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15 Highest Paying Business Majors

15 Highest Paying Business Majors!

We matched employment growth and wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics with degree data from the National Center for Educational Statistics to find which disciplines offered the best value for money.

In our ranking, business degrees occupy 14 of the top 50 slots, including three of the top 10, making it one of the most popular majors in the United States. Therefore, this post will analyze the Highest Paying Business Majors in 2023.

However, with so many specialities available, how can students be sure they are choosing the best choice? Determine which business degrees are the most valuable and pay the highest wages.

List of the Highest Paying Business Majors

The following is a list of the Highest Paying Business Majors:

1. Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies

Highest Paying Business Majors

People believe that studying entrepreneurship indicates that you aim to launch your own company. In fact, many individuals questioned whether business schools could really teach entrepreneurship or whether the requisite qualities were intrinsic. However, many employers now appreciate education in entrepreneurship. Ultimately, firms demand individuals that comprehend business expansion.

Approximately 500 institutions currently offer entrepreneurship programs. Students often learn how to construct company plans, elevator talks, market concepts, and seek funds. In recent years, educators have been motivated by Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad curriculum to forego business blueprints in favor of having students test real-world company concepts as part of their training.

Programs are seeing a rapid expansion and evolution. Graduates have secured the most desirable business positions in multinational corporations and both small and large startups. Obviously, many of them are also striving to build their own enterprises and become their own bosses.However, it is regarded as one of the Highest Paying Business Majors.

Business Jobs Average Salary: $111,670

Annual tuition costs average $14,164

2. General Business/Commerce

Because the skills taught in these programs may be applied to virtually any sector, business degrees are popular. Due to the fact that this is a generalist degree, the curriculum will cover a broad range of contemporary business-related topics. Typically, students learn about data analysis and interpretation, accounting fundamentals, teamwork, and communication. As one of the Highest Paying Business Majors out of college, graduates usually work as human relations representatives, store managers, customer service coordinators, or salespeople, to mention a few of the Highest Paying Business Majors.

Average Business Job Salary: $91,421

Annual tuition costs average $15,023

3. Business Administration and Management in General

This Highest Paying Business Majors, like the regular business degree, requires students to view businesses holistically. They are typically exposed to ethics, leadership, financial analysis, and global challenges in addition to the fundamentals. Graduates can seek job as financial advisors or analysts, managers of advertising and promotions, human resource supervisors, or administrative services managers.

Average Business Job Salary: $91,421

Annual Average Tuition: $15,705

4. Marketing/Marketing Management

The marketing sector has changed considerably over the past decade, resulting in a high need for newly minted marketers who are on the cutting edge of industry trends. Branding, having an active social media presence, and utilizing technology define modern marketing. It can also apply to protecting the reputation of a corporation during a crisis.

Marketing students are typically taught how to better comprehend their target audience, how to utilize technology to their advantage, and how to maintain brand visibility. Graduates may obtain employment in the marketing departments of consumer packaged goods businesses, advertising agencies, or public relations firms, making this one of the Highest Paying Business Majors.

Business Job Average Salary: $92,312

Annual tuition costs average $17,036

5. Information Management Systems

Highest Paying Business Majors

Individuals who assist firms in managing their investments in equipment, staff, and services are referred to as MIS professionals. Students in these programs primarily study business principles and computer technology in order to use computer systems to address business challenges. This Highest Paying Business Majors is appealing to businesses due to the continuous evolution of technology. Database administrator and system analyst are among the professional options open to graduates.

Average salary for business jobs: $100,045

Annual tuition costs average $16,001

6. Accounting and Financial Management

Accountants are in high demand since the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Students of accounting and finance are taught to interpret financial statements, navigate financial regulations, and manage budgets. Obviously, kids also learn how to file taxes correctly. As one of the Highest Paying Business Majors after graduation, the majority of college graduates work in accounting firms or corporate accounting departments.

Business Jobs Salary on Average: $81,568

Average Annual Tuition Cost: $11,465

7. Accounting and Business Administration

This Highest Paying Business Majors will likely require many of the same courses as accounting and finance. The difference is that a larger emphasis will be placed on leadership, building strategies and visions, and striking a balance between maximizing profits and serving the community at large.

