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18 Best Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent

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18 Best Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent.

As countries recover from the consequences of COVID-19, the labor market appears to be thriving rapidly across the globe. The number of job openings in the United Kingdom has reached a new record high of 1,3 million, however the situation varies considerably among EU member states. In the United States, job openings increased to 10.9 million in December 2021.

This means that the recruitment market has become extremely competitive for recruiters. Any firm desiring to achieve a competitive advantage and differentiate itself must use successful hiring tactics. In this post, we shall examine various novel strategies.

List of the Best Recruitment Strategies

The following is a list of the Best Recruitment Strategies:

1. Create your employee value proposition

Best Recruitment Strategies

One of this Best Recruitment Strategies is creating your employee value proposition. A value proposition for employees is the primary reason why employees want to work for your firm. It emphasizes the attributes that characterize the “employee experience.”

Include specifics of your wage and benefits package in your EVP. Prospective employees are also interested in learning about your company’s development prospects, fascinating and varied work, employee empowerment, and employee wellness, so be sure to mention these as well. Additionally, you must emphasize your organization’s culture and principles, such as diversity and inclusion, green credentials, and good management techniques.

Publish your EVP on the career page of your website, share it on social media, and include a link to it in your job postings and candidate packets.

2. Establish your employer brand

Many people believe that the employer brand and the marketing brand of an organization are the same, although they are actually quite distinct. Employer branding is concerned with how prospective employees perceive your firm. It is your reputation in the employment market. According to research provided by LinkedIn, 75% of job applicants examine an employer’s brand before applying (PDF).

Employee branding and the EVP are closely related. This Best Recruitment Strategies involves ensuring that your recruitment messaging is consistent across all platforms and that it conveys to prospective employees that your firm is a good employer and a fantastic place to work.

Consequently, it is prudent to recruit the assistance of your marketing staff in order to align your employer and company brands.

3. Publish insightful articles

Another form of Best Recruitment Strategies is publishing articles. 70% of the world’s talent is inactive, waiting to be seduced by a better work opportunity, according to LinkedIn data (PDF). Visibility to these passive individuals through thought-provoking and motivational articles about breakthroughs or the most recent thinking in your field may compel them to act.

Sites like LinkedIn, Medium, and Beam provide the opportunity to engage a worldwide audience. Your current staff is familiar with your business and industry, so utilize them as content contributors.

4. Run an advertorial

An advertorial is a form of advertising disguised as editorial material.

Consider your advertisement as if you were a journalist. Create an engaging narrative about your workplace that demonstrates why your firm is an excellent place to work. You may, for instance, discuss your practice of work–life balance and how you achieved it. Include quotes from your employees regarding how this will help them.

Instead of simply advertising openings, you can develop awareness of your employer brand’s voice as a recruitment approach. Include a link to your careers page on your website, and use industry- and role-specific magazines to reach the appropriate audience.This is another Best Recruitment Strategies.

5. Establish a mechanism for employee referrals

Employee referral programs can be an excellent incentive for your present employees and can assist firms in quickly locating the talent they need. This Best Recruitment Strategies entails sourcing prospects through referrals from current employees or your professional network.

It is usually a good idea to formally establish standard protocols for communicating openings to your personnel and accepting employee referrals. You may need to establish a budget, as referral programs typically contain a reward, such as a bonus, gift cards, or extra time off.

ERPs have the advantage that your staff are familiar with your organization and can determine if the candidate they suggest is culturally compatible.

6. Utilize gamification

Gamification is currently a buzzword in nearly every business. This Best Recruitment Strategies is the application of gaming science and behavioral psychology to motivate individuals to perform in a particular way, whether they are job applicants, employees, or customers.

In recruitment, gamification is the purposeful endeavor to reproduce job-like events and scenarios within a game environment in order to encourage and engage users; those that do the best are likely to be interviewed and recruited.

If you are considering employing this method, you should consider the following questions:

  • What style of game is this going to be?
  • What does success in recruitment look like?
  • How will it be aligned with the required work skills and knowledge?
  • How will results be measured?

7. Get social

According to the Recruiter Nation survey conducted by Jobvite, 92% of recruiters utilize social media to identify qualified applicants. A significant portion of people’s life takes place on social media, and this includes not only their social lives but also their job searches via online recruiting channels.

On social media, one size does not fit all; material that works on Instagram may not always translate to LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. Determine the locations where your target audience frequents and adapt your content accordingly.

You can also reward your employees to share job openings on their social networks. Use analytics to track engagement data in order to determine the most successful channels.

