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5 Signs Teaching English Abroad Fits Your Personality

5 Signs Teaching English Abroad Fits Your Personality!

You may be concerned about your chances of success if you’re interested in obtaining certification and teaching English abroad. Even with the best instruction, your personality will have a significant effect on how much you love teaching.

In addition, your ability to go with the flow can enhance your enjoyment of living in a foreign nation. In this post, I will discuss five personality indicators for teaching English abroad.

5 Signs Teaching English Abroad Fits Your Personality

Below are five indicators that teaching English abroad fits your personality:

1. Curious

LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE. Education, skills and success concept LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE. Education, skills and success concept. Teaching English Abroad stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

One of Signs Teaching English Abroad Fits Your Personality is your curiosity. Living in an area where you have never before resided will provide you with a variety of possibilities for how to spend your free time. Consider researching local cuisines and traditions. Food is frequently connected to the history of a region. If you have been working full-time and maintaining a side business in your native country, you may find yourself with time to eat. What does this mean in your new country?

You may be Teaching English Abroad in a major metropolitan area. Exist parks where one can stretch their legs? Which museums are packed with tourists, and which locations are dominated by locals? Where do local residents shop for groceries? What customary beverages, snacks, and breakfast dishes are consumed? Determine what the locals are doing and, if feasible, join in!

2. Flexible

English Learning Concept with Books Headphone Microphone and a Classroom as a Background English Learning Concept with Books Headphone Microphone and a Classroom as a Background. 3D Render Teaching English Abroad stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Be adaptable about the following, whether you are a recent college graduate traveling abroad for the first time or a seasoned professional pursuing a TEFL certification.

  • Leaving your present residence
  • Getting your possessions overseas
  • Getting used to your new residence

Consider the fundamentals. If you own a home that you intend to rent out, work with a qualified property manager to handle any repairs or maintenance. Make every effort to organize your finances such that your rent payment is applied immediately to your mortgage balance.

Regardless of whether you are in a house or an apartment, your abroad relocation must be limited. Before starting your first job, store the items you cannot stand to part with, but also be prepared to downsize. You may find that by traveling light, you can establish a life of limitless flexibility, with few possessions but an abundance of experiences.This is another Signs Teaching English Abroad Fits Your Personality.

3. Respectful

Home Time! A group of young school children can be seen finishing the school day and putting their chairs on top of their desks. The teacher is stood at the front of the classroom supervising. Teaching English Abroad stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Next on our Signs Teaching English Abroad Fits Your Personality: One of the most effective methods to show respect in your new country is to be eager to learn from everyone. Yes, you have English proficiency. Your pupils may, however, tell you a great deal about the greatest local hangouts, neighborhood amenities, and cultural variables.

Local politics may have a significant impact on your day-to-day life, and attitudes regarding local politics can get heated. Will the leaders of your host nation conduct themselves identically to those of your native nation? Of course not!

Be willing to continue learning. Investigate the history of your host nation to better comprehend what is occurring and why. The material concerning earlier conflicts and wars is frequently infused with history and bias. Additionally, you can learn more about the history of a location by examining its architecture.

You may be surprised by what people in your host country have learnt about the attitudes, prejudices, and “truths” of your home country. International news programs in your host country may have reported on polarized sides of the political spectrum, but this may not have affected your day-to-day comprehension of your home country.

Whenever feasible, be prepared to voice your opinion without adding to the polarization. As a respected professional in your host country, you are an ambassador for your country.

4. Adaptable

Senior woman learns English via internet with laptop, language classes for Ukrainian refugee Senior woman sits at desk before laptop and learns English via internet, language classes for Ukrainian refugee for better adaptation abroad, British flag on the window, social distance education Teaching English Abroad stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Before beginning a serious search for a teaching position, you should carefully assess what you require from the position. If you really need to save money while working and traveling, you might consider teaching in the United Arab Emirates. Although the money can be excellent and the cost of living will be minimal, the cultural experience may be too drastic.

If you seek a more rewarding travel experience and only require enough money to live comfortably, you may be happier in Thailand. Vietnam also offers numerous teaching alternatives, whilst Taiwan may offer a more western infrastructure while allowing you to immerse yourself in a foreign culture.

Consideration of what you require from your English teaching position will boost the likelihood of a pleasant experience. Acquire your credentials, increase your funds, and minimize your life in your native country so that you have more travel options abroad. You may be able to find a teaching position that provides housing in addition to a pay, which will eliminate any financial concerns.

5. Accept Change

Beautiful young woman holds in hands British, German and American flags, polyglot studying languages Beautiful young woman holds in hands British, German and American flags, polyglot studying languages, wearing white casual style sweater. Indoor studio shot isolated on pink background. Teaching English Abroad stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Immersing yourself in a new culture will demand you to discard your preconceived assumptions of what makes life feasible as much as possible. Moving into a studio apartment in your host nation may be too much of a change if you truly feel the need for a 1,200-square-foot home. Moving into a new residence while rejecting change due to luxuries or size will make you miserable.

Be adaptable to the following:

  • Unless you have access to a supermarket, you may need to make a daily stop at the local food market.
  • Does your community have a dry cleaner? You may need to bring garments that can be easily hand-washed or laundered at a laundry.
  • Diet: If you’re a vegetarian, for instance, you can likely still find lots of food, but you’ll likely develop new preferences!

If you do not speak the language of your new host country, you may need assistance locating the essentials. While your employer will provide you with a guide to local amenities, you may need assistance at the supermarket or pharmacy.

FAQs On Signs Teaching English Abroad Fits Your Personality

What is the most characteristic a good English teacher must have?

Important personal qualities for English teachers include knowledgeable about the subject matter, accessible, can build caring relationships with students, fair and respectful, and passionate.

Is being an English teacher abroad worth it?

If you seek to get paid to live overseas in a foreign country while making a difference in the lives of others, then teaching English abroad is definitely worth it. You will challenge yourself, and grow as a person, while seeing and doings thing you never would have experienced otherwise.

What 2 character strengths do great teachers possess?

Some qualities of a good teacher include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience.

What do international schools look for in a teacher?

Leadership skills are one of the most important things that top schools look for in their teachers. Afterall, a good teacher is always a good leader too. They want educators who can take up charge and extra responsibilities that may come their way with a positive and fearless attitude.

What makes a great international teacher?

A desire to do more than the job.


The opportunity to teach English abroad allows you to travel while being compensated. This is a wonderful way to learn about the culture and politics of a region, as it may be slow and immersive.

Imagine how much you could learn in only one year as a teacher in a foreign country. Overall, teaching English abroad has an impact. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this post about indicators that teaching English overseas is a good fit for your personality!

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