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20 Best DevOps Certification

20 Best DevOps Certification In 2023.

DevOps certification is a way to demonstrate the specialized skills and knowledge needed to be a successful DevOps engineer. These certificates are achieved by training, testing, and performance evaluation, and in this article, we will describe the best DevOps certification available.

Most firms need trained and skilled DevOps engineers who are proficient in DevOps’s fundamentals and technical aspects. Depending on your area of expertise and level of experience, a DevOps certification may be less costly. To obtain the greatest certification, it is important to select a credential in your current field.

What Is DevOps?

Before discussing the significance of DevOps certification, it is essential to have a basic understanding of DevOps. DevOps is an abbreviation for development and operations.

The development team (Dev) and operations department/function (Ops) communicate during all phases of software development. DevOps is more than just an automated tool or technique. It ensures that a product’s product and development objectives are in order.

DevOps Engineers are experts in software development, infrastructure management, and configuration. These professionals are also known as DevOps professionals. In recent years, DevOps has gained worldwide recognition, making it essential to hold a DevOps certification.

List of the Top 20 DevOps Certification

The following is a list of the Best DevOps Certification:

  1. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional
  2. DevOps Foundation certification training course
  3. DevOps Engineer Expert certification
  4. Certification for professional puppets
  5. Certified Kubernetes Administrator
  6. Docker Certified Associate (DCA)
  7. DevOps Engineering Foundation
  8. Nano-degree in Clouds DevOps Engineering
  9. Terraform Associate certification
  10. Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
  11. Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist
  12. Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE)
  13. Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)
  14. HashiCorp Certified: Vault Associate
  15. HashiCorp Certified: Vault Operations Professional
  16. Financial Operations Certified Practitioner (FOCP)
  17. Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA)
  18. DevOps Agile Skills Association
  19. Azure Cloud and DevOps Certification
  20. DevOps Institute Certification.

1. Professional AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

Best DevOps Certification

It is one of the Best DevOps Certification and is held in the highest regard by experts and professionals worldwide. This certification evaluates your DevOps skills in order to aid in your career development.

Validated abilities include the ability to construct CD and CI systems on AWS, automate security measures, confirm compliance, control and monitor AWS activities, install metrics and log.

2. DevOps Foundation Foundation Certification Training

As a novice in the DevOps world, this Best DevOps Certification is ideal for you. It will provide you with a thorough understanding of the DevOps ecosystem. You will be able to learn how to implement regular DevOps practices in your organization to minimize time to lead, accelerate deployment, and produce higher-quality software.

3. Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert Certification

This Best DevOps Certification is aimed for candidates and professionals who deal with companies, people, and processes, and who possess significant continuous delivery knowledge.

Enrollment in this certification program also requires proficiency in tasks such as implementing and designing techniques and products that enable teams to collaborate, converting infrastructure into code, performing continuous integration and service monitoring, managing configurations, and testing.

4. Professional Puppeteer Certification

Puppet is among the most used configuration management tools in DevOps. As a result of this influence, accreditation in this subject is highly recognized and may serve as evidence of your abilities. Applicants must have practical expertise with Puppet in order to pass this certification test, which evaluates their skill with its tools.

In addition, you will be able to use Puppet to manage the infrastructure of remote systems and will gain knowledge of external data sources, data separation, and language usage.

5 Certified Administrator for Kubernetes (CKA)

Popular container-based open-source technology used to manage workloads and services is Kubernetes. Earning CKA certification demonstrates your ability to manage and setup production-grade Kubernetes collections and complete a fundamental installation. Your knowledge of Kubernetes troubleshooting, cluster architecture, installation, and configuration, services and networking, workloads and scheduling, and storage will be evaluated.

6. Docker Certified Associate Certification 

The Docker Certified Associate evaluates the skills and talents of DevOps engineers who applied for the certification and were presented with significant obstacles.

These challenges are designed by professional Docker specialists in an effort to discover engineers with specific talents and abilities, as well as to provide the vital knowledge that will be most effective when interacting with applicants. To take this exam, you need have at least 6 to 12 months of Docker experience.It is also among the Best DevOps Certification.

7. DevOps Engineering Foundation

This Best DevOps Certification offers the DevOps Engineering Foundation credential. This is one of the greatest certifications for beginners.

It ensures a professional comprehension of essential DevOps principles, methods, and practices required to build an efficient DevOps deployment. This Best DevOps Certification examination can be completed online, making it easier for applicants.

8. Nano-Degree in Cloud DevOps Engineering

DevOps engineers will gain hands-on experience with actual projects during this certification. They will gain knowledge about how to plan, build, and monitor CI/CD pipelines. And will also be able to use professional approaches and microservices when employing Kubernetes and other such tools.

You must have prior expertise with HTML, CSS, and Linux commands, as well as a rudimentary understanding of operating systems, in order to begin the program.

9. Terraform Certified Associate

This Best DevOps Certification is intended for cloud engineers that specialize in operations, IT, or development and are familiar with the Terraform platform’s fundamental principles and skills.