Average Business Job Salary: $85,390

Annual tuition costs average $14,014

8. Retail Management

The very modest average wage is what sticks out about studying this Highest Paying Business Majors. Despite this, the sheer amount of options available to graduates in this field makes it stand out. It is unsurprising that this degree is among the top ten, given the wide variety of well-paying, simple business-related occupations and the comparatively low average tuition cost. Students of retail management study how to maintain stores operating efficiently, manage personnel, provide customer service, and develop innovative methods for attracting customers.

Business Job Average Salary: $69,582

Annual tuition costs average $6,926

9. Operations Management and Supervision

Operations managers are responsible for the smooth and effective operation of a business. It is their responsibility to assess quality, systems, and product and service development to ensure that everything is in sync. Students of operations management can anticipate to study courses in project management, integrated cost and schedule control, and decision modeling and analysis, in addition to business foundations.

Others might investigate the effects of a global economy on operations, supply chain management, and manufacturing. Frequently, graduates begin their careers in line associate jobs with specific responsibilities, such as inventory monitoring, and can progress to plant manager, for instance.

Average Business Job Salary: $80,511

Annual tuition costs average $14,664

10. International Business and Trade

Highest Paying Business Majors

The term “international business” refers to the commercial interactions between governments and enterprises from different nations. Students in this discipline study the principles of business from a cross-cultural perspective. Students in top programs regularly study, intern, or travel overseas. Typically, cultural habits and foreign language classes are required. Jobs include handling imports and exports, advising on foreign currency investments, and providing management consulting services abroad. It is also among the Highest Paying Business Majors.

Average Business Job Salary: $114,378

Annual tuition costs average $21,290

11. Management Science

This Highest Paying Business Majors is essential for handling difficult business issues. Experts in the field employ mathematics and science to plan the systems and processes that keep businesses operational. Students must pursue sophisticated math and scientific classes in order to prepare for such a vocation. Graduates may find employment optimizing factory lines, anticipating trends, or arranging airline flights.

Average Salary of Related Professions: $104,448

Annual tuition costs average $21,941

12. Public Administration

The majority of business degree holders compete for the highest-paying business jobs in the private sector. This Highest Paying Business Majors is for individuals who wish to apply business principles to the public and nonprofit sectors. These programs will focus on fiscal administration, advocacy, and leadership within the context of the public sector and business. Typically, graduates work in federal, state, or municipal government or for a nonprofit.

Average Salary of Related Professions: $86,056

Annual tuition costs average $17,765

13. International Marketing

Coursework in international marketing is comparable to coursework in general marketing. Students in these studies will evaluate everything through the prism of the international marketplace. As with students of international business, they will need to concentrate on the cultural complexity and languages of many world locations. Graduates may seek international marketing roles that require them to travel or even reside abroad, with the opportunity to advance to executive positions.

Average Salary of Related Professions: $86,380

Annual tuition costs average $16,647

14. Credit Management

Someone must hold individuals accountable by requiring payment of their bills. The responsibility of credit managers is to collect payments from clients on behalf of businesses or financial institutions. This Highest Paying Business Majors choice stands out due to the significant contrast between the average annual tuition cost of $4,733 and the average pay of over $70,000.

Some students choose to study one of the Highest Paying Business Majors and then pursue a career in credit management, but others choose for a more specialized path that includes credit law, selling techniques, and money management courses.

Average Salary of Related Professions: $69,608

Annual tuition costs average $4,733

15. General Finance

Highest Paying Business Majors

Finance is among the Highest Paying Business Majors due to the draw of Wall Street and other financial areas. Students often study economic and financial data analysis and risk management in school. Many graduates go on to work as analysts or in the finance departments of multinational corporations. They may also consider professions as personal financial counselors or in the sales department of a financial institution.

Average salary for related occupations: $86,763

Annual tuition costs average $20,450

FAQs On Highest Paying Business Majors

What is an easy career that pays well?

Easy, good, paying jobs include pet care, dog walking, home sitting, technical writing, patient care, delivery driving, massage therapy, and political science jobs. Most of these jobs only need the skill set and perhaps a post-secondary qualification.

Is it smart to major in business?

A business degree can increase job prospects, create advancement opportunities, and increase your salary and lifetime income. It's a worthwhile investment in your career, now and into the future. You just have to find the right business degree program for you.

What business major makes the most money?

The highest-paying business majors include marketing, finance, and international business. Management and human resources management also rank in the top five business majors with the highest salary potential.

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