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24 Companies With Jobs You’ll Want to Apply for Immediately

24 Companies With Jobs You’ll Want to Apply for Immediately!

Finding a new career that provides everything you’ve been lacking is unparalleled. You may begin your search for higher salary, hours, or perks right now, with our list of 24 outstanding organizations currently recruiting.

You will notice businesses from a variety of industries, including finance, gaming, and education, as well as a number of recognizable brands, such as Nike, Northrop Grumman, and The Washington Post.

Beyond the great work each organization is doing, you can discover more about them through their biographies on The Muse, including their perks, benefits, and professional development opportunities.However, you can sit back and Read on our 24 Companies With Jobs You’ll Want to Apply for Immediately!

List of Companies With Jobs

The following is a list of Companies With Jobs:

1. NIKE, Inc.

57,807 Nike Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

NIKE, Inc., named after the Greek goddess of triumph, is the premier creator, marketer, and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, clothes, equipment, and accessories for a broad range of sports and fitness activities.

This Companies With Jobs, aim is to deliver inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world, as creativity is in their nature. They embrace many perspectives, from scientists and designers to coders and quarterbacks, since they recognize that each member of the team contributes unique experiences and ideas.

Nike must have diverse teams and an inclusive culture in order to serve athletes in the hundreds of nations in which it conducts business. They intend to cultivate inclusiveness and accept diversity throughout their organization, teams, and culture in order to bring them closer to the consumer, produce game-changing ideas, and enable people to reach their full potential.

Diverse, high-performing Nike teams from around the world share a passion for sport and a singular mission: to make all athletes better.

2. The Trade Desk

This Companies With Jobs take pride in a global society that values diversity of thought and experience. Because the future of the open internet depends on it, their collaborative and supportive teams work together to resolve issues and overcome obstacles to improve digital advertising.

Vision, Resilience, Agility, Generosity, Openness, and Wholeheartedness characterize who we are and who we desire to become.

They seek personnel who fit with their values and their purpose to improve the internet – individuals who recognize that how we conduct ourselves is equally as essential as what they accomplish.

3. BlueTriton

BlueTriton is an industry-leading hydration firm committed to improving quality of life and fostering a healthy future. This Companies With Jobs is dedicated to expanding opportunities for customers, communities, and individuals’ careers.

Everyone is a part of a cycle, and BlueTriton advances it via sustainability. BlueTriton allows users to discover their purpose, whether they are seeking an internship, a driving job, or the next step in their career.

4. Gemini

Zodiac Sign Gemini Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - Gemini -  Astrology Sign, Astrology Sign, Twin - iStock

At Gemini, they prioritize cultivating an inclusive environment and providing Astronauts with opportunities to build and invest in the mission-driven culture. As we continue to discover new frontiers, we encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work.

Their Office Optional Policy allows employees to choose to work from one of our physical locations or from home, in keeping with our goal of empowering the individual.

5. Northrop Grumman

This Companies With Jobs addresses the most challenging issues in space, aeronautics, military, and cyberspace in order to fulfill the ever-changing needs of its global clients. Every day, its 90,000 people use science, technology, and engineering to design and deliver innovative systems, products, and services.

Northrop Grumman positions and internships are as diverse as the interests of candidates, offering a lifetime of opportunities to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds, personal passions, and disciplines.

6. Grubhub

This Companies With Jobs s a leading online and mobile food ordering and delivery marketplace whose mission is to connect hungry consumers with their favorite dishes from local eateries. The organization is happy to collaborate with over 245,000 eateries in over 4,000 U.S. cities. Grubhub’s brand portfolio consists of Grubhub, Seamless, LevelUp, AllMenus, and MenuPages.


They recognize the great diversity of our team members here at SUSE. We expect and encourage employees to be themselves at work and to embrace our individuality. We value the diverse viewpoints of all individuals and their contributions to achieving exceptional results. Open refers not only to being open source, but also to being receptive to new ideas.It is also among the Companies With Jobs you will want to apply immediately.

8. Equity Lifestyle Properties

Across its thousands of locations in North America, ELS strives to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for all residents, guests, and workers. ELS teammates are empowered to take initiative and make a difference due to the company’s culture of recognition and reputation for performance.

ELS is an organization where brilliance is recognized and internal growth is encouraged, making it a great environment to build a long and prosperous career.

9. Panorama Education

They are a remote group of engineers, educators, and designers devoted to enhancing education. We come from diverse backgrounds, including classroom teaching and world-class software development, but we are all committed to Panorama’s objective to drastically transform education for every kid.

In the same way that we share a goal for a society in which every child excels in school and beyond, we also share a love for delicious cuisine, the great outdoors, thought-provoking poetry, and clever puns. While working hard for the educational communities we serve, this Companies With Jobs enjoy spending time together.