Candidates must have production experience with Terraform, which enables them to comprehend which enterprise features exist and what actions can be made. Candidates are obliged to retake the certification examination every two years in order to remain current on industry developments.

10. Developer Certified for Kubernetes (CKAD)

Best DevOps Certification

The Certified Kubernetes Application Developer certification is ideal for DevOps engineers who are focused on passing an exam validating their ability to design, develop, configure, and expose cloud-native Kubernetes apps.

They have a thorough understanding of working with (OCI-compliant) container images, using Cloud Native application concepts and architectures, and working with and validating Kubernetes resource definitions.

They will be able to specify application resources and use core primitives to construct, monitor, and troubleshoot scalable applications and tools in Kubernetes after completing this Best DevOps Certification.

11. Certified Kubernetes Security Professional (CKS)

Certified Kubernetes Security certification focuses on Kubernetes application deployment security best practices. In the course of the certification, subjects are best grouped so that you may understand all the ideas and tools associated with Kubernetes container security.

It is likewise a two-hour performance-based test and is more difficult than the CKA and CAD exams. You must engage in extensive preparation prior to the exam. Additionally, you must possess a valid CKA certification to take the CKS exam.

12 Linux System Administrator Certified by the Linux Foundation (LFCS)

Administration of Linux is a necessary ability for a DevOps engineer. Obtaining a certification in LFCS is the first step on the DevOps career path before digging fully into the field.

This Best DevOps Certification is valid for three years. The certification must be renewed every three years by passing the LFCS exam or another recognized exam in order for the bearer to remain current with industry standards. The Linux Foundation now offers a Certified Engineer (LFCE) certification to applicants who desire to demonstrate their expertise in developing and implementing Linux systems.

13 Licensed Jenkins Engineer (CJE)

When we discuss CI/CD in the DevOps realm, the first tool that comes to mind is Jenkins. It is a widely-used open-source CI/CD platform for infrastructure management and application development. This Best DevOps Certification is for those who are interested in CI/CD tool-based certification.

14. Vault Associate Certified by HashiCorp

DevOps engineers are responsible for maintaining security automation in addition to infrastructure automation and application deployments. HashiCorp Vault is widely regarded as the most effective open-source technique for managing secrets. If you are interested in DevOps security or are responsible for managing the security aspects of a project, then this is one of the top DevOps security certifications.

15. Certified HashiCorp Vault Operations Professional

Vault Operations Professional is a certification of the highest level. It is suggested after earning the Vault Associate certification. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of these credentials, there is a list of topics you must be familiar with. Examples

  • Linux command line
  • IP networking
  • Public Key Infrastructure, comprising PGP and TLS
  • Network protection
  • Concepts and functionality of containerized infrastructure.

16 Certified Financial Operations Professional (FOCP)

The Linux Foundation offers this certification. FinOps certification delivers the most comprehensive training for DevOps workers interested in cloud spending, cloud migration, and cloud cost savings. If you fall into this category and are unsure about which certification to pursue, the FinOps certification is for you.

17. Certified Prometheus Associate (PCA)

Prometheus is one of the most effective open-source cloud monitoring tools. This Best DevOps Certification focuses on Prometheus monitoring and observation. It will assist you in acquiring an in-depth understanding of the principles of data monitoring, metrics, and dashboards using Prometheus.

18. DevOps Agile Skills Association 

This certification offers programs that assess professionals’ practical abilities and expertise in this industry. All team members must have a solid understanding of DevOps basics for the workflows to be improved and deployment times to be sped up.

19. Azure Cloud and DevOps Certification

In terms of cloud computing, this accreditation is useful. It is intended for those who are currently working with Azure cloud and those who aspire to become professionals in this industry. Microsoft Azure administration, Azure foundations, and other certifications relating to this sector are available as alternatives.

20. DevOps Institute Certification 

Best DevOps Certification

Additionally, the DevOps Institute (DOI) credential is one of the most important certificates. It provides the opportunity to collaborate with highly regarded experts in numerous fields.

The DevOps Institute has set a benchmark for competency-based DevOps education and credentials. Its comprehensive approach to certification focuses on the most up-to-date competences and expert skills required by enterprises embracing DevOps today.

FAQs On Best DevOps Certification

Is there a certification for DevOps?

DevOps certifications come from several sources, including Red Hat, HashiCorp, DevOps Institute, MIT, Linux, Jenkins, and more. Automation is a huge part of DevOps, and many of these certifications deal with the knowledge of cloud concepts, configuration management, and networking.

Which DevOps tool is in demand 2022?

Ansible is the preferred DevOps tool for orchestration, automation, configuration, and managing IT Infrastructures. The benefits of Ansible in DevOps are to respond and scale in pace with the demand.

Is DevOps high paying?

What is the highest salary offered as Senior Devops Engineer? Highest reported salary offered as Senior Devops Engineer is ₹45lakhs. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹32lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹42lakhs per year.

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