Aid for Working Adult Learners

As a working adult, you are aware of the high cost of living. Earning a degree will add additional costs to your budget.Internet Learning  online degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Good news! There may be financial aid options available for online students. Even if you are older than 18 and employed.

1. Grants

A grant is money that is awarded to you depending on certain qualifications. It is typically for low-income individuals, but not necessarily.

A grant is a gift that does not require repayment.

Some awards may require that you labor in a particular place. The Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant, for example, provides funds to students who plan to teach in elementary or secondary schools with low-income children.

Fill out the Federal Application for Student Aid to check if you qualify for any federal grants. Do not miss this stage, even if you do not believe you qualify. You MAY receive funding for your college education.

2. Student Loans

All college students enrolling at least part-time are eligible for student loans. Loans are money that is borrowed and must be repaid with interest.

Typically, a loan from the federal government will offer a cheaper interest rate and more repayment flexibility. However, private student loans from a bank are also available.

Typically, you are not required to begin repaying your student loans until a specific time after graduation.

3. Interest-Free Payment Plans for Tuition

Similar to purchasing a mattress or a vehicle, several institutions offer interest-free payment plans. Here is how things operate at Liberty University.

You have the option to make monthly payments as opposed to paying a huge sum upfront. You set up a payment plan so that your bank account or credit/debit card will be charged automatically.

This option helps by distributing the cost of tuition over a period of months, as opposed to one major payment. And no enthusiasm! In conclusion, you pay the same amount.

4. Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded based on a candidate’s merit. And you are deserving!

There are thousands of accessible scholarships from various organizations. Scholarships are as diverse as the organizations that provide them. They may be awarded for academic achievement, participation in basketball, membership in a bird-watching group, attendance at a specific church, employment at a specific company by you or a partner, your hometown, the field you are pursuing, or your hometown.

Why do working adults enroll in Accelerated Online Degree programs?

Accelerated Online Degree programs for working adults present a number of benefits that merit consideration.

Rapid and More Economical Education

Accelerated Online Degree for working adults allow you to earn your degree more quickly. This means that you will be able to develop more rapidly in your intended professional field or in the advanced position you desire at your existing job. Additionally, it benefits your resume if you are seeking a new position in a competitive employment market.

Flexibility Programming

Accelerated Online Degree programs for working adults give you the flexibility to fit your education into your busy schedule.

You can accomplish your studies on your lunch break or on the weekends if you work full-time. This enables you to be present for your family and fulfill your professional responsibilities while pursuing your education.

Improve Earning Capacity with Less Effort

Earning a degree faster allows you to boost your earning potential more quickly. Bachelor’s degree holders earn more than their associate degree counterparts.

A master’s degree is more lucrative than an associate’s degree. However, if you are a working adult interested in earning an associate degree to expand your business skills, you can still enroll in one of the best business associate degrees.

There is absolutely no reason to move.

Because Accelerated Online Degree programs are available online, you can apply to a distant institution that matches your requirements. This allows you to pursue an education at the institution that best matches your needs, rather than the one that is closest to you.

List of well acclaimed Accelerated Online Degree programs for adults in the workforce

The following are the most favorable accelerated Online Degree programs for working adults:

1. Communication Degrees

A communication degree prepares graduates for positions in media, public relations, and marketing. In addition to advertising, politics, technology, and healthcare, graduates can also work in fields that demand excellent communication abilities, such as advertising, politics, and technology.Young university graduate taking selfie Attractive young college graduate smiles while taking selfie. She is holding her diploma. online degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

This degree is appropriate for working adults who wish to get a competitive edge in the workplace and are juggling a demanding schedule.

2. Actuarial Science

Actuaries estimate risk through numerical and statistical analysis.

They are responsible for calculating your insurance premiums and ensuring that your retirement plan fulfills your financial needs, among other responsibilities.

Specialists in actuarial science utilize techniques to aid organizations in identifying prospective liabilities and limiting the adverse impacts of potential future events.

