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20 best accredited online medical assistant programs

20 best accredited online medical assistant programs. Enrolling in quality certified online medical assistant programs is a terrific approach to launch a career as a medical assistant quickly and successfully. You may take advantage of some of the top online medical assistant schools in this post.

One of the healthcare professions with the biggest growth right now is medical assisting. Finding a vocation that is in demand and expanding is advised while looking for a medical profession to enter.

You have a better chance of finding employment and a secure job if your passion is aligned with a field that is rapidly expanding. The majority of these programs are available online and in community colleges.

Before we look at 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs that can help you launch a career in the field, let’s quickly go over some reasons why you might want to enroll in one of these programs.

20 best accredited online medical assistant programs 2022

How to enroll in an online medical assistant certification program

In as little as 10 minutes, you can submit an application for the majority of online medical assistant schools. Some programs demand an interview, and if you’re approved, you might have to wait until a certain date to begin. The majority of programs provide some kind of payment plan or financial aid, and while some require you to pay in full, many only ask a small deposit to hold your position.

 Advantages of Pursuing Your Medical Assistant Education Online

  • Availability and Flexibility: You can study for your medical assistant classes online whenever it is most convenient for you, whether that is early in the morning or late at night. Parents who are busy or people who might already be employed full-time will find this to be great.
  • No Travel: Online MA courses let you study in the convenience of your own home. There is no need to make recurrent weekly trips to a bustling campus. You can start learning for the day by just opening your laptop or turning on your computer.
  • Lower Costs: When you factor in the cost of travel over one or two years, online MA programs are often more economical than their on-campus equivalents. Less academics and faculty are needed to give your education because it is delivered online, and students benefit from these savings.
  • Faster Completion: The opportunity to finish an online MA program at your own pace is one of its main advantages. You can take as much time as you need to complete each course, and in many circumstances, you can finish the program up to six months sooner.

Should You Get a Certification for a Medical Assistant Online?

Working as a medical assistant is a terrific way to get started quickly in the medical industry and can help you decide if this is the right career path for you. Online programs are a terrific option for people who want a more flexible schedule and want to study at their own speed; they’re great for those who have other obligations like a work or family at home. Although many local community institutions offer a certificate in medical assisting.

Numerous programs are reasonably priced and, once completed, can lead to numerous work prospects. A bachelor’s degree in a similar subject, such as nursing, or more specialized certificates are two other options for career advancement.

Graduation Requirements for Medical Assisting Programs

An externship is typically required for online medical assisting programs. The 160-hour internship takes place in a medical facility, urgent care center, or private practice. Under the supervision of doctors, RNs, and medical assistants, students receive practical experience. Students turn in weekly timesheets. The supervisor’s comments might affect the final grade.

Some institutions mandate that students take a course in certification exam preparation or finish an exam review process while enrolled in the program. It can entail 1-2 hours of weekly specialized coursework. A certification can improve a new professional’s résumé. To graduate, however, students are not required to complete a certification exam.

Students pursuing online medical assistant degrees are required to improve their physical agility and strength. These demands include carrying heavy objects, covering lengthy distances on foot, and applying manual resistance to patients while they are receiving physical therapy. Physically challenged prospective students should think about their skills and look into healthcare-related degrees.

What are the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs?

  • Ashworth College: Since the institution’s founding in 1987, Ashworth College has established itself as a global leader in distance education, assisting more than 2 million students in obtaining degrees and career training. When you are accepted into the course of your choice, you can enroll at any time and begin your first class right away. The college’s online educational programs have produced more than 300,000 graduates from all around the world up to this point.This is one of the top 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs. The college offers an online certificate program in medical assistant studies that you can finish at your own leisure. Classes are focused on medical front office management, medical paperwork, and processing insurance claims because the program emphasizes administrative procedures. You will get access to online laboratories, reference materials, and a student site where you may finish instructional modules. Ashworth College also offers a useful smartphone app for students who are often on the go. Students profit from an encouraging online community that they maintain contact with via message boards, email, live chat, and webinars.

