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20 Essential Business Communication Apps for Your Company

20 Essential Business Communication Apps for Your Company!

As working from home becomes more prevalent in the modern workplace, it has become significantly more difficult for employees to interact and collaborate. Even more difficult for managers is the fact that managing a virtual team is difficult.

According to numerous experts, this lack of communication has weakened teamwork, camaraderie, and the office-wide capacity for creative thinking.

Nonetheless, businesses can avoid this possible issue by utilizing the numerous Business Communication Apps available for desktop and mobile — and many of them are free! By implementing these applications and making them an integral part of your day-to-day operations, you can still ensure that your employees are collaborating and available for meetings and deadlines.

Therefore, what should you search for? Here is a breakdown to help you get started. Here is a list of 20 Business Communication Apps to assist you in selecting the appropriate workplace tools.

List of the Business Communication Apps for Your Company

The following is a list of the Business Communication Apps for Your Company:

1. Slack

This Business Communication Apps has become the app of choice for business communication for millions of individuals across the world. This popular application has outrun and even outfunded its competitors. From a project management system to a digital office chat application, Slack has been embraced by workplaces across the globe and has undergone explosive development due to the increasing number of remote workers.

It may be used on a variety of devices and platforms, and you can communicate individually or in groups. It offers a free basic plan with an upgrade option to a premium package.

2. Basecamp 3

Basecamp is an additional real-time communication platform that facilitates remote team collaboration. This Business Communication Apps for project management has been lauded for its ability to ease activities, including resource planning and long-term scheduling.

The freemium service offers a range of features to increase the productivity of remote employees, such as the ability to work with to-do lists in bulk and use a concentrate mode to keep on track. Offices can always upgrade their accounts to gain access to an infinite number of users and projects, as well as 500 terabytes of storage space.

3. Wrike

Wrike has been a powerful and amazing project management platform for enterprises worldwide. The app’s adaptability, robust performance, and user-friendliness have contributed to the pre- and post-pandemic work-from-home trend.

This Business Communication Apps provide a free service that covers up to five teams and rudimentary features (tasks, folders, and projects). With its premium plans, you can take advantage of 24/7 customer service, enterprise-level security, and a vast array of features (two-factor authentication, user audit reports and business intelligence integration).

4. Skype

Business Communication Apps

How regularly do you Skype? If you are like many professionals in the modern era, you undoubtedly participate in video conferences frequently. In recent years, the service has seen a remarkable transformation, building a better connection and enhancing the whole customer experience. Skype was the dominant Business Communication Apps for a long time, and in many respects it still is, despite increased competition.

5. Zoom

If you work remotely, regardless of how frequently or infrequently, you have likely participated in a Zoom call. Zoom is an easy-to-use and dependable video platform with a variety of features, including audio conferencing, web chat, and webinars. Zoom is a modern workplace video communication solution. Its security has also vastly improved, especially considering how many users have complained about so-called Zoom Bombing and foreign government interference.

The variety of Zoom’s programs contributes to the brand’s allure. A free account permits up to 100 people, maximum group meetings of 40 minutes, and unlimited one-on-one meetings. The more you spend, however, the more options you have access to, such as social media streaming, one gigabyte of cloud recording, limitless cloud storage, and transcription services.

6. Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is a one-stop shop for digital workplace collaboration and project management, built for major enterprises and small businesses. Teams integrate the workplace, video conferences, file storage, and application integration.

One of Microsoft Teams’ most recent features is that it may be used for personal purposes, including text chat and video chatting.

7. Chitchat

Security has been one of the primary considerations for internal office communication in all offices. Chatwork has integrated security into its service, which offers users real-time communication, encrypted messaging, video chat, and file sharing. This Business Communication Apps identifies itself as an all-inclusive project management system, with a focus on security.

8. Facebook’s Workplace

Several years ago, Facebook sought to create a business-oriented version of Facebook that blended the concept of LinkedIn with project management. Workplace from Facebook was introduced in October 2016, and it has thus far received a great welcome but has not yet achieved the same level of popularity as some of its competitors.

Workplace offers many of the same advantages as Facebook, as well as elements found in its competitors’ products, such as video communication, collaboration tools, and cross-platform capability.

9. Connecteam

Business Communication Apps

Do you wish to communicate with each member of your team individually? Perhaps you should pay a visit to Connecteam, as their employee-centric company communication tool seeks to enhance employee engagement. What then? The application enables users to distribute enterprise-wide surveys, establish a real-time suggestion box, publish live polls, set up an organisational chat, and install an employee directory (you can call, chat or email the names, too).

Connecteam may finally have a solution for holding effective meetings if it learns what its employees want.

