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7 Easy Ways to Get a Free Laptop

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7 Easy Ways to Get a Free Laptop 2023!

As the globe is rapidly becoming a global village, one must be online-connected to keep up with the trend. And to keep connected, you’ll need a laptop or a cell phone. Need a free gadget? Here are several simple ways to obtain a free laptop!

I can promise you that the vast majority of internet posts about obtaining a free computer are untrue, despite the fact that there are numerous publications on the topic. They are nowhere near the truth regarding getting free laptops.

Most of the established Ways to Get a Free Laptop that I will describe in the next parts are not for everyone; otherwise, everyone would have at least one or two laptops. However, even if you don’t fit into the category I’m about to describe, you don’t have to worry because there are other ways to get computers at steep discounts.

Students and individuals in low-income tax brackets have received the most free computers over the years. There are numerous of options for this class of folks to receive free laptops.

To maximize your chances of obtaining a free laptop, you must fulfill one of the two aforementioned conditions.

In this essay, we will focus on the easy Ways to Get a Free Laptop. Therefore, you must attentively read without skimming, and you will be delighted you did so.

List of the Ways to Get a Free Laptop

The following is a list of the Ways to Get a Free Laptop:

1. Komputers 4 R Kids

Ways to Get a Free Laptop

This organization distributes free laptops to Californian children. The group has existed for some time and is known for donating numerous laptops to California children.

They refurbish these computers before donating them to disadvantaged California children. In addition to providing schools and other NGOs with low-cost laptops, the NGO also donates laptops to schools and other NGOs.

The goal of the Komputers 4 R Kids program is to assist schools and other groups in constructing computer labs to facilitate children’s education.It is a legit Ways to Get a Free Laptop.

2. The OnIt Foundation 

The OnIt Foundation is one of the most well-known organizations that provide free computers to individuals. The option to receive a free laptop through this means is restricted to U.S. citizens, and applicants must also meet certain eligibility requirements in order to qualify for the OnIt Foundation program.This is another Ways to Get a Free Laptop.

To be eligible for a free laptop from OnIT Foundation, you must complete the following requirements:

  • You must have a child in grades K-12.
  • Your youngster must attend an American public school.
  • You must be deemed to have a low income.
  • All applicants must reside in the United States at the time of application.

3. Computers with Causes

Since its inception, Computers with Causes is known to have donated thousands of laptops. The foundation collects donated computers for distribution to disadvantaged children, returning military officers, and households in need of laptops.

To obtain a laptop, simply visit the website and complete the application form, in which you would explain why you need a free laptop. The organization’s goal is to ensure that the most deserving individuals receive a free computer first.This is also regarded as one of the Ways to Get a Free Laptop.


4. Online Colleges

Ways to Get a Free Laptop

One of the Ways to Get a Free Laptop is by enrolling in an online institution. The majority of online universities provide students with computers or iPads to facilitate the curriculum. However, in most cases, the cost of laptops is included in the tuition at these online institutions.

Therefore, if you are applying to an online college that offers free laptops to its students, you should conduct research to check that the tuition rate has not been increased to cover the cost of the laptops. Click the link below to get a list of online colleges that provide free computers.


5 Online Public Education

Some public schools in the United States offer online learning choices for students who want to study from home. If you attend a public school in the United States, you may need to check with the school administration to determine if this option is accessible.

This is also one of the Ways to Get a Free Laptop. These online public schools provide their pupils with free laptops. You attend a public school, correct? Or, do you know anyone who is interested in attending a public online school? Such individuals can receive free laptops.

6. The Aftrr Foundation

Aftrr, which stands for Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse, is well-known for providing laptops to those in need. Over the years, AFTRR has collaborated with multiple cities and states to provide free laptops to those in need.

If you need a free laptop, all you have to do is visit the website via the link below, where you will discover a map that directs you to groups in your area that provide free computers.


7. Local library

Ways to Get a Free Laptop

You cannot receive a free laptop to take home in this city, but several local libraries provide easy access to computers and the internet. Please note that in order to use library facilities, you must obtain a membership card.

Library membership ID cards are required for security purposes, allowing librarians to keep track of individuals who use the library.It is also among the list of Ways to Get a Free Laptop.

FAQs On Ways to Get a Free Laptop


I believe this article answers your question regarding how to receive free computers. If you are not able to receive free laptops through any of the aforementioned methods, you may need to look for ways to acquire inexpensive computers.

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