  • Rasmussen University-North Dakota: Medical assistant programs at Rasmussen University-North Dakota can be finished in one year or less, allowing students to save time and money on their education because they can get trained and start working relatively quickly. However, this does not imply that Rasmussen graduates lack preparation for the workplace. Graduates of the medical assistant program who complete it successfully are capable to doing routine medical operations such taking a patient’s vital signs, drawing blood, and performing EKGs. Students also learn how to collaborate with other members of the medical team and exhibit abilities like communication, critical thinking, and ethical behavior that they will need throughout their careers. It is one of the top 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs.

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  • Keiser University:

    Students at Keiser University have access to educational opportunities through both on-campus and online learning environments. This institution was ranked as the second-best online university in America in 2018 by the internet rating and review site Niche. The University is given excellent marks by the industry publication “Community College Weekly,” which singles out its associate degree programs in health professions and related subjects as being particularly exceptional.

    The University’s online MA program awards an Associate of Science degree to its graduates. Students are prepared by the curriculum to carry out common clinical duties like obtaining vital signs, providing electrocardiograms, and helping with small procedures. It also teaches students the administrative skills necessary to run a doctor’s office, such as billing, scheduling appointments, and processing insurance claims. A doctor or a licensed MA practitioner oversees the students’ training. This is also one of the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs.

  • Herzing University-Brookfield: The online medical assistant programs offered by Herzing University-Brookfield allow students to first acquire the necessary academic knowledge through online classes, and then to obtain practical experience through on-the-job training at healthcare facilities. Students taking online courses gain knowledge in healthcare administration, patient confidentiality, medical jargon, and insurance claims processing. Students also enroll in general education courses including psychology, arithmetic, and the humanities. Students take part in an externship where they receive 180 hours of instruction on the administrative and clinical tasks, they would be doing on the job in order to better understand the ideas they acquired online.

  • State Fair Community College:

    The State Fair Community College’s online courses have the same subject matter as those delivered in-person. In total, the College provides more than 260 online courses. Online students may occasionally be told to take proctored exams at locations in the real world. Students can submit an application for admission to classes starting in December or in July.

    State Fair Community College offers a 34.5 credit MA professional certificate course and a 61.5 credit Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting as two online medical assistant programs. This is one of the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs. The two courses’ MA-related curriculum are identical, but associate degree students must also complete general education requirements. In addition to learning office administration skills like appointment scheduling and billing, students also study clinical skills including how to take and record vital signs and how to administer injections. Both MA paths provide a capstone course that gives students the chance to do their own independent research.

  • Central Community College: The administrative medical office certificate program at Central Community College equips students with the information and abilities required to operate in the front office of a healthcare facility. In less than a year, students can complete this entirely online program and gain knowledge about a variety of medical assisting topics, including the laws and ethical principles that govern office activities, the duties of medical assistants, and the practical aspects of doing daily work, such as completing paperwork, interacting with patients, and running simple clinical tests.

  • Southwestern Community College: In its associate degree program for medical assisting, Southwestern Community College trains students for positions in government health agencies, hospitals, physician offices, and health maintenance organizations. Students graduate with the abilities necessary to find employment, including computer, laboratory, communication, coding, and ethical skills, regardless of where they want to work after earning their degree. This is one of the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs. Medical terminology, exam room procedures, anatomy and physiology, administrative office processes, and mathematical literacy are among the specific classes that are provided. This degree can be earned by students in around two years.

  • U.S. Career Institute:

    The U.S. Career Institute has prioritized distance learning since its founding in 1981. All of the Institute’s courses are self-paced and are designed to prepare students for certain careers. The online lessons steer clear of overly abstract lecture materials in favor of a clear presentation of useful content.

    There are four fundamental modules that make up the MA certificate program; these units contain online labs. Lessons cover administrative duties like comprehending medical terminology and insurance papers as well as clinical skills like taking vital signs and collecting lab specimens. The program takes a student four months to finish on average, but he or she has the freedom to go at the pace that feels most natural to them. This is one of the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs. The Institute advises all students to look for a practical field experience that will enable them to cement the skills they have learned online.

