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30 Best Community Colleges in USA for International Students

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Community colleges in USA offer low-income students the opportunity to acquire college credits before transferring to a four-year public or private institution.

However, are international students eligible to attend these institutions, and what are the most affordable community colleges in the United States?

In the United States, international students can attend community colleges. The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) estimates that one-fifth of community college in USA, students are overseas students.

In addition to the economic savings associated with receiving a bachelor’s degree, international students can still gain plenty of worldwide exposure to the four-year college experience in the United States. Community Colleges in USA acceptance rates are often high, allowing international students who are unfamiliar with the American education system to adjust at a less competitive pace.

It is important to note that in many cases, overseas students pay non-resident tuition unless they are subject to a different cost structure.

Community Colleges in USA obtain academic credits toward a bachelor’s degree and have the possibility of transferring their courses to a private university in the future. Continue reading to learn more about the best community colleges in USA for overseas students . You’ve arrived at the proper location.

What is a Community College?

Community colleges as well as junior colleges are two-year institutions that primarily serve students from the surrounding area. These are schools for students who wish to pursue higher education in their home region. Community college students who live at home can save a significant amount on housing and living expenses.

Community colleges are also less expensive than universities, making them an excellent option for those with limited financial resources. In addition, they attract students who lack the grades required for university admission and adults who wish to attend evening programs while working.

Certificates, diplomas, and two-year Associate Degrees are the most frequent programs at community colleges. Associate degrees can be earned much more quickly and at a lower cost than Bachelor’s degrees, but they do not carry the same prestige. However, if you hold an Associate’s degree, you can transfer to a university and earn a Bachelor’s degree in two additional years.

Why Study at a Community Colleges in USA?

As a foreign student, there are several compelling reasons to attend one of the great community colleges in the United States:

  • It is less costly than attending college.
  • Some community colleges in USA are tuition-free universities.
  • International students attending community colleges in USA are eligible for financial aid.
  • It is easier to achieve acceptance.
  • Flexibility
  • They employ smaller class sizes
  • Admission is relatively easy to obtain.
  • The capacity to take classes part-time.

How to Choose a  Community Colleges in USA

Community colleges in USA selection is a crucial decision. Students should evaluate aspects such as location and expense of school. Students planning a career in another state, for instance, may qualify for in-state tuition rates while establishing residency in another state.

Despite the fact that community colleges in USA provide lower tuition than traditional four-year colleges, tuition costs vary. Before enrolling in a program, students may wish to evaluate costs.

Students at community colleges in USA frequently commute. However, out-of-state students and those seeking a conventional college experience may wish to reduce their search by identifying institutions that provide housing packages.

Additionally, students should examine their learning styles. Larger institutions typically offer greater networking opportunities, whereas smaller colleges offer more options for mentorship and hands-on learning due to their smaller class sizes.

The most reputable community colleges accept financial aid and provide application guidance. Advisors can assist students with the application process.

Who should not study at Community Colleges in USA?

Community colleges in USA can be a fantastic alternative for many overseas students, but it is not suitable for all. If you meet one or more of the below conditions, you may want to consider other solutions.

  • If you have already studied at the university level, most community schools will not be able to offer you classes at a higher level, and attending a community college may feel like a step backwards.
  • If you merely want to study abroad for one or two semesters to enhance your resume, you would be better off attending a university and pursuing a degree. Community college studies will provide you with useful study abroad experience, but its status is lower than that of a university, particularly in the eyes of American companies.
  • If you are an ambitious student with exceptional grades, a Community College may not be the best option for you. Instead, you might consider applying to a prestigious university and pursuing a scholarship.

About Community Colleges in USA for International Students

Community colleges in USA are low-cost, predominantly suburban universities attended by both domestic and international students.

Students might also save time by attending college while sleeping in a nearby hotel. In the United States, international students can obtain on-campus housing or rent apartments or houses in the neighborhood.

Students can attend these community colleges in USA, gain credits, and then transfer those credits to a private university after two years to get a bachelor’s degree.

