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20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree

20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree. Research, analysis, branding, and the development of relationships are all part of marketing, which entails promoting goods and services to consumers. Consider majoring in marketing if you enjoy coming up with innovative strategies to attract customers and advertise products to specific demographics.

You can apply your marketing knowledge and abilities you gain as a marketing major to work in a variety of industries.
This indicates that employers frequently seek people with a solid foundation of marketing and business skills to develop upon, as you might anticipate. That foundation can undoubtedly be built with a marketing degree, but it’s still a major choice. You should be aware of what you can do with a marketing degree and the nature of the labor involved in these professions before deciding on this career path.

20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree

A marketing degree can position you for success in a number of occupations. Having said that, keep in mind that the list of marketing positions below covers various levels of experience and skill; you shouldn’t, of course, anticipate entering a management position after receiving a degree with no prior experience.

  1. Advertising Sales Agents: This is one of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree. A marketing degree and paying six figures is that of an advertising sales agent. These business experts market the services of advertising agencies to prospective customers. They might be tasked with asking new clients for accounts, creating persuasive sales presentations, and haggling over advertising space rates.

    Although a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or communication is sometimes preferred, some firms may hire advertising sales agents without any official training in the industry. Most recently hired agents will also receive some on-the-job training.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is now a lot of rivalry for positions in advertising sales. However, those who are familiar with the theories and practices of digital advertising may stand a higher chance of landing a job.
    Southern New Hampshire University provides an online BS in Marketing with specialized courses in advertising for students looking for a quick route to a job as an advertising sales agent. For those who want to pursue an advanced degree in the area, the institution also provides an accelerated BS to MS option


2. Sales rep: Sales rep is also one of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree. They communicate product information and request orders; sales personnel interact with both current and potential consumers. They typically love connecting with others and making recommendations for goods or services based on each person’s particular requirements or interests.Typically, they form enduring bonds with their customers. Strong interpersonal abilities and a history in customer service can be beneficial. This is also another one out of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree. Although not all sales representative positions will demand one, those that concentrate on highly technical goods or services are more likely to have this requirement.

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3. Marketing Managers: The position of marketing manager is one of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree most well-known careers in marketing. On behalf of a firm or organization, these business specialists are in charge of carrying out the profitable marketing of a good or service. This procedure starts with research to determine the level of demand for a specific good or service, followed by the creation of an effective marketing strategy to boost sales.

A team of individuals is typically led by a marketing manager to create a multifaceted marketing strategy. They might also be required to meet with company officials to go through the plan’s specifics and get permission to put some marketing initiatives into action.

Marketing managers are in high demand right now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), positions for these professionals are expanding more quickly than those for other occupations. But because these professions are so profitable, there will be fierce competition for available positions. The best prospects for finding job will go to candidates who are skilled in digital marketing.

A marketing manager role normally requires a bachelor’s degree in the subject. According to the BLS, completing an internship successfully may give candidates a competitive advantage during the recruiting process. See here for a ranking of the best economical marketing bachelor’s programs

For students interested in pursuing a career as a marketing manager, Penn State University World Campus provides a flexible online Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree. Prerequisite courses in this 120-credit program, which is approved by the AACSB, include things like Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, and Introduction to Business Information Systems.

California State University-Fullerton provides a BA in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing for students who want an on-campus degree program. Principles of Marketing, Business Analytics, and Organizational Behavior are among the core courses needed for this degree. Students will also enroll in courses in the marketing concentration such as Marketing Information Technology, Marketing Research Methods, and Consumer Behavior.

4. Market research analyst:  Establishing a strategic direction for a business is never easy—and it becomes even more difficult if they lack a firm grasp of market trends and other important data. Market research experts can help with that. These marketing specialists are entrusted with compiling pertinent data and creating reports for corporate executives who are trying to decide how to best direct their marketing initiatives.

They might concentrate on a particular group of rivals, the market as a whole, or the internal tactics and strategies of the company they work for. No of the area of concentration, the job demands an investigative attitude and the capacity to understand frequently complex amounts of data in order to give other stakeholders a clearer picture. This is also one of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree.

5. Real Estate Brokers: When you think of occupations requiring a marketing degree, a real estate broker’s position might not immediately spring to mind. However, these careers have the potential for high salaries and are best suited for someone with a history in marketing. Promoting real estate properties, negotiating contracts, and creating the legal paperwork required for the sale of a residential or commercial property are just a few of the many responsibilities of a real estate broker.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as long as the real estate market is strong, there will be more work opportunities for real estate brokers. These opportunities are now expanding faster than normal.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing with a real estate specialization is available from Wichita State University. This curriculum, which includes classes like Principles of Real Estate, Promotion Management, and Marketing Research, is excellent for aspiring brokers.

Clarion University provides a BS in Business Administration in Real Estate with a real estate brokerage certificate for students thinking about enrolling in an online real estate program. Real estate law, organizational theory and behavior, and real estate marketing and brokerage are just a few of the courses offered in this track.

6. Public relations specialist:  Experts in handling the media and communicating in a way that reflects the organization’s ideals are public relations specialists. The public relations specialists are one of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree. They construct plans to build and maintain a positive public image for an individual or business in addition to reacting to requests for statements.

When handling a pressing PR issue, public relations specialists typically have good interpersonal skills and can solve problems fast. PR practitioners need to stay on top of things and be ready to respond to both anticipated and unforeseen challenges in today’s highly linked, digital environment were news spreads quickly.

7. Social Media Manager:  Online marketing has become increasingly important to businesses of all sizes. Social media managers plan their companies’ presence on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram and work to improve their brand perception. Marketing majors that are tech-savvy and have good writing and creative abilities would do well in this position.

