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30 Best Culinary Schools in the World – Top Ranking

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30 Best Culinary Schools in the World – 2022 Rankings!

The ability to work anywhere in the globe and having a lucrative career are advantages for chefs. Around the world, there are several institutes and universities that focus on culinary education and training. This article includes some of the best Culinary schools in the world!

What are Culinary Schools?

A culinary school is a college that imparts both fundamental and sophisticated cooking skills in order to satisfy international standards.

Cooking techniques throughout the world, kitchen management, food inventory, and other practical knowledge can all be learned in culinary schools.

The training covers a wide range of topics, such as understanding various diets, cooking a variety of nutritious meals, and learning about food safety. Read further to know the best Culinary schools in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions on Culinary Schools

What is the price of Attending a Culinary Institute?

The price of a culinary arts degree can range from $35,000 to $54,000, depending on whether it is an associate's or a bachelor's. By enrolling in a reasonably priced culinary school at a community college or other institution, a student chef can cut costs.

Is it Worthwhile to Pursue a Profession in the Culinary Arts?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the culinary arts will increase by 25% by 2030. This is much greater than the average occupation growth rate, taking into account expected pay growth and the economy's recovery from the Covid-19 recession. Given the promising future of the sector, now is a great moment to get a degree in culinary arts.

Do Dorms exist at Culinary Schools?

Many prestigious universities, such the Culinary Institute of America, offer conventional dorms. Each year, over 1,700 pupils attend this school. Other four-year universities and institutions that are regarded as destination schools provide comparable housing options.

What are the Careers Available for Culinary Schools Graduates?

1. Chef.
2. Cook.
3. Sous-chef.
4. Chef de partie.
5. Personal chef.
6. Pastry chef.
7. Baker.
8. Restaurant management.
9. Caterer.
10. Food stylist.
11. Chef de cuisine.
12. Sommelier.
13. Food And Beverage Director.
14. Food science Teacher.
15. Food critic.
16. Food technology.
17. Food Service Managers.
18. Food safety Supervisor.
19. Chefs and Head Cooks.
20. Chef Instructor.
21. Dining Room Attendant.
22. Restaurant Culinary / Kitchen Manager.

Advantages of Culinary School

The advantages of attending a culinary school are as follows:

  1. One of the most adaptable courses with countless opportunities is culinary art. Anywhere in the globe, you can pursue a profession and acquire these abilities.
  2. In both the hotel industry and the rest of the economy, chef positions are among the highest paid
  3. Professionals receive daily training and education while working. The usage of technology is expanding, which has led to an increase in the creativity and excitement of the chef profession.

Best Culinary Schools in the World

List of 30 Best Culinary Schools in the World

The best Culinary schools in the world are listed with details below for your reference:

1. The Culinary Institute of America in New York

The Culinary Institute of America offers degree programs in a variety of disciplines, including management, culinary, and party arts. Students have the chance to work with more than 170 chefs from 19 different nations during their study-related 1,300 hours spent in kitchens and bakeries.

In addition to conventional degree programs, Culinary Institute of America offers the ProChef Certification Program, which certifies skills as chefs grow in their employment.

2. Austin’s Auguste Escoffier Culinary Arts School

The renowned “King of Chefs” Auguste Escoffier developed a number of culinary techniques that are taught at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.

Students gain from small class sizes and individualized attention throughout the entire curriculum. The institution offers its alumni ongoing professional aid in the form of help with job placement, facility use, resume building, and networking opportunities.

A three to ten-week (depending on the curriculum) Farm to Table Experience is one of the culinary arts program’s highlights. During this time, students learn about the history of different foods, farming techniques, and sustainability principles that they can use in their future employment.

3. France’s Le Cordon Bleu in Paris

French haute cuisine is taught at Le Cordon Bleu, an international network of culinary and hospitality institutions.

4. Culinary and Hospitality Management at Kendell College

The highly regarded culinary arts programs at Kendall have turned out some of the most well-known foodies in the business. The institution offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in culinary arts as well as a certificate.

The institution was renewed by the Higher Learning Commission in 2013 and is considered as offering Chicago’s top culinary arts curriculum. In just five quarters, you can complete an accelerated AAS if you already hold a bachelor’s degree.

5. New York’s Institute of Culinary Education

One of the best Culinary schools in the world and most comprehensive culinary schools in the world, The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) is ranked as America’s #1 Culinary School*.

In addition to award-winning six to thirteen-month career training programs in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts, Health-Supportive Culinary Arts, Restaurant & Culinary Management, and Hospitality & Hotel Management, ICE was founded in 1975. It also offers professional development courses in Bread Baking and Cake Decorating.