The most popular programs for international students at community colleges in USA are those leading to two-year associate degrees or a high school diploma.

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List of the 30 best community colleges in USA for International Students

The following is list of some of the best community colleges in USA for international students:

  1. Northwest Iowa Community College
  2. Lehman College, New York
  3. Mitchell Technical College
  4. Moorpark College
  5. Brigham Young University, Utah
  6. Cerritos College
  7. Hillsborough Community College
  8. Fox Valley Technical College
  9. Casper College
  10. Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture
  11. Irvine Valley College
  12. Central Wyoming College
  13. Frederick Community College
  14. Shoreline Community College
  15. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
  16. Nassau Community College
  17. Howard Community College
  18. Ohlone College
  19. Arkansas State University, Arkansas
  20. Queensborough Community College
  21. Alcorn State University, Mississippi
  22. California State University, Long Beach
  23. Minnesota State Community and Technical College
  24. Alexandria Technical & Community College
  25. South Texas University, South Texas
  26. Pierce College-Puyallup
  27. Minot State University
  28. Ogeechee Technical College
  29. Santa Rosa Junior College
  30. Northeast Alabama Community College.

1. Northwest Iowa Community College

Customer Spotlight: Northwest Iowa Community College - CNCCookbook: Be A  Better CNC'er

Northwest Iowa Community College in USA offers a high-quality academic experience that is committed to meeting students where they are in their learning.

This is made possible by small class sizes and a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Indeed, every faculty member knows each and every one of their pupils.

Their website is proud of the fact that nearly all of their students attain professional success.

2. Lehman College, New York

Lehman College of the City University of New York - Dean's List - Spring  2020 - Credly

Lehman College in New York City is a senior college within the City University of New York.

In addition to being one of the most affordable community schools in the United States for overseas students, this institution also serves senior year students.

3. Mitchell Technical College

Mitchell Technical College (2022 Profile) | Mitchell, SD

In Mitchell, South Dakota, Mitchell Technical College is a community colleges in USA. Their programming is meant to give new skill sets applicable to a wide variety of technical jobs to a large number of learners.

Incredibly, ninety-nine percent of graduates are either employed or enrolled in additional academic programs within six months of graduating from this program. They have one of the most modern campuses in the region, equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources.

4. Moorpark College

Moorpark College

If you’re searching for a beautiful environment to study, Moorpark College fits the description. This finest option for community colleges is USA is renowned for supporting diversity and celebrating its students through accessible learning opportunities and visibility.

One of the three colleges that constitute the Ventura Community College District, they were created in 1967.

Their transfer rate from Moorpark to four-year colleges and institutions in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree is flawless.

In addition to education, they provide substantial resources for students, including counseling, tutoring, and student life services.

In essence, they offer a variety of financial aid and scholarship possibilities to make education accessible to all students in their community.

5. Brigham Young University, Utah

478 Brigham Young University Campus Photos and Premium High Res Pictures -  Getty Images

This university is one of the most affordable Community Colleges in USA for international students to attend because it provides courses in more than a hundred disciplines. The university provides instruction to roughly 31,292 students.

6. Cerritos College

Cerritos College Label | Releases | Discogs

Since its establishment in 1955, Cerritos College has been regarded as one of the finest community institutions in Los Angeles County. The location is extremely convenient for students residing in North Orange County and Southeast Los Angeles County. Students can attend for as little as $46 per credit, to which they take great delight.

In addition, 92 percent of honours scholars enroll in their respective programs. They emphasize students by providing a variety of support services, including those for veteran students, career services, counseling opportunities, tutoring, student health, and an abundance of student life possibilities.

7. Hillsborough Community College

Invest wisely in your future by attending Hillsborough Community College. When you do so, you choose a school that is committed to the highest level of academic achievement.

They serve at least 47,000 students and are one of the University of South Florida’s most prominent transfer institutions.

They offer a number of delivery methods, including daytime, evening, hybrid, and online courses, which enables them to reach out to the community members they serve, particularly during pandemics.

