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15 Free Online Aviation Courses With Certificates

Free Online Aviation Courses With Certificates!

This post enumerates and discusses all available Free Online Aviation Courses with certificates. These aviation courses are designed to equip you with industry-related skills, knowledge, techniques, and methodologies.

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Internet and digital tools allow you to remain at home while acquiring industry-relevant skills that you can apply in the real world. Currently, online education has expanded to encompass a variety of disciplines. You can acquire knowledge in any discipline that interests you, from business and medicine to engineering and computer science.

Online learning has many advantages over the traditional learning model. It is more efficient, economical, adaptable, and convenient. With online learning, you do not have to give up your current responsibilities, such as employment, in order to enroll in a course that will improve you academically and professionally.

As I mentioned previously, there are many disciplines whose courses can be studied online, and more are being added every day to help people advance in their respective professions. Another intriguing aspect of online education is the ability to earn a certificate, diploma, or degree upon completion of the program. And your credentials will be recognized globally by HR departments and other professionals.

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Aviation is one of the many engineering disciplines for which online courses are available. Enroll in the online aviation courses if you are already employed in the field and wish to enhance your skills and knowledge. You can also enroll in the courses if you’re interested in the field and want to learn more about it, or if you’re interested in studying it but want to try the waters first.

What is Aviation ?

Aviation is the activities encircling mechanical flight and the aircraft industry, according to Wikipedia. Therefore, aviation encompasses aircraft design, development, production, operation, maintenance, and use.

Aviation is a trillion-dollar industry that is anticipated to continue expanding, particularly given the upcoming space exploration endeavors. It is not too late to enter the industry; you can begin by acquiring fundamental aviation knowledge and learning methods through the free online aviation courses with certificates discussed in this article.

With a foundational understanding of aviation, you can continue your education at advanced institutions and become a professional in the field.

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List of the Free Online Aviation Courses With Certificates

The following is a list of the Free Online Aviation Courses With Certificates:

  • Learn Aviation Meteorology
  • Airplane Crosswind Landings
  • Technical Maintenance of Aircraft and Aircraft Engines
  • Sustainable Aviation: The Route to Climate-Neutral Aviation
  • Cybersecurity Policy for Aviation and Internet Infrastructures
  • Aircraft Layout and Component Design Methods
  • Introduction to Aircraft Design
  • Diploma in Design and Construction of Transport Aircraft
  • Introduction to Aircraft Configuration Design
  • Airline Strategy: How to run an airline
  • Introduction to Aviation
  • Helicopter Flying – Basics and Normal Procedures
  • How to Become a Commercial Pilot
  • Advanced Diploma in Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes
  • Transport Aircraft Design: Problems and Solutions

1.  Gain knowledge of aviation meteorology

Free Online Aviation Courses

On the top of our list of Free Online Aviation Courses with certificates is the Learn Aviation Meteorology course. This course is provided by Udemy, a well-known online learning platform, to students seeking a deeper understanding of meteorology. This course will provide you with a deeper comprehension of meteorologist documentation and in-flight dangers.

The course is free to enroll in and learn, but a token fee is required to obtain certification. The course consists of a 51-minute video with 10 English-language lectures.

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2. Aircraft Crosswind Landings

This is another one of Udemy’s Free Online Aviation Courses with certificates. This course is intended for pilots and aviation industry professionals already in the workforce. It is a 31-minute video that teaches you how to control the aircraft during launch, approach, and landing with crosswinds.

In addition to pilots and those already employed in the aviation industry, anyone interested in learning how an aircraft lands and lifts off can enroll in the online course and acquire the necessary knowledge. On Udemy, the Airplane Crosswinds Landing online course is free, but the certificate is not; you must pay a token fee to obtain it.

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3. Technical Maintenance of Airplanes and Airplane Engines

Aircraft maintenance is one of the responsibilities of the aviation industry. Professionals with this position are tasked with ensuring the flawless operation of an aircraft’s technical components prior to its release. If you are already employed in this or a similar role, but desire to be promoted here, this is an opportunity to hone your skills or gain a better understanding of the position you wish to hold.

This is one of Stepk’s online offerings of Samara University’s Free Online Aviation Courses with certificates. This course is self-paced, so you can study at your own pace. The duration is 6 weeks, with a weekly time commitment of 4 hours. The entire subject is taught in English.

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4. Sustainable Aviation: The Road to Carbon-Free Aviation

This is one of the Free Online Aviation Courses with certificates offered by Delft University of Technology through edX, a prominent online learning platform taught by aviation professors. You will learn how to analyze the leading concepts for improving aircraft sustainability and acquire an understanding of the environmental impact of commercial air transport by enrolling in this course.

The course itself is free, but certification requires a paid upgrade. The time commitment is 4-5 hours per week for a duration of 6 weeks.

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5. Cybersecurity Policy for Internet and Aviation Infrastructures

The University of Colorado offers the course Cybersecurity Policy for Aviation and Internet Infrastructures via Coursera, a leading online learning platform. Enrolling in the course enables students to investigate the aviation and internet infrastructures, as well as the policies that have been created to guide and strengthen their cybersecurity programs.

The course is entirely online and self-paced, is designed for novices, and can be completed in approximately 9 hours. Upon course completion, you will receive a gratis certificate.It is one of the Free Online Aviation Courses.