Social media managers use their cooperation abilities as marketing majors to cooperate with personnel from various operating units of their companies. They must be able to persuade others and work well with others in order to elicit collaboration and excitement from followers, customers, and coworkers.

8. Copywriters:  Copywriting is one of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree. For a business, copywriters provide written content for a variety of uses, such as advertising, brochures, billboards, promotional text, and digital content. Their writing frequently includes pertinent and valuable information that is presented to consumers in a way that strengthens the company’s brand and raises awareness of a certain good, service, or event. They might work for a copywriting or advertising agency, or individually.

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9. Advertising and Promotions Managers: Managers of advertising and promotions have one more of the highest paying positions in the field of marketing at the moment. Managers of advertising and promotions specialize in employing a variety of media and monetary incentives to boost consumer interest in a good or service. These marketing experts may produce print advertisements, television and radio commercials, or digital campaigns on behalf of a firm or brand, depending on their specific function. They might also create marketing strategies that include special events, sponsorships, social media freebies, and coupons and discounts.

You’ll most likely require a bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising to be eligible for positions as advertising and promotions managers. To compete for jobs in this industry, you might need to take additional courses in internet marketing, social media marketing, and web advertising, for example, in addition to your academic training.
Grand Canyon University provides an online or on-campus Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing program for students interested in this career path. The Colangelo College of Business at the institution offers the degree, which includes foundational courses including Buyer and Consumer Behavior, Fundamentals of Business Finance, and Promotion and Advertising. This is one of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree.

The online marketing bachelor’s degree at Indiana Wesleyan University, with a focus on digital advertising, promotions, and branding, is another intriguing choice. The program has contemporary course titles like “Digital Branding,” “Information Technology for Marketing,” and “Advertising to Generations,” for example, and is accredited by the AACSB.

10. UX (user experience) research: UX is all about ensuring that customers of a certain product enjoy the experience the business desires. Although the design portion is fairly technical, the research portion requires many of the same skills as marketing research in order to determine what and how customers desire things.

11. Marketing Assistant:  Recent grads are frequently used as assistants by marketing experts to perform mundane chores and support activities. Marketing majors that specialize in event planning and organization can coordinate promotional campaigns. The ability to write and edit well is a skill that marketing studies have helped assistants develop. Assistants can improve their businesses’ online visibility by using their knowledge of social media tools.

12. Event managers:  Promotional, corporate, and social events are planned and executed by event managers. They are in charge of organizing a variety of events, making sure the target audience is interested and the event’s message is effectively sold. Events have a significant impact on an organization’s or brand’s performance.

You will plan parties, corporate incentive trips, conferences, seminars, and exhibitions as an event manager.
You will oversee every step of the process, from the planning stage to event execution and post-event analysis. The position is mostly hands-on and frequently requires teamwork.

13. Fundraiser: Fundraisers and others who work in development are essentially selling non-profit organizations to the general public. In this role, they determine the interests of potential contributors and create communications that highlight the vital services provided by their organizations.

The marketing major’s presentation and interpersonal abilities are used by fundraisers to make appeals to audiences of potential benefactors. Events are planned, advertised, and corporate sponsors are obtained.

14. Web content managers: Web content manager is one of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree. As a web content manager, you’ll make sure that a website has all necessary material and is organized in a way that is user-friendly. Additionally, you’ll maintain everything accurate and up to date. Web pages, photos, videos, blog entries, guest pieces, reviews, and occasionally social media and marketing text are among the types of material you’ll handle.

On larger sites, you will typically serve as a coordinator, commissioner, and project manager, supervising the work of other writers and editors. You may occasionally compose copy and edit the site yourself. You’ll establish content audits and schedules, which writers and editors use to keep text current and to schedule the creation of new content.
You will be an authority on the content management system (CMS) used by your company, producing user manuals, providing training, and collaborating with internal IT personnel and CMS developers to make sure the system is set up to match the demands of the company.

In order to make sure that the website’s material is appropriate for the target audience, web content managers often plan user testing and market research studies.

15. Publishing rights manager:  To ensure that a publishing company makes the most money possible, a publishing rights manager creates and manages publication rights for books and related products.Assembling overseas rights, selling rights to book clubs, reprint paperbacks, North American editions, serials and extracts, audio and electronic forms, and translations are a few examples of what this could include. This is also one of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree.

The entire process is coordinated by rights managers, from starting the sale of a publication to new contacts to making sure it is published on time. They communicate with editors and other publishers as part of their duties, and depending on the size of the organization, they might be responsible for the entire company’s publishing rights or only a small portion of it.

16. Project management specialist: Your task will be to build a strategic growth plan and the items that will help you get there. Marketing materials and determining what your customers want and need will play a significant role in this process. The majority of your work will be done in a corporation, but occasionally you will also work with clients.

17. SEO/SEM and digital marketing: Search engine marketing (SEM), which includes SEO, is not the same as search engine optimization (SEO). This is also one of the 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree. If you are skilled in both, you can find plenty of job that combines marketing and following the most recent web trends.

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18. Lead generation: If you have studied marketing, you are aware of the significance of quality leads. The sole responsibility of this person is to pique the customer’s attention. You have a choice of concentrating on this role or applying the talents in a more general marketing role.

19. Call Centre rep: A call center representative could perform tasks other than just providing customer care, such as telemarketing or assisting clients in troubleshooting problems. You might like this if you think that chatting with people all day sounds like fun.

20. Production artist: The production artist collaborates with the designers and art director to effectively carry out the concepts for the visual campaign. You’ll need to be technically proficient, artistically inclined, and marketing-savvy.

Did you know that there is a significant demand for many of the most profitable marketing degree jobs right now? You can explore topics like consumer behavior, international economics, and digital advertising while enhancing your financial situation with these exciting occupations. The 20 best jobs you can get with a marketing degree the occupations that merit your consideration are covered in the following article.


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