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15 Highest paying jobs with a history degree

Highest paying jobs with a history degree. It’s not as difficult to find a history degree job as you may expect for history degrees. They have probably asked you what you can accomplish with a history degree, whether you intend to study history or already have. This is so because there are detours along the way from a history education to a career.

Many history degrees choose occupations that, on the surface, seem to have nothing to do with the subject of history. Jobs that a history degree can lead to include event planning, office management, and journalism.

However, a new analysis by Benjamin Schmidt and the American Historical Association indicates that fewer American college students than in the past are majoring in history.

Since 2011, the quantity of history BAs issued each year has decreased more sharply than that of any other undergraduate degree. History undergraduates are still in short supply, with just 5.3 degrees per 1,000 students, even after accounting for growth in the number and variety of college students.

For history majors, there are still a number of lucrative positions available. The 15 high-paying jobs for history degree are included in this article, along with information on whether or not work experience is necessary and how to apply for any of the high-paying positions for history majors.

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For history degree, is work experience required for high-paying positions?

Every high-paying position requires work experience, just like this one. Whether it takes the shape of internships, voluntary work, or even legitimate employment. If they didn’t appreciate you, they wouldn’t pay you so much; value can only be demonstrated by the value of the work you produce. Without prior work experience, you would have a very tough time doing this.

Pre-entry work experience is highly regarded in the museums and cultural industry when looking at employment for history students. Find volunteer or internship opportunities in the industry of your choice. For instance, try to obtain experience working with museum collections if you want to become a curator. Take advantage of all chances to broaden your network of connections and develop the abilities necessary for your desired career.

Internships offer more structured job experience and are often well-advertised, making them easier to discover if you wish to work in a different profession, like finance or law. Since there is a lot of competition for positions, research the company before applying. In either case, you need to have a particular amount of experience to be paid what you really desire when it comes to employment for history majors.

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What Skills do you need for High-Paying Jobs for History Majors?

Some of the qualifications you must possess to be sure you land a high-paying position as a history major are:

  • Interpreting historical events

To interpret something historically significant requires close analysis and conclusion-making. This skill helps those with degrees in history relate historical events to contemporary issues. You can develop your capacity to interpret history by taking history lessons. To gain employment for history majors brilliantly, you must be able to comprehend historical events.

Communication is the ability to share information with others. Professionals with degrees in history need these abilities to communicate their results and concepts. In order to communicate historical topics to non-technical professionals, effective communication is also important.

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  • Understanding of computers

Computer competence is the term we use to describe knowing how to utilize computers and other digital technologies. For many careers, history majors need to be computer literate and have a solid understanding of software. You can find historical documents, papers, and research online or in digital repositories.

  • Networking

We call networking the capacity to establish and maintain social and professional connections. These skills can help you find employment as a history major and build useful connections with other professionals. To develop your networking abilities, join groups, go to art exhibits, tour historical sites, and use social media to interact with new people.

15 High Paying Jobs for History Degree

1. Tour guide ($26,669 annually)

Tour guides take individuals and groups to specific areas while educating them about the surroundings. They are employed in a variety of places, such as historical sites, resorts, and museums.

Being a tour guide can be a good fit for you if you appreciate demonstrating your surroundings to people and providing interesting facts or stories. You need to have strong communication skills and a thorough understanding of different locales to reply to inquiries as a tour guide. It is one of the high-paying careers for history majors, with an annual salary of $26,669 in the field.

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2. A teacher ($35,478 annually)

One of the high-paying careers for history majors is teaching. Math, science, and history are just a few of the areas that teachers instruct their students in. In addition, they share information on student success with administrators, counselors, and parents. If you have an interest in history and want to educate others, think about becoming a history teacher. Usually, history was taught to students of all ages. engaging in teaching.

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3. Reporter ($46,982 annually)

Reporters look into occurrences and inform the public of their findings. They might gather information on regional or international topics and focus on things like politics, sports, or the weather. Information is disseminated by reporters through print or internet media.

A degree in history can prepare you for success in the field because coursework frequently entails understanding the context of situations. One of the high-paying careers for history majors is reporting.

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4. Manager of a Gallery ($48,430 annually)

A gallery manager supervises gallery operations and manages gallery staff. They plan activities like art exhibitions and keep amicable interactions with guests. These professionals inform tourists about the background of the artwork as they enter the gallery.

Gallery managers must possess both strong leadership qualities and outstanding verbal communication abilities in order to communicate with others and guide their team members. One of the highest-paying careers for history majors, they make $48,430 annually.

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5. Author ($49,468 annually)

For a certain readership, writers produce engaging content. They produce written stuff including books, poems, and articles. If you have a gift for conveying information through writing, you might want to consider pursuing a career as a nonfiction writer, novelist, or other type of specialized writer.