    A 16-month Associate Degree in Medical Specialties program is also available via the Institute; this program places more of an emphasis on administrative duties in medical practices.

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  • Lenoir Community College: Lenoir Community College’s medical assisting associate degree program requires students to take a mix of online and on-campus coursework one night per week. Students must satisfactorily complete prerequisite courses in math, reading, and English in order to be accepted into the program. Students who enroll in the program learn about how medical assistants assist doctors and nurses with procedures as well as carry out tasks like patient scheduling, billing, and coding. The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs and the Medical Assisting Education Review Board.

  • West Virginia Junior College-Morgantown: In addition to providing students with the training they need for their employment, West Virginia Junior College-Morgantown offers an online associate degree program in medical assisting that makes use of technology to provide students access to all the advantages that traditional students enjoy. West Virginia Junior College offers 24/7 tech support, academic assistance, and career counseling to help online students succeed in the program. This is also another one out of the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs. Students receive hands-on clinical instruction in EKGs, injections, phlebotomy, and laboratory procedures like running tests in a clinic. Additionally, although being online, students still get to experience a small classroom.

  • Liberty University:

    The online review service recently recognized Liberty University as the top supplier of online degrees in the US using data gathered from the U.S. Department of Education. The University is one of the few online learning institutions that allows students to receive extra credit for prior work experience or military service toward their academic goals and it is one of the top 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs.

    The two-year Medical Office Assistant associate degree program at Liberty University. The program covers medical terminology, diagnostic coding, risk management, confidentiality, and the impact of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 on the work that takes place in doctors’ offices. The emphasis is on the administrative aspects of an MA’s employment. Students must enroll in both general education courses and MA-specific courses in order to graduate. As a Christian university, Liberty University teaches its courses from a biblical perspective. The GED or a high school diploma are requirements for applicants.

  • Daytona College:

    Vocational education is the area of expertise of Daytona College in Ormond Beach. In 1996, the institution opened its doors as the Daytona Institute of Massage Therapy. Since then, it has grown to include degrees in cosmetology, nursing, and allied health. The college now offers online courses in medical assistance, medical billing and coding, and RN to BSN.

    The college grants both an MA Associate of Science degree and an MA diploma. Clinical applications and medical theory are combined in the coursework. Additionally, students will pick up fundamental abilities that will help them manage medical offices effectively. The MA coursework for the associate degree and diploma programs is the same, but associate degree students must also fulfill some general education requirements. This is one of the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs. Candidates for the diploma and associate degree will both be required to finish an actual externship at a medical office, an ambulatory care facility, or a comparable setting.

  • Herzing University-Orlando: Medical assistants play a crucial role in the healthcare industry and are responsible for a variety of tasks, including administrative responsibilities like setting up patient appointments and taking phone calls. They are also in charge of crucial clinical tasks like carrying out procedures, taking vital signs, and drawing blood from patients. Herzing University-Orlando offers medical assistant programs to prepare students for this crucial position. These programs combine theory and practice so that students can learn the guiding principles of the profession and gain practical experience performing the duties that employers expect of them. For students who are busy, the curriculum blends online learning with in-person instruction, giving them the best of both worlds.

  • Dakota College:

    The Bottineau campus of Dakota College offers online training in a variety of health care specialties, including nursing, paramedic technology, and health information management and it is one of the top 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs. Anyone with a high school diploma or a GED is eligible to enroll in the college since it is an open enrollment institution. Without a deadline, applications are taken on a rolling basis.

    A diploma or an Associate of Applied Science degree are both options for aspiring MAs. The same medical assisting courses are offered in both programs; however, the associate degree program also offers general education courses. A 180-hour Cooperative Education experience at a recognized medical facility is necessary for both MA tracks. The majority of the coursework focuses on clinical competencies like taking vital signs, administering injections, and preparing blood for lab testing, but there are also some lessons on medical transcribing and coding.

