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15 Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado

15 Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado!

The natural beauty of Colorado makes it distinctive. Its beauty attracts a wide variety of persons who choose to visit, retire, or settle permanently. The natural beauty of Colorado is merely the top of the iceberg, as the state also possesses one of the nation’s largest economies.

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Colorado’s economy is thriving, with important companies, diverse fields, and a supportive environment for entrepreneurs. Moreover, the state boasts a large number of highly qualified persons who fuel its economy, and it is quickly becoming a destination of choice for Millennials seeking to advance their careers.

Colorado ranks 35th out of fifty states for highest employment salary. Are you looking for some of the highest-paying jobs in Colorado? Continue reading as we discuss the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado.

Why you ought to consider a profession in Colorado

Several factors place Colorado among the best states for jobs and quality of life. If the state is already on your radar, these are the top reasons why you should pursue employment there.

1. Diverse economy

Colorado’s economy is as diverse as its people and landscape. Colorado attracts visitors from throughout the world due to its breathtaking landscape, unparalleled recreational opportunities, and unique cultural experiences. The ranching, farming, and mining industries of Colorado have a long history and are essential to the state’s communities and economic growth.

Colorado ranks sixth in terms of land area. In recent decades, the state government has attempted to diversify the economy, despite the fact that the state’s geographical diversity and natural resources have been a boon to the economy and a magnet for tourism. The state is one of the nation’s top three states in terms of economic strength.

2. Pay benefits

In addition to interesting careers in the public sector, Colorado offers unparalleled employment opportunities, competitive salaries, outstanding medical benefits, ample vacation time, and exceptional retirement benefits. When all of these bonuses are combined, they constitute your whole rewards package. Medical insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance are offered as employee perks.

3. Instruction

Colorado continues to lead the nation in the Best of rankings. It is one of the most educated states in the nation, with 38 percent of Coloradans possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher, the second highest percentage in the country, and 14 percent possessing a graduate or professional degree.

Access to top-tier universities and programs is one of the key reasons brilliant minds selected Colorado. It has one of the highest concentrations of government scientific, research, and engineering facilities per capita in the country. Throw in the sunlight and the opportunity to take a much-needed study vacation, and it’s easy to see why students chose Colorado.

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List of the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado

The following is a list of the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado:

1. Gynecologist

Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado

Gynecologists and obstetricians are among the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado. These are medical professionals who specialize in women’s health.

They assist and prepare women for pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period by diagnosing and treating women’s medical diseases and difficulties.

In Colorado, the average gynecologist income is $273,505.

2. Pediatricians

It is well-known that health care workers are among the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado. Pediatricians are quickly catching up to this trend. These are doctors who specialize in the care of infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents.

Pediatricians may choose to specialize in a subspecialty, such as pediatric surgery. As of June 28, 2022, the average income for pediatricians in Colorado is $211,718; however, the range often falls between $184,485 and $251,095.

Pay ranges might vary significantly based on location and other important factors, such as education, certifications, supplemental skills, and years of experience in the profession.

3. Dentists

At this point, I will assert that the vast majority of the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado are held by health practitioners. Dentists are medical specialists who care for teeth, gums, and other oral structures. They diagnose and treat these disorders, as well as give patients with recommendations and treatment plans for caring for their gums and teeth.

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Dentists maintain patient records and prescribe medications based on the patient’s needs. In addition to performing dental procedures such as fillings and extractions, they also arrange and evaluate diagnostic testing. In Colorado, the average annual salary for a dentist is $150,446 or $77.15 per hour. Most experienced professionals earn up to $225,000 per year, with entry-level earnings beginning at $82,071 per year.

4. Anesthesiologist.

In Colorado, anesthesiologists are among the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado. Medical doctors evaluate, monitor, and oversee patients before to, during, and after surgical procedures. They administer anesthetics in the appropriate doses based on the client’s needs. In addition, they offer patients with medications for pain control and critical care.

In Colorado, the average anesthesiologist’s annual salary is $418,320, or $201 per hour. This is 5 percent greater than the average pay of an anesthesiologist in the United States.

In addition, they receive an average bonus of $39,808 The average salary for an anesthesiologist with one to three years of experience is $273,639.

On the other hand, the average annual salary of a senior-level anesthesiologist is $571,961.

5. Surgeons

Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado

Surgeons are health care professionals who perform preoperative diagnostics, procedures, and operations based on the needs, circumstances, and clinical services of the patient. They use established surgical procedures to offer patients with the best possible care and supervise other surgical team members.

In Colorado, the average salary for a General Surgeon is $412,300 in 2022, with a usual range of $348,700 to $489,300. Pay ranges might vary greatly dependent on location and other important factors, like education, certifications, supplemental skills, and years of experience in the profession. Surgeons are among the highest-paying occupations in Colorado.

6 Executive Vice President

Chief executive officers, or CEOs, are the highest-ranking members of an organization or enterprise. It is hardly surprising that they are among the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado. They are responsible for making business decisions. In addition, they are accountable for devising and executing plans to boost a company’s profits. Consider that CEO compensation varies greatly. CEO salaries in Colorado average $153,780 per year.

