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7 Best Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

Best Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes!

Are you searching for free Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes that provide the same information as a traditional class? I have compiled an exhaustive list of the finest classes that will prepare your mind, body, and spirit for a positive birthing experience.

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If there is one thing you should give yourself during your pregnancy, it is the tools and resources necessary to accomplish a calm and relaxed birth.

As you progress through your pregnancy, you will likely experience a range of emotions regarding the experience. From anxiety to fear to uncertainty, the list continues on. These emotions are perfectly natural. Giving birth is a major event, and it is acceptable to feel the way you do.

In light of this, I have compiled the following list of the best free Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes to assist you in focusing less on your negative emotions and working towards a serene and relaxed birth.

What is hypnobirthing?

There have been developed tools, techniques, and exercises to alleviate dread, pain, and anxiety during childbirth. Using the power of hypnosis, expectant mothers can manage these emotions.

You’ve undoubtedly seen in the movies a scenario in which a person swings a pendulum at another person, who becomes completely oblivious to their surroundings except for the pendulum.

We refer to this as hypnosis.

A person in hypnosis appears to be unconscious but can still see, hear, and respond to their surroundings. It refers to an altered state of consciousness in which one feels intensely focussed and attentive.

Hypnobirthing is a technique that expectant mothers use to alleviate the discomfort and anxiety associated with childbirth. It employs the power of mindfulness, visualization, and positive affirmations to keep the individual’s attention on the positives rather than the negatives.

With these techniques, you can achieve a state of profound relaxation before and during labor, thereby reducing your anxiety about it. Once you overcome this phobia, the anxiety disappears and your body relaxes, making childbirth less agonizing.

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Advantages of Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

Below are The benefits of Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes :

  1. You’ll have direct access to your instructor.

Nobody gets lost in the throng during live classes. You will participate equally with everyone else. And your instructor will be able to answer any query you may have and will be available to address any doubts or concerns you may have along the way.

2. Study and Exercise From the Convenience of Your Home

These online hypnobirthing classes enable you to relax at home while a class is taking place. As you learn and practice all the techniques that will be covered in the class, such as Yoga, mindfulness, deep relaxation, etc., you are able to unwind and calm your mind.

3. Long or unrestricted access to the course

You will have access to a wealth of audio and video materials to help you practice during pregnancy even after classes have concluded.

4. Study at your own speed

With access to class materials, you can study whenever and wherever you choose. There would be no need to rush or satisfy a deadline.

5. Always keep all information close at hand.

It is possible and much more convenient to refer to your course materials if you forget something or require a fast review.

6. straightforward instructions

Instructions are simplified for training effectiveness. Classes can be taken independently, without the need for an instructor to provide guidance.

7. Start alone or with an accomplice.

It is advised that spouses participate in their wives’ pregnancies. Taking these free online hypnobirthing classes provides you with two options. You have the option of taking the classes with your companion or allowing them to catch up much later.

There is nothing better than having someone by your side who is aware of the situation and ready to remind you to focus on your respiration or give you a massage.

List of the Best Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

The following is a list of the Best Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes:

  1. Channel Mum
  2. Steph McGee
  3. Hypnobirthing Hub
  4. Better Birth Stories
  5. Hypnobirthing International Australia
  6. Conquering Motherhood
  7. Pregnancy Yoga

1. Channel Mum

Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

Channel Mum is a website dedicated to offering free resources and support to parents, caregivers, and families throughout the parental journey.

This website has compiled a series of YouTube videos for hypnobirthing education that you can watch in order to get the most out of this technique.It is one of the best Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

Visit website

2. Steph McGee

Steph McGee Hypnotherapy is another website offering free online hypnobirthing courses. These are live, online seminars that Stephanie teaches herself. The class will cover a variety of hypnobirthing techniques for expectant mothers.

In other words, you will learn hypnobirthing techniques, relaxations, affirmations, respiration for birth, and more in this class. After enrolling, you should also search for additional classes and join a Free Hypnobirthing Facebook group for more information.

This class is for expectant women only and is held on the first Wednesday of every month in 2022 at 8pm GMT on Zoom. By enrolling in this course, you agree to receive Stephanie’s weekly hypnobirthing advice to help you relax.It is among the best Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes.

Sign up here

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3. Hypnobirthing Hub

Kathryn Clark, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, designed these Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes for expectant mothers and their companions who desire a calm and natural birth.

You can rest assured that her HypnoBirthing techniques and approach are highly effective, as she has personal experience with her own hypnobirth twins and a firm background in hypnotherapy, birth and pregnancy counseling.

You will learn techniques such as relaxation, birth & surge breathing, perfect pushing, light contact, and counterpressure massage in this class.

Start class here

4. Better Birth Stories

Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

Melanie Bearne, a Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist, Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, and a highly experienced Hypnobirthing instructor, runs the Better Birth Stories blog.

Downloadable resources from Melanie include a birth plan template, hypnobirthing recordings, and a large number of videos from their YouTube channel. Additionally, registration is not required to access these resources.It is one of the best Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes.

Visit website here

5. Australia’s Hypnobirthing International

HypnoBirthing International Australia may not offer Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes, but they do provide expectant women with a free resource. This free resource provides tools and techniques that have been demonstrated to ensure that your body and mind are in the most relaxed, confident, and calm state possible during childbirth.

Visit website

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6. The Conquest of Motherhood

Here is another collection of Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes provided by Conquering Motherhood. This FREE Introductory Course is a two-week email course that explains how and why Hypnobirthing works, as well as its many benefits.

You will be introduced to the various Hypnobirthing techniques, some practical exercises, and the significance of letting go of any anxiety prior to birth.

Until the fourteenth day of this course, you will receive a daily email. By the end of the course, you will have a thorough comprehension of how hypnobirthing can assist you during the birthing process.

Sign up here

7. Prenatal Yoga

Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

Berlin-based international midwife, hypnotherapist, and yoga instructor Jutta Wohlrab. She has assisted over 10000 women worldwide. She invites you to attend a free biweekly pregnancy class with her. Yoga

For this class, Jutta Wohlrab adapted meditation, relaxation, and asanas specifically for women at various phases of life. Her extensive experience as a midwife and extensive knowledge of the female anatomy contribute to the uniqueness of these classes.

Sign up here

FAQs On Best Free Online Hypnobirthing Classes

When should I start my hypnobirthing course?

You can begin your hypnobirthing classes anytime following your 20-week scan and many women start between 28-32 weeks so they have plenty of time to get into a great mindset and practice the techniques

What are the disadvantages of hypnobirthing?

One of the main drawbacks of self-hypnosis during delivery, specifically Mongan's method, is that it doesn't necessarily prepare women for births that don't go as planned. The coursework doesn't include much information about pain-relief measures beyond the different techniques to relax the body.

Does hypnobirthing actually work?

Research has shown that using hypnobirthing techniques might help speed along the first stage of labor, which is generally the longest and can last from 12 to 19 hours. Even if it's only shortened a little bit, any reduction of time spent in labor can make a difference!

Does hypnobirthing speed up labor?

Hypnobirthing techniques aim to teach you ways to stay in control and calm during labour and birth, whatever happens. However, using hypnosis during your labour will not increase your likelihood of a straightforward birth.

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