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20 most asked scholarship interview questions.

If you are invited for a scholarship interview, Congrats! you are one step closer to winning the scholarship.

Are you not sure of how to start preparing for the interview? We will be bringing to you 30 most asked scholarship interview questions, to prepare ahead for the scholarship.

20 most asked scholarship interview questions.

  1. Can you tell us about yourself?

This is the most common and popular of the scholarship interview questions. It is likely to be the first question you would be asked. You are to talk about your personality, achievement, skills and experiences.

2. Describe yourself

Talk about your personality that as to do with the scholarship. Mention the qualities you have in relations to growing the organization.

3. Describe the biggest mistake you have ever made

You should try to talk about the mistakes you have made and how you have learned from it.

4. Tell me your experience as a leader

If you have once headed anything probably as a class representative, President e.t.c, If you don’t have one you can talk about how people look up to you as their role model.

5. What made you choose this course?

Your answer might be why you have been dreaming to become a particular person. For instance, If you chose Law, state why you would love to become a Lawyer.

6. What was the subject you love best in school?

It is important you choose a subject related to the scholarship.

7. What do you love and dislike about school?

This question can be answered in different ways. You should be able to answer the question politely.

8. Which of the languages do you speak or write? 

You should be precise with this question and add other languages for more information.

9. Which problem do you think we are currently facing in the country?

Don’t branch into politics too much, make sure what you would be talking about is more of education or scholarship.

10. Where do you think you see yourself in the next five years?

Make sure what you would be saying is how the scholarship might help you in the next five years.

11. Why did you choose this school?

You should be able to portray the school as a good citadel, and how it would help you grow.

12. Why do you prefer the scholarship?

You should be able to state how the scholarship will help or benefit you.

13. How do you define failure

14. What is a new skill you would love to learn in college?

It might be a direct or indirect skill you will be learning in school.

15. Have you visited any country apart from the one you stay now?

If you have ever visited another country, you should be able to talk about what you have gained from the country. If you haven’t you should be able to discuss what you look forward to learn from another country.

16. What do you think can make you to be successful in college?

You should be able to discuss how you are ready to dedicate your time to your studies.

17. How do you want to improve your university?

This gives you opportunity to volunteer in both extracurricular and professional activities in the school.

18. Tell us about someone that helped change your life

You should be able to talk about someone who have changed you from negative to positive. It could be your parents, mentor, friends e.t.c

19. How do you spend your your free time?

You should be able to talk about what you achieve during your free time. Make sure it aligns with the scholarship.

20. What was the reason why you applied for this scholarship?

You need a financial assistance is just one of the right answers to answer this question. For example, if you chose Law you should be able to state how it can help your career.







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