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30 best performing Arts High Schools in the World

30 best performing Arts High Schools in the World. Schools for performing arts on the list below are among the top in the world. The performing arts involve not just teachers and students, but also the entire country and the world. They improve the surroundings we live in by presenting captivating and thought-provoking images that everybody may enjoy.

However, the craft needs to be authentic and unvarnished for people to appreciate performing arts.

The right combination of ability and imagination may produce fantastic outcomes. While trying to improve your gift, it is important to put solid time management techniques into practice. High schools with a performing arts focus are your best bet if you want to maximize your potential. Finding the top high schools for the performing arts, however, could be challenging.

Traditional educational commentators seldom discuss performing arts education. It transcends the bounds of the physical and exists in a spiritual dimension. Students from all over the world go to find the ideal shrine to hone their academic skills and acquire performing arts training.

There are many excellent educational institutions in the world that offer cutting-edge learning environments and a wide range of options to people who are interested in this field.

30 best performing Arts High Schools in the World

  •  Los Angeles County High Schools for the Arts (LACHSA):LACHSA is a public institution with no tuition. Most people associate the institution with its aesthetically pleasing campus and capacity to provide both conservatory-style training and college preparatory courses. The two institutions’ activities are often kept apart even though they share premises with Cal State LA. The Los Angeles County Office of Education is in charge of running it.

    The program’s area of expertise is training students for professions in the arts. One of only two Los Angeles arts high schools that accepts students from any district in the county of Los Angeles is Charter High School of the Arts in Van Nuys. The institution has 130 spaces available for new students, 90% of whom are freshmen, and acceptance is dependent on an audition procedure.

    The school comprises five divisions: dance, theater, visual arts, music (vocals and instruments), and cinematic arts (Film). Additionally, a double major in musical theater is available. The department with the most students is music, followed by theater, visual and performing arts, dance, and cinematic arts.

    Fame High is a documentary about LACHSA that Scott Hamilton Kennedy, an Academy Award nominee, produced in 2012.

    On the outside of Cal State LA’s campus, LACHSA relocated into a more permanent structure in late March 2013. It features three levels, with the third floor housing a black box theater where the majority of the school’s performances are held.

    As of 2019, 65% of students are minorities overall, while 19% of students experience economic adversity. One of the two high schools in the Los Angeles County Office of Education is L.A. County High School for the Arts.

Los Angeles County High Schools for the Arts (LACHSA)
Los Angeles County High Schools for the Arts (LACHSA)
  • Juilliard School: Private institution Juilliard School was established in 1905. In the autumn of 2021, there are 602 undergraduate students enrolled in total, and the location is urban. The academic calendar is based on semesters. The total cost of the program is $52,500.The Juilliard School offers pre-professional instruction in music, dance, and theater with a sole concentration on the arts. Even though the application procedure differs according on the academic area, Juilliard frequently requires applicants to audition. Class standing and high school GPAs are not prerequisites for admission. All Juilliard students take liberal arts courses in addition to major-specific classes once they arrive.

    In New York City, freshmen are forced to live in university residential halls. Housing after the first year is not certain. After class, you may check out a number of student groups, such as the chess club and the student newspaper Rag Times. Additionally, students gather for yearly occasions like the Halloween Dance and Spring Block Party. Actors Kevin Spacey and Robin Williams, as well as cellist Yo-Yo Ma, are among the several noteworthy Juilliard graduates.

Juilliard School
Juilliard School
  • Interlochen Arts Academy:Over 500 talented artists from 44 different U.S. states and over 29 other countries are produced by the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. You can submit an application to be one of their pupils if you have a strong interest in performing arts. They provide classes in creative writing, music, dance, theater, comparative arts, and visual arts.

    They have a rigorous educational program that equips pupils to succeed in college and the performing arts. You may access skilled artist-educators while spending four hours each day honing your creative skills. Some of its pupils have performed in high-profile films, published poetry, and danced for well-known groups. They also have famous artwork in their galleries and television studios.