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6. Methods for Aircraft Layout and Component Design

Imagine being required to compose an essay or complete a school project on aircraft layout and design without any prior knowledge. This problem can be readily resolved by enrolling in similar free online courses. This course will provide you with a conceptual comprehension of the shape, location, and size of aircraft.

In addition to completing your essay or project, you acquire a fundamental understanding of aircraft design and receive your certificate. Who knows, this may help you enter the aviation industry and launch a successful career there.It is regarded as one of the Free Online Aviation Courses.

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7. Introduction to Aircraft Construction

Free Online Aviation Courses

This is an introductory course that teaches the fundamentals of aircraft design to novices. If you are interested in pursuing a vocation in aviation, you should enroll in this course. The course examines the fundamental procedures and mechanisms involved in aircraft design, as well as the fundamentals of aerospace science and engineering.

This is one of the Free Online Aviation Courses offered by NPTEL through Alison, an online learning platform. The course is entirely online, self-paced, and can be completed in 3 hours.

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8. Certificate in Transport Aircraft Design and Construction

This is also one of the Free Online Aviation Courses with certificates offered by NPTEL through Alison, and it teaches students how to evaluate an aircraft’s production cost and structural components. This course is designed for working professionals who wish to refresh their knowledge and aviation students who wish to learn beyond the classroom curriculum.

This course takes between 10 and 15 hours to complete on your own time, and upon completion you will receive a digital certificate.

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9. An Overview of Aircraft Configuration Design

What do you know about the design of aircraft configurations? Probably nothing, given that you are a novice and new to aviation. This is an opportunity to acquire an understanding of aircraft configuration design, beginning with the fundamentals and progressing progressively to the intermediate and professional levels.

Upon completion of this online course, you will receive a certificate that you can use to qualify for entry-level positions in aviation companies and progressively develop your skills. Introduction to Aircraft Configuration Design is one of the free online aviation courses offered by NPTEL through Alison.

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10. Airline Strategy: How to operate a carrier

Aviation is not solely an engineering field; it is also a business operated by efficient businesspeople who have brought it to its current state. In this course, you will acquire an understanding of what it takes to run an airline, as well as the various factors that influence airline performance.

Udemy offers this as one of its Free Online Aviation Courses with certificates. It consists of 5 sections, 11 lectures, and 2 hours and 9 minutes of video in total. Because this is the free version of the course, you will not receive a certificate upon completion; only the paid version will award you a certificate.

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11. Overview of Aviation

This is probably the course you’ve been searching for. This course is ideal for individuals with no prior aviation knowledge or experience; enrolling in this course is the first step in entering the industry. You will acquire a comprehension of aviation terminology and a basic introduction to a variety of aviation topics, such as airframes, aircraft engines, aircraft systems, and the theory of flight.

This course is a 40-minute video with six sections and fourteen lectures. It is one of the free online aviation courses with certificates available on Udemy to anyone with an interest in aviation.

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12. Helicopter Flight: Fundamentals and Typical Procedures

This demonstrates how far online education has progressed. Learning the fundamentals of helicopter flight from the convenience of your own home represents an advanced level of online instruction. This course will not qualify you to operate a helicopter; rather, you will acquire foundational knowledge and learn to fly helicopters in a flight simulator using actual procedures.

This is one of Udemy’s Free Online Aviation Courses with certificates, and it takes roughly two hours to finish. You must pay a token to obtain the certificate.

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13. How to Become a Professional Pilot

This is one of Udemy’s Free Online Aviation Courses with certificates, and it takes roughly one hour to complete. If you are interested in a vocation as a commercial pilot and would like to see what the job entails, this course is for you. It is free, entirely online, and self-paced study is permitted.

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14. Advanced Diploma in Manufacturing Process Fundamentals

NPTEL, through Alison, offers the online aviation course Advanced Diploma in Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes to aviation industry intermediates and professionals who wish to enhance their existing knowledge and acquire new information.

You will learn the various manufacturing processes, their applications, and terminology. This course will benefit your aviation career.

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15. Design of Transport Aircraft: Problems and Solutions

Free Online Aviation Courses

Similar to every other profession, the aviation industry encounters a variety of problems, some of which have been resolved and others for which solutions are still being developed. It is essential that you understand these issues and how to devise solutions to resolve them.

This is one of the Free Online Aviation Courses with certificates that will teach you how to recognize and address the most common issues faced by aerospace engineers. It is also available online through Alison and NPTEL.

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FAQs On Free Online Aviation Courses

Can I learn aviation online?

Aviation 101 is a free online Introduction to Aviation Course. Are you interested in aviation? Have you thought you might like to become a pilot? Proceed at your own pace to learn fundamentals that will give you a head start to your aviation career.

How do I get an aviation course?

There are numerous aviation courses to take up after class 12. Students can choose certification, diploma, BSc, BBA, or BTech in aviation courses and its allied domain. Minimum eligibility is 50% - 60% in the class 12 board exam. Students of any stream can apply for BBA in Aviation or a Diploma in aviation.

What is basic aviation certificate?

An aviation certification is a permit that certifies that an individual is properly qualified to practice a specific aviation-related role.

What is the hardest job in aviation?

As a result, many pilots fly with incomplete understanding and control, sometimes contributing to our LOC-I statistics. These early flight lessons are where an educator has the greatest opportunity to make a difference and move the needle on safety, but it is also the hardest job in aviation.

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