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24 Hour Fitness Student Discount

24 Hour Fitness student discount: It’s best to have a place you can go that makes it simple to keep in shape because staying in shape can be challenging when you have studying to do. There are 24 hour Fitness student discounts but only in person and they differ depending on location.

Students can join 24 Hour Fitness for a discounted price at selected locations. When purchasing a membership, just present a legitimate student ID to receive your discount.

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About 24 Hour Fitness

Founded by Mark Mastrov in 1983, 24 Hour Fitness Mastrov bought out the proprietor of a local gym that he had been using for rehabilitation after sustaining a knee injury and turned it into a 24-hour nautilus facility. Initially known as “24 Hour Nautilus,” the business combined with “Family Fitness,” a business situated in southern California, in 1996, changing its name to “24 Hour Fitness.”

After the COVID-19 mandated gym closures in 2020 destroyed the fitness business, the corporation filed for bankruptcy in June of that year, closed over 100 clubs, and subsequently emerged from bankruptcy in December of that same year. More than 7,500 individuals are currently employed by 24 Hour Fitness, which also manages nearly 300 facilities spread throughout eleven states.

24 hour Fitness student discount
24 hour Fitness student discount

Does 24 Hour Fitness offer a Discount for Students?

In 2023, 24 Hour Fitness will offer students an incredible deal. In addition to the back-to-school period, 24 Hour Fitness is still providing a student discount for you. You may find the most recent Promo Code by visiting, and you are also permitted to save the student discount in 24 Hour Fitness if you are eligible to receive it.

How to receive the 24 Hour Fitness Student Discount

If you want to take advantage of a fantastic student discount at, you should register and present your student ID on a new account on a third-party website (like You can also register or verify at the 24 Hour Fitness entrance. You are permitted to obtain a student ID as long as you are successful in proving your identification. Finally, you can use the 24 Hour Fitness student discount that we offered ordinarily.

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How much is the 24 Hour Fitness student discount?

If you are able to use 24 Hour Fitness student discount, you can receive savings of up to 15%. If the practical is different, you can search for a promo code on 24 Hour Fitness and check to see if you qualify for the student discount.

24 Hour Fitness student discount
24 Hour Fitness student discount

24 Hour Fitness Student Discount Restrictions

Students in further or higher education, parents of students, and those who work in education are among those who apply for the 24 Hour Fitness Student Discount. You might discover that some products do not qualify for 24 Hour Fitness’ student discount. You should review the 24 Hour Fitness coupon’s terms before using it. Use of other discount coupons in addition to the student discount is not permitted at 24 Hour Fitness.

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Benefits of a 24 Hour Fitness Membership

Utilizing 24 Hour Fitness has many benefits, from its adaptability to its selection of equipment. Let’s examine the benefits of using a 24-hour gym in more detail.

1. Accessible Fitness Equipment

You may say good-bye to waiting in lines for workout equipment and gear thanks to 24-hour gyms. Whether you choose to work out in the morning or at night, you’ll value having a variety of tools at your disposal for a smooth, efficient workout.

2. Versatility

The ability to use a 24-hour gym anytime you want is the main advantage of having one. Regular work schedules make it challenging to stick to a rigid workout regimen because many individuals work undesirable hours. However, a 24-hour gym allows you to train whenever suits your schedule. You can therefore utilize the gym’s amenities whenever you like, day or night.

3. App for Free Gym Pass

You may live a healthy and happy lifestyle with the help of the mobile app from 24 Hour Fitness. The app allows you to sample their cycle and studio classes and provides exercise inspiration.

4. Mind and Body in harmony

By increasing blood and oxygen flow, exercise has an immediate positive impact on the brain. Additionally, it can aid in reducing the risk of ailments brought on by excessive cholesterol levels.

Regular cardiovascular exercise helps ease arterial stress and enhance breathing patterns as well as one’s overall well-being. Everything you need to achieve all of these objectives is available at 24 Hour Fitness.

24 hour fitness student discount
24 hour fitness student discount

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age is ideal for the gym?

The greatest age to enjoy the advantages of working out in a gym without any difficulty is between the ages of 17 and 18. For both men and women, it can result in a strong, muscular, lean, and healthy physique.

How many times a week should you go to the gym?

Five days a week may be too much for some people, who may experience burnout, demotivation, or overuse injuries. Considering that the recommended healthy minimum is three days per week, the best workout program is three to five days per week.

Is it worthwhile to purchase a gym membership?

A gym membership costs money each month, but it gives you access to more tools and facilities than you have at home. Most gyms also provide supplementary benefits like tanning beds, swimming pools, and sauna rooms that we can't fit or afford in our own houses, making a membership even more valuable.

Who should not go to the gym?

Even though most individuals can safely engage in modest physical activity, such as brisk walking, health professionals advise consulting your doctor before beginning an exercise regimen if any of the following apply: You have a cardiac condition. Your diabetes is either type 1 or type 2. Your kidneys are sick.



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