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23 Free Online Certification Exams

Free Online Certification Exams!

In this article, we list 23 Free Online Certification Exams that come with our highest recommendation. After successfully completing these examinations, you may be awarded a certification based on your level of expertise in a variety of academic and professional domains.

You acquired computer engineering, project management, or other skills online without receiving a certificate?

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What are Online Certification’s Benefits?

The following advantages are associated with online certification exams:

  • It is an online program, so it offers all the benefits of online study, including comfort, flexibility, convenience, self-paced learning, etc.
  • Obtaining an online certificate will not interfere with your normal daily activities, in contrast to how traditional school exams impact students’ lives.
  • You have gained an advantage over individuals with the same work profile due to the certification you have obtained, which validates your abilities in the workforce.
  • Your certification will influence your career and point you in the right direction.
  • Online certification is the quickest and most convenient method to earn a certificate if your employer requires you to obtain one.
  • The certification makes your CV or resume more alluring to potential employers.
  • You can learn whatever you want or need to as part of a larger undertaking and still receive certification.
  • You have the opportunity to receive a salary increase or promotion at your place of employment.
  • It is accessible to all, and the certificate distinguishes you from the competition.

List of the Free Online Certification Exams

The following is a list of the Free Online Certification Exams:

Computer Fundamentals Free Online Certification Exams

Free Online Certification Exams

Do you possess fundamental computer abilities and wish to test your knowledge in this area? Then, take this free online certification exam, Computer Fundamentals, to assess your knowledge of the fundamental concepts of a computer, as well as application and system software-related questions.

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The test will be administered in English and will consist of multiple-choice questions covering software fundamentals, hardware fundamentals, system software, application software, and an overview of databases.It is one of the Free Online Certification Exams.

English Grammar Free Online Certification Exams

You have a deeper understanding of the English language if you are able to speak and construct sentences without making errors due to your command of English grammar. Why not take the free online certification exam in English grammar and become certified? A certificate in the field will place you ahead of others with a similar work profile in the workforce competition.It is also among the Free Online Certification Exams.

The examination will cover topics such as English grammar fundamentals, tenses, verbs, sentence construction, and error identification. If you pass the cutoff mark, you will receive a certificate.

C Programming Free Online Certification Exams

You can earn a certificate in C Programming by completing a free online exam that tests your theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject. Applicants to this exam are also anticipated to have utilized C Programming in a few relevant exercises.

This examination will cover C Programming concepts such as data types and variables, functions, an introduction to C, arrays, structs and pointers, conditional statements and loops, operators, and escape sequences.

Environmental Science Free Online Certification Exams

Obtain certification in environmental science from the convenience and comfort of your own home by taking this test that evaluates your skills in the field; in this way, you can demonstrate to employers and other relevant parties that you understand the fundamentals of environmental science.It is one of the Free Online Certification Exams.

This examination will cover natural resources, ecosystems, biodiversity and its conservation, environmental contamination, social concerns, and the environment. Pass the threshold and obtain a credential for your expertise.

Business Ethics Free Online Certification Exams

This examination consists of a number of multiple-choice questions based on the fundamentals of business ethics; achieving the minimum passing score will award you a certificate in the field.

As a certified expert in business ethics, your skills and knowledge will be sought after by a variety of business organizations, as what you know could aid in the exponential growth of businesses. Obtain a certificate in business ethics today to remain competitive in the job market.It is regarded as one of the Free Online Certification Exams.

Mathematical Ability Free Online Certification Exam

Free Online Certification Exams

Finance, marketing, and other business departments typically require mathematically proficient candidates for employment; you may be mathematically skilled, but without a certificate, who would hire you? Few or none exist.

By taking the Mathematical Ability free online certification exam, you have the opportunity to obtain a certificate for your mathematical abilities and enhance your professional profile. These topics will be covered on the examination: ratio, simple interest, speed and distance, calculations, chain rule, area, and numerals.

Economics Free Online Certification Exam

An economist possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to propel a business forward, but only certified economists are recognized as having these skills due to their authentic certificate.

Now is the time to demonstrate to employers that you are certified and well-versed in economics by taking the Economics free online certification exam, passing with the required score, and receiving your certificate.It is regarded as one the Free Online Certification Exams.

This exam will cover consumer surplus, demand analysis, demand elasticity, cost concepts, demand forecasting, and economics fundamentals.

Java Programming Free Online Certification Exam

Java programmers are in high demand by tech organizations and businesses due to their proficiency with applications, the web, and various computer-based applications.

By taking this free online Java Programming test, you can demonstrate your understanding of the field’s theoretical and practical aspects. Java fundamentals, data types, access modifiers, and collection frameworks will be among the topics covered on the free online certification exam for Java programming.It is one of the Free Online Certification Exams.

Project Management Free Online Certification Exam

As one of the Free Online Certification Exams, Project managers are in high demand by organizations due to their expertise in the planning, administration, and execution of projects pertaining to an organization. Since you are proficient in project management, this is your chance to take the exam, achieve the minimum score, and earn a certificate.

With your certificate in project management, you have a greater advantage over individuals with the same work profile as you; you can receive a raise or a promotion. Exam topics will include estimation techniques, project life cycle, and project management software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Free Online Certification Exams

To create and establish customer/client interactions, every organization and business enterprise requires customer-relations experts.

Take your career to the next level by passing the CRM exam and obtaining a certificate that demonstrates your knowledge of the subject, making you qualified for any job in this field.

The CRM online certification exam will cover, among other topics, CRM processes, CRM software, CRM business analysis, and key CRM duties.It is also among the Free Online Certification Exams.