8. Fox Valley Technical College

Attending one of the most innovative two-year colleges is the most effective method to begin your study. Fox Valley Technical College is changing education with technology. With improvements in agriculture, healthcare, aviation, and robotics, they excel on all fronts.

They provide high-tech occupational training and have more than 200 programs and courses in some of the most in-demand careers of the present day.

9. Casper College

Casper College was created in 1945 as the first community colleges in USA in Wyoming. Their 200-acre campus is comprised of 28 buildings hidden among forests.

Every year, approximately 5,000 students enroll. Small class sizes are one of the factors that make Casper Community College one of the best in the nation.

10. Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Numerous factors place Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture among the top community institutions. They are well-known for their accessibility, affordability, and broad programs that facilitate a seamless transfer to a four-year institution.

Residents and non-residents pay $139 per credit hour. It is challenging to compete with it.

They provide degrees in agronomy and agricultural mechanics, animal science and agricultural education, agribusiness management systems, and veterinary technology systems, making them leaders in agricultural education.

Through its services, students can acquire associate’s degrees in veterinary technology and agriculture, as well as certificates and other credentials.

11. Irvine Valley College

Irvine Valley College may be a suitable choice if you’re seeking for one of the greatest community colleges that delivers a great deal of individualized attention. Despite becoming an autonomous community college in 1985, their first satellite campus was founded in 1979.

12. Central Wyoming College

If you are fully committed to pursuing a higher education, Central Wyoming College is a great place to begin. They serve the villages of Fremont, Hot Springs, and Teton counties in Wyoming.

They offer various online programs that students can complete totally online for people who are interested in their program offerings but do not reside in the area.

The primary campus is located in Riverton, Wyoming, and they recognize the need of accountability for college achievement.

Their faculty cares about the students, whether they are transfer students pursuing an associate’s degree prior to transferring to a four-year institution or certificate students seeking employment upon graduation.

In addition, they provide training in professional development, adult education, and career readiness.

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13. Frederick Community College

Integrity, creativity, diversity, and educational success are all exemplified at Frederick Community College. Since 1957, they have assisted more than 200,000 students in acquiring an associate’s degree.

This public two-year college is considered as one of the finest in the Midwestern United States. It is completely approved by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and it is the most convenient option in the region, saving hundreds of families thousands of dollars annually for the first two years of college.

The top five areas of study are general studies, healthcare, business administration, STEM, and cybersecurity. They offer thorough guidance to help students reach their educational goals.

14. Shoreline Community College

The Shoreline Community Colleges in USA is located in the picturesque Washington city of Shoreline, just outside of Seattle. Since their founding in 1964, they have grown at an exponential rate.

They serve over 10,000 students each year and have approximately 6,000 students enrolled each quarter. The average age of a student is 23. They have fifty percent full-time pupils and fifty percent part-time students.

15. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

This is an open-enrollment, two-year public community college. This is the ideal community college in USA for people who wish to join the region’s preferred education provider.

There are construction apprenticeships, industrial electrician apprenticeships, mechatronics technician apprenticeships, and other programs that provide on-the-job training to students as they obtain academic qualifications.

16. Nassau Community College

Nassau Community Colleges in USA should be your first choice if you wish to study in a fast-paced, diverse, and academically excellent atmosphere with abundant student resources. If student participation is essential to your college experience, you will find a lively campus environment at a school that enrolls over 30,000 students annually.

17. Howard Community College

Since opening its doors to students in 1970, Howard Community College has been a proud member of Maryland’s sixteen community colleges.

They mostly serve Howard County citizens.

Their purpose is straightforward: to facilitate success. In addition to a profusion of job route programs and transfer programs designed to facilitate matriculation into four-year degree programs, they also offer an abundance of personal enrichment courses.

18. Ohlone College

Ohlone College is listed among the top community colleges in USA for a number of different reasons. Fremont, California-based institution with two more campuses in Newark and online. They serve around 27,000 students annually across all of their sites.