10. DialMyCalls

This Business Communication Apps is now one of the most intriguing business communications applications available. Unique in its business concept is the instantaneous sending of automated phone calls and text messages to complete contact lists. This is advantageous for businesses that wish to send urgent messages to the entire staff in a matter of seconds. According to the company, DialMyCalls has been accepted by corporations, schools, churches, retail, and other industries.

11. The Redboot

Redbooth is possibly the web’s best-kept secret about project management and commercial communication applications. The app has had a notable existence, undergoing rebranding and forming partnerships with Zoom and Apple.

Consequently, Redbooth has a vast array of features, including task management, real-time communication, role-based access permissions to projects, discussion forums, and time monitoring. These elements were designed to support a productive collaboration environment, which can be difficult to establish remotely.

12. Azendoo

Azendoo features everything you could possibly desire in a project management application, and more. Expect task cards, time tracking, task planning, boards, and organizational separators from this application.

Free trials of Azendoo are available, but there is a monthly fee per user.

13. Blogin

This Business Communication Apps has become an integral part of internal and external company communications. A corporate blog accomplishes multiple goals, including client engagement, news dissemination, and the showcasing of significant organizational advancements. Here, Blogin comes into play.

Blogin enables you to establish and manage an internal company blog that has been praised for its ease of use and platform for information sharing. Users have also praised its straightforward price structure, which includes no hidden costs and the option to cancel at any moment.

14. Trello

Business Communication Apps

Need a more efficient approach to organize your team’s workload? Consequently, it may be time to give Trello a try. It is a wonderful service since its visual Kanban boards allow you to provide as much information as possible to your coworkers.

You may create teams, generate boards, and cooperate with coworkers on various projects. Some believe it’s a terrific method to manage your personal life as well, but we’ll let you decide!

15. Channing

When you need to be incredibly productive, Chanty is your secret weapon. The Business Communication Apps provides a variety of functions, including file sharing, task management, and an endless mail archive.

Over the past year, the startup has evolved into a Slack alternative that leverages artificial intelligence bots to improve communication, cooperation, and focus on upcoming tasks.

What? collaborating with robots to increase productivity? At this point, it makes no difference.

16. Fuze

Do you require enterprise-grade cloud-based collaboration and communications software? If you are a small firm, Fuze may be the solution you’re looking for. The all-in-one Business Communication Apps boasts more than 70,000 small company customers, presumably because it is as easy as it gets and was created with the modern worker in mind, while retaining an enterprise-grade platform.

In other words, Fuze has perfectly combined the ideals of technological savvy and remote labor.

17.  StaffConnect 

StaffConnect has advertised itself as a platform that connects, engages, and reaches the officeless workforce. It aims to reverse the yearly $1 trillion in lost production due to disengaged employees.

The StaffConnect app offers a staggering amount of solutions, some of which are customized to your needs:

  • Mobile team management
  • Team development
  • Training
  • Internal communications
  • Participation analytics

18. Yammer

Business Communication Apps

Yammer appears to be another enterprise social networking and workplace communication program. Once you scratch the surface, though, you begin to notice some distinguishing characteristics that set Yammer apart from the competition.

Access to a Yammer network is governed by the user’s web domain, meaning that only persons with permitted email addresses can join their respective networks. A few other features? A Discovery feed that enables you to build on your existing work, absorb knowledge from others, and connect and communicate openly with colleagues across the organization.

Notably, the standalone service has been discontinued, but it has been incorporated into Microsoft Office 365.

19.  ProofHub

ProofHub is a centralized project management solution designed for collaboration and project completion. With the use of this technology, users have reported increased productivity, greater happiness, and faster assignment and project delivery timelines, according to research conducted internally.

According to a number of assessments, ProofHub’s absence of repeating task choices is one of its greatest shortcomings. However, this is mitigated by enterprise-grade cloud security and scalable features.

20. Amazon Chime

Business Communication Apps

Remember that this is Amazon’s universe, and we simply inhabit it. Chime is another instance of Jeff Bezos’ online shopping juggernaut expanding into a new area of the Internet.

Amazon Chime is a Business Communication Apps that enables users to meet, talk, and initiate business calls within and outside of a company or small business. Numerous technology aficionados have praised the tool’s Voice Connector, a solution that enables businesses to shift telephone workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

FAQs On Business Communication Apps

What are the communication tools?

These tools include mail, email, telephones, cell phones, smartphones, computers, video and web conferencing tools, social networking, as well as online collaboration and productivity platforms.

What is the most powerful communication tool?

Radio: One of the most powerful communication tools of the 21st Century. Despite the rise in social media and the emergence of the digital age, radio still remains one of the most powerful communication tools of the 21st century.

What is a communication app?

A communication app is a platform designed to make it easier for team members to work together.

Is there any app for communication skills?

The public speaking app Metronome Beats makes it easy to track the tempo of your speech. This way, you can achieve the ideal conversational pace of between 140 and 170 words per minute.

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