10. TaxBit, Inc.

TaxBit - Wiki | Golden

This Companies With Jobs  pay the full cost of health insurance premiums for all TaxBit employees and give unlimited paid time off, so you may take time off whenever you need it. In addition, a hybrid approach is included into our office culture. We spend three days a week at the office and two days a week working remotely.

We are devoted to fostering an environment where people of different genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, faiths, education, race, age, and other personal qualities feel accepted and included.

11. Liberty Mutual Insurance

Their mission at Liberty Mutual Insurance is to help people cherish the present while confidently pursuing the future. Because of this, we’ve created a company culture that supports and champions you while assisting you in turning your passion into a lucrative career.

As a Fortune 100 company and global leader in property and casualty insurance, we have spent more than a century developing innovative products, services, and technologies to meet the world’s ever-evolving requirements. Join a team dedicated to making a difference for our customers, our communities, and the globe. Pursue your future goals today. It is also among the Companies With Jobs.

12. Relay

This Companies With Jobs is an opportunity to make a significant difference through the development of solutions that have the potential to reach 29 million small companies across North America. Working with Relay fosters professional and personal development. Our goal is to make Relay a step-change career opportunity, as we are committed to daily improvement and advancement.

They provide an exceptional workplace that is committed to getting things done, collaboration, learning, and having fun. Your team and our leaders support your growth and success through regular feedback and coaching; your opinion matters.

This Companies With Jobs also offer comprehensive benefits and a health spending account from day one, along with a competitive salary and meaningful equity, ample vacation time, a holiday shutdown at the end of the year, birthday perks, a hybrid work environment, and dog-friendly office days!

13. ModernLoop

Their team at ModernLoop has an exceptional chance to transform the candidate and overall hiring experience! As a remote-first workforce, we are committed to establishing a company culture that promotes collaboration and relationship building throughout ModernLoop!

As we expand our team, we welcome candidates from all backgrounds who are committed to improving the hiring process for all parties involved. People that flourish at ModernLoop are collaborative, compassionate, customer-obsessed, and results-oriented!

14. Appfire

People are the primary focus of Appfire. At Appfire, our employees – our family of 500+ Fireflies — can bring their entire selves to work and thrive. This is reflected in our seven core values: be human; make it and make it matter; light the way; doing it right is more important than being right; thrive on change and evolve as a family; add to the magnificent; and fan the flame. The leadership of Appfire prioritizes an inclusive, open workplace based on openness, trust, and collaboration.

This Companies With Jobs acknowledge that not all employees have the same responsibilities, needs, or backgrounds. For this reason, we stress a character-centric approach to talent acquisition that favors inquisitiveness and perseverance over technical skills and schooling.

We are proud to be a rapidly expanding organization, with Annual Recurring Revenue surpassing $100 million by early 2022, backed by reputable financial sponsors and advisors.

15. The Washington Post

The aim of the award-winning Washington Post is to connect, educate, and enlighten local, national, and international readers via dependable reporting, in-depth analysis, and compelling viewpoints.

The Post is as much a technology company as it is a media company, blending world-class journalism with the most cutting-edge technology and tools so that readers can connect with The Post at any time, from any location. Our approach is consistent: mold ideas, redefine speed, assume responsibility, and lead. Every day, every employee, every project.It is also among the Companies With Jobs.

16. Accolade

Every day at Accolade, employees are motivated by the opportunity to redefine healthcare. Accolade is a dependable resource that allows people to make informed health decisions while saving them money by providing highly individualized support for its members and producing an assortment of world-class technology.

17. Niantic

File:Niantic Labs logo.svg - Wikipedia

The world’s leading augmented reality (AR) company is Niantic. By developing mobile, augmented reality, location-based games such as Pokémon GO, Pikmin Bloom, and its flagship game Ingress: Prime, Niantic has inspired people to discover new locations, meet new people, and improve their health.

18. GeoBlue

Perhaps it is our lovely home office. Or our “roll-up-your-sleeves, can-do” mentality, which is evident from the mailroom staff to the CEO. Or the twenty or more languages that can be heard in the hallways as we connect with our international members.

There is something that makes GeoBlue an exceptional workplace. This Companies With Jobs provide an environment where professional aspiration and work-life balance coexist. Small enough for you to make your imprint, yet large enough to provide the security that comes with being part of a huge entity in a developing industry.

19. Dolby

One of this Companies With Jobs is Dolby and it was founded in 1965 by the late Ray Dolby, who had a love for linking science and art. The current company embodies the dynamic and imaginative spirit of its namesake. Dolby continues to develop innovative audio and visual technologies that enhance and alter narrative, entertainment, and media.

20. Doma

At Doma, our mission is to revolutionize the real estate market by developing an instant digital closing experience. Our inventive teams are developing patented technology to radically reinvent the way in which individuals purchase a home.

