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15 Highest Paid Photography Jobs

Highest Paid Photography Jobs. One’s passion for photography should be sufficiently stoked by the joy of experiencing the world via a camera’s unique perspective, but as we all know, this isn’t always the case. Because we all need to live while doing what we enjoy, income is always present.

Over time, photography has changed from being limited to producing black-and-white photos to now requiring a wide range of extra abilities, including editing, videography, and much more.

Although every type of photography has the potential to bring in thousands of dollars, there are fifteen photography occupations that pay more. Check out our list of the highest-paying photography jobs.

15 Highest Paying Photography Jobs 

1. Photo Editor

To enhance a photograph’s design and aesthetic appeal after it has been shot, a photo editor works on it.

While some picture editors are independent contractors, others work for periodicals or websites.

To change the lighting, exposure, color saturation, and other parameters that affect how an image looks, photo editors typically employ specialist software.

An average annual salary for a picture editor is $16.10 per hour. One of the highest-paying careers in photography is this one.

2. Photographer’s Assistant

Before, during, and after a picture shoot, a photographer’s assistant helps the photographer with anything they need.

This could entail scheduling photo shoots with customers, reserving studios or other shooting sites, and transferring tools like extra lighting for a photographer.

Photographer’s assistants can also help with editing and enhancing digitally the final product for clients.

The hourly wage for a photographer’s assistant is about $14.33.

3. Stylist

By choosing outfits for a model or subject to wear during a photo shoot, a stylist creates looks for them.

They frequently assist with magazine or fashion newspaper photo assignments.

Stylists employ their understanding of fashion to make sure that each subject looks exactly how the photographer desires.

The typical hourly rate for a stylist is $14.80.

4. Wedding Photographer

Photographs are taken before and during weddings by a wedding photographer. Wedding photographers know how to capture their subjects in movement and work hard to make each image timeless and stunning.

Each collection of images is normally edited after the wedding before being provided to the customers, and they may shoot candid shots or pose people for photographs.

An average wedding photographer makes $17.24 per hour.

One of the highest-paying careers in photography is this one.

5. Photojournalist

Someone who takes pictures and presents them in a way that tells a story is a photojournalist. They frequently focus on happenings right now or breaking news.

By carefully editing and arranging their images, photojournalists produce a narrative impact.

In reality, photojournalists can work as independent contractors as well as for magazines, newspapers, internet publications, and television.

6. Photo Retoucher

A photo retoucher edits and modifies picture settings to enhance certain features of digital photos.

In fields like fashion, where each image needs a distinctive aesthetic, photo retouchers are regularly employed.

Basically, they change aspects like brightness and color saturation while also using software to eliminate blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, and disguise bodily modifications like tattoos on the persons in the images they work on.

A photo retoucher typically makes $18.69 per hour.

7. Lighting Technician

A lighting technician installs, programs, and manages lighting equipment as part of a group or team. Examples of this include utilizing gels to adjust the color of lighting fixtures or installing standing lights to make a space brighter.

On top of that, they can work on theatrical shows, events, and movie sets.

A lighting specialist typically makes $18.88 per hour.

8. Makeup Artist

In the photography profession, a makeup artist designs and creates makeup looks for models or recreates makeup looks for individual clients, such brides, who are having their photos taken.

Makeup artists work closely with stylists and hairdressers and have in-depth knowledge of color theory, makeup products, and various makeup application techniques for a variety of skin tones.

Although many makeup artists are independent contractors, others may also work for salons or agencies that have beauty teams on staff.

An average makeup artist makes $28.95 per hour.

9. Freelance Photographer

A freelance photographer only takes on jobs they are excited about working on because they own their own photography business. One particular subject that freelance photographers may focus on is children, animals, or family photographs.

They could shoot on site or in their own photography studio.

Depending on their skill level, the amount of gigs they obtain, and other considerations, they normally make $36.71 per hour.

10. Model

A model is used in photo shoots to showcase goods including apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, and other accessories.

Models can be used by photojournalists as visual subjects for their photography articles. Many models are represented by an agency, especially those who work in the fashion or advertising sectors.

The average hourly wage for a model is $22.

One of the highest-paying careers in photography is this one.

11. Commercial Photography

Commercial photography includes all photos produced for marketing and advertising, from full-length journalistic material to product shots!

It has various niches, each of which brings in a unique kind of income.

For record covers and posters, for instance, commercial music photographers produce visual material. This is very different from commercial photography for a massage parlor or perfume bottle in terms of income and payment.

An annual salary of about $100,000 might be anticipated for a commercial photographer. Included in this sum are license payments made to the photographer for the right to exploit the images commercially.

The use and length of an image are regulated by licensing, with different fees for each.

12. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a niche industry that concentrates on showcasing apparel and accessory items in their best potential light.

It has a strong marketing foundation because the aim of this market segment is to promote a way of life or an ideology that goes along with the apparel in order to boost sales.

Fashion photographers frequently offer the merchandise for sale to anyone who views the image(s).

An hourly wage of about $21 is typical for fashion photographers.

13. Real Estate Photography

Real estate photographers support the rental and housing markets by lubricating the moving parts with appealing pictures that encourage customers to buy.

Real estate photographers have a significant advantage in the industry since it’s practically hard to avoid hiring one. This is especially true now that people view photography as more of a necessity than a luxury.

The typical hourly pay for a real estate photographer is roughly $29 per hour.

14. Portrait Photographer

Indefinitely, there will undoubtedly be a significant demand for portrait photographers. Anyone and everything is a potential client of yours, including animals!

People have portraits made to mark important milestones in their lives, such as graduating from high school, to honor their families, such as family portraits, to commemorate their romantic relationships, such as engagement photos, and to capture headshots for their professional careers.

The typical yearly pay for a portrait photographer is $43,000.

One of the highest-paying careers in photography is this one.

15. Landscape/Nature Photography

Highest Paid Photography Jobs

One of the best occupations in photography is landscape photography. It sounds appealing to just wander, record our adventures, and take pictures of everything.

In reality, it’s a challenging photography market to enter into.

There are several routes you might take to pursue a career as a landscape photographer, but they all demand a great amount of work and even some luck.

An annual salary of about $40,000 might be anticipated for a nature photographer.

FAQs on Highest Paid Photography Jobs

What type of photography gets paid the most?

Freelance Photographer.
Wedding Photographer.
Fashion Photographer.
White House Photographer.
Fine Art Photographer.
Film Set Photographer.
Medical Photographer.
Product Photographer.

What questions should I ask about a photograph?

What's happening in the image? What people and objects are shown? How are they arranged? How do they relate to each other?

How do I get a successful photography career?

You Need to Master the Basics.
Reach Out to Photographers for Advice.
Target a Niche to Make Yourself Unique.
Carefully Invest in Equipment Based on Your Niche.
Showcase Your Talent With a Professional Portfolio.
Share Your Work Online to Establish Your Brand.
Get Organized and Behave Professionally to Succeed.

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