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20 Best Jobs for Introverts

Best Jobs for Introverts. Though introverts and extroverts can both be successful in any line of work, some jobs are more appealing to introverts than others. Many introverts may succeed in careers that call for specific skills. You can locate the right employment by learning about the professions that are more suited for people with introverted personalities. In order to help you with your job search, we’ve included the best jobs for introverts in this post, along with the national average salary and key duties.

Who is an introvert?

A person who exhibits the particular personality feature known as introversion is said to be an introvert. In contrast to extroverted persons, they often prefer individual activities and enjoy spending more time alone. Contrary to popular assumption, introverts can love being a part of social situations, such working on group projects, but it’s typical that after working in a group, they may prefer to spend some time alone to unwind and indulge in solitary pursuits, like reading or sports. They can relate to their emotions when they take the time to complete tasks alone.

Although introverts can usually handle the same responsibilities as extroverts, they tend to be happier working in occupations that require more independence and let them capitalize on their talents.

What should you look for in jobs for introverts?

An introvert need not be quiet and shy. In actuality, introverts may be really good at interacting with others and being fairly gregarious. While introverts are capable of carrying out the same tasks as extroverts, they generally prefer employment that let them utilize their core competencies and areas of strength. Therefore, the qualities of the ideal occupations for introverts include:

  • Place more emphasis on one-on-one interaction than public speaking
  • Prioritize solitary work over large-group collaborative sessions
  • Provide quiet rooms for solitary work instead of noisy, open workspaces, and encourage more one-on-one communication than public speaking.

Best Jobs for introverts

1. Animal trainer

  • $1,940 monthly is the average pay in the nation.

Primary obligations: An animal trainer teaches family pets and service animals housebreaking, fundamental obedience, and tricks. Additionally, they might prepare the animals for performance and competition or for the defense and assistance of those who are disabled. Depending on the animals they train and their areas of expertise, animal trainers are typically in charge of caring for animals as well as studying animal behavior, teaching dogs security and search techniques, teaching pet etiquette, and directing training sessions. These people may work for shelters, companies that produce entertainment, kennels, organizations that teach police officers, or they may run their own small businesses.

2. Research scientist

  • $6,726 is the average monthly wage in the country.

Primary responsibilities: Research scientists conduct tests and experiments in the laboratory and analyze data to draw conclusions. Writing research papers and reports, gathering and analyzing data, and conducting fieldwork are additional duties. Government agencies, academic institutions, environmental organizations, and for-profit companies are all potential employers for research scientists.

3. IT manager

$6,398 is the average monthly wage in the country.

Primary obligations: The security and operation of an organization’s information systems are organized by an IT manager. These experts oversee a company’s server and network infrastructure. You can anticipate handling software and hardware updates, controlling the technology budget, supervising junior IT staff, and responding to or assigning helpdesk concerns as an IT manager.

4. Executive chef

$6,121 monthly is the average pay in the nation.

Executive chefs are primarily responsible for making sure a kitchen is successfully managed. The executive chef is in charge of overseeing all food preparation, as well as coaching and managing kitchen staff. Additionally, they prepare menus, develop kitchen budgets, assess food orders, and guarantee that the food in a restaurant kitchen satisfies quality standards.

5. Software developer

$5,307 is the average monthly wage in the country.

Primary obligations: Application of engineering principles to the creation and design of software is the main emphasis of software engineers. Using computer programming languages, software engineers develop, test, and continually improve software programs’ efficiency and effectiveness. Databases, operating systems, networks, and applications are a few of the areas in which software engineers can specialize.

6. Accounting supervisor

$5,825 is the average monthly wage in the country.

Primary obligations: The day-to-day activities of an accounting department, such as the compilation of financial reports, data analysis, and organizational accounting policy, are overseen and managed by accounting managers. Directing and overseeing the activities of junior accounting personnel may also fall under the purview of accounting managers. Accounting managers are also in responsible of setting and upholding correct accounting procedures and standards.

7. Content supervisor

$6,066 is the monthly average pay in the nation.

Primary obligations: The evolution of a company’s content strategy is monitored by content managers. Creating an editorial calendar, overseeing content publication, and making sure that all content complies with corporate brand standards and business objectives are common duties. Content strategists and writers are typically under the direction of content managers.

8. Translator

National average hourly wage: £15.13
Primary obligations: To assist clients in translating documents, novels, and other sorts of written texts, translators employ their exceptional language and communication skills. Similar to copywriters, they frequently operate independently as independent contractors. Translators typically specialize in one or more language pairs. For instance, a translator specializing in one language pair would translate English to Spanish, but a translator specializing in two language pairings might concentrate on translating English to Polish and Spanish.

9. Paralegal

National average yearly wage: £23,137
Primary obligations: A paralegal is frequently a professional with specialized legal training or a graduate of law school. They frequently assist lawyers with their regular tasks and work for governmental organizations or law firms. For example, paralegals may specialize in criminal law, consumer law, mediation, personal injury, or employment law.

