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30 best Esthetician Schools Online

30 best Esthetician Schools Online in 2022.

You must receive official esthetician training from one of the top Esthetician Schools in order to practice the science of skincare and hair as a certified professional.

Thankfully, many esthetics colleges around the nation take this expanding area seriously. Professionals with years of experience in the field make up the faculty at these colleges. A school of esthetics also imparts scientific and technical information to its pupils. They also offer hands-on training in utilizing trade technologies.

Best Online Esthetician Schools Enrolling in an online esthetician school offers students the chance to further their education and achieve long-term objectives without having to devote the time necessary for a regular four-year degree.

You must complete training at a recognized medical or trade school to get the programs and courses you need to get ready for the range of esthetician jobs that are available before you can become a certified esthetician.

Active involvement and focused study are necessary for esthetician training.
Aesthetics was not previously seen as a legitimate profession.

However, the need for estheticians is surging globally due to the daily demands of maintaining good skin and attractiveness.

In the morning, 85% of American women apply at least 16 different cosmetics to their faces.

You may include things like face cleansers, toners, eyeshadow, and other beauty products.

Who is an Esthetician?

To help their customers look better, estheticians provide a range of aesthetic procedures. Improvements to skin quality, such as the treatment of skin conditions, hair removal, permanent cosmetics, and face massage are all included.

The last ten years have seen enormous growth in the relatively young field of aesthetics. But some estheticians, like those who specialize in medicine, offer extremely specialized services. And in order to operate safely and successfully, such demands extensive training.

Medical estheticians may help clients with serious skin conditions, burns, other damage, as well as pre- and post-surgery. As a result, those who want to practice as licensed estheticians must enroll in an esthetics school and complete their esthetician training there.

 Accredited programs offered by most schools in online esthetician classes

  • Simple skincare.
  • Analysis of ingredients
  • Application of makeup
  • Biology and anatomy
  • Removing hair and waxing.
  • Excellent business abilities.
  • Sterilization, cleanliness, and safety.
  • Sales, marketing, and salon management
  • Washing, toning, and massage facials

What is the cost of an Esthetician school?

The price of going to an esthetics school varies greatly. Training programs for medical estheticians are more expensive than those for basic estheticians.

Compared to private schools, community colleges have lower tuition costs. The cost of tuition ranges from $4,000 for a 6-month training program to $20,000 for a master’s program in esthetics.

Training for master estheticians can frequently cost twice as much as training for entry-level estheticians. However, there might be financial aid for esthetician training programs.

30 best Esthetician Schools Online in 2022

  • Empire Beauty Schools
  • Hollywood Beauty Career Institute
  • University of Spa
  •  Mirage Spa Education

  • Marinello School of Beauty
  • Edith Serei Academy
  •  Estelle Skincare & Spa Institute
  • Paul Mitchell Schools
  •  NIMA Institute

  • Penn Foster High School
  • New Age Spa Institute (NASI)

  • Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
  •  Honolulu Academy of Nails and Esthetics (HNA)
  • West Tennessee Business College
  • 3D Lash & Brow Salon Academy

  • Westside Tech
  • Ogle School
  •  Aglaia Esthetics
  • Xenon Academy
  • Acaydia Spa & School of Esthetician
  • Victory’s Academy
  • Minnesota School Of Cosmetology
  • Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics
  • Universal Career School
  • Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics
  • West Georgia Technical College
  • W Academy of Salon and Spa
  •  Mandalyn Academy


  • Empire Beauty Schools: The largest esthetician school in the US that offers online courses is Empire Beauty School. It was started back in 1946. The cosmetology courses offered by this online esthetician school are designed to provide students’ practical experience.
empire beauty schools
Empire beauty schools

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  • Hollywood Beauty Career Institute: The most current and thorough professional training in cosmetology, skincare, and nail technology education is offered by the School of Esthetics.The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers offers instruction in cosmetology and associated fields of study in wellness, beauty, and health.
Hollywood Beauty Career Institute
Hollywood Beauty Career Institute
  • University of Spa: The online esthetics program at the University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts (USCA) is available.It has programs in education, massage therapy, nail technology, etiology, and cosmetology.

    It is a facility that can be found in Springfield, Illinois, at 2913 W White Oaks Dr.

    University of Spa
    University of Spa
  •  Mirage Spa Education: An online esthetician school located in British Columbia is called Mirage Spa Education. It started operating in 2005. Notably, this esthetics institution was the country’s first to provide courses online.
 Mirage Spa Education
Mirage Spa Education
  • Marinello School of Beauty:Under the direction of internationally recognized stylists and instructors, Marinello Schools of Beauty offers instruction in cutting, color, texture, style, skin, and nails.Private, for-profit Marinello Schools of Beauty is a school for esthetics.
Marinello School of Beauty
Marinello School of Beauty
  • Edith Serei Academy:One of the top online esthetician schools is Edith Serei Academy.

    Students at Edith Serei Academy go through an online 10-week diploma program in esthetics.

    You should be aware that the Edith Serei Academy is not an entirely online course.

    There is a provision for lectures during class.

edith serei academy
Edith serei academy
  •  Estelle Skincare & Spa Institute:One of the recognized online esthetics colleges is Estelle Skincare & Spa Institute.

    The Estelle Skincare & Spa Institute delivers up to a 6-month hybrid online/in-person esthetics curriculum at its Skokie, Illinois campus.

    It is one of the greatest colleges for aesthetics because of this.

 Estelle Skincare & Spa Institute
Estelle Skincare & Spa Institute
  • Paul Mitchell Schools: The famed hair designer, product pioneer, and salon instructor Paul Mitchell’s life and teachings have contributed to the fact that professions in hair design may now be both emotionally and financially satisfying. You may pursue your artistic goals and find employment practically anywhere in the world as a Paul Mitchell-trained professional. A Paul Mitchell School will assist you with achieving your aesthetic, technical, and lifestyle objectives whether you decide to work as a stylist, own your own salon or spa, or pursue the thrill of a career in fashion, feature film, TV, or product education.
Paul Mitchell Schools
Paul Mitchell Schools
  •  NIMA Institute:A medical esthetician school called the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics (NIMA) has campuses in South Jordan, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

    A number of the esthetics programs offered by NIMA Institute are now accessible online.

    The Master Aesthetics Licensure 1200 Hours program at NIMA is a hybrid course that calls for attendance three days a week. The only campus in Utah that offers the hybrid course.

    For licensed estheticians who want to further their understanding of aesthetics, NIMA Institute also offers ongoing education.

 NIMA Institute
NIMA Institute
  • Penn Foster High School: There are several online esthetics courses available at Penn Foster High School, an online school for esthetics.
Penn Foster High School
Penn Foster High School



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