8. Film a recruitment video

As part of a Best Recruitment Strategies, employee-created videos may engage and attract the best candidates. Videos may make it simple for your current employees to convey their personal experiences about working for your firm, allowing you to highlight the individuals that make your organization a fantastic place to work. They also aid in establishing a solid employer brand.

A strong recruitment film introduces the firm, its culture, workers, and value to prospective applicants in a clear, simple, and direct manner. The purpose of the film is to help candidates understand what your organization does and how they would fit in.

Post the video to social media and the career page of your website. Additionally, you may include a comments box to engage readers.

9. Use virtual reality

Best Recruitment Strategies

Virtual reality is currently one of the Best Recruitment Strategies and trends in the tech industry, following recruitment videos. VR recruitment is the use of virtual reality to entice prospective candidates to join an organization.

Create virtual office tours to showcase your office setting. Provide applicants with a more realistic and immersive view of the position and the individuals they will be working with.

Use links to your virtual resume in job postings, social media, your careers page, and any correspondence with applicants. As a result of individuals sharing the link, this strategy will increase your talent sourcing. It will assist in enhancing your employer brand as an organization that stands out in a competitive job market.

10. Start a podcast of employee testimonials

Podcasts have exploded in popularity. Listeners love to hear from “actual” people, so what better approach to promote your company’s employment opportunities than to have your employees tell others?

A podcast (between 10 and 20 minutes in length) in which an employee or group of employees discuss their personal experiences at work, possibly with an interactive Q&A segment, can market your company considerably more successfully than a properly crafted advertisement.

11. Redesign the selection procedure

Most firms that post job openings receive a large number of responses, not all of which are of excellent quality. This can waste considerable time and resources when sorted. Therefore, modernizing the recruitment procedure to incorporate relevant skills tests during the application phase can automate the screening phase, resulting in the selection of just the most competent individuals.

In addition to allowing applicants to demonstrate their abilities, this Best Recruitment Strategies techniques provides failing candidates with automated feedback on their test results.

12. Treat your applicants like you would your clients.

The majority of businesses provide their consumers with guidance on how to interact with the company, place an order, and get answers to frequently asked questions. Why not provide the same courtesy to prospective employees?

Providing candidates with guidance on how to organize their applications and interview advice, for instance, would not only assist them but also demonstrate your concern for your staff. It will also save you time in the long run, since you will receive great applications if they adhere to your instructions.

13. Host business events

You may even hold a regular online round table for these events. The objective is to become acquainted with influential employees and thinkers in your business, and for them to become acquainted with you and your organization.

This Best Recruitment Strategies will not only provide your organization with access to a new pool of possible candidates, but it will also help to market your employer brand.

14. Make a milk run

It has nothing to do with milk delivery. This tried-and-true Best Recruitment Strategies  has been successfully utilized for decades. The objective is to allow university students to meet some of your company’s employees, learn about possible prospects, and discover the development programs you provide.

Recently, milk rounds have been conducted online, which has the benefit of reaching more universities both domestically and internationally. Hiring recent graduates is an excellent approach to cultivate your own ability.

15. Provide apprenticeships.

This is yet another Best Recruitment Strategies technique to develop your own abilities. Apprenticeships are currently available in a wide variety of fields, including human resources, project management, technology, and marketing.

Apprenticeships are an excellent approach to retrain individuals with transferable skill sets who will likely have multiple careers during their working life.

16. Develop your own reservoir of talent

By establishing a careers page on your organization’s website, you can invite potential candidates to express interest in working for you.

Send periodic newsletters, job alerts, or links to your company’s blog to maintain their interest when there are no openings. This database has the potential to be an invaluable recruitment tool.

17. Maintain contact with former employees

Even if a former employee has left your organization, they may be interested in returning for the right position.

If the employee left on amicable terms, perhaps to advance their career, they may consider returning when a more senior position becomes available. You receive not simply a candidate who is familiar with your organization, but also one who has learned new skills and expertise along the road.

18. Invest in executive search

Best Recruitment Strategies

When you consider headhunting, headhunting consultants may come to mind; they are a highly beneficial resource. However, many organizations do recruitment utilizing social networking platforms like LinkedIn.

After reviewing a candidate’s online profile, members are able to send them direct messages informing them of job openings in their organizations.

FAQs On Best Recruitment Strategies

What are 3 C’s of recruitment?

The best recruitment processes should contain the 3 Cs - Clarity, Communication and Closure - and should always manage expectations.

What is the most practical recruitment style?

Experiment with social media. If you're already active on the most popular social media (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), one of the most innovative recruitment methods is to try recruiting in niche channels.

What are the 3 types of recruitment?


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