10. Product photographer

National average yearly pay: £23,807
Primary obligations: In order to help their companies’ marketing and promotional activities, product photographers are in charge of producing visually appealing images and layouts of their clients’ products. One or more specific categories of product photography, such as food photography, is a specialty of many product photographers. They frequently work for themselves, either from their own photo studios or from home. They provide several customers that only post their stuff for campaigns.

11. Video editor

National average yearly wage: £24,547
Primary obligations: A video editor is in charge of trimming, editing, and producing videos from footage shot by other people or for clients. They often require exceptional imagination, attention to detail, and computer and video editing skills. Although many video editors are independent contractors who serve a variety of clients, it is also possible for them to land a full-time position at a digital firm. Advanced editors with at least a few years’ worth of expertise will occasionally decide to launch their own creative firms and hire additional videographers and editors in order to expand their operations and boost their income.

12. A veterinary technician

National average yearly pay: £26,502
primary obligations: Typically, a veterinary technician works at an animal hospital or clinic. Their main responsibilities involve inspecting animals, taking their vital signs, taking blood samples, or rendering emergency first assistance. Numerous veterinary technicians work in research, care for animals before operations, or support veterinary surgeons during difficult procedures.

13 Librarian

£27,248 is the national average yearly pay.
primary obligations: A librarian is a specialist in charge of cataloging books, interacting with library patrons, and managing library operations. However, it is also feasible to follow this career by first getting employment as a library assistant. Librarians are often graduates in literature, information management, or librarianship. They frequently hold employment at institutions like universities and schools or at public libraries.

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14. Copywriter

National average yearly pay: £28,815
primary obligations: A copywriter is a creative specialist who offers writing services for press releases, landing sites, e-books, articles, and other types of marketing content. They could be in charge of producing original material or working on projects to localize content. Copywriters frequently operate as independent contractors for numerous clients or content companies. They can occasionally obtain full-time work at a single organization.

15. Researcher

£30,201 is the national average yearly pay.
primary obligations: A researcher is often an office worker who supports other specialists or scientists in their work by using their critical thinking and research skills. In addition to publishing their findings as academic papers, industry-specific documentation, or reports, some researchers may concentrate on doing so. Researchers may work at general research centers, statistics organizations, universities, or other educational institutions, depending on their area of expertise.

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16. Social media manager

National average yearly pay: £31,445
primary obligations: Social media managers are innovative marketers who are in charge of planning, producing, and posting content on social media. Scheduling photographs, videos, and associated marketing messaging to promote the goods of their clients or interact with their online audiences may be part of their daily duties. Many social media managers focus on community development, therefore their main objective is to grow the number of fans that follow a fan page or social media profile by distributing engaging and intriguing content tactics that are in line with a brand’s overarching message.

17. Exhibition designer

National average yearly wage: £32,320
primary obligations: Exhibition designers are talented people that collaborate with clients, such as organizations like museums or businesses like lifestyle or fashion brands. Their main responsibilities include creating exhibitions of every kind to satisfy client needs and enable them to more effectively exhibit their goods or works of art. In order to create intriguing visual concepts that are in line with the overarching marketing message of a brand or organization, designers must exercise creativity. Numerous designers focus on fabrics, color theory, or interior architecture.

18. Software developer

National average yearly pay: £43,033
Software engineers’ main responsibilities include investigating, planning, creating, and developing diverse software applications. They are experts in coding and frequently focus on one or more programming languages, like JavaScript or C++. Because most engineers can work remotely, becoming a software engineer may be the ideal job for an introvert.

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19. UX analyst

£45,041 is the national average yearly pay.
primary obligations: To better understand what kind of website or application layout a company may apply to better satisfy customers’ expectations, UX researchers study and analyze consumer behavior. UX researchers undertake both short- and long-term primary research and concentrate on people’s motivations and behaviors. They frequently collaborate closely with product managers, graphic designers, developers, and UX designers.

20. Accounting supervisor

£50,706 per year is the national average salary.
An accounting manager’s key responsibilities often include creating financial statements, maintaining the general ledger system, and assisting clients with their accounting-related problems. They frequently supervise the daily operations of the accounting divisions. Accounting managers frequently collaborate with other members of an accounting team and interact with clients, but because of the nature of their work, they are frequently able to do it from home.

FAQS on Best Jobs for Introverts

What job can a shy person do?

People with introverted personalities will do well as technical writers, as they typically work most of the time independently. Their writing duties include instruction manuals, product descriptions, how-to guides, journal articles, and other content that communicates technical information.

How successful are introverts?

Some may think that extroverts are the natural leaders. But the unconvinced may be surprised to learn that some of today's most successful business leaders are introverts. Consider this list: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer and Elon Musk. Yep, all introverts.

What course can an introvert study?

Accounting is one of those math-heavy majors that are perfect for those who enjoy doing detailed, analytical work on their own. Most accounting majors spend most of their time alone, learning how to prepare tax documents, financial reports, and the like. This makes it perfect for social introverts.

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