You might also work as a writer for online journals. One of the top careers for history majors requires strong research, time management, and written communication skills.

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6. Paralegal ($56,004 annually)

Paralegals support and assist attorneys and other legal professionals in law companies. They also perform administrative tasks and investigate the law. History majors can use what they’ve learned in class to flourish at their work as paralegals. These experts, for instance, can use their abilities to investigate historical events to build compelling claims using evidence from earlier cases.

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7. Librarian ($56,607 yearly)

The daily management of a library is the responsibility of the librarian. Information that is accessible online or in print is organized and maintained by them. There are several places where librarians are employed, including schools, universities, and corporations.

You can build information-finding abilities that will be helpful in this field by earning a history degree. Librarians need to be well-organized, pay attention to detail, and be good at delegating tasks if they want to succeed.

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8. Park Ranger ($57,868 annually)

A park ranger keeps an eye on parks, making sure visitors adhere to the regulations and are safe. By picking up trash and cleaning tracks, they contribute to environmental conservation efforts to safeguard wildlife and the environment.

Park rangers may oversee historical sites, guide visitors, and impart knowledge about the environment and the significance of monuments in history. One of the high-paying careers for history degrees is park ranger.

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9. Archaeologist ($64,163 year)

Archaeologists look at fossils and other artifacts to learn more about what lies under the earth’s surface. They also do research on the behavioral, cultural, and other facets of human life and report their findings.

A profession as a historical archaeologist can be attained with a history degree. These experts study written records and historical artifacts. To have a greater understanding of living during various eras, they research a variety of facets of human history, including industries, cultures, and trades. One of the well-paying careers for history degrees is archaeology.

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10. Business consultant ($65,190 annually)

Business consultants produce business plans, locate and seize chances for expansion, and instruct business owners. To accomplish their goals, they work with companies. If you have a history degree, you may work as a business consultant with a focus on history.

In this role, you would frequently work with the proprietors of historical sites or museums. You might direct the preservation of fossils, conservation techniques, and material archives. You can work for several companies at once when you work as a business consultant. One of the lucrative careers available to history majors is that of a business consultant.

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11. Curator (annual salary: $72,322)

A curator gathers, preserves, and displays historical items and works of art. For the benefit of visitors’ enjoyment, they supervise the handling and maintenance of these artefacts. Museums, zoos, botanical gardens, and historical institutions all employ curators. When working in museums, having a history degree helps these specialists determine the validity of things before buying them.

To schedule events, keep track of collections, and organize exhibits, curators must be well-organized. High levels of attention to detail and familiarity with preservation methods are necessary for this position. One of the top paid careers for history degrees is working as a curator.

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 12. Historian ($73,466 annually)

One of the jobs one can acquire with a history degree is historian. An authority on history is a historian. They compile historical data and use it to produce academic writings. These experts also do historical study in uncharted territory, learning about ancient times, individuals, locations, and civilizations.

Although many historians work for corporations and nonprofits, they may also find employment with the government. In order to understand how the past connects to the present, historians fulfill their obligations. One of the high-paying careers available to history majors is that of a historian.

13. A researcher earns $76,506 annually.

Before presenting their findings, a researcher gathers and examines the data. Researchers use the information they have gathered to address challenges, identify solutions, or forecast results. These experts evaluate circumstances and draw conclusions by applying their analytical and critical thinking abilities.

Researchers can work in a variety of fields and in the public, private, or governmental sectors. One of the top paid careers available to history majors is that of a researcher.

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14. A lawyer ($87,540 annually)

Lawyers guide their clients through the legal system. They might concentrate on tax law, family law, or criminal law. Lawyers interpret judicial rulings, statutes, and regulations. Additionally, they inform clients of their legal rights.

You must first complete a two-to-four-year history degree university degree, which could be an history degree, in order to become a lawyer. A legal degree from an approved law school is additionally required.

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15. Professor ($99,755 annually)

In universities and colleges, teachers instruct students. If you have a history degree, you can work as a professor of history. These professionals frequently focus on and educate about a certain historical era or event. In a university or college setting, instructors work on research projects in addition to instructing students.

FAQs on Highest paying jobs with a history degree

What is the highest paying job for history?

Park ranger.
Documentary filmmaker.
College professor.
Museum curator.
Foreign language professor.
Museum archivist.

Where do historians get paid the most?

Historian salaries typically range between $26,000 and $125,000 a year. The average hourly rate for historians is $27.58 per hour. Location, education, and experience impacts how much a historian can expect to make. Historians make the most in Alaska, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

What is the highest paying job with an art history degree?

Museum archiving is one of the highest paying jobs with art history degree. Museum archivists maintain and organize museum records. They may also be tasked to administer museum programs, assist museum employees during exhibits, and develop policies concerning museum artworks.

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