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30 Easiest College Majors that pay well

Easiest College Majors that pay well can occasionally be intimidating. We have thus investigated and compiled a list of the easiest and most lucrative college majors.

A college education has been marketed as the way to financial security and success for many decades. This may be related to the belief that attending trade school rather than college will result in lower salary and more precarious blue-collar work. Contrary to popular belief, a four-year degree does not ensure a profitable career.

In the current labor market, 33.8% of college graduates are working in non-college degree-required positions (Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 2021).

In addition, as of 2021, 44 million Americans owned more than $1.7 trillion in student debt. (St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, 2021). In light of this, we have decided to examine the most straightforward and Easiest College Majors that pay well, so let’s get started.

Many believe that education can be subdivided into tough and simple majors. Some individuals excel in literature, psychology, and the social sciences, but have difficulty with chemistry, mathematics, and physics. In contrast, STEM majors prefer doing scientific subjects but dislike reading and analyzing literature, personalities, and languages. Where is therefore the common ground?

This article provides a list of the 20 Easiest College Majors that pay well. It’s a win-win situation: students don’t have to overextend themselves, and they may earn a substantial income working for a reputable company or on their own.Group of international people listening to teacher at classroom Lecture Concept. Group of interested multicultural mixed race group of students sitting at tables with pc in modern classroom, listening to teacher, taking notes writing in notebooks, back to study course stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Obtaining an Easiest College Majors that pay well depends on numerous variables. Also, it’s crucial to realize that even though a major is simple to complete and offers many well-paying positions, your resume and talents are the only things that will guarantee you a solid job. In all fields, the market is competitive, and only the best survive. In light of this, listed below are the 20 Easiest College Majors that pay well.

What Factors Facilitate a College Major?

The Easiest College Majors that pay well vary widely based on the individual student’s natural aptitudes and talents.

If you excel in your chosen field and/or have a strong passion or enthusiasm for it, it will likely be simpler for you to succeed in the field of study.Business Team Training Listening Meeting Concept Business Team Training Listening Meeting Concept course stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

On the other hand, if you are not exceptionally gifted and motivated in an area, you will likely find that major to be more difficult than other fields with which you are more familiar and motivated.

Depending on how “easy” is defined, obtaining a college degree can be very simple.

List of Easiest College Majors that pay well

So, what are the most accessible and Easiest College Majors that pay well? If you are a student who dislikes challenging coursework, you will find the answers immediately below.

The Easiest College Majors that pay well are:

  1. Education
  2. Religious Studies
  3. Social Work
  4. Sociology
  5.  Communications
  6. History
  7. Anthropology
  8. Supply Chain Management
  9. Humanities
  10. Business management
  11. Fine Arts
  12. Biology
  13. Foreign Language
  14. Marketing
  15. Finance
  16. Healthcare Administration
  17.  Human Resources
  18. Information Technology
  19. Safety Science
  20. Commerce
  21. Global & International Studies
  22. Corporate Finance.
  23. Psychology
  24. Criminal Justice
  25. International Management
  26. Sports Studies
  27. Zoology
  28. Photography
  29. Astronomy
  30. Music

30 Easiest College Majors that pay well?

1. Education

Multi-ethnic group of Latin American college students smiling Multi-ethnic group of Latin American college students smiling at the university campus and looking at the camera - education concepts Education stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The starting salary for a graduate degree is $44,100

Education is the study of the process of receiving and providing organized instruction.

As a degree and one of Easiest College Majors that pay well, it blends theoretical education history, anthropology, sociology, economics, psychology, and human development courses with applied teaching methods courses.

Education Major is a comprehensive educational path that enables qualified students to use their acquired abilities to teach and improve the world. Teachers are with us for the whole of our education and can influence how our education develops and how we develop as individuals.

They inspire us to participate in a variety of activities and projects while sharing information without ulterior motives. Depending on your goals, becoming a teacher can be both easy and difficult, but it is one of the highest-paying professions.

Education’s Major Advantages

  • It teaches how to organize coursework as a teacher and focuses on a theory of education that is not too difficult to implement.
  • It is a hands-on type of education that gives the ability to study and improve continuously. Teachers are able to connect with one another, share their experiences, and learn from one another, which is the best aspect.
  • There is no minimum SAT score requirement.
  • If you work at an educational institution such as a school, you are free to spend your whole summer vacation as you like, as opposed to other jobs where vacations range from two to six weeks.