  • Eagle Gate College:Consider enrolling in Eagle Gate College’s blended-online medical assisting program if you’re interested in pursuing a career as one. They provide online courses and in-person training under the flexible blended curriculum concept to provide you the skills you need to start this lucrative healthcare career.

    This is one of the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs 2022. In as short as nine months at Eagle Gate, you can obtain your diploma and start looking for work as a medical assistant. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) offers the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) certification exam, which graduates of the school are also qualified to take (AAMA).

  • Purdue University Global:

    Purdue University Global offers a free three-week trial so you can decide if their educational style is the best fit for you. They do this because they are so convinced, you’ll find their approach to online education helpful. The institution essentially serves as the online division of top-ranked Purdue University.

    The school offers a 10-week MA certificate program that normally involves 15 hours of instructional time per week. A criminal history check is required for all students. Along with medical office processes, clinical skills are included throughout the program. While clinical experiences must be undertaken in a real location that has been approved by the school, coursework are delivered online. In order to receive their credential, students must additionally complete a 160-hour externship in a doctor’s office or an ambulatory care facility. It is one of the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs.

  • University of Southern California (USC):California’s Los Angeles is home to USC. It was established in 1880, and publications like Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Princeton Review Best Colleges Rankings, and U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Rankings have all named it one of the top colleges in the world.

    The college’s medical assistant program has received CAAHEP accreditation (Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs). It is one of the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs.

    It means that it complies with the requirements established by these organizations to guarantee high-quality instruction for students who wish to pursue certification as certified medical assistants after completing their degree at USC!

  • Penn Foster:

    The full academic, professional, and personal assistance that Penn Foster, a pioneer in distance education, offers its online students is one of its greatest strengths. You are free to start attending lessons whenever you are ready because the institution has an open enrollment policy.

    Although you can complete all of your coursework for the online medical assistant degree program at Penn Foster online, you might need to pass a proctored exam each semester. These exams can be scheduled for whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you. The MA Associate Degree is completed over the course of four semesters, and in addition to their MA-related curriculum, students are also required to take a few general education courses. Both clinical and administrative abilities are taught in MA-related subjects. To graduate, students must complete a 160-hour externship. They must also keep a journal about their externship experiences and track how their goals for education are being met.

  • Mercy College of Health Sciences medical assistant program: In just one year, become a certified medical assistant (MA)! The Mercy College of Health Sciences medical assistant program can open up numerous opportunities to earn a competitive pay while completing your certification and/or employer tuition reimbursement alternatives because this field is in such high demand. Earn your degree by taking all of your classes online, participating in two six-hour skills labs, and completing 160 hours of clinical practicum work with a nearby healthcare provider. Mercy College of Health Sciences medical assistant program is one of the 20 best accredited online medical assistant programs.

  • United Medical Institute (UMI):Leading supplier of distant learning, The United Medical Institute (UMI), provides approved online healthcare programs.

    They provide master’s degrees in medical assisting (MSMA), health care administration (MHS), and healthcare management (MSHM) (MSHM).

    You can work from wherever as a recognized college offers all three programs online.
    The MSHA program is designed for working professionals who desire to upgrade their skills or careers in medicine. It takes roughly 24 months to complete.
    A medical assistant who is already employed but wants to learn more about how best practices are being applied in various locations throughout the globe today through case studies and simulations should enroll in the 36-month MHS program.
    Last but not least, the MSHM program takes 48 credits, which, depending on your degree of accomplishment, cost around $18000 annually.

    It consists of both the prerequisites needed before beginning classes and the coursework itself, which consists of lectures and discussions led by professors who are experts in your field(s) and that are directly related to improving patient outcomes by better communication between healthcare providers like doctors, nurses, and other professionals.

    It means less time spent typing reports rather than directly interacting with patients, but still delivering high-quality treatment in accordance with regulations put forth by regulatory organizations like the FDA, so everyone knows what needs to be done once more.

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Students increasingly prefer accredited online programs for medical assistants. It’s because these programs are both reasonably priced and allow you to continue working while enrolled in them.

If you’re searching for something to help pay for your school and teach you the skills you need to succeed in this industry, it can be a terrific alternative!



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