There are 189 associate’s degree and certificate programs, 27 transfer-specific degrees, 67 certificates of accomplishment, and 15 non-credit certifications of completion. They provide a variety of non-credit courses for students interested in self-improvement or job progress.

19. Arkansas State University, Arkansas 

Arkansas State University is one of the nation’s finest community colleges in USA. This university’s present location is Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Approximately 380 international students are enrolled for the autumn semester at this community institution.

20. Queensborough Community College

CUNY The Bayside neighborhood of Queens, New York, is home to Queensborough Community College. The company was established in 1959 and has been in operation for 62 years.

Their objective is to aid their students in transitioning to four-year institutions and entering the workforce. They have close to 15,500 pupils and around 900 educational faculty members at any given moment.

21. Alcorn State University, Mississippi

Alcorn State University is one of the schools and universities in rural Claiborne County that serve African Americans. This university attracts many international students because it is one of the most affordable community colleges in USA for overseas students.

The institution was established in 1871 and presently provides degrees and courses in more than 40 subjects.

22. California State University, Long Beach

California State University rates highly on our ranking of the most affordable community institutions in the United States for overseas students.

This college is located in Long Beach, California.

23. Minnesota State Community and Technical College

In addition to an online campus, Minnesota State Community and Technical College has campuses in Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Moorehead, and Wadena.

Among the various associate’s degree and certificate programs available are accounting programs, administrative support, advanced HVAC, American Sign Language, architectural drafting and design, art transfer pathway, liberal arts and sciences transfer pathway, and many others.

24. Alexandria Technical & Community College

Alexandria Technical & Community College is a public, two-year institution committed to academic excellence, situated in Alexandria, Minnesota.

This prestigious community college offers certifications, associate’s degrees, diplomas, and workforce preparation. The Higher Learning Commission has granted them complete accreditation.

The workforce development and continuing education part of the institution offers courses on themes such as training, farm business management, and truck driver school, among others.

In addition, they have partnerships with organizations that allow them to arrange their curriculum so that students get current industry expertise.

25. South Texas University, South Texas

This institution is a leading community colleges in USA. It is currently found in the Rio Grande Valley region of South Texas.

The primary selling point of South Texas University is that it offers associate’s degrees in over forty subjects to both domestic and international students.

26. Pierce College-Puyallup

Pierce College-winning Puyallup’s streak extends back over fifty years. They were recently ranked among the top five community institutions in the nation by the Aspen Institute.

In Puyallup, Washington, they serve a community committed to enhancing its economy and environment via education.

Professional Pathways is a Pierce College procedure in which students collaborate with academic advisors to map out their career objectives.

27.Minot State University, North Dakota

Minot State University is one of the most cost-effective community colleges in USA, offering bachelor’s degrees in more than 50 disciplines. This institution accepts international students from throughout the globe.

28. Ogeechee Technical College

The Ogeechee Technical College has profound ties to its community. The institution was formed by former state senator Joe Kennedy to provide employment training to rural Georgians, and it has been in charge of the region’s adult literacy program since 1989.

29. Santa Rosa Junior College

Santa Rosa Junior College is intended to prepare students for entrance to one of the most prominent colleges in the country.

Many of the college’s graduates attend the nearby University of California, Berkeley, one of the most difficult universities in the country.

30. Northeast Alabama Community College

Northeast Alabama Community College has multiple times been recognized as one of the best community colleges in the nation.

The college was honored by the Aspen Institute, a prominent public policy group in Washington, D.C. that researches education policy.

How to apply Community Colleges in USA?

Generally, the following items are required to apply to a Community College:

  • The application for college
  • Their registration fee
  • Your high school diploma was translated.
  • A duplicate of your passport
  • Demonstration that you can afford your education
  • Evidence proving you have the required English proficiency, such as a TOEFL or IELTS score.

Sometimes you must additionally submit other documentation, such as a personal letter. Check the application requirements of the colleges you’re interested in, as each institution has its own admissions requirements.


The increasing popularity of community colleges among international students allows more individuals to enter the US higher education system at a reduced cost.







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