6. Sullivan University Lexington and Louisville

The National Center for Hospitality Studies at Sullivan University has received a “exemplary” grade from the American Culinary Federation. With a practicum or externship, students can complete their associate degree in as little as 18 months of study. More than 400 medals have been taken home by members of the culinary competition team from various international contests, highlighting the excellent education that students get.

Graduates have gone on to work as chefs, nutritionists, food scientists, and caterers in hospitals, cruise ships, restaurants, and educational institutions.

7. LeNotre Culinary Institute

About 256 undergraduate students attend LENOTRE, a tiny for-profit university in Houston, each year. Three AAS degrees and two certificate programs are included in the school’s culinary arts curriculum.

There are numerous recreational workshops, seminars, and a plethora of non-degree-seeking 10-week courses available for those who are not seeking professional credentials.

8. Omaha’s Metropolitan Community College

The approved Culinary Arts and Management program at Metropolitan Community College offers degree and certificate options to accommodate the demands of chefs at all levels. The associate degree program in Culinary Arts and Management offers options in culinary arts, baking and pastry, and culinary research/culinology transfer.

27 credits of general electives and 35 to 40 credits of major requirements, including an internship, make up associate degree programs.

9. International Culinary Institute of Gastronomicom

Gastronomicom is a global culinary institute founded in 2004.

This university accepts students from all over the world and provides cooking and pastry classes along with French lessons in a picturesque southern French town.

Both professionals and amateurs who desire to advance their French cuisine or pastry skills might benefit from their workshops.

10. The Greystone campus of the Culinary Institute of America

One of the best Culinary schools in the world is without a doubt The Culinary Institute of America. Degree programs are available from management to culinary and party arts at the CIA.

Students have the chance to work with more than 170 chefs from 19 different nations during their study-related 1,300 hours spent in kitchens and bakeries.

11. Monroe College’s Culinary Institute of New York

Only 25 minutes from New York City and its 23,000 restaurants, the Culinary Institute of New York (CINY) provides a hospitality management and culinary arts curriculum that encapsulates passion, professionalism, and pride in both New Rochelle and the Bronx.

Since its beginning in 2009, the school program has generated award-winning culinary teams, students, instructors, and staff, as well as a highly regarded student-run restaurant.

12. Michigan’s Henry Ford College, Dearborn

Both an Exemplary ACF recognized AAS degree program in culinary arts and a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts are offered at Henry Ford College.

Six state-of-the-art kitchen laboratories, a computer lab, and a video production studio are used to educate students. The BS degree adds advanced business and management education to the AAS degree.

13. College of Nutrition in Hattori

A training program is offered by the Hattori Nutrition College that is founded on the idea of “shoku iku,” which is kanji for “food for the benefit of the people” and was created by the college’s president, Yukio Hattori.

Students at this college are trained as both nutritionists and chefs who make delectable cuisine while keeping health, safety, and the environment in mind. Food, in this sense, is a tool to nurture our body and mind.

In addition to firmly believing that people, especially in the twenty-first century, question not only if this cuisine is delicious, but also if it is healthy and excellent for one’s body, Hattori Nutrition College is happy to be teaching in this forward-thinking approach.

14. Culinary Institute of New England

In Montpelier, Vermont, there existed a for-profit private cooking school called the New England Culinary Institute (NECI). On June 15, 1980, John Dranow and Fran Voigt formed it.

This institution ran a number of eateries in Montpelier and also supplied food to National Life and Vermont College. It has received accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

15. Culinary Institute of the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Culinary Institute at NMC offers training that will give you a competitive edge in this industry, and there, students “learn by doing.”

Your preparation for jobs as an entry-level chef and kitchen manager comes from the culinary arts program. The science and methods involved in choosing, preparing, and serving meals to big and small groups are taken into consideration.

The NMC Great Lakes Campus is home to the Great Lakes Culinary Institute, one of the best Culinary schools in the world. It has a bakery, a kitchen for basic and intermediate cooking techniques, a kitchen for managing a garden, and Lobdell’s, a 90-seat teaching restaurant.

16. Stratford University School of Culinary Arts

By offering a foundation for lifelong learning, the Stratford University School of Culinary Arts aims to prepare students for the evolving requirements of the hospitality and culinary arts professions.

17. Baton Rouge’s Louisiana Culinary Institute

The Louisiana Culinary Institute is a junior culinary institution that is for-profit and located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It offers associate’s degrees in culinary management, hospitality, and culinary arts.

18. San Francisco Cooking School 

The Culinary Arts program at San Francisco Cooking School is distinctive from all others.

Your time at school has been carefully arranged to maximize both your time and financial resources. Everything begins with their up-to-date curriculum, which was created to offer pertinent culinary education. The classical French canon is introduced to you, but through a diverse and dynamic lens that is in line with current events.

