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20 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

In this article, we shall examine 20 part-time jobs that pay well.When deciding on a suitable Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well, you have a number of possibilities. Numerous part-time positions can pay substantially above the minimum wage.

While the roles listed below are nearly always hourly, shift-based, or self-scheduled, there are numerous more positions that can be converted to part-time by communicating with your manager or potential manager.

There are also numerous full-time positions that businesses may seek to fill on a part-time basis. You can find these opportunities by selecting from our listed below Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well.

High-paying part-time jobs

Below is a list of part-time jobs with high prospective earnings.

1. Personal shopper

Average hourly wage: $13.85

Develop a base of devoted customers and consistently provide high-quality purchasing experiences. Maintain a comprehensive understanding of various stores and their items. Make purchasing suggestions depending on the client’s requirements.

Preferred qualifications include a high school diploma or GED.

2. Front-desk

Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

Average hourly wage: $14.75

This Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well do their jobs in a variety of settings. Responsibilities may include fielding phone calls and e-mails, assisting clients with appointment scheduling, greeting clients, data entry, and taking messages for key personnel.

Requirements: High school graduation or its equivalent is preferred for most receptionist positions. Communication and organizational abilities are crucial for success in this field.

3. Security guard

Average hourly wage: $14.76

This Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well are responsible for keeping surveillance over a particular company location. Inspecting buildings, apprehending trespassers or unauthorized individuals, reporting security breaches or infractions, and evaluating security cameras are among the possible responsibilities.

Requirements: Typically, a high school graduation or its equivalent is necessary. Some businesses may demand a valid driver’s license and a clean criminal record check.

4. Bank teller

Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

Average hourly wage: $14.83

Customers must be greeted upon arrival and directed to the right station within the credit union. Perform a high volume of deposits, withdrawals, and other banking transactions for a large number of consumers.

Requirements: basic math abilities and completion of the bank’s training program.

5. Customer service professional

Average hourly wage: $14.87

Communicate with customers on behalf of an organization. It is possible to communicate in person, over the phone, by email, or via website chat. Customer care employees are responsible for addressing consumer complaints and relaying customer comments to the appropriate teams.

Requirements: For the majority of positions, a high school diploma or its equivalent is necessary; however, a specific license may be required for positions in the financial and insurance industries.

6. Warehouse worker

Average hourly wage: $17.17

Organize, retrieve, and maintain inventory when new shipments enter the warehouse. Keep the warehouse tidy and clean, and replenish stock as it runs out. Some warehouse jobs may entail data entry or machine operation.

Requirements: A high school diploma or its equivalent may be required as a qualification. Capability to lift and transport heavy inventory.

7. Administrative assistant

Average hourly wage: $17.25

This Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well are responsible for assisting customers, staff, and management teams. Typical administrative activities include answering phone calls and e-mails, scheduling appointments, entering data, and supporting the business’s needs.

Requirements: Administrative assistants are normally required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent, however certain companies may prefer a bachelor’s degree.

8. Delivery driver

Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

$17.50 is the average hourly wage

Pick up orders and deliver them safely to their appropriate location. Depending on the employer, a delivery driver’s tasks may include route planning to guarantee an effective delivery journey as well as the recording of delivered products.

Requirements: Drivers of delivery vehicles must possess a valid driver’s license. In addition to a clean driving record, many employers may require applicants to take a driving exam.

9. Construction laborer

Average hourly wage: $17.51

Construction workers employ equipment and machinery to construct a variety of projects. They collaborate with a team to finish any project described by the manager.

Requirements: Construction workers must have sufficient physical mobility to lift and move big objects. If they prefer to operate more complex machinery, construction workers can pursue a variety of licenses and certificates.

10. Brand ambassador

Average hourly wage: $19.11

As an interactive customer-facing representative, you must exemplify professionalism and brand personality. Distribute marketing items like as fliers, coupons, and samples. Respond to inquiries on the brand or product and update clients of upcoming promotions and events.However, it is also among the Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well.

Requirements: Preferably, a high school graduation or its equivalent is required.

11. Phlebotomist

Average hourly wage: $19.35

Perform blood draws on patients for various diagnostic procedures. Provide correct patient information on vial labels. Provide a positive experience by picking the optimal method of collecting based on the patient’s requirements.

Valid phlebotomy certification is required (details vary by state).

12. Bookkeeper

Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

Average hourly wage: $19.84

Bookkeepers may work for an organization or set their own hours by maintaining their own clientele. This Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well are responsible for maintaining accurate and balanced ledgers. Bookkeepers organize bank deposits and regularly report financial results.

Bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related subject is required.

13. Personal driver

Average hourly wage: $20.21

Responsible for transporting passengers to and from various locations. Provide outstanding customer service to ensure passengers are comfortable. Drive carefully, maintain a clean vehicle, and locate the most productive routes.

Requirements include a dependable mode of transportation, a valid driver’s license, and a spotless driving record.

14. Nanny

Average hourly wage: $20.62

Provide care for children within a prescribed timeframe. Feeding, bathing, and putting children to bed for naps are responsibilities. In addition, they organize activities, assist with homework, supervise playtime, and may be responsible for transporting children to school or extracurricular activities.

Requirements include a reliable mode of transportation and child care experience.

15. Freelancer

Average hourly wage: $22.81

Another Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well is freelancer and they are persons who sell a particular talent, skill, or product by determining their own fees and hours. There are numerous independent designers, photographers, authors, and advisors. They are accountable for developing their own clientele and processing all payments.

Variable depends on the individual freelancer.

16. Tutor

Average hourly wage: $24.90

Ask students about challenging concepts or subject areas in order to establish improvement objectives. Examine recent homework assignments and tests to address questions the kid did not correctly answer. Communicate with parents/guardians regarding problem areas and other issues requiring attention.

Requirements include a reliable mode of transportation, the ability to pass a criminal background check, and a drug test.

17. Mail carrier

Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

Average hourly wage: $25.86

Deliver incoming mail and packages and recover outgoing mail and packages. Follow designated postal routes and provide the appropriate notification in the event of an unsuccessful delivery attempt. Ensure signature is provided on certain deliveries.

Requirements include a high school diploma or its equivalent and an admission exam passing score.

18. Real estate agent

Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

average hourly wage: $40.67

This Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well has its duties which include networking and prospecting for prospective clients. Travel with customers to properties to show them homes and assist them in comparing properties based on their needs. Assist clients with the staging and preparation of their houses for sale. Negotiate contracts so that the client receives the most favorable terms available.

Requirements: Current and current real estate license.

19. Occupational therapist

Average hourly wage: $44.29

Conduct patient evaluations to identify physical condition, limitations, and personal goals, according the job description. Confirm care plans with health care providers through communication. During patient sessions, offer counseling, support, and education. Create reports for patients, their doctors, and their families.

Requirements: Occupational therapy master’s degree and active state license.

20. Speech pathologist twenty

Average hourly wage: $48.42

Perform evaluations, diagnoses, and treatments for individuals with voice problems. Create a treatment plan that includes various activities and exercises based on the needs of the patient. Conduct individual and group counseling sessions. Collaborate with other health care providers to confirm and enhance care plans.

A valid state speech pathology license is required.

A part-time employment allows the freedom to spend time with family or explore other interests or income-generating opportunities. While these are high-paying possibilities for those seeking a part-time work, there are many others that may be more suitable for you. You may find it beneficial to run a salary comparison for any job title to determine the local average pay.

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