Actuaries aid firms in preparing for the future and mitigating potential losses. In the insurance industry, where they aid in the formulation of lucrative yet competitive plans and premiums, their work is essential.

3. Accounting

The majority of online schools and institutions offer Accelerated Online Degree programs in accounting for working people that are often short. Students are instructed in accounting fundamentals, business fundamentals, and communication abilities.

Due to the online nature of the programs, they often do not provide advanced or highly technical courses. Consider these programs an introduction to the study of accounting. They provide an introduction to the core principles but do not go much beyond.

The curriculum closely mimics that of a standard bachelor’s degree. In addition to fulfilling the general education requirements, you take a few business and accounting courses.

There is nothing complex or very technical, but you will learn enough to launch a career in the sector.

4. Archaeology

The Bachelor of Archaeology (BA) degree is designed to assist students attain a balance between the theoretical and practical parts of archaeology, as well as the methodology. In addition, both general and specific aspects of cultural heritage management are examined.

5. Animal Sciences and Industry

Online animal sciences and industries degree programs will provide you with a foundation in basic science and animal biology before increasing your knowledge of business, food/meat processing, livestock management, technology, assessment, quality assurance, and food safety.

The animal products option will prepare you for a job in the food sector by emphasizing the safety and nutritional value of animal products. This option will prepare you for a career in animal husbandry, including breeding, feeding, animal care, and animal welfare.

6. Agribusiness Management

With the accelerated online Agribusiness Management degree programs, you can enhance your profession in a meaningful way.

A degree in agribusiness management prepares students for business careers in the dynamic agriculture industry. The curriculum is designed to offer you with the most current skills and tools, preparing you for a prosperous and enjoyable future in the business.

The program successfully integrates fundamental business and agricultural themes, giving you a comprehensive understanding of all facets of successful activities in the field.

7. Bachelor of Adult Education 

The Bachelor of Adult Education (BA) program is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to work in the expansive field of adult education and training, which includes community development, training coordination, mentoring, staff development, corporate and career training, adult education, and in-service training.Graduate student holding a laptop and a diploma Graduate student holding a laptop and a diploma isolated on white background online degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Among the subjects covered are training basics, educational psychology, and adult learning behavior. Bachelor of Adult Education (BA) programs are delivered through distance learning.

8. Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Firm Administration is developed for working adults and equips students with the skills, concepts, and theories necessary to contribute to the success of a business.

This degree covers management, ethics, business law, marketing, finance, and accounting, among other areas. Students can utilize their knowledge immediately and throughout their careers.

9. Applied Arts and Sciences

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) is a completion degree. The degree is available to students with both technical and regular college/university education. Some colleges grant credit for work-related training and certifications completed by the student.

Applied Arts and Sciences degree programs often require students to finish between 40 and 60 semester credit hours of an academic core consisting of English, History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Sociology, as well as Sciences such as Mathematics, Biology, and Physics.

In some instances, work experience and certifications might be worth up to 30 credit hours toward a degree, while technical coursework can be worth 30 to 60 credit hours.

10. Computer Science 

An Accelerated Online Degree in computer science is the quickest route to a Bachelor of Science (BS) in computer science.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science equips students with relevant expertise and professional abilities in object-oriented programming and Java.

Many graduates pursue fulfilling professions in the computer industry, including software engineering, system administration and management, and research and development in industrial and government laboratories.

Others use their computer science undergraduate education (and analytical skills) to prepare for employment in medical, law, education, physical and biological sciences, social and humanities.

11. Computer Technology

Students enrolled in Accelerated Online Degree programs for working adults complete 48 to 60 credits of major-related curriculum through core courses, specialty courses or electives, and capstone projects or internships.

The core curriculum introduces students to the subject of computer science, cultivates technical abilities, and analyzes the ethics of digital technology.

Capstone projects and internships assist students improve skills in research, analysis, and the practical application of technical knowledge. Students may graduate with a project portfolio to present to prospective employers.

