Abertay is a modern, friendly university in the epicenter of Dundee, Scotland, with a strong focus on teaching and preparing their graduates for the world of work, combined with excellence in research and knowledge exchange.

With roots going back to 1888, Abertay has always responded to the needs of industry, supplying a pipeline of graduate talent to work, lead and innovate across a wide range of sectors.

Having forged a reputation as one of the UK’s leading tech universities, they are best known for their expertise in video games education and their degrees in this field have been ranked number one in Europe for the last seven consecutive years.

From Mental Health Nursing to Civil Engineering, or Business Analytics to Ethical Hacking, our three academic schools offer programmes that prepare their students for employment and, in most cases, offer real-world work experience alongside their studies.

They pride themselves on offering an inclusive, friendly and welcoming environment for their students and staff alongside first rate teaching and and excellent student experience.

And don’t just take it from them! they’re proud to be the 2021 Sunday Times University of the Year for Teaching Quality, to rank in the UK top 10 for Student Satisfaction in the National Student Survey, and to be a National Centre for Excellence for both video games and cybersecurity education.

Apart from getting on with the business of teaching, many of the staff are either actively involved in research or work with industry. All of their researchers are involved in teaching and developing courses – giving their students the chance to learn from world leaders every day.

Coming to University marks a major step in your life, and they’re on hand to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible. The University can offer advice and support on everything from accommodation and managing your finances, to staying healthy and planning your workload.

They have a counselling service that can help you work through any problems, and they employ a team of students each year to act as mentors for all newcomers. The Students’ Association also provides help and advice via the elected student executive. No matter what your question, they have someone who can help you answer it.

The friendly and welcoming environment at Abertay is created by their students, who represent a great diversity of backgrounds and cultures. Over 60 nationalities are represented on campus, and their courses attract everyone from local school leavers to overseas research students.

They welcome a high proportion of mature students and a key priority for the University is working to widen access to higher education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, an area in which we lead the way in Scotland.

The truth is most courses offered in Austria universities are taught in German, so as an international student that wants to study in Austria, you would have to show or prove that you have sufficient knowledge of the German language and this level of knowledge differs depending on the institution you want to study in, altogether, it is still very easy to get scholarships in courses that are taught in English in Austria universities.

Details of Abertay University scholarship 2022:

  • Level: undergraduate| masters| PhD
  • Deadline: November 1, 2022
  • Funding: fully funded
  • Eligible nationalities:
  • Type of study: full time course
  • Country: Austria
  • University: University of Abertay
  • Field of study: various field of study: check course list

Eligibility of Abertay University scholarship 2022:

The eligibility requirement for Abertay University Scholarship are listed below:

  • Required Languages: English. Applicants whose first language is not English are required to provide proficiency in English evidence at the higher level needed by the University
  • Eligible Countries: All World Countries
  • Have registered with Abertay University as a full-time student for your first postgraduate degree. Applicants who already hold a UK postgraduate degree are not eligible.
  • Have been classified as international (overseas) fee status by Abertay University.
  • Have met all the academic conditions attached to your offer of admission as a full-time student in September 2022 or January 2023.
  • Have obtained the equivalent of 2:1 UK Bachelors degree or above.

Benefits of Abertay University scholarship 2022:

  • Abertay University Scholarships for International Students Awards the recipient with £3,000
  • The award is paid in equal installments in January and April.

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How to apply for Abertay University scholarship 2022:

This is a very important part of this application and we advise that you follow every instruction given below In other to get the Abertay University Scholarship.

  • Firstly, Choose one of the offered master’s or Ph.D. programs here.
  • Secondly, you would need to apply to the program selected by (Signing up to create your new account, then Select new user, then you would have to Fill in the required information and upload the required documents, before Submit your application).
  • If you have met all the necessary criteria and are awarded an Abertay International Scholarship you will be notified by us by email following your offer of study, by July 1. Should you apply after this date, you will be considered in the second round of scholarship awards, by August 24.

Required documents for Abertay University scholarship 2022:

  • Certificate of your previous study
  • school transcript
  • A copy of passport.
  • Personal statement / statement of purpose

Deadline of Abertay University scholarship 2022: November 1, 2022

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How to gain a scholarship- Hint for success

Acquiring a scholarship I would say is every scholar’s dream, as it provides the funds for tuition and sometimes funds for upkeep to depending on the type of scholarship but getting them requires a whole lot of work which may involve proper planning, making research, writing very good essay’s in other to fine-tune your application and also spreading a wide net by applying for my scholarships in other to increase your chances of getting selected by one or two of the universities you applied too.

1. Start Early.

It is very important you start searching for scholarships early as it gives you a head start and more time to make proper research on the scholarships that are more important and worth your time and energy. Once you have properly searched for the scholarship that suits your need then you would have plenty of time to fill out the application process without missing out on any important detail

2. Use Scholarship Matching Tools.

Matching tools are one of the most important things every scholar searching for scholarships needs, gone are those days when applications must be made and submitted with papers, I can happily tell you that matching tools would give you access to the full database of available scholarships and you could easy filter through this list to get the best scholarships that suits your needs. I would always advise that you stick to scholarships you are a good match for and strike out the ones that you don’t meet up with the requirements.

3. Look Beyond your Grades.

Sometimes it is not all about the 4.0 GPA, the truth is you don’t have to make a 4.0 in other to qualify for a scholarship. One important thing you need to know is that some scholarships don’t use GPA as criteria for scholarship qualifications, so you just have to look beyond your GPA and think about that thing that would make you stand out during the application.