2. Religious studies degree

Young muslim woman graduated holding a certification. A young muslim woman graduated holding a certification. Religious studies degree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The beginning salary for a religion degree is $43,900.

Religious studies degrees prepare students to comprehend the ramifications of faith. Students concentrate on global theology in order to comprehend others and the diversity of world religions.

Advantages of Majoring in Religious Studies

  • Students of religious studies frequently engage in intellectually rigorous and frequently fascinating debates and conversations. They have the opportunity to hear a variety of perspectives and then examine them in groups.
  • Students improve debate abilities while maintaining a cordial demeanor, as these dialogues do not necessarily require them to be correct or incorrect. Argumentation is a crucial talent that employers and businesses require candidates to possess.
  • You have the opportunity to study many cultures, nationalities, and religions and comprehend how they all impact your life.
  • Students and graduates of religious studies may also have several possibilities to travel, which may introduce them to cultures other than their own.

3. Social WorkCloseup shot of a young woman holding a senior man's hands in comfort. Closeup of a support hands. Closeup shot of a young woman holding a senior man's hands in comfort. Female carer holding hands of senior man Social Work stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The beginning salary of a social worker is $38,600.

Being among the Easiest College Majors that pay well, Social workers are trained to maintain composure and cultivate relationships with individuals in often tense situations, to swiftly comprehend new conditions – which may include legal and financial facts – and to aid them in leading as happy a life as possible.

If you are really interested in social or emotional disadvantage, discrimination, poverty, and trauma, as well as making a difference, this could be the right vocation for you.

4.  Sociology

Businessman is studying a crowd of people with a magnifying glass. Hr search candidates for work, staff recruiting. Society, demographic. Market and customers research. Citizens electorate. Sociology Businessman is studying a crowd of people with a magnifying glass. Hr search candidates for work, staff recruiting. Society, demographic. Market and customers research. Citizens electorate. Sociology Sociology stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The average salary of a sociologist is $46,200.

Inequality, family dynamics, and community development will be covered in a sociology bachelor’s degree program.

These themes have an impact on behavior and decision-making in both the private and public realms; therefore, the lessons taught in this curriculum can be applied in a variety of contexts.

A degree in sociology can provide a good basis for careers in human services, business, education, and other intriguing disciplines. It is among the list ranked Easiest College Majors that pay well

5.  Communications

$60,500 is the starting salary for a communication degree holder.

A degree in communication is also Easiest College Majors that pay well and can help you obtain employment in the media, including online and print marketing, journalism, and public relations.

Communication majors learn about mass media, technical communications, and advertising. They are instructed in the writing of press releases, lengthy essays, and technical documentation.

6. HistoryFocus on History Magnifying glass focusing on HISTORY word. Business concept History stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The starting salary of a historian is $47,800.

History is more than only the memorization of historical facts. It also requires evaluating the worldwide impact of historical events, trends, and artifacts, such as how numerous revolutions and civil wars shaped certain countries’ governments into what they are today or how a belief system has evolved to influence modern thought.

Typically, you will be graded on written tasks that demand you to evaluate multiple arguments, frequently in response to a thesis statement.

Exams may also be taken at the conclusion of a degree program or at regular intervals over its duration.

You will be required to offer an in-depth discussion and analysis of a predetermined topic in your dissertation, which will center on a specific area of study.

Benefits of a History Major

  • If you enjoy reading and writing, this is the major for you. There is no difficult technical writing or perplexing report, which is a plus.
  • It is excellent for fostering necessary critical thinking and research abilities.

History Prominent Jobs with a Good Salary

There are numerous job opportunities available to history majors. We’ve mentioned a few of them and their salaries below.

  • Operations Director ($74-$176K)
  • Associate Lawyer ($74,000 to $96,000)
  • Analyst, Research ($59K-$71K)
  • High School Teacher ($59,500 to $61,500)
  • Museum Technician ($45K-$56K)

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7. Anthropology

The starting salary for an anthropology is $46,400.