To fulfill elective or focus requirements, students commonly enroll in courses clustered in fields such as data science, security, artificial intelligence, or software engineering.

12. Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice accelerated program is designed to prepare working adults for entry-level careers, career development, and graduate study.

Based on a Christian worldview, this curriculum is guided by a restorative justice philosophy that emphasizes prevention and restoration, as well as a dedication to local and international human redemption.

13. Creative Writing

A degree in creative writing allows you to develop your writing, research, and creative thinking abilities. You will also develop skills applicable to a range of other professions, including publishing, marketing, public relations, and teaching.

14. Cyber security

An Accelerated Online Degree in cyber security program is intended to be finished in less time. It is a bachelor’s degree program for individuals with exceptional motivation.

Rather of depending on the services of third-party suppliers, many businesses are already recognizing cyberattacks on their own.

An online bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity can help you build the skills and knowledge necessary to defend enterprises against a wide variety of cyber threats.

Accelerated online cyber Security degree programs for working adults give rigorous training to help you learn the principles of cybersecurity, recognize best practices, and evaluate IT security threats and products.

15. CounsellingLaughing turkish female student at desk Laughing turkish female student at desk at home or at library online degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Are you a working adult with a desire to make a good difference in people’s lives and fulfill society’s growing demand for aid in times of mental health issues, bereavement, and other life challenges?

You should enroll in an online Counseling degree program.

The online counseling program prepares you in unique ways to become a professional, competent, and thoughtful practitioner by combining contemporary therapeutic approaches.

16. Financial economics

This degree will educate you on the financial markets’ economics. You will acquire the analytic abilities of a trained economist, preparing you for a number of employment and academic prospects.

Bachelor of Financial Economics degrees can lead to a range of satisfying careers for individuals interested in the decision-making processes and theories behind the usage of economic resources. Financial economics students may pursue careers as analysts, traders, investors, or bankers.

17. Data Science

A degree in data science is a curriculum that prepares graduates to work with unstructured data, solve complex problems, and make data-driven recommendations utilizing their computer science and mathematics skills.

As a result of the rise of big data, these data scientists are highly appreciated by corporations and organizations across a variety of industries.

Because data science has so many possible applications in so many industries, data scientists frequently have an abundance of intriguing job options.

18. Automotive Engineering

A degree in automotive engineering is a subdiscipline of engineering and technology that focuses on the creation of new cars and the improvement of existing machine technologies and systems. Automotive Engineering is an interdisciplinary field that incorporates expertise from other fields, such as Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, and Materials Science.

As engineers continue to build the next generation of hybrid vehicles and are at the forefront of technologies such as flying or self-driving vehicles, the automobile industry’s future appears bright.

19. Emergency Management

An Accelerated Online Degree in emergency management will help you become the person who aids communities in times of need. Instead of passively observing a catastrophe, you may be on the front lines assisting.

20. Education

If you want to teach and make a difference in the lives of young people, a degree in education may be the ideal stepping stone.

The majority of education courses aim to teach students about education, research, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and history.

To succeed in this course, you must have a genuine interest in and dedication to teaching, as well as the required communication, organizational, and interpersonal abilities.

Education, social work, public administration, administrative services, support services, and skilled trades trainers are among the most popular career paths for graduates of this program. All of these occupations necessitate certified instructors.

21. Finance

When you study finance, you give yourself the opportunity to manage and generate wealth. Accounting, investments, and risk management will be covered.

You might advise businesses and people on the most profitable ways to invest and spend their money.

You may be responsible for researching the financial world to guarantee that there are no unforeseen hazards and that individuals and organizations are prepared for market shifts.

22. Fire Science

A bachelor’s degree in fire science prepares students to identify dangers, manage emergencies, and coordinate fire response. In addition, students study the history, philosophies, and methods of fire control, investigation, and prevention.

Included in the coursework for degrees in fire science are emergency response, human and group management, leadership, and resource allocation. With this understanding, graduates can thrive in a range of occupations involving fire, including firefighting and fire inspection.