7. Aerospace engineers

Aerospace engineers design and test products for the aerospace and aeronautics industries. They are also responsible for directing and supervising the design and manufacture of aircraft. They specialize in numerous aircraft types and use scientific, technical, and mathematical techniques to develop and construct new aircraft.

In addition to establishing quality and safety standards, aerospace engineers build a variety of aircraft systems, including propulsion, computing, and guiding systems. Depending on qualifications and job, the average yearly salary of an aeronautical engineer in Colorado is approximately $131,560. These are among the highest-paying occupations in Colorado.

8. Engineering Manager

In Colorado, engineering managers have one of the highest-paying jobs. Engineering managers plan, organize, and oversee the technical and engineering operations of an organization. They oversee project execution and manage an engineering staff.

The expected annual basic salary for engineering managers is $126,045, with some earning up to $156,689. Some engineering executive positions come with remarkable perks and bonuses.

9 – Psychologists

Psychiatrists are medical experts who diagnose and treat people with mental illnesses. They operate in hospitals, medical institutions, and private clinics, among other venues. Psychiatrists serve a crucial role in maintaining physical and mental health. They are also handsomely compensated, as they perform an essential role in society.

Psychiatrists utilize a variety of therapy approaches based on the client’s needs, evaluate client progress, and make adjustments as necessary. In Colorado, the average Psychiatrist salary in 2022 is $239,127. With a salary range of $214,284 to $267,481, psychiatrists are one of the Top Paying Jobs in Colorado. Pay ranges might vary considerably based on location and other relevant factors, such as education, certifications, and years of experience.

10. Attorney

Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado

According to the BLS, Colorado had 4.94 attorneys for every 1,000 workers. With an average salary of $147,560, attorneys are among the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado.

Attorneys represent and advise clients in both civil and criminal disputes. They advise clients, draft legal paperwork, and present in court on their behalf.

Numerous attorneys specialize in a particular area of law, such as immigration law or criminal law.

11. Sales manager

According to projections, the employment of sales managers will increase by 7% between 2020 and 2030, which is approximately average for all occupations.

Sales managers are crucial in every sales process. A sales manager’s responsibilities include leading a sales team, establishing and surpassing sales objectives, developing strategic sales plans, and executing these plans.

In addition to training their personnel, sales managers establish goals and quotas and build a sales plan. Additional responsibilities include collaborating with the marketing team to increase lead generation, monitoring sales goals, and reporting to upper management. With an average base income of $89,563, Sales Managers are one of Colorado’s highest-paying positions.

12. Industrial engineers

Industrial engineers are essential to the diverse economy of Colorado. They are responsible for the design, creation, and implementation of manufacturing systems. In addition, they perform operations and workflow design analysis. Industrial engineers are responsible for developing efficient systems in which a machine, information, or energy produces a product or service and directing teams of other engineers. The average industrial engineer pay is $76,662 per year.This is also another Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado.

13. Petroleum engineers

According to data from Baker Hughes, the number of active drilling rigs in Colorado reached 16 in May, the highest level since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This demonstrates the need for petroleum engineers in Colorado.

In order to extract gas and oil from offshore and onshore reservoirs, petroleum engineers design drills and other equipment. They usually work with petroleum professionals to identify natural resources and develop cost-effective extraction strategies. The average base salary for petroleum engineers in Colorado is $108,760. (6% below the national average) It is one of the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado.

14. Compensation administrators

The position of compensation executive is tough. Sometimes, determining how much to pay employees for their services requires striking a balance between profitability and fairness. Compensation managers are responsible for investigating a company’s pay system, establishing and managing an efficient and cost-effective pay system, and ensuring that the system is maintained.

Executives in charge of compensation devise a company’s pay structure, make necessary compensation modifications, ensure that the organization’s pay scale complies with federal and state laws, and manage employee wage distribution.

As of June 28, 2022, the average compensation for a Compensation Manager in Colorado is $131,786; however, the salary range often falls between $118,424 and $149,236. Pay ranges might vary significantly based on factors such as education, certifications, supplemental skills, and years of experience in the area.

15. Pilots

Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado

Pilots of commercial airlines are responsible for designing flight plans, evaluating aircraft performance, and ensuring that cargo adheres to the aircraft’s constraints. Using various in-flight software and systems, they engage with air traffic control and navigate planes from one spot to another. The average pilot salary in Colorado is $92,214, which is 7% greater than the national average. It is among the Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado.

FAQs On Highest Paid Jobs in Colorado

Are salaries higher in California or Colorado?

Overall, California has higher salaries than Colorado. The average salary in California is $95,000-$150,000 per year, while the average salary in Colorado is $83,000-$92,000 per year.

Is it hard to find a job in Colorado?

There are now more jobs in the state than before COVID and the unemployment rate has fallen to a pandemic low of 3.3 percent. All that adds up to Colorado having the second highest labor force participation rate in the nation at 69.5 percent.

Why is Colorado cost of living high?

Part of the reason why the cost of living in Colorado is so high is because of the state's real estate and housing market, which is 34% more expensive than the national average.

How long can you work in Colorado?

In Colorado, there is no limit to the number of hours that you can legally work in a day. However, if you're an hourly employee, Colorado law requires you to receive time and a half pay for any work past 12 hours in a day.

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