A degree in anthropology is an Easiest College Majors that pay well and can prepare students for professions in archaeology, college teaching, environmental anthropology, medical anthropology, and museum curation.Indian from the Pataxó tribe with feather headdress looking to the right. Indian from the Pataxó tribe with feather headdress looking to the right. Indigenous from Brazil with traditional facial paintings. Anthropology stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

It can also help you influence advertising, diversity, human resource, user experience, and social justice teams.

Anthropology investigates the mechanisms that contributed to the evolution of humanity. The future projections of anthropology are predicted using statistical data. In a sense, it is comparable to the history major, as civilizations evolve and this science follows suit.

It also investigates subjects such as archeology and analyzes artifacts discovered throughout history to illustrate the human activities of the time period.

Benefits of Majoring in Anthropology

  • There are many business options for this position. This degree also prepares students for careers in education, research, public relations, and history. There are numerous available job openings.
  • Anthropology graduates have the chance to travel extensively, allowing them to gain direct experience and engagement with various cultures and customs.
  • It fosters excellent communication skills. You will participate in a variety of teams with others working towards the same goal. You will argue and discuss the outcomes of particular occurrences and attempt to answer questions that others have not anticipated.

8. Supply Chain Management

Average salary for a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management is $61,700.

A bachelor’s degree in supply chain management combines topics from finance, economics, and logistics.

These abilities are taught alongside organizing, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Communication and interpersonal ties are very vital in this sector.

9. Humanities

$48,500 is the starting salary for a humanities degree holder.

Humanities majors conduct research on significant works of literature, challenging philosophical concerns, and ancient civilizations. Humanities majors strengthen their critical reasoning, communication, and analytic abilities.

10. Business management

The average salary for a business management degree is $48,900.

A degree in business management is also ranked as Easiest College Majors that pay well and it teaches students a variety of administrative, marketing, and accounting activities, as well as how to work closely with a team and build the abilities necessary to manage a firm or organization effectively.

11. Fine Arts

The basic pay for a fine arts degree is $43,200.

Students who wish to pursue a career in the visual or performing arts acquire a degree in fine arts. In some nations, the degree is also referred to as a Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) or Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA).

A bachelor’s degree in fine arts prepares students for jobs in art and allied fields, such as creative writing and performing. Continue reading to learn about the various sorts of degrees in the fine arts, the levels at which they are offered, and the occupations for which they prepare students.

12. Biology

The pay scale of a biologist is $47,100.

Biology is a highly valued field of study that allows students to become intimately acquainted with all elements of human, animal, and cellular life. The degrees provide a diverse selection of modules, allowing you to study something that genuinely interests you and making them a good option for budding scientists.

13. Foreign Language

The pay scale is $50,000

Bachelor of Arts degrees in foreign languages provide a comprehensive study of the foreign language as well as the literature and culture of the region or country being studied. Bachelor of Arts degrees can be paired with a Minor in Foreign Language Education to qualify for teacher certification.

14. MarketingHandwritten Integrated marketing structure in the notepad. Handwritten Integrated marketing structure in the notepad. Marketing stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The average salary for a marketing degree is $51,700.

A marketing degree is also an Easiest College Majors that pay well and it thus prepares graduates for marketing, advertising, public relations, and sales positions. Employers of marketing majors include marketing firms, advertising agency, and public relations firms. In addition, they serve as marketing managers and supervisors.

15. Finance

Early-career compensation for a finance degree is $60,200.

A degree in finance equips students with a thorough understanding of banking, trade, and economics. Finance refers to the study, acquisition, and management of money and investments. The activities of the banking, credit, debt, and capital markets are all governed by economic principles and procedures.

16. Healthcare Administration

A degree in healthcare administration broadens one’s medical, business, and management knowledge and skills. Graduates are eligible for employment in hospitals, private medical offices, and short- and long-term patient care facilities.

The Health Major is commonly connected with sophisticated learning disciplines and professions, such as doctors, which are more challenging, demanding, and stressful. The work performed by surgeons and other high-level health professionals is vital to our well-being and health.

Nonetheless, they are frequently helped by well-educated health professionals who do not require medical school.

Numerous health occupations do not require the in-depth knowledge and comprehension of anatomy that medical students struggle with on a daily basis. Below, we will describe some health-related occupations.