23. Forensics & Crime Scene InvestigationStudent attending virtual graduation from laptop by holding certificate in graduation dress from home - concept of virtual celebrations, new normal lifestyle during coronavirus or covid-19 outbreak. Student attending virtual graduation from laptop by holding certificate in graduation dress from home - concept of virtual celebrations, new normal lifestyle during coronavirus or covid-19 outbreak online degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The Certificate in Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation (FCSI) is designed to prepare you to enter the field of forensic and crime scene investigation, as well as for those who are already working in the field as law enforcement personnel, criminal investigators, evidence technicians, forensic nurses, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, and other members of the multidisciplinary team involved in criminal investigation who wish to advance their skills and knowledge.

24. Digital marketing degree

Students pursuing an online degree in digital marketing learn how to strategize and scale businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations.

The Digital Marketing degree program prepares students to have an immediate influence on their organizations by boosting brand recognition and sales.

Digital marketers are industry leaders due to their ongoing implementation of new technology and campaign optimization. Students studying a digital marketing bachelor’s degree online have the potential to compete on a worldwide scale by directing marketing campaigns in industries of their choosing.

By studying digital marketing, which might involve search engine optimization marketing, social media, pay-per-click, and lead generation, students can carve out a niche in a vast sector.

25. Healthcare Administration

As with standard programs, an Accelerated Online Degree in health management opens several options in the medical industry. It gives a foundation for pursuing a medical career in a range of healthcare fields and facets. Few degrees offer this amount of versatility, and as with any healthcare job, the average salary is far higher than in most other sectors.

26. Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree prepares students for lucrative jobs in teaching, community organization, and healthcare.

This curriculum offers an interdisciplinary approach, relying on information from several fields including public health, healthcare, bioethics, and mental health.

Students will acquire knowledge on illness prevention, community health, nutrition, and the operation of diverse healthcare systems.

It focuses on the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes required to perform in the complicated and ever-changing health care environment of today.

Through a blend of theory and experience, the Bachelor of Science in Health Science introduces students to the multidisciplinary knowledge required to enhance individual health, contribute to disease prevention, and improve society health.

27. Homeland Security

You will get the skills and information necessary to become a security professional and begin a career in homeland security through the Homeland Security program.Beautiful hispanic female student preparing for exam at desk Beautiful hispanic female student preparing for exam at desk indoors at home online degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

This curriculum will enhance your understanding of national and international economic, political, and social issues and enable you to lead, defend, and serve in a security and emergency management field of your choosing.

28. Human Resources Management

A human resources management Accelerated Online Degree program for working adults trains students for a variety of human resources (HR) occupations.

Communication, management, and labor relations are frequent course topics. Graduates may obtain positions as human resource managers, training coordinators, or labor relations specialists.

29. History

History is the study of events that occurred in the past. Historians utilize facts to attempt to understand why individuals believed and acted as they did.

Thus, studying history enables one to uncover how society, culture, ideas, and politics were different in the past and how we arrived at our current state.

30. Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is a vast area that encompasses daily oversight of the administrative, operational, and business activities of hospitality industry businesses. Unlike “hotel management,” which is more narrowly focused, “hospitality management” spans a wide range of businesses, including food and beverage, travel and accommodation, and event management.

The duties of a hospitality manager may include, among other things, maintenance and housekeeping, spa services, concierge, and reception.

Do you take pleasure in studying the laws of your nation and state? Are you interested in criminal justice and the judicial system? If so, you should consider pursuing a degree in Legal Studies.

This degree program will offer you with a comprehensive knowledge of the legislative system, which determines how laws are enacted, and the judicial system, which governs their enforcement. After graduation, your role could be political or legal, since you support lawyers or the courts.

This Accelerated Online Degree can be used to further your education in law school or to begin a career as a lobbyist, paralegal, or court clerk. You can typically choose the topic of law that best interests you.

