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Umea University scholarship

2022 Umeå University Scholarship offers full tuition fee waivers for selected candidates including a $37,108 annual stipend according to the established salary level for doctoral students. Scholarship will be provided for students who have secured admission for an English taught masters degree program at Umea university

Besides the Swedish institute scholarship,the university offers two others scholarship as described below.

  1. Umea university scholarship for international students: The scholarship is offered to each students applying for the Autumn semester admission. The scholarship is dedicated tp academically talented, excellent and high achieving students from outside the EU
  2. Erling Persson scholarship for international students in Public Health: These scholarships are offered to Umea university each year to students applying for the Autumn semester admission, to academically talented, excellent and high achieving students. The scholarship is dedicated to students in public health and it is sponsored by a donation from the Erling Persson family foundation.

PhD and Postdoc Positions are Either temporary which are Longer than 6 months or permanent Positions as the University has stated on the Official Website. Once you Fits In the Researcher Groups, you will be Accepted and other Information will be Communicated to You as you work with Umea University in Sweden.

About the Umea Universtity

Formally established in 1965, Umeå University is a comprehensive university covering research and education in medicine, science and technology, social sciences, arts and humanities, and educational sciences.

Their cohesive campus environment enables a dynamic and open culture with a strong sense of community.

As a knowledge-driven organisation, Umeå University is striving to provide students and staff with unique opportunities for learning and development – whilst simultaneously serving society with new knowledge and creative citizens.

In total, Umeå University provides 150 study programmes and 1,800 courses. More than 40 programmes and 450 courses are offered with instruction language entirely in English.

In common for all their education is the high teacher competence and the strong interaction between research, education, collaboration and innovation.

Details of 2022 Umea University scholarship:

  • Level: masters and PhD
  • Deadline: varies by field
  • Eligible nationalities: open to all international students
  • Type of study: full time course
  • Country: Sweden
  • University: University of Umea
  • Field of study: various field of study

Eligibility of 2022 Umea University scholarship:

  • are a citizen of a country outside of EU/EEA and Switzerland.
  • have completed your application for programme studies at master’s level.
  • have Umeå University programme as priority 1 at the University Admissions website.

The selections are based entirely on the applicant’s academic merit. A committee appointed by the Vice-Chancellor is tasked with selecting candidates for scholarships.

Eligibility of Erling-Persson scholarship:

  • are a citizen of a country outside of EU/EEA and Switzerland.
  • have completed your application for programme studies in public health at master’s level.
  • have paid the application fee by 1 February latest.
  • have a Umeå University programme as priority 1 at the University Admissions Website.

The selections are based entirely on the applicant’s academic merit. A committee appointed by the Vice-Chancellor is tasked with selecting candidates for scholarships.

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Benefits of 2022 Umea University scholarship:

  • The employment is expected to result in a doctoral degree and the main assignment for the doctoral student is thus to be active in research, study doctoral courses, and possibly participate in teaching of courses at undergraduate level.
  • The employment is limited to four years at full time or up to five years if teaching or other departmental work is performed. The salary ($37,108 annual stipends according to the established salary level for doctoral students) is fixed according to the established salary level for doctoral students at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Umeå University.
  • The position will open on September 1st 2022 (exact start date can be negotiated).

How to apply 2022 Umea University scholarship:

The application, including attached documents, must be written in English or Swedish. The application is made through their electronic recruitment system.

Interested and qualified candidates should click on the button below to commence their application.

Documents required for 2022 Umea University scholarship:

o apply, candidates must be ready to submit the following documents;

  • A cover letter with a brief description of your qualifications, research interests and motivation for applying, and your contact details (max. 2 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Certified copies of relevant degree diploma(s) and certificates.
  • A list of university courses with grades. Note that for international applicants the grading system should be explained in brief.
  • A copy of your Master’s thesis and other publications (if any).
  • Contact information of two reference persons.

Deadline of 2022 Umea University scholarship:

The deadline for 2022 Umea University scholarship varies by field. check info in the official website.

Apply link

Flaws students make while applying for scholarship

scholarship is something that can be very helpful when it comes to paying for college. Unfortunately, many students make mistakes as they are applying for scholarships. Some mistakes limit the chance of opportunities, while other mistakes can disqualify a student from consideration for a scholarship. As you are searching for and applying for scholarships, make sure to not make the listed below mistakes.

1. Thinking you’re too young.

Many students don’t start looking for scholarships until college is on their mind during their senior year of high school. While it is true most scholarships are only open to graduating high school seniors and current college students, there are scholarships open to younger students. There are scholarships open to elementary and middle school students, as well as high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

2. Thinking you’re too old.

There is a big misconception that scholarships are not open too older students. However, many scholarships are open to students of all ages, including non-traditional students.

3. Stopping the scholarship search after starting college.

Many colleges increase their tuition and fees, but financial aid may not change. Just because you are already enrolled in college doesn’t mean you should stop applying for scholarships. Continue applying for scholarships so you can offset the cost to attend college.

4. Not submitting the FAFSA.

There is a common misconception among middle class families that they do not qualify for FAFSA. First, if you are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, you qualify for the FAFSA. The FAFSA determines if you are eligible for federal grants. It is also necessary if you want to consider using federal student loans. T

5. Applying to scholarships you don’t meet the qualifications.

All legitimate scholarships will have some sort of eligibility requirements. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, don’t waste your time applying for the scholarship. If you do not meet the requirements, the scholarship committee will most likely disqualify your application right away.

6. Skimming the instructions.

Pay close attention to the directions to ensure you meet all of the application requirements. Make sure to submit all required documents. In addition, pay close attention to the essay question to ensure you don’t answer only part of the question. If anything is missing from your application, you may be automatically disqualified.

7. Ignoring smaller scholarships.

You may be tempted to focus your attention on the scholarships with the large scholarship amounts. You may be thinking that if you win this one large scholarship, you won’t have to worry about applying to other scholarship. However, many other students will also have the same thought as you and the scholarship will have a lot of competition. Smaller scholarships will typically have less competition than the larger scholarship. Smaller competition means you will have a higher likelihood of winning the scholarship.

8. Only applying to national scholarships.

National scholarships means they are open to students throughout the country. There are many great national scholarships out there, but don’t ignore your local scholarships. Local scholarships will have less competition. In addition, you may start a relationship with the scholarship provider that could include more scholarship money, a mentorship, or a future job.

9. Rushing through the application and essay.

When you rush, you are more likely to make mistakes. Any little thing can ruin your chances at winning a scholarship. Make sure you are sending in the best application and essay possible.

10. Thinking quantity is more important than quality.

Applying for multiple scholarships is important. However, if you are focusing on the quantity of scholarship applications instead of the quality of your application, you probably won’t win. Again, take your time with your scholarship applications and make sure you are sending in a quality scholarship application and essay.

11. Not standing out.

If your story is similar to other students, you won’t stand out from the crowd. Scholarship winners are typically the students who have a story that will stay with the scholarship committee long after they scholarship is awarded. Therefore, before sending in your scholarship essay, ask yourself if someone else could send in the same story. If they could, they probably will. Ask yourself how you can make your story unique.

12. Ignoring your social media.

Scholarship competition can be tough. When the scholarship provider only has one scholarship award, how is the scholarship committee to choose when there are many qualified applicants? Scholarship providers, admission professionals, and hiring managers sometimes choose to look at an applicant’s social media presence. Is your public appearance one the scholarship provider would be proud to be associated with? If not, you will want to consider cleaning up your social media.


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