You will learn how to teach others on appropriate hygiene, including when to use soap vs hand sanitizer. You can help others improve their health and lifestyle by working in Health Science or Health Administration.It also among the Easiest College Majors that pay well.

Benefits of Health Major

  • Candidates in this major are free to pick what they wish to pursue and in which field they wish to specialize.
  • Healthcare is continuously expanding and collaborating with other sectors to achieve better outcomes. Involvement with technology has significantly improved healthcare, and this trend is anticipated to continue in the future.
  • In a manner similar to psychology, the gratifying sensation of achievement will inspire you to assist those in need. In addition, you have the opportunity to teach your friends how to protect themselves from a certain sickness or condition based on your personal experience. Your friends will always look up to you when they are afflicted, and the comfort you bring them will excite you.

17. Human resources

The pay scale for human resource professionals is $47,300.

Every organization, regardless of size, requires personnel. Even the most technologically advanced organizations require individuals to innovate and develop operations.

Human resources are the essential link between the company’s needs and those of its personnel. The heads of this department are responsible for attracting and retaining the organization’s top talent. This is accomplished through a range of functions, including recruitment, training, remuneration, and benefits.

This makes human resources essential to the success of a firm, resulting in a highly stable career path for HR specialists.

But how can one gain the essential skills to operate across multiple tasks or specialize on one? This is where a degree in human resources comes in handy.

18.  Information Technology

Average salary for an IT professional is $64,300

IT degree programs educate students how to store, secure, manage, retrieve, and transmit data using computing technology. Hardware and software-based operating systems and applications are included in IT.

19. Safety Science

Average salary for a safety science degree is $62,400 per year.

A bachelor of science in safety, health, and environmental applied sciences provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary basis, including knowledge of systems analysis, management, engineering, and occupational safety, to prepare students for careers in safety, health, and environmental professions.

20. Commerce

Average salary for a bachelor’s degree in commerce is $66,800.

The Bachelor of Commerce degree is designed to equip students with a wide variety of managerial abilities and expertise in a certain field of business.

As a result, most universities design their degrees so that students are exposed to general business principles in addition to their major, taking courses in accounting, finance, economics, business management, human resources, and marketing.

21. Global & International Studies degree

A degree in Global & International Studies carries a $50,000 starting salary.

The objective of global and international studies is to comprehend human cultures and communities as defined by the notion “One World.” Through scholarly study, research, international communication, and international experience, this major emphasizes the development of a global perspective.

22. Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is the subfield of finance that focuses on a corporation’s capital structure and funding sources, as well as the actions made by managers to raise a firm’s value to shareholders and the methodologies and analysis tools used to distribute financial resources.

23. Psychology

The beginning salary of a psychologist is $60,000.

A degree in psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. The study and comprehension of mental processes, brain activities, and behavior by psychologists.

Depending on your interests, a degree in psychology will equip you for employment in both the arts and sciences. In the fields of public and private healthcare, education, mental health support, social work, therapy, and counseling, different options are available.

24.  Criminal Justice

The pay scale in Criminal justice is $42,800

The three basic branches or systems of the criminal justice discipline are law enforcement, the courts, and corrections.

Each of these encompasses numerous professions, such as homeland security, cybersecurity, and law enforcement, whereas the court system uses experts in law, forensic psychology, and court administration. In contrast, corrections encompasses positions in jail administration and social services.

Criminal justice offers a wide variety of degree majors and employment opportunities. The majority of careers in criminal justice have a good job outlook, as shown by the statistics in the next section.

They are often profitable, diverse, and stimulating. Due to the increasing demand for specialists in the field of criminal justice, these degrees also assist graduates boost their employment security. Criminal justice (CJ) degrees can lead to an increase in employment possibilities, salary, and job performance.

25. International Management

The average pay for an international management specialist is $54,100

The International Business and Management program prepares you for a variety of options in global management. The program is centered on major concepts and theories that emphasize strategic viewpoints and important features of contemporary international business.

The objective is to generate well-rounded managers by combining international business and management with a comprehensive examination of other organizational management-related disciplines.