Interlochen Arts Academy
Interlochen Arts Academy
  • King University: One of the top universities for performing arts in the US is The Theatre at King in Bristol, Tennessee. Acting, designing, directing, constructing, and writing are just a few of the numerous topics offered at King University’s school of music and performing arts. For motivated students, King University also offers a number of fascinating programs. This offers the choice to study abroad and traverse the nation or maybe the world. Additionally, they provide the chance to go to national theatrical conferences. The institution offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre. The most esteemed acting program in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee, region is located at this illustrious university. King University is the greatest option available in East Tennessee thanks to its excellent faculty, accessible counselors, rapid access to financial assistance, and rigorous academic standards.
King University
King University
  •  Burlington Royal Arts Academy (BRAA):

    Private secondary school Burlington Royal Arts Academy encourages students to explore their artistic passions while earning their secondary education.

    The BRAA offers art programs in the following disciplines: dance, dramatic arts, media arts, instrumental music, vocal music, and visual arts, in addition to the provincial academic curriculum.

    Students have the option of pursuing any of the Academy’s art programs in addition to taking academic courses. The admissions procedure includes either an audition or an interview.

Burlington Royal Arts Academy
Burlington Royal Arts Academy
  • Besant Hill School:

    Many people, including Annie Besant, Guido Ferrando, Louis Zalk, Robert Logan, J Krishnamurti, and Rosalind Rajagopal, formed the Besant Hill School in 1946. The 520-acre property is in the vacation community of Ojai. The school offers pupils who desire to explore their artistic expression a well-rounded preparatory program.

    The school offers both non-competitive and competitive athletics, as well as more than 20 art electives. 4:1 is the student to instructor ratio. However, their pupils also participate in travel and experience learning opportunities. Over 88% of the students in its high school for the arts are enrolled, and 38% of them are eligible for financial aid.

Besant Hill School
Besant Hill School
  •  Walnut Hill School for the Arts:

    For students in grades 9 through 12, Walnut Hill School for the Arts is an independent boarding and day high school. Moreover, a post-graduate year is provided. Classes typically provide life-changing educational opportunities.

    This secondary school for the performing arts is situated in Natick, Massachusetts, and offers boarding services to both male and female students. In fact, places it as the country’s second-best performing arts institution.

    On its 36 acres of property, the 1893-founded school of the arts provides a comprehensive and avant-garde academic curriculum. It is a boarding school for actors and actresses that provides unmatched instruction in dance, music, theater, visual arts, and writing. Students can also enroll in courses in media arts and film. Each course is created to foster students’ development as fearless creators and inquisitive learners.

 Walnut Hill School for the Arts
Walnut Hill School for the Arts
  • Alabama School of Fine Arts:

    It is one of the top secondary schools for performing arts that offers coeducational boarding. You must be exceptional to get accepted into Alabama School of Fine Arts because they evaluate applicants based on a variety of criteria, including interviews, applications, auditions, test scores, and more.

    Due to its more affordable tuition, you should take this institution into consideration if you are keen to enroll in a performing arts high school. The institution is the exclusive provider of specialty arts courses at reasonable prices. You can enhance your talents by concentrating on your area of specialization for three hours each day. You will take six main courses in subjects including music, visual arts, science, math, creative writing, and dance as part of your college preparation.

Alabama School of Fine Arts:
Alabama School of Fine Arts:
  •  Idyllwild Arts Academy:

    This is one of the top performing arts colleges in the country. In fact, according to rankings from, it is the greatest art school in America.

    Students definitely enjoy a diversity of rich artistic environments, according to a staff review from these performing arts high school in California. Programs are made to enable students to maximize their potential.

    Students in grades 9 through 12 may attend this boarding school, and both male and female students may take advantage of the art program. This boarding high school for the performing arts, which was founded in 1986, has a 206-acre campus and offers a dual curriculum that includes pre-professional arts training and college preparation.
    In conclusion, it is a boarding school for musical theatre with an extraordinary musical program.

 Idyllwild Arts Academy
Idyllwild Arts Academy
  • The Master’s School:

    They offer a well-rounded curriculum, particularly for kids preparing for college. It combines difficult and diverse studies in the arts. They have excellent fine arts programs that have produced well-known performers in dance, music, the visual arts, and other fields. They educate their students using the Harkeness teaching technique, which encourages creativity.

    There are more than 400 kids learning performing arts in grades 7 through 12. It was established in 1877 with the community service program of the school serving as its guiding philosophy. You can pay the expected fee whether you are a day student or a boarder. For information on the payment schedule, it is suggested to visit the school website.

  •  Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA):

    The ninth through twelfth grades are served by the specialized public arts-academic high school known as Etobicoke School of the Arts.