Microsoft Excel Free Online Certification Exams

Free Online Certification Exams

This examination covers numerical functions, text functions, worksheets, MS Excel fundamentals, and row, column, and cell operations. Prepare to take this exam to demonstrate your Microsoft Excel skills and knowledge and earn your certification.

Your Microsoft Excel certification demonstrates your subject-matter expertise, increasing your employer’s recognition and putting you in a position to receive a salary increase or promotion.

E-Marketing Free Online Certification Exams

If you have knowledge of this field of study, you would realize that it is identical to online marketing. To expand your customer base, you must have a certificate in the field, despite the fact that online marketing skills are fantastic and allow you to work from home for anyone who will pay you.It is also among the Free Online Certification Exams.

Your E-Marketing certification will encourage customers to seek you out more frequently, thereby expanding your customer base and allowing you to charge more for your services. Your certificate will be displayed publicly on your social media pages so that customers can verify your authenticity.

These topics will be covered on the exam: email marketing terms, an overview of online marketing, the seven Cs of online marketing, and SEO.

Computer Networks Free Online Certification Exams

Do you possess both theoretical and practical understanding of computer networks? Then this is your opportunity to take a test and become certified in the field in order to demonstrate to whoever requires your skills that you are an expert in that field of study.

The exam will cover various computer networks topics, including multiplexing, protocols, transport layer, physical layer, topologies, and network models, among others. These topics will assist you in preparing for the exam and achieving the required score to obtain your Computer Networks Certificate.

Python Free Online Certification Exams

Free Online Certification Exams

Python is a form of computer programming language, and the majority of people are proficient in this field despite lacking a certification.

However, this free online certification exam is available for you to take and receive a certificate demonstrating your Python skills. The exam will cover numerous topics, including variable names, numeric types, functional programming, inheritance, pickle mode, and exception handling, among others. These topics will help you better prepare for tests and achieve the necessary score to obtain your Python certification.It is one of the Free Online Certification Exams.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Online Certification Exams

You should consider obtaining a certification for your Amazon Web Services knowledge and abilities by completing this free online certification exam, which offers a certificate if you pass with the minimum score required.

To pass, candidates must focus on the following topics: AWS cloud, AWS database, AWS network, AWS protocol, AWS CloudFront, and AWS basics.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Free Online Certification Exams

CSS is a computer programming language, but I assume you already know that because you’re proficient in it. However, you should continue to advance your career by taking a free online certification exam that will allow you to obtain a CSS certificate.

For their exams, candidates should focus on the following topics: CSS for text and tables, margin and padding, CSS for backgrounds, and CSS Id and class.It is another Free Online Certification Exams.

Logical Aptitude Free Online Certification Exams

The free online certification exam for logical aptitude consists of multiple-choice questions covering topics such as elementary logic, calculations, series problems, relationships, and situational problems.

You will be able to pass your certification exam and obtain a certificate in your field if you have a thorough understanding of the question types.

Company Law Free Online Certification Exams

This is also known as business law or enterprise law, and it is the branch of study that governs the legal rights, relationships, and conduct of individuals, businesses, and organizations. If you have the knowledge and skills necessary for this profession, why not take the online certification exam and obtain your certificate?

Check topics on the definition and nature of a company, winding up and dissolution of the company, memorandum of association, the formation of a company and types of company, articles of association, and prospectus to facilitate your exam preparation.

Cost Accounting Free Online Certification Exams

Free Online Certification Exams

Obtain a certificate that will demonstrate your accounting skills to potential employers by taking the accounting free online certification exam.

Cost accounting exam topics include cost accounting fundamentals, classification of costs, lean accounting, and cost accounting versus financial accounting.It is among the Free Online Certification Exams.

Entrepreneurship Free Online Certification Exams

You can become a certified entrepreneur by passing a free online certification exam that tests your skills and knowledge in the subject area and awards you a certificate if you achieve the minimum passing score.

Candidates preparing for the exam should focus on entrepreneurship-related topics such as capital sources, managing and expanding the venture, informal risk capital and venture capital, the marketing, organizational, and financial plan, and concluding the venture.

Introduction to Coding for Beginners Online Certification Exams

This is not precisely a free online certification exam; rather, it is a free online course that teaches beginners to code, after which they complete tasks that earn them a free certificate.

This is your opportunity to learn HTML, CSS, and web development from beginning and earn a certificate after completing the beginner stage for free. Coding is a highly sought-after skill among tech companies and organizations.It is one of the Free Online Certification Exams.

Web Design Online Certification Exams

This is another highly sought-after digital skill, and you would do yourself a great service by enrolling in this course and learning the rules, concepts, and skills necessary to create graphic designs that can be applied to web-based interfaces.

After completing the course successfully, which includes passing every exam, you will receive a certificate.

Introduction to Game development Online Certification Exams

Free Online Certification Exams

You will be astonished by the amount of revenue generated by game development, and since humans are responsible for their creation, they are compensated handsomely. Enter the world of game development, start with the fundamentals to excel in the field, and obtain a certificate upon course completion.

FAQs On Free Online Certification Exams

Does Alison offer free certificates?

Alison's online communication certificates are free, self-paced and provide valuable, practical knowledge that you can apply immediately.

Are coursera certificates recognized?

Coursera provides accredited certificates that are recognised by employers. Coursera doesn't create its own learning material. However, it works alongside educational institutions, government agencies and top universities to facilitate its online courses.

Are Coursera certificates worth it?

On the whole, yes. If you're seeking promotion, looking for a career change, or the skills you are learning are highly sought after, then a Coursera Certificate does have value and is definitely worth the investment. Coursera partners and course providers are world class.

Are Udemy courses Recognised in UK?

The short answer is that Udemy certificates themselves are not accredited. Because Udemy is not an accredited institution, so any qualifications will not be recognised as formal.

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