In order to accomplish this, we have established an entrepreneurial work environment in which coworkers may push limits, innovate, and collaborate while having fun! We believe that people are capable of incredible feats, and by putting our employees and customers first, we have fostered a dynamic work environment that has been essential to our business’s success.

21. Lev

Lev aspires to be the most influential Salesforce consulting firm in the universe. We accomplish this through recruiting and developing great individuals and by establishing a thriving environment for them.

This Companies With Jobs provide our Levsters meaningful work, an inclusive culture, and the chance to advance in their careers while still enjoying life outside of work. We recognize the individuality of individuals around us, support our communities, and fight to provide possibilities for equality at all levels.

While we appreciate our uniqueness, we are united by our mission to provide unmatched knowledge and an out-of-this-world experience to our customers, our passion to define the future of marketing and the future of Salesforce, and our willingness to treat one another with respect.

22. MarketAxess

MarketAxess - New Signature

We are changing an industry at MarketAxess. In fact, no. We are a 20-year-old firm with the stability and resources of one of the S&P 500’s highest-performing technology companies.

Here, you will have a great deal of autonomy and ownership, work side-by-side with seasoned leaders, and feel a sense of urgency and huge pride in handling the upcoming opportunities. We work hard. We had fun. We value originality and appreciate our uniqueness. We’re MarketAxess.

23. KinderCare Learning Companies

The KinderCare Learning Corporation. By capacity, TM is America’s largest provider of early education and child care, serving hardworking families in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools nationwide.

KinderCare’s team is devoted to providing children with an atmosphere of learning, fun, and adventure in which they can flourish and develop, with the goal of giving every child the greatest possible educational start. Since its inception in 1969, the organization has effectively focused on helping children during their formative years, yielding time-tested procedures and proven outcomes, and today operates classrooms in forty states.

24. Kinesso + Matterkind

Kinesso + Matterkind Jobs and Company Culture

Thier company’s success is dependent on our capacity to collaborate, develop, and grow as a team. We genuinely think that we are stronger when we work together, we recognize that our talent is our most valuable asset, and we’re eager for you to assist define and strengthen our identity.

We have the best of both worlds as a startup under an internationally acclaimed holding company, IPG. We want like-minded individuals who represent our principles of truth, cooperation, and innovation.

At Kinesso, we believe in integrity, respect, equality, and inclusiveness for all, and we challenge ourselves daily to stand up for what is right. We believe that the care and concern we exhibit for others defines who we are as individuals and as a business.

FAQs On Companies With Jobs You’ll Want to Apply for Immediately

What is the easiest job to get into?

The top easiest jobs to get are waiting tables, a customer service specialist, and a retail clerk. Most of these jobs listed require great customer service skills and strong communication skills. It's important to remember that your idea of an easy job may differ from another person, so find a job that fits your needs.

Can you get a job by just applying?

Applying at least gives you the potential to get the job. Moreover, if you do apply, you might be surprised to find out that you are the most qualified candidate out of the applications they received.

How quickly can you get hired for a job?

The average job search may take somewhere around five to six months from application to hiring. Prior to the pandemic, the BLS numbers showed that the average search took roughly five months, so it is reasonable to assume that 2022 will look more like 2019.

Which app is best for finding job?


What is a low stress high paying job?

According to data that FinanceBuzz compiled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), some low-stress jobs that typically yield a six-figure salary include mathematician, software developer, political scientist, physicist, chemical engineer, astronomer, and ...

How many job rejections is normal?

New survey finds the average job seeker gets between 6 and 10 rejections—and women are more likely to blame their salary request. On average, successful applicants applied for 10 to 15 jobs and received between 6 and 10 rejections.

Is it hard to find a job right now 2022?

Twenty-six percent of job-seekers say finding a job is easier in 2022 than it was before the pandemic, while 23% of employers say hiring new employees is easier now. Twenty-one percent of both workers and employers don't see any changes in the degree of difficulty of finding a job or hiring employees.

What is the best site to get hired?

Best Overall: Indeed.
Runner-Up, Best Overall: Monster.
Best for Employer Research: Glassdoor.
Best for Remote Jobs: FlexJobs.
Best for Experienced Managers: Ladders.
Best for Startup Jobs: AngelList.
Best for Connecting Directly With Recruiters: LinkedIn.

What job pays you the most without a degree?

Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers. ...
Police and Detective Supervisors. ...
Commercial Pilots. ...
Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers. ...
Firefighting Supervisors. ...
Transportation Inspectors.

Why am I getting rejected from every job I apply to?

If you're overqualified for a position, recruiters may turn you down. Overqualified people tend to have high salary expectations and are quick to change jobs. You should make sure that the duties in the role are varied and at least as demanding as the ones in your last job.

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