    Etobicoke School of the Arts is one of Canada’s oldest independent high schools with a concentration on the arts, having been established in 1981. Students major in Dance, Drama, Film, Music, Theatre, or Contemporary Arts at Etobicoke School of the Arts, in addition to a demanding academic program. An element of the admissions process includes auditions. There are distinct audition requirements for every major. One or two majors need auditions from candidates.

 Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA)
Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA)
  • St. Johnsbury Academy:

    It is a private high school for the performing arts located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. One of the traditional performing arts institutions, it combines the opportunities and resources of a sizable independent school with a large faculty of artists. 200 courses are available at the school, including important ones like advanced placement, languages, the fine and performing arts, etc.

    Male and female international students can access the school’s boarding facilities, notably those in years 9 through 12. The school can take pride in its outstanding pupils who succeed in the music business and other performing arts.

St. Johnsbury Academy
St. Johnsbury Academy:
  •  San Domenico School:

    The oldest independent school in California is San Domenico School. It is a boarding school for the arts located in California on 515 acres of property. For students in grades 9 through 12, it offers boarding and day programs, and more than 40% of them live on campus.

    This residential high school in California that offers art performances incorporates the arts into its strong college preparation curriculum.

    Programs are made to help students learn, study, maximize their potential, and find their calling as early as possible. The school’s campus is home to a top-notch music conservatory, an athletics facility, an art building, a swimming pool, a riding arena, and a tennis court.
    These resources enable students to have the best art experiences possible, assisting them in becoming top students, admirable individuals, and the world’s future generation of artists.

 San Domenico School
San Domenico School
  • The Chicago Academy for the Arts:

    A renowned independent high school for the performing and visual arts, The Chicago Academy for the Arts.

    Students at the Chicago Academy for the Arts develop the abilities needed for critical thinking, creative expression, and academic success. The Academy offers students the chance to take challenging, college-preparatory academic classes alongside professional-level artistic training.

    The admissions procedure includes an audition and portfolio screening. There are particular standards for portfolio reviews or auditions in each artistic field. Each year, the Academy provides support to students based on their financial need.

The Chicago Academy for the Arts: 
The Chicago Academy for the Arts
  •  Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts:Public high school Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts offers instruction in the arts. It accepts pupils in grades 9 through 12.

    Along with providing professional-level creative training, the Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts also has a strong academic, athletic, and technological program. Visual & Media Arts, Performing Arts, and Arts & Culture Specialist High Skills Major are the three possibilities for its art programs (SHSM).

. Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts
 Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts

The institution was at the forefront of cutting-edge education since its founding in 1886. This residential high school for the performing arts adopts John Dewey’s student-centered philosophy.

The idea essentially supports active and experience learning. As a result, the curriculum at this boarding school for high school students was created to take each students’ preferences into consideration.

In order to help students, develop and hone the abilities needed to function effectively in society, classes and courses are updated. It offers specialized classes in theatre, visual arts, music, and dance.
In actuality, it has one of the best music departments among boarding schools. In conclusion, this high school boarding institution consciously helps pupils discover their individual skills. It is a fantastic choice for your ward if they exhibit a strong interest in the fine, performing, or visual arts.

 The Cambridge School of Weston
The Cambridge School of Weston

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  •  Rosedale Heights School of the Arts (RHSA):

    Students can succeed in academics, the arts, and sports at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, a high school with a focus on the creative arts.

    RSHA thinks that even those without artistic talent should have access to the arts. Since no auditions are required, Rosedale is the sole arts school in the Toronto District School Board.

    Additionally, Rosedale encourages multidisciplinary arts exploration in the neighborhood so that students can find their own interests rather than expecting them to choose majors. With a focus on the performing and visual arts, Rosedale’s purpose is to prepare kids for university or college through rigorous academic programs. The 9th through 12th grades is served by Rosedale Heights School of the Arts.

 Rosedale Heights School of the Arts (RHSA)
Rosedale Heights School of the Arts (RHSA)
  •  New World School of the Arts:

    A public magnet high school and college, New World School of the Arts provides both academic rigor and creative training.

    Visual arts, dance, theater, and music are among the performing and visual arts disciplines that NWSA offers dual enrollment programs in.

    From ninth grade in high school through a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Music College degree, NWSA admits students.

    Either a preference audition or a portfolio evaluation determines admission to NWSA. NWSA’s admissions criteria are exclusively based on creative ability.
    Scholarships based on leadership and merit are offered to students by the New World School of the Arts.

