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5 Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton, Alberta

Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton, Alberta!

Edmonton is the provincial metropolis of Alberta, Canada’s largest province.

It is known as Canada’s Festival City because more than 1,200 festivals are held here annually!

Edmonton has one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in North America and is home to numerous Islamic schools that instruct children on how to exercise their religion.

These Muslim schools in Edmonton prepare students to enroll in mainstream secondary schools and universities in the future.

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If you live in Edmonton and are searching for the Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton, this article lists a few that are certain to meet your criteria!

What purpose does Islamic education serve?

Islamic schools, also known as madrassas, are private institutions that are progressively integrating into the mainstream educational system.

In addition to daily classes on Islamic beliefs and practices, Islamic institutions offer numerous extracurricular activities.

Even if your child is not currently enrolled in an Islamic school, you should familiarize yourself with their curriculum to ensure that he or she is learning everything necessary to become a Muslim.

Why Attend The Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton?

Canada is a great location to study Islam, and you can also visit these top-tier Islamic schools in Scarborough that offer Arabic and Islamic studies.

Studying in any of Edmonton’s Islamic institutions will not only inculcate you with Islamic values, but will also provide you with some of Canada’s finest educational facilities and scholarships.

Numerous Islamic institutions in Canada include the sciences, mathematics, the arts, computer programming, and physical education in their curricula so that their students develop well-rounded personalities.

Most Islamic schools in Edmonton allow pupils to join clubs or organizations outside of school hours; they may play soccer or volleyball during recess.

List of the Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton, Alberta 

The following is a list of the Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton, Alberta:

  • Edmonton Islamic Academy
  • MAC Islamic school
  • Al Mustafa Academy
  • AlBaqir Academy
  • Nebula academy

1. Edmonton Islamic Academy

Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton

Edmonton Islamic Academy is one of the Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton.

They are located in a peaceful area not far from downtown and offer a variety of student programs. They are also known as EIA.

Prekindergarten through twelfth grade classes are held in a school with an attractive learning environment.

Their Arabic classes are exceptional and teach both language skills and Arabic culture.

Furthermore, there are numerous opportunities for athletics and recreation at EIA; after all, physical activity is an essential component of learning how to be Muslim!

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2. MAC Islamic school

Next on our list of the Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton is the MAC Islamic School (MIS). This institution is a Private School that is Registered in Edmonton, Alberta.

The MAC Islamic School integrates Islamic Values into the curriculum and discusses each subject.

The courses adhere to the Alberta Education Curriculum requirements, which also emphasize:

  • Studying Quran
  • Islamic Studies, along with
  • Arabic.
  • MAC Islamic School is committed to integrating the Alberta Education Curriculum and Islamic Studies Curriculum.

3. Al Mustafa Academy

Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton

Al Mustafa Academy is one of the most prestigious Islamic schools in Canada, and it is a private institution with a valid license.

This school teaches Kindergarten through Grade 12 students the Alberta Education curriculum, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies.

Students can participate in extracurricular activities such as:

  • Speech training
  • Attendance at science competitions, and
  • Female sporting competitions.
  • Al Mustafa Academy has approximately 750 students and eight Quran teachers.

It is regarded as one of the Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton.

4. AlBaqir Academy

AlBaqir Academy is also included on our list of the top Edmonton, Alberta Muslim institutions.

This institution provides instruction to students in grades Junior Kindergarten through sixth grade.

AlBaqir Academy endeavors to uphold rigorous academic standards that incorporate Islamic principles.

Important academic and religious skills are taught while the students participate in daily congregational devotion and Friday services.

In addition, they are taught through Islamic educational lessons and initiatives.It one of the Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton.

5. Nebula academy

Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton

In a world where information is accessed through devices and computers rather than textbooks, it is difficult for students to concentrate on a single subject.

Children who attend an Islamic school like Nebula Academy Canada, which employs contemporary teaching methods and teaches the Islamic way of life, learn not only to memorize but also to comprehend Quranic verses.It is also on our list of the Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton.

FAQs On Best Islamic Schools In Edmonton

How much does it cost to go to private schools in Edmonton?

Tuition fees for Edmonton private schools range from $8,700 to $19,500 per year with an average tuition of $12,900 per year.

When was Edmonton Islamic Academy built?

The Edmonton Islamic Academy (EIA) was established in 1987 in the basement of the Al-Rashid Mosque with 21 students.

Is Edmonton a good place for international students?

Colleges in Edmonton are well known for their quality education and research outputs; this has made Edmonton one of the most popular global ed destinations for international students.

What do Islamic schools teach?

These schools teach Islamic practices and beliefs, the Arabic language--which is essential to reading the Qur'an—Islamic scripture, and a host of Islamic topics.

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