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20 Part Time Summer Jobs

Part Time Summer Jobs. Depending on your interests, skill level, and availability, there are many different areas where part-time summer employment are offered as a wonderful opportunity to earn extra money.

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1. Camp counselor

$9.16 is the average hourly wage in the country.

Primary Obligations: Summer camps, which can include both overnight camps and day camps, are run, led, and instructed by camp counselors. Counselors typically oversee groups of kids of all ages and involve them in sports, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and other exciting pursuits that encourage socializing, imaginative learning, and confidence-building. While some camps cater to children with special needs or impairments, others concentrate on certain subjects like education, the arts, or sports.

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2. Attendant

National average hourly wage: $11.10

Primary obligations: The majority of attractions, including movie theaters, amusement parks, skating rinks, sports parks, and parking lots, have staff members on duty. Customers are typically greeted and given tickets to enter the building. You might work in the box office, take and fill orders, operate the register, and perform other concession stand chores as an attendant.

3. Barista

National average hourly wage: $11.52

Primary obligations: Baristas work in cafés and coffee shops, taking orders from customers, making coffee and tea, and handling financial transactions. This position may offer both full-time and part-time possibilities throughout the summer and requires excellent customer service and attention to detail. Tips frequently increase your hourly wage.

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4. A waiter

National average hourly wage: $11.57

Primary obligations: In restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and pubs, bartenders serve customers. In contrast to servers, bartenders only work behind the bar providing alcoholic beverages, though they may also complete food orders. You must be at least 18 years old and have met all standards for mixing, handling, and serving alcohol in your state in order to qualify. You could work in a company or for a catering service, serving drinks at private events. Bartending can be a fun summer employment with a part-time schedule due to the variable scheduling.

5. Housekeeper

$11.64 per hour is the national average wage.

Primary obligations: A housekeeper could serve both individual clients and businesses like hotels or cleaning services. Hotel housekeepers are in charge of maintaining and cleaning guest rooms before, during, and after their stay. You can be asked to perform additional tasks, such as doing laundry, running errands, or preparing meals, if you clean homes for residents.

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6. Cashier


National average hourly wage: $11.73

Cashiers’ main responsibilities include interacting with clients, handling and counting money, and balancing cash drawers at the end of shifts. As cashiers regularly engage with consumers, this position calls for strong math abilities as well as great customer service.

7. Lifeguard

National average hourly wage: $11.84

Primary obligations: At public pools, exclusive club pools, beaches, and water parks, lifeguards keep an eye on the area and offer assistance in an emergency. Lifeguard certification, which often only requires a few weeks to complete, is frequently necessary. Lifeguards are educated in CPR and first aid. Lifeguards typically work during the summer, much like swim instructors.

8. Server

National average hourly wage: $11.93

Primary obligations: As they take orders, serve food and drinks, and engage with customers to promote their establishments’ brands, food and restaurant servers establish rapport with customers. Being on their feet for the majority of their shift, servers must have great customer service skills, attention to detail, communication, and physical stamina. Fast-food establishments frequently offer lower prices and might not accept tips.

9. A retail sales associate

$12.60 is the average hourly wage in the country.

Primary obligations: Anywhere that goods are on sale, including retail and department stores, employs retail sales employees. Among the responsibilities are helping consumers, responding to their inquiries, and closing sales. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as organizational and register function abilities, are necessary for a career in retail.

10. Pet Sitter

Part Time Summer Jobs

National average hourly wage: $13.08

Primary obligations: Pet sitters typically assist clients who require someone to look after their animals while they are away from home or traveling. You may work a daily schedule between multiple homes as a pet sitter, or you could stay in the client’s house to take care of the pet. You might be responsible for walking, feeding, bathing, and watching out for the pet’s health and safety. This is a fantastic seasonal job for an animal lover.

11. Stocker

National average hourly wage: $13.10

Primary obligations: Stockers unload, unpack, and stock merchandise on store shelves in grocery, department, retail, and other stores’ warehouses and storefronts. When working with a lot of inventory, this job takes a great degree of attention to detail in addition to having the physical capacity to lift and handle big objects. Depending on when deliveries come, you can be requested to work early or late hours.

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12. Receptionist

National average hourly wage: $13.46

Primary obligations: Receptionists welcome guests, take calls, and maintain the front office procedures of a business. They are in charge of keeping the front office area orderly and efficient. Receptionists are proficient in scheduling, making appointments, and communicating information. They also rely on good communication and problem-solving skills. To fill in the gaps created by full-time workers on vacation, a part-time summer job may be provided.

13. Landscape Technician

$14.67 is the average hourly wage in the country.

primary obligations: Landscape professionals often maintain and clean up the lawns and yards of their clients, and they may also include gardening in their work. In addition to trimming hedges, removing weeds, trash, and rubbish, landscapers often mow the lawn. They frequently work for private companies, governmental institutions, or run their own business.

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14. Delivery driver

$15.45 is the average hourly wage in the country.

Primary obligations: Food services, supplier services, postal and parcel services, among other sectors, employ delivery drivers. Delivering goods and packages to shipping recipients is the responsibility of delivery drivers, who must also load and unload their trucks. This work often requires attention to detail, time management, and a clean driving record. Drivers may be subject to age and insurance requirements.

15. Pet groomer

National average hourly wage: $16.22

Primary obligations: Pet groomers may operate as independent contractors, for for-profit businesses, or in veterinary clinics that are supported by the government. In general, a pet groomer is responsible for handling, bathing, trimming, and preserving the cleanliness of their clients’ pets. Even while pet grooming isn’t always a seasonal profession, it might be a wonderful option if you’re searching for part-time hours throughout the summer. You could also want to think about working as a dog walker or pet caregiver as learning grooming techniques requires training. Working as a pet sitter at a nearby animal shelter is another part-time alternative.

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16. Tour guide

National average hourly wage: $17.23

primary obligations: Another fantastic part-time alternative, depending on where you reside, is working as a tour guide during the summer. Tour guides lead guests through the neighborhood while educating them about the context and history of the city’s sites, structures, and events. Tour guides frequently collaborate with governmental and non-profit organizations, including museums, chambers of commerce, and other businesses that enlighten tourists about the area.

17. A swim Instructor

National average hourly wage: $17.38

Primary obligations: Swimming lessons are provided to both individuals and groups. Swim instructors can operate from a public or membership-based pool, such as a municipal park or country club, or in a private setting at their own or the client’s pool. As municipal pools are typically open during the warm months, working as a swim instructor might be a great summertime side job. There might be a need for some education and certification, particularly in CPR.

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18. Nanny

National average hourly wage: $17.44

Primary obligations: Private child care professionals known as nannies look after children in either their own homes or those of their clients. Nannies often look after newborns and small children, but they also offer students summer care and before- and after-school care. In general, nannies are in charge of making meals and snacks, giving basic care, and involving kids in useful and instructive activities. They can be required to work a full day during the summer while the parents are at work.

19. Freelance writer

National average hourly wage: $20.71

primary obligations: Independent contractors known as freelance writers create content for various purposes. As a freelance writer, you might create marketing materials for one-on-one clients, work on content updates for businesses, or publish independently.

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20. Tutor

National average hourly wage: $24.49

Primary obligations: Tutors deal with pupils of diverse ages and educational backgrounds. This calls for subject-matter knowledge and proficiency as well as an awareness of how to use the curriculum to teach. Tutoring is a great part-time summer employment because it frequently takes place after school and on weekends. You can be asked to assist a student in completing unfinished work, learning more about a particular subject, or getting ready for the forthcoming school year.

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