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19. Keiser University Centre for Culinary Art’s 

The Associate of Science in Culinary Arts degree program offers a thorough curriculum that combines classroom instruction, practical training, and laboratory sessions.

Students acquire professional knowledge of food, its handling and preparation, as well as basic to advanced cooking methods. The program includes an externship to help students get ready for jobs in the food service sector at the entry level.

The Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts has earned accreditation from the American Culinary Federation. Its Associate of Science in Culinary Arts degree program offers a thorough curriculum that combines classroom instruction, practical training, and laboratory activities.

20. Paris’ L’ecole Lenotre

In order to support, promote, transmit, and sustain performance and greatness, Lenôtre School offers its students and partners cutting-edge training. The pastry diploma from The Lenôtre School is intended for people who are enthusiastic bakers, whether or not they are retraining, as well as for professionals wishing to expand their skill set.

21. Apicius International School of Hospitality 

The first international school in Italy is called Apicius International School of Hospitality.

The School of Hospitality benefits from an unrivaled natural environment thanks to Florence, a popular tourist destination and bustling hub of cuisine, wine, hospitality, and art.

Since its founding in 1997, the institution has developed into a world authority on academic, professional, and career education and as one of the best Culinary schools in the world.

Students are engaged in job circumstances from the very first day of class thanks to courses that are built around practical, hands-on projects and the most recent industry feedback.

22. The French Pastry School at Kennedy-King College

One of the best Culinary schools in the world is French Pastry School at Kennedy-King College, a division of City Colleges of Chicago.

As the name suggests, staff members typically immerse students in traditional French baking techniques.

23. Platt University

The top-ranked culinary arts program at Platt College takes pride in its cutting-edge classrooms and cutting-edge kitchens. Students seeking an AAS in Culinary Arts acquire the knowledge and abilities needed by practicing chefs.

Then, they are urged to apply their creativity to create original culinary signatures. Every course is taught in a professional kitchen. Externships are available for students to take advantage of in order to obtain practical experience.

24. Arizona Institute of Cuisine

It only takes eight weeks to complete the culinary arts degree program at Arizona Culinary Institute, one of the best Culinary schools in the world.

The kitchen is where most of the time is spent. One of the premier culinary programs in America and the students work closely together.

To develop the skills necessary for employment in the business, students work closely with chef teachers.

25. College of Delgado, New Orleans, Louisiana

The two-year Associate of Applied Science program at Delgado is frequently named as one of the best in the country. Students will collaborate with some of New Orleans’ most renowned chefs throughout the course of the program.

To guarantee that every student finishes completely prepared and competent for mid-level roles in the sector, they also undergo a unique apprenticeship program.

Best Culinary Schools in the World

Best Culinary Schools in Asia

We can also find some of the best Culinary schools in the world located in Asia;

26. Higher Institute of Cuisine in Sichuan (SHIC)

Here, culinary students can enroll in either short- or long-term classes. Since the institute’s founding in 1985, it has attracted well-known chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, and bloggers who are enthusiastic about Szechuan cuisine. What you will discover here:

  • Cutting abilities
  • A small plate meal
  • Frozen beginnings
  • Work on plating
  • The science and philosophy of Chinese cuisine, as well as the art of cooking.
  • You can pursue degrees in tourism, catering, restaurant and hotel administration in addition to those in nutrition and cookery.

27. Tel Aviv’s Bishulim Culinary School

Here, learning culinary techniques and hospitality requires a novel perspective because food is a language that unites people. If you study here, you can learn about a variety of cuisines, including traditional Israeli fare and cuisines from around the globe.

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28. Culinary Institute of Hong Kong (HKCA)

Since 2005, HKCA has been committed to educating about and reinterpreting both conventional local cuisine and Western meals. It’s a top cooking school in Hong Kong. You can learn discipline and diligence in addition to cooking techniques. You have the option of taking full-time or evening classes.

29. Japan’s Hattori Nutrition College

best Culinary schools in the world

The most prestigious culinary college in Japan is Hattori. The cooking classes offered here are modeled after the shokuiku method, which is named for a renowned chef and nutritionist who also happens to be the host of the hit Japanese cooking show Iron Chef, Yukio Hattori. In terms of nutrition, this refers to the relationship between the body and the mind. It’s about creating meals that promote health, happiness, and a stable mind.

30. Nilai University’s Hospitality School

If you live in Malaysia and are interested in turning your passion for cooking into a career, this is the place to be. Check out the top practical training opportunities for developing your cooking abilities! After all, this institution was ranked No. 51 globally in 2019 among hospitality and hotel schools.


If you have a passion for cooking, preparing delicacies and you wish to earn a certificate of Culinary, you should enrol in any of the best Culinary schools in the world provided in this article, or search for the Culinary schools near you.


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