26. Sports Studies

 $86 per year

A college major in sports studies encompasses almost everything but physically engaging in sports. This degree can prepare you for careers in sports history, the role of sports in society, player physiology, and other related fields.

If you want to be a coach or a team manager, you need study in sports studies. If you are naturally interested in sports, this major will be quite easy to maintain your interest in. It is also considered one of the simplest majors, however it might be difficult for someone who dislikes athletics.

27. Zoology

 $112k per year

A zoology college major focuses on the biology of animals, including how they interact with their environment and create connections. You may investigate animal diversity and evolution, as well as ecology and other organism-related scientific issues.

Some people find zoology to be a relatively difficult college major, but if you are interested in animals or science but lack the abilities and intelligence for veterinary or biology classes, zoology is an easier choice.

28. Photography

A photography major in college requires both technical and creative abilities. While technical skills are easily learned, a substantial portion of creativity is based on innate talent. If you have a creative streak and enjoy taking photographs, a photography major in college may be your best option.

However, similar to creative writing, not every photography student will go on to become a very successful photographer like Annie Leibovitz. Thus, the highest-paying career depends largely on your individual characteristics.

29. Astronomy

$128k per year

Exploration of space travel Exciting, yes? We are aware that every young child aspires to become an astronaut, but by the time we reach college, these aspirations often go away. A degree in astronomy may be the best option for those who are still fascinated by the mysteries of our universe.

This college major needs excellent scientific and quantitative skills, therefore if numbers come naturally to you, this major should be rather simple to grasp.

You would be astonished at how many diverse employment opportunities an astronomy major may lead you.

30. Music

To study music at the college level, you must have more than a love for your favorite tunes. Whether you play an instrument, compose music, or just have an exceptional ear and perfect pitch, you require some kind of musical talent.

Regarding lucrative professions, you face the same dilemma as authors and photographers. There is a chance that you will achieve phenomenal success and become a millionaire… However, you should not put all of your money on it.

Nonetheless, a college music concentration can lead to a variety of well-paying occupations — not simply high school music instructor!

FAQs about Easiest College Majors that Pay well 

Which major facilitates employment the most?

The following majors offer the most job opportunities: 68.7% Computer Science; 61.5% Economics; 61.2% Accounting; 59% Engineering. Administration of Business: 54.3% 42.5% Sociology/Social Work Statistics/Mathematics: 40.3% Psychology: 39.2% Historiography and Political Science: 38.9% Healthcare: 37.8 percent 36.8% of the population major in the liberal arts and humanities Biology: 35.2% 33.8% Communications/journalism 33 per cent Environmental Science: 30.5% Education: 28.9 percent Visual and Performing Arts: 27.8 percent.

What is the shortest university?

Deep Springs College has one of the shortest durations among colleges. Deep Springs Community College is a modest, two-year, private institution in Deep Springs, California. The college is one of the smallest higher education institutions in the United States, with fewer than thirty students enrolled at any given time.


You are free to select whatever best matches your interests. Consider your inherent talents, interests, and career opportunities while searching for the easiest degrees to earn.

FAQs On Easiest College Majors that pay well

What is the easiest degree with the highest pay?

Business Administration. Business administration is one major that is usually considered “easy.” Some programs will also only take 3 years to finish! ...
English. ...
Human Resources. ...
Criminal Justice. ...
Marketing. ...
Supply Chain Management. ...
Psychology. ...

What is the easiest major to get into college with?

Psychology. Average GPA: 3.3.
Education. Average GPA: 3.6. ...
Social Work. Average GPA: 3.4. ...
Public Relations & Advertising. Average GPA: 3.0. ...
Criminal Justice. Average GPA: 3.1. ...
Journalism. Average GPA: 3.2. ...
Economics. Average GPA: 3.0. ...
English. Average GPA: 3.2.

What is the quickest degree to get?

Typically, students pursue Business Administration, Psychology, or Education degrees for the quickest completion times; nevertheless, General Studies, English, and Communications, along with Psychology, may be regarded the simplest.

What Are the Highest-Paying Associate Degrees?

Electrical Engineering. ...
Aeronautics. ...
MRI Technology. ...
Radiology Technology. ...
Respiratory Therapy. ...
Occupational Therapy. ...
Mechanical Engineering. ...


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