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9 ways to detect a scam scholarship.

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There are different ways to detect a scam scholarship, the different 9 ways to detect a scam scholarship, will be discussed. The rate at which people are being duped are now skyrocketing. These fraudulent scholarships scam can come in different forms. The red flags of these scholarship are always glaring but people are not being observant enough that is why they get duped. Here we will be discussing 9 ways to detect a scam scholarship.

9 ways to detect a scam scholarship

There are different 9 ways to detect a scam scholarship, the following are the ways you can detect a scam scholarship:

  • Beware of scholarships which requires application fees: If a scholarship asks for money before you are being awarded the scholarship this shows the scholarship is most likely to be a scam scholarship.

One should also beware of the free-based scholarship “matching services” in which it claims to give you access to financial aids than if you are to apply by yourself. This is an easy to detect that it is a fraudulent one. This is one of the ways to detect a scam scholarship.

  • The 100% guaranteed scholarship: Beware of anyone who offers scholarship services and tells you your scholarship is sure, that if you don’t gain the scholarship your money will be refunded. They may simple collect your money and later not be found again. Nearly all scholarships are competitive and shouldn’t just be guaranteed like that.
  • Everyone is eligible scholarship: Another way out of the 9 ways to detect a scam scholarships that not everyone can be eligible for a scholarship. You must work for it, that is why  we have eligibility criteria in scholarship application. Scholarship that are opened to applicants should be treated warily. For example: SBW Berlin Scholarship is based on different eligibility criteria.

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  • Red flag words: The certain words or sentences which are red flags, for instance:
  1. “Pay for scholarship processing and your scholarship is guaranteed”
  2. “I just need your account details or credit card to hold down the scholarship for you”
  3. “You have being selected as a finalist or you have been awarded a scholarship you never entered for”
  4. “You can’t get these information somewhere else”

The red flag words are also another thing to take note of in the 9 ways to detect a scam scholarship.

  • Prize of scholarship: Another scholarship scam is when you are being awarded a huge amount of money but it requires you to pay for taxes for the money you have gained in advance. People fall a lot into this type of scam and later get to know when they have been duped. No scholarship will ask you to pay any money in advance.
  • Errors in spelling and typing: Materials of scholarships which is full of grammatical errors and is not professional enough is likely to be a scam scholarship.
  •  Research about the scholarship thoroughly: Make thorough research about the scholarship before you click on unknown links. If you can’t find anything about the scholarship online other than the application form be wary. It might be a scam scholarship or it might be the first time the Scholarship is operating. Look for legitimate news source.

    How to detect a scam scholarship.
    How to detect a scam scholarship.
  • Contact Information: All scholarship website should have a contact address and phone number on the website in other to make more inquiries about the scholarship. There should be a physical address there and not a mail drop or PO Box.
  • Requesting for personal information: A legitimate scholarship won’t ask for your personal details. A legitimate scholarship will ask for your name, telephone number, address, email address and the name of your university or college. Any banking details or personal details a legitimate scholarship won’t ask for that.

It is very unfortunate there are lots of scammers roaming out there and duping people all in the name of helping them with scholarships. Take note of the listed 9 ways to detect a scam scholarship. You can read more and search more of legitimate scholarships on World Scholarship Vault.

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