 New World School of the Arts
New World School of the Arts
  •  Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (BTWHSPVA):

    A public secondary school called Booker T. Washington HSPA is situated in Dallas, Texas’s Arts District.

    Along with offering challenging academic programs, the school prepares students to consider a career in the arts.

    Dance, music, the visual arts, or theater are among the majors available to students.
    Students in grades nine through twelve attend Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Admission requirements include an interview and an audition.

Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (BTWHSPVA)
Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (BTWHSPVA)
  •  The Brit School:

    Leading performing arts and creative arts school in the UK, The Brit School is open to everyone. Along with a full academic program of GCSEs and A levels, BRIT offers instruction in the following fields: music, film, digital design, community arts, visual arts and design, production, and performing arts. Between the ages of 14 and 19, kids may enroll in the BRIT School. At age 14, after completing Key Stage 3, or at age 16, after finishing GCSEs, students may enroll in the school.

The Brit School
The Brit School
  • Arts Educational Schools (ArtsEd):

    One of the best drama schools in the UK, Arts Ed offers degree-level performing arts instruction to Day School Sixth Form students.

    The Arts Educational School blends a rigorous academic curriculum with professional training in dance, drama, and music.

    ArtsEd provides a variety of means-tested scholarships based on extraordinary talent for the sixth form.

Arts Educational Schools (ArtsEd)
Arts Educational Schools (ArtsEd)
  •  The Hammond School:

    The Hammond School is a specialized performing arts institution that takes students from year 7 through graduate-level standing.

    It provides full-time training in the performing arts for students enrolled in K–12, collegiate, and degree programs.

    The Hammond School offers instruction in the performing arts in addition to academic programs.

The Hammond School:
The Hammond School
  •  Sylvia Young Theatre School (SYTS):

    Sylvia Young Theatre School is a specialized performing arts institution that provides top-notch academic and career training.

    Two alternatives for training are offered by the Sylvia Young Theatre School: full-time school and part-time classes.

    For students between the ages of 10 and 16, full-time school is available. After completing the audition procedure successfully, students begin attending school full-time.
    Part-time Classes: SYTS is dedicated to offering excellent part-time instruction for students between the ages of 4 and 18.
    Adults (18+) can take acting classes at SYTS.

     Sylvia Young Theatre School (SYTS)
    Sylvia Young Theatre School (SYTS)
  •  Tring Park School for the Performing Arts:

    Tring Park School for the Performing Arts is a performing arts day and boarding school that provides students aged 7 to 19 with a top-notch education.

    Students at Tring Park School get rigorous instruction in the performing arts, including dance, commercial music, music theatre, and acting, in addition to a strong academic curriculum.

    Each applicant must appear at the school’s entrance audition.

    Tring park school
    Tring park school
  •  UK Theatre School:

    UK Theatre School is an independent performing arts academy. UKTS provides students with a structured, comprehensive performing arts syllabus.

    UK Theatre School offers a variety of programs for all different ages, capabilities and interests.

    Students are required to audition before they can be admitted. Auditions can either be an open audition or private audition.

    UK Theatre School SCIO can offer full scholarships, part-scholarships, bursaries and donations.

 UK Theatre School
UK Theatre School
  •  Canada Royal Arts High School (CIRA High School):

    Canada Royal Arts High School is an interactive arts-based high school for Grades 8 to 12.

    CIRA High School offer performing arts program, with an academic curriculum. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to partake in an interview to determine eligibility and assess students’ needs.

 Canada Royal Arts High School (CIRA High School)
Canada Royal Arts High School (CIRA High School)
  •  Wells Cathedral School:

    Wells Cathedral School is one of the five specialist musical schools for school-age children in the UK.

    It accepts students between the ages of 2 and 18 in different school stages: Litte Wellies Nursery, Junior School, Senior School, and Sixth Form.

    Well Cathedral School offers specialist music pre-professional training. It offers a wide range of financial awards in the form of scholarships.

 Wells Cathedral School
Wells Cathedral School
  •  Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts:

    Students in grades three through twelve attend the independent day school Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts.

    Both professional performing arts training and top-notch academic instruction are provided.

    Seniors at Hamilton Academy have the option of selecting one of three streams: Academic, Ballet, or Theatre Arts. Academic courses are available in all streams. The Hamilton Academy’s entry requirements include an audition.

     Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts: 
    Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts:
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