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2-Year DPT Programs to Fast Track your Academics

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Pre-physical therapy students now have a better chance than ever before to fulfill their ambitions of becoming physical therapists because of 2-Year DPT programs.

We will discuss the 2-Year DPT programs you may enroll in and how you can use this post as a prospective student, a clinic owner seeking to recruit a recent grad, or an existing healthcare professional seeking additional information.

Since these 2-Year DPT programs will make you eligible for licensure and other professional prospects, it is advised that you study these programs at recognized and qualified universities that offer them as associate degrees or online degrees.

2-Year DPT Programs

You may evaluate whether 2-Year DPT programs is worthwhile by reading on to discover more about the two-year DPT programs in this article.

What is a DPT program?

What precisely is a DPT accelerated program, then? A DPT accelerated program, to put it simply, is a doctoral level physical therapy curriculum that allows students to earn their DPT in 24 months, or two years overall. This covers all licensure preparation for the NPTE as well as clinical rotations. In essence, the school is conducted in half online and half in the lab.

You will save a year’s worth of money on things like housing, books, and everyday living expenses even though 2-Year DPT programs are normally more expensive than a three- or four-year DPT degree program.

Benefits of 2-Year DPT Programs

The advantages of enrolling in 2-Year DPT programs are as follows:

  1. In only two years, you’ll make rapid progress and be prepared to enter the workforce.
  2. Your employability will increase, and you’ll have the choice of earning a degree in just two years.
  3. Spend less on living expenses, rent, and tuition.
  4. Make a good impression on potential employers by showcasing your capacity to work under tighter deadlines.

The Operation of 2-Year DPT Programs

The same modules and content as a three-year degree would be covered in a two-year DPT program, but it would be completed faster.

There would still be three semesters in each school year, but there would be fewer or no summer breaks and shorter pauses in between.

Even while it would seem like a bad deal, you would graduate and be prepared for the workforce earlier than students enrolled in programs lasting three years or longer, which has its own benefits.

Additionally, committing to a two-year physical therapy degree takes a lot of time, but the correct program will adequately prepare you for the field.

2-Year DPT Programs Courses

Although the precise classes you take will depend on your program, below is an example of a course list for physical therapy school:

  • Anatomy
  • The foundations of movement
  • Research techniques
  • A clinical setting
  • Fitness physiology
  • Exercise guidelines
  • Biomechanics and kinesiology

The Students to Benefit most from 2-Year DPT Programs

2-Year DPT programs are ideal for students who are comfortable and flexible with online study. Students who have taken numerous online courses in the past would be more suited to succeed in a doctoral program that is primarily online. But don’t misunderstand, there are no short cuts in online DPT programs! It’s essentially completing two years’ worth of online coursework in one summer.

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Students that shouldn’t Attempt 2-Year DPT Programs

Students who have completed the most, if not all, of their prior schooling in a typical school context are the kind that wouldn’t do well in an accelerated DPT program. For instance, a steroid-boosted online accelerated DPT program would be a startling surprise for someone used to the pace and structure of a standard four-year university study.

2-Year DPT Programs

Top 2-Year DPT Programs

1. Arcadia University 

The Arcadia University Hybrid Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) curriculum equips future physical therapists with the skills necessary to become cutting-edge, patient-focused professionals. The school’s curriculum is meant to be provided via a mix of online lessons, immersions on campus, and clinical education opportunities.

A licensed physical therapist will supervise the students during their eight weeks in an inpatient or outpatient setting. This will be followed by a 24-week full-time clinical internship.


2. Baylor University

The goal of Baylor University is to improve societal health by providing cutting-edge physical therapy education, connections, research, and leadership.

You can complete the requirements for your degree in two years thanks to the unique hybrid Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) curriculum offered by this physical therapy school.

In order to prepare you for a career as a physical therapist and a servant leader in this vital industry, their blended learning approach blends online learning best practices with on-campus lab immersion sessions and clinical education experiences.

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3. South College

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at South College features a two-year DPT blended-learning format, giving students a flexible semi-online alternative for pursuing a career in physical therapy.

Your future career in physical therapy will advance more quickly because to the collaborative post-professional residency programs, clinical education program, and creative curriculum.

This curriculum comprises 31 weeks of full-time clinical education in a variety of settings, an 8-week experiential component, and a 23-week terminal clinical experience in addition to 65 weeks of classroom teaching divided across 5+ academic quarters.


4. Tufts University

The accelerated hybrid education model used by Tufts DPT programs is created to produce high-performing healthcare professionals who can fulfill the needs of team-oriented healthcare in the twenty-first century and promote the health and wellbeing of various groups.

Keep in mind when applying to Tufts’ DPT programs that those who enroll in DPT Boston must attend clinical skills labs there, as opposed to those who enroll in DPT-Phoenix, who must attend skills labs there.


5 Transitional DPT at Andrews University

The transitional two-year DPT program at Andrews University provides advanced training in medical screening, differential diagnosis, clinical leadership and administration, imaging and laboratory science, prescription of therapeutic exercise, education, and research for working physical therapists.


6. Transitional DPT from Shenandoah University

Students at Shenandoah University get an education that prepares them to be ethical, compassionate citizens who are committed to making meaningful contributions to their neighborhood, country, and the wider globe.

Their two-year DPT program is unique in that it equips working physical therapists with the critical thinking and evidence-based practice abilities necessary to advance to doctoral-level clinical practice.


7. Transitional DPT at the University of Michigan – Flint

Physical therapists in practice who want to add a DPT degree to their bachelor’s or master’s degree can enroll in the Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT) program at the University of Michigan-Flint.

The t-DPT curriculum advances your knowledge and abilities, broadens your clinical viewpoint, and equips you with the skills necessary to practice physical therapy at the doctoral level.


8. Transitional DPT at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Physical therapists who hold a license and want to get a PhD degree in physical therapy can enroll in this two-year program. The program blends on-going clinical application with distant learning and web-based training.

Therapists are able to continue working while completing this advanced degree thanks to the web-based education.


2-Year DPT Programs

fAQs on 2-year DPT Programs

Do DPT Programs last for two years?

It's true that a few of colleges offer two-year DPT programs.

Two-year DPT degrees would be Advantageous to whom?

For senior students who must balance their studies with other obligations like employment and family, a shorter course may be the best option because it would allow them to return to the workforce sooner or maybe avoid having to pay for childcare for an entire year.

How are Two-year DPT programs Structured?

All of the courses and content from a three-year degree would be included in a two-year degree, but it would be completed faster.

What Physical Therapy Specialties have the Highest Salaries?

Five high-paying specializations for physical therapists are listed below:

1. Sport psychology

2. Cardiovascular.

3. Geriatrics.

4. Neurology.

5. Pediatrics.

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