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15 Sites that Pay You to Do Homework for Other People

15 Sites that Pay You to Do Homework for Other People!

Remember how you absolutely despised doing schoolwork when you were younger? You may dislike it a little less now, owing to the internet. As this is the Internet, you can get paid to complete other people’s schoolwork from the comfort of your own home (and behind your PC screen).

If this sounds like a terrific way to earn additional money on the side and you possess the necessary intelligence, why not give it a shot?

List of Sites that Pay You to Do Homework for Other People

The following is a list of Sites that Pay You to Do Homework for Other People:

1. OneClass

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With its Homework Help solution, this Sites that Pay You to Do Homework not only pays you to complete other people’s homework, but also to share your study notes with other college students attending the same courses. In other words, you get compensated for attending class and completing homework.

OneClass’s system is based on credits. You get 25 credits for each accepted document you upload, or 75 credits if you’re an Elite Note Taker. These credits may be used for gift cards to prominent merchants like as Amazon, Starbucks, and Domino’s, or even cash.

You can also earn credits by accumulating badges and inviting others to join OneClass. And the best thing is that it is open to university graduates as well; you do not need to be a current student to participate!


This Sites that Pay You to Do Homework is an online tutoring service comprised of a network of qualified teachers, college professors, graduate students, and professionals with master’s degrees, doctorates, and Ivy League credentials.

It’s free to join, but you must be a resident of the United States or Canada and eligible to work there. In addition, you must be at least a sophomore in college or hold a degree from an authorized US or Canadian university.

The application procedure can take between one and three weeks to complete. After your application is accepted, you will be invited to take (and pass) an exam in one of their 21 challenging disciplines (including physics, maths, business law and essay writing). You must next participate in a trial session and pass a background check before you can begin coaching students of all ages and assisting them with their assignments. Hourly rates are determined on the subject earned.

3. PaperCoach

PaperCoach (@_papercoach) / Twitter

This Sites that Pay You to Do Homework offers custom paper writing services to high school, undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students, as well as anybody else who requires assistance with their course work, book reviews, essays, dissertations, admission essays, CVs, cover letters, business plans, etc.

They rely on specialized LinkedIn groups to recruit writers, but you can submit a CV for consideration as a speculative application. The good news is that you do not need to be a US resident to apply, even if the company is situated in the United States.

Depending on your academic level, the intricacy of the work, and the deadline, you can earn $8 or more per page.

4. HashLearn

HashLearn is an Indian mobile tutoring application that links instructors with students in grades 8-12, JEE, NEET, and CET who require assistance with their homework. As a tutor, you will assist students with their doubts in a number of areas, including chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

To become a tutor in India, you must be a resident of India. Once you’ve selected your areas of expertise, you can begin accepting tutoring requests anytime you’d like, straight from your phone, and you’ll get compensated for each session you accept.

5. Chegg

This Sites that Pay You to Do Homework is likely one of the most well-known online tutoring websites available today. It selects tutors from prestigious universities for a range of high school and college disciplines, such as computer science, mathematics, accounting, French, biology, and mechanical engineering. There are literally thousands of disciplines to select from, and it is simple to apply to become an instructor in your area of expertise – the greatest part is that you may join from anywhere in the world.

When you become a tutor, you’ll be able to connect with kids in your area who need assistance at your convenience. You are paid weekly (usually $20 or more per hour), and you may download the Chegg app to stay connected while on the move.

6. Eduboard

This Sites that Pay You to Do Homework enables students to request assistance in more than 30 subject areas, including mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Students make requests for assistance with homework, essay writing, assignments, and anything else, and you may bid on any of them. Once a month, payments are made with a 20% commission subtracted.

To become an Eduboard online tutor, you must be in your senior year of college or have graduated from an accredited university in Canada or the United States. You can set your own prices, with Q&A-based support typically ranging from $2 to $25 per question.

7. School Solver

This Sites that Pay You to Do Homework is a well-known homework and assignment help platform that has been recommended by industry titans such as Forbes, Mashable, and TechCrunch. School Solver describes itself as the “marketplace for school homework.”

Students ask questions in virtually any subject imaginable, and your responses can be purchased not only by the student who posed the question, but also by subsequent students. In situations where you would ordinarily earn, say, $5, you may potentially earn as much as $500 over time.

8. Help with Assignment

Help with Assignment is comprised of PhD professors, MBA corporate leaders, writers, bloggers, teachers, mathematicians, historians, and scientists whose mission is to assist students with their assignments in areas such as law, mathematics, marketing, and nursing.