32. Liberal Arts

The broad and rigorous Liberal Arts degree enables you to explore the arts and humanities while enhancing your analytical and communication skills.

This program includes instruction in language, literature, philosophy, music, fine arts, history, geography, sociology, religion, and political science.

You may have a broad range of interests and acquire insight into personal ethics, cross-cultural context, historical context, and environmentalism.

This Accelerated Online Degree can lead to a variety of positions, including editor, journalist, writer, legislative assistant, and librarian. Due to the breadth of disciplines you will study for this degree, you may be able to choose from a vast array of career options.

33. Management

Management is an expansive profession that can help you develop a broad perspective. The responsibility of management is to maximize the utilization of firm resources in order to achieve certain objectives. People, money, and tools and technology are all types of resources you may employ.

To be an effective manager, you may need to think creatively and responsibly to ensure that individuals who report to you are in the best possible situations and have all they need to perform. You may serve as both an enabler and a steward of the organization’s resources.

Your path of study will likely include accounting and finance courses, organizational leadership, team building, communications, and marketing to prepare you for this position.

34. Social work degree

Accelerated online social work degree programs for working adults prepare students for careers as paraprofessionals in the social service industry.

Social work is a practice-based profession that promotes social transformation, community cohesiveness, and the empowerment of individuals and communities.

Social work practice requires an understanding of human development, behavior, and social, economic, and cultural institutions and connections.

35. Management Information Systems

Information Systems Management is an integral part of the majority of organizations, corporations, non-profits, and government agencies in the current day.

Understanding and manipulating business administration-related computer systems, platforms, technologies, and software is necessary for this job.

Students are taught how to use such software to manage income and personnel. It is a wonderful method for gaining a major competitive advantage in the corporate sector and enhanced work chances.

MIS programs integrate business, problem-solving, decision-making, data and systems analysis, information technology, and other competencies. This degree equips you to become a multidisciplinary professional capable of utilizing technology to manage businesses.

36. MarketingMature man holding a graduation degree diploma and a laptop computer Mature man holding a graduation degree diploma and a laptop computer isolated on white background online degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

An Accelerated Online Degree in marketing for working adults can teach you how to move brand awareness from understanding to engagement to implementation successfully.

Students seeking a Bachelor of Science in Marketing online will study product and service positioning and promotion, market research, and consumer demand.

You will be prepared to lead and serve in any organization, whether commercial, public, or not-for-profit, due to the cross-industry nature of marketing.

37. Nursing programs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN, BScN), in certain countries also known as Bachelor of Nursing (BN) or Bachelor of Science (BS) with a Major in Nursing, is an academic degree in the science and principles of nursing delivered by a recognized tertiary education provider. Utilize our online accelerated nursing prerequisites program if you wish to enter the nursing profession and are prepared for nursing school’s obstacles.

38. Paralegal Studies

Assisting attorneys in their preparation for hearings, trials, and other court-related activities requires significant effort.

Legal assistants who have received a paralegal degree and have the expertise and skills to do legal research, create papers, and manage complex files fulfill many of these jobs.

The objective of paralegal studies is to train students to become vital members of legal teams. You will learn legal terminology, how to identify legal concerns, how to conduct basic legal analysis, and how to conduct traditional and internet legal research.

39. Public administration degree

Administrators in the public sector encourage urban growth, implement government objectives, and protect public safety. Those with a degree in public administration can find employment in the governmental, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Students enrolled in public administration degrees are prepared for careers in government. Students pursuing a degree in public administration study government, business, and nonprofit administration. Although many public service majors work in federal, state, or municipal government, the degree also opens the door to careers in nonprofit organizations and commercial companies.

Students interested in professions in finance, public health, emergency management, and nonprofit management can benefit from the interdisciplinary approach of a public administration curriculum.

40. Psychologybanner of virtual human silhouette on laptop screen banner of virtual human silhouette on laptop screen,concept of online education or e-learning.3d illustration online degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Why do individuals think the way they do? What drives them to behave as they do? How can people modify their thoughts and actions? If you find these questions intriguing, you may be well-suited for a career in psychology.

