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8 Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois

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8 Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois: Catholic universities offer a specialized education in the intellectual tradition, theology, and spiritual guidance of the Roman Catholic Church.

So, it is safe to claim that all universities referred to as “Catholic colleges” have ties to the Roman Catholic Church.

Illinois is home to three notable Catholic universities, including Loyola University Chicago, Dominican University, and Lewis University.

Over 61,000 students attend various Catholic universities in Illinois.

Browse the following list to find a Catholic college that suits your needs.

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Are Catholic Colleges Worth It?

Catholic universities offer students with the spiritual tools, values, and knowledge necessary for success in a secular society.

Students are profoundly impacted by their college experience, as demonstrated by statistics and scientific research.

Catholic schools are renowned for their dedication to educate the whole child, which includes social and emotional development, spiritual and physical growth, and exposure to new and diverse cultural experiences.

List of the Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois 

The following is a list of the Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois:

1. Chicago’s Loyola University

Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois

This institution is a Chicago, Illinois-based private Catholic research institution in the United States.

This Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois is one of the largest Catholic universities in the United States and a major economic and cultural contributor to the city of Chicago.

It was founded by the Jesuits in 1870.

Local business and civic leaders from multiple generations have been educated by the professional schools of Loyola.

The nationally renowned Loyola University Medical Center serves as the hub for Loyola’s premier programs in medicine, nursing, and the health sciences.

This Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois is made of eleven colleges and institutions, and it offers almost 16,000 students more than 80 undergraduate programs and 140 graduate and professional programs.

In addition to its school in Rome and its guest programs in Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City, Loyola University Chicago has six campuses located around the Chicago metropolitan area.

The Lake Shore Campus is located eight miles north of the Loop in the Chicago communities of Rogers Park and Edgewater, near Lake Michigan.

2. Lewis Institution

Private Lewis University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.This university is one of the Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois .

The Roman Catholic religion is related with the institution’s religious connection.

In the most recent statistics year, 6,458 applicants sought admission, but only 4,266 were accepted.

Over 6,800 students are currently enrolled at this institution.

This Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois offers more than eighty undergraduate majors and areas of study, twenty-two graduate programs, and accelerated programs for working adults.

3. Benedictine College

Benedictine University is a private, Roman Catholic institution located in the Illinois town of Lisle.

The Benedictine monks of St. Procopius Abbey founded the college in 1887 as St. Procopius College in the Pilsen area on Chicago’s West Side.

This Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois  has maintained close relations with the Benedictine Order, which was founded by Saint Benedict and is considered as the “Father of Western Monasticism” (480–543 A.D.).

Saint Benedict is the namesake of the Benedictine Order.

The university is located in close proximity to two national research sites within the larger Chicago metropolitan area: Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

As a result of the university’s location in the East-West Tollway corridor, students have access to an abundance of internship and job opportunities.

Benedictine University at Mesa, located in Mesa, Arizona, and Benedictine University at Springfield, located in Springfield, Illinois, are two of the institution’s branch campuses.

4. Saint Xavier College

Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois

This Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1846 as a distinguished, private, coeducational institution with a four-year curriculum.

Saint Xavier University is the first Mercy College in the United States and the oldest Catholic university in Chicago.

Saint Xavier University is consistently regarded as one of the best universities in the Midwestern United States.

5. The University of DePaul

This Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois is a private institution situated in Chicago, Illinois. This university is one of the Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois .

Saint Vincent de Paul, a 17th-century French priest, was the inspiration for the institution’s name, which was created in 1898 by the Vincentians.

In 1998, it became the Catholic institution with the most enrolled students in the United States. Following in the traditions of its founders, DePaul University pays special emphasis on recruiting students who are the first in their families to attend college and students from other disadvantaged backgrounds.

Lincoln Park and the Loop are home to the two principal campuses of DePaul University.

The Lincoln Park Campus houses the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Science and Health, and the College of Education.

Also located here are the School of Music, the School of Drama, and the John T. Richardson Library.

The Loop campus houses the College of Communication, the College of Computing and Digital Media, the College of Law, the School of Public Service, and the School for Innovative Learning.

With about 7,600 graduate and law students and approximately 16,000 undergraduates, this institution is the largest private university in Illinois and the thirteenth largest in the United States.

The student body represents a wide variety of religious, cultural, and geographical origins, with students hailing from over 60 different countries.It is also regarded as one of the Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois.

6. The University of Quincy

This Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois is a relatively small, private college that has existed for four decades and offers undergraduate and graduate education.

The Roman Catholic religion is related with the institution’s religious connection.

In the most recent data year, 1,223 applicants were considered for admission, and 821 were eventually accepted.

There are 967 full-time students registered at the institution, and 306 part-time students.

Due to the high level of competition for admission to Quincy University (67%), you should take application preparation seriously.

A single tiny omission could be sufficient for this institution to place your application in the “reject” stack.

7. Dominican College

Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois, is a Catholic institution of higher education and research that provides students with a comprehensive education.

In addition to a doctorate, this also offers a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a variety of certificates.

The Rosary College of Arts and Sciences at Dominican University offers more than 50 undergraduate majors in addition to twenty graduate programs distributed over five academic departments.

These graduate programs include of library and information science, business, the education school, and social work.

Dominican’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies also offers professional and continuing education.

Dominican University is renowned for its undergraduate programs in the arts and sciences as well as its graduate degrees in practice-oriented sectors such as teaching and business.

US News and World Report ranks this university among the top master’s-level institutions in the Midwest.

8. The St. Francis University

Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois

The University of Saint. Francis is a very small, four-year, private college that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

This Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois is located in Joliet.

The Roman Catholic religion is related with the institution’s religious connection.

In the most recent data year, a total of 1,917 prospective students applied, but only 1,152 spaces were available.

There are 1,559 full-time students and 1,970 part-time students enrolled at this institution.

The tuition for in-state students for the 2020–2021 academic year is $35,000. There are no additional fees. The 2022 U.S.

As one of the Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois, it is ranked 369th among all colleges and institutions in the United States, according to Colleges Ranking.

Due to the fact that only 60% of applicants are finally admitted to the University of Saint Francis, the level of competition to enroll there is quite fierce.

It is in your best benefit to submit your application as early as possible; you should under no circumstances wait until the last minute.

FAQs On Best Catholic Colleges In Illinois 

Is Harvard a Catholic school?

Harvard University has no religious affiliation, but various opportunities for worship are available on campus.

What is the largest religious university in the US?

Founded in 1971 by Jerry Falwell Sr. and Elmer L. Towns, Liberty is among the world's largest Christian universities and the largest private non-profit universities in the United States by total student enrollment.

Which Ivy League is Catholic?

Along with Boston College, Fordham University, Georgetown University, Notre Dame University and Villanova University, Holy Cross is informally called one of the “Catholic Ivies”.

Why Catholic universities are better?

A faith-based university will foster spirituality and relationships with God. While most secular colleges maintain high ethical values and codes of conduct, they cannot control all students who want to engage in illegal, unsafe, unsavory and lascivious behaviors.

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