To become an online tutor at Help with Assignment, you must have at least two years of work/teaching experience and a master’s or doctoral degree in your subject area. Before you can assist students in improving their Excel skills, for instance, you must also pass a series of tests.

9. Growing Stars

Growing Stars (@growingstarsinc) / Twitter

This Sites that Pay You to Do Homework, which is based in the United States, is another great website to make money online by assisting students with their homework. You will primarily work with students in grades 3 to 12, offering approximately two hours of private tutoring per week in your area of expertise.

To apply to join the team of online tutors at Growing Stars, you must complete the candidate registration form and submit your resume. You must also have a background in your chosen field, from C++ programming to creative writing, biology to chemistry.

10. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the top internet resources for finding freelance jobs such as website design and translation. Additionally, you can seek out and apply for opportunities to assist students with their homework.

Joining is free and simple, and you can establish your own prices. Simply create a public profile and begin applying for relevant positions.

11. Upwork

Upwork essentially performs the same function as Freelancer. It allows individuals to post projects that need to be completed, and freelancers to bid on those that interest them and match their talents. You determine your own prices, and there are no registration fees; however, you will be charged a commission on each project you complete.

12. Homework Market

This Sites that Pay You to Do Homework is a portal that links students with tutors for homework assistance. Although a tutor’s typical duties do not include completing students’ homework assignments, this website allows users to earn money by doing homework for others. You can also edit homework papers and answer particular questions for a wide range of courses, including chemistry, engineering, environmental science, geology, and history.

After establishing a profile and listing your expertise, you determine your pricing. Estimates range from $5 to $25 per homework assignment.

13. Studypool

Working at Studypool | Glassdoor

Studypool is a microtutoring platform that allows you to bid between $5 and $20 per response on students’ homework questions. The website’s Notebank contains more than 20 million academic texts from hundreds of colleges in 150 countries.

Despite the fact that anybody can bid on any question, students will analyze profiles, statistics, and ratings to make their final decision, so take the time to create a compelling profile. However, the only thing student users will consider is your degree.It is also regarded as another Sites that Pay You to Do Homework.

14. Wyzant

Since 2005, Wyzant has been the go-to website for students looking for tutors. The online marketplace for services use its education technology to link the appropriate teachers with the appropriate pupils. Tutors that have been approved and verified by the Wyzant team earn an average of $30 per hour.

This Sites that Pay You to Do Homework offers a variety of features, including online private courses, real-time video chat, and an interactive whiteboard for inputting documents and drawing calculations. In essence, Wyzant is an online classroom.


24HOURANSWERS.COM - Reviews | online | Ratings | Free

When students want the fundamentals – and quickly! – they can find them on our website. is among the top available solutions. It is a website devoted to assisting college students with their homework, giving online coaching, a library of academic answers, and assignment support.

After displaying your credentials and proving your English competence, you may provide an estimate of how long it would take you to finish the assignment. It is then your responsibility to negotiate a rate with the pupils, which averages around $13 per hour. It is a straightforward process for both parties: the problem is uploaded, the tutor and student meet, money is made, and the homework help is accomplished.

FAQs On Sites that Pay You to Do Homework

Is there a website to pay someone to do your homework?

TutorBin take care of your homework for you. If you are struggling with the on-time submission of your homework, then sure you can pay us to do your homework. We are the bridge between you and your top-quality, finished homework.

Can you make money doing homework for others?

OneClass. Apart from paying for completing students' homework using its Homework Help solution, OneClass also allows you to share your own study notes with other students who have enrolled in the same university courses as you. Thus, it gives you the opportunity to earn for doing homework and going to class as well.

Is Helpwithassignment com legit?

Executive Summary. Helpwithassignment claims to have a huge team of talented writers to help you with your assignment and more than 10,000 happy students among their customers. However, it seems that helpwithassignment ratings are fake, and you will not get what you have paid for.

Can you make money on Studypool?

Tutors can make great money on a platform like Studypool. Some of Studypool's top earners make upwards of $100,000 a year. That's outstanding for tutoring or for posting documents online! Salary postings on sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed show tutors making an average of over $2,000 monthly.

What app can pay you?

Swagbucks is a recognized leader in the online survey space. The long-running app has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars to users over the years. You can earn rewards for shopping online, answering surveys, playing games, and watching videos (read: ads). Cash out for gift cards from major retailers.


These are only a few of the greatest websites that pay you to assist children with their homework. There are further options to earn extra money, such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, where you are compensated for answering surveys, trivia questions, and daily polls.

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