Psychology majors study human development, cognitive and behavioral disorders, research methodologies, and counselling procedures.

You can utilize this degree to pursue further school and become a professional psychologist, or you can apply your knowledge in the corporate sector.

Numerous licensed psychologists serve as consultants or full-time workers in corporate marketing departments. As a Psychology major, you may develop an understanding of why individuals make particular decisions, how to influence them in an ethical manner, and how to aid organizations in connecting effectively with their target audience.

5 Benefits of Accelerated Online Degree for Working Adults

Because not everyone can afford to quit their job in order to obtain a degree, we’d like to introduce you to a few accelerated online degree programs designed for working adults.

These expedited programs make it practical and easy to achieve the undergraduate or graduate degree you have always desired.College University studies online, elearning. Mortarboard and diploma on a computer. 3d illustration College University studies online. Education, graduation and e learning. Mortarboard and diploma on a computer keyboard. 3d illustration online degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The main benefit of Accelerated Online Degree programs for working adults is that you may be able to keep your career, but these programs also provide many other incredible advantages. Due to these advantages, there is no reason to say “no” to your college degree of choice.

1. Maintain Your Job

These accelerated online degree programs are designed for working students who intend to maintain their employment while completing a college degree. It is not merely a matter of making it work with whichever degree program you select and making significant sacrifices while pursuing an education.

Since accelerated online degree programs recognize your unique circumstances and the needs of your career, they make it easier for you to continue a full-time job while pursuing a degree. That does not mean that completing your degree will be simple or stress-free, but your experience will likely be less stressful than if you had chosen a degree program that is not designed for working students.

2. Quicken Your Degree

A speedier completion of your degree could result in a promotion or job change. Typically, with a promotion or job move comes an increase in pay and responsibility. Your new degree may even qualify you for a leadership role.

Getting ahead of your contemporaries who took a non-accelerated path could be the difference between obtaining an exciting new employment and remaining in your current position. Accelerating your degree could also save you money in the short-term, as you will not have to pay for it for as long as you would in a standard degree program.

With both short- and long-term financial benefits, it’s simple to understand why accelerated online degree programs are advantageous.

3 .Studying at Home

It is difficult to drive or use public transit to class numerous times each week if you work full- or part-time. And once you’ve developed a habit at work, changing that pattern is disruptive.

When you are not at work, you can pursue your degree at home through online programs. You are not required to spend a specific number of hours each week commuting to and from campus. Instead, you may do your coursework in the evenings, on the weekends, or in brief moments between obligations.

In addition, since online programs do not restrict you to a specific place, you can choose from a far larger variety of programs and maximize your online experience.

4. Obtain a degree with Accreditation

Whether you’re seeking an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, you may discover numerous recognized accelerated programs online. A degree from an accredited college is more valued than one from an unaccredited institution.

Earning a bachelor’s degree from an unaccredited university may hinder your ability to gain state license (for example, to become a teacher, counselor, or accountant), seek for jobs, or enroll in graduate programs in your field. When you acquire a degree from an approved university, you can rest assured that you will receive the greatest available training.

Because so many approved and top-ranked programs now offer online and expedited formats, it is now possible to get a degree from a highly regarded university. The best aspect is that you do not need to declare on your resume that your college degree was earned accelerated or online; your degree will have the same worth as someone who earned the same degree on campus in a longer amount of time.

5. Develop online relationships with other working adults attending college

A less evident advantage of accelerated online degree programs is the opportunity to network with other working adults from across the country.

This may boost your chances of hearing about a new job opening, as many job openings are discovered through word-of-mouth. Knowing that your peers are in the same position as you may make it easier to collaborate, communicate, and plan group assignments. You will not feel isolated in your program because you will not be the only working adult enrolled.


The accelerated online degree programs for working adults that have been discussed could be your golden ticket. You need not put your life and career on wait in order to return to school.

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