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15 Cheapest Universities in Spain for International Students

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we’ve brought to you a list of the cheapest universities in Spain for international students.To dispel misunderstandings over why and where to study in Spain.

Spain is a country on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, and it consists of 17 autonomous regions with varied geographies and cultures.

Nonetheless, the capital of Spain is Madrid, which is home to the Royal Palace and the Prado museum, which has paintings by European masters.

In addition, Spain is renowned for its laid-back culture, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes.Cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia have unique traditions, languages and must-see sights. However, vibrant celebrations such as La Fallas and La Tomatina attract both locals and visitors.

However, Spain is also renowned for producing olive oil and good wines. Indeed, it is an adventurous nation.

In essence, Law stands out among the many disciplines studied in Spain. In addition, Spain offers a variety of universities for legal students.

Although there are other countries that provide overseas students with free education, Spain is one of them. In addition to offering students the opportunity to study, Spain is renowned for the quality of its education.

Why Study in Cheapest Universities in Spain?

Spain is one of the most desirable locations to study abroad, and there are numerous reasons for this. Obtaining a degree from a Spanish institution will not only present you with countless employment prospects, but it will also help you grow tremendously. During your studies, you will readily embrace the culture and history of Spain. Realizing that numerous festivals, siestas, and Flamenco performances await you will only enhance your trip.

Here’s why you should study at the Cheapest Universities in Spain as an international student:

  • Learn to speak Spanish. During your time in Spain, you can study the Spanish language. As the second-most-spoken and -famous language in the world, it will open up unfathomable opportunities for you. Conversations with native speakers are the best approach to improve your speaking abilities.
  • Explore Spain’s culture and history. There is much more to Spain than Renaissance and medieval art. Undoubtedly, you would like to view the works of Picasso, Goya, and Salvador Dali, but there are several remnants of old Roman culture just around the block.
  • Explore Spain’s festivals and celebrations. You will find numerous music festivals and meet many new individuals throughout Spain. During the summer vacation, when the weather is just right and the sun is shining, numerous unique activities may pique your interest. You shouldn’t miss out on Azkena Rock Festival, Mad Cool Festival, BBF: Barcelona Beach Festival, and Festival Crulla, to name a few.
  • Sample the delicious food of Spain. The cuisine of Spain is simply delicious. Spain is renowned for having the most distinctive food in the world. When you get to taste Spanish food, your study experience will definitely enhance. Traditional meals should not be avoided. Indulge yourself with Spanish omelets, Pisto, and Paella.

1. University of Granada

Why the University of Granada? | Universidad de Granada

Graduate Tuition is $1,000 year.

Annual Undergraduate Tuition: $1,000 USD

Emperor Charles V founded the Institution of Granada in 1531. It is a public university located in the city of Granada, Spain. It has over 80,000 students, making it the fourth largest university in Spain.

The Centre for Modern Languages (CLM) of this university welcomes about 10,000 international students annually, especially in 2014. International students voted University of Granada, better known as UGR, as the greatest university in Spain.

In addition to its students, this university employs about 3,400 administrative and academic personnel.

The university contains four schools and seventeen faculties. Hence, the UGR began accepting overseas students in 1992 when the School for Languages was established.

Moreover, according to numerous rankings, the University of Granada is one of the top ten best and cheapest universities in Spain, and it also ranks first in Translation and Interpretation courses.

Despite this, it is regarded as a national leader in Computer Science Engineering and as one of the most affordable institutions in Spain, particularly for international students.

2. University of Valencia

USAC Spain: Valencia - Spanish Culture, Language, and STEM Disciplines

Graduate Tuition is $3,000 annually.

Annual Undergraduate Tuition: $1,000 USD

The University of Valencia, usually known as UV, is among the oldest and most affordable universities in Spain. In addition, it is the oldest building in the Valencian Community.

This university, which was founded in 1499 and currently has 55,000 students, 3,300 academic staff, and a number of non-academic personnel, is one of Spain’s most prestigious.

Certain courses are taught in Spanish, while an equal number are taught in English.

This university’s three main campuses house its 18 schools and faculties.

However, the university provides degrees in subjects spanning from the arts to the sciences. In addition, the university of Valencia has a large number of prominent alumni and multiple rankings.

3. University of Alcala

Facade of University of Alcala de Henares, located right in front of the  hotel. - Picture of Hotel El Bedel, Alcala De Henares - Tripadvisor

Annual Graduate Tuition: $3,000

Annual undergraduate tuition is $5,000 USD.

Founded in 1499, Alcala University is a public institution of higher education. This university is well-known throughout the Spanish-speaking world for its annual awarding of the coveted Cervantes Prize.

There are now 28,336 students and about 2,608 professors, lecturers, and researchers in 24 departments at this university.It is also considered among the Cheapest Universities in Spain,

Due to the university’s long legacy in the humanities, however, it offers various Spanish language and literature programs. In addition, Alcalingua, a department of the University of Alcala, offers courses in Spanish language and culture to foreigners. While creating resources for teaching Spanish as a second language.

Despite this, the institution has five faculties, each with a number of degree programs organized into departments.

This university features notable alumni, instructors, and rankings.

4. University of Salamanca

University of Salamanca – guide | MAKESPAIN

Annual Graduate Tuition: $3,000

Annual Undergraduate Tuition: $1,000 USD

This university is a Spanish institution of higher education founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX.

However, it is one of Spain’s oldest and most affordable colleges. It has more than 28,000 students, 2,453 academic employees, and 1,252 administrative employees.

In addition, it features both international and national rankings. However, it is one of the cheapest universities in Spain based on the number of students it enrolls, the majority of whom come from other regions.

This college is also renowned for its Spanish lessons for non-native speakers, which annually draw thousands of international students.

However, its alumni and faculty are notable. Regardless of national and international rankings.

5. University of Jaén


University of JaenAnnual Graduate Tuition: $2,500

Annual Undergraduate Tuition is $2,500 USD.

This is a young public university that was founded in 1993. It has two branch campuses located in Linares and Ubeda.

It is one of the most Cheapest Universities in Spain for international students, with about 16,990 students and 927 administrative personnel.

This university has three faculties, three schools, two technical colleges, and a research center.

Faculty of Experimental Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, and Faculty of Humanities and Education comprise these faculties.

Despite this, it is a prestigious university that excels at providing great education to students around the world.

6. University of A Coruña

Annual Graduate Tuition: $2,500

Annual Undergraduate Tuition: $2,500

This public university in Spain was founded in 1989. The university’s departments are spread across two campuses located in A Corua and adjacent Ferrol.

There are 16,847 students, 1,393 academic employees, and 799 administrative employees.

Until the early 1980s, this university was the only higher education institution in Galicia. It has a reputation for quality education.

It has numerous faculties, for different departments. In addition, it accepts a substantial number of students, especially international students.

7. Pompeu Fabra University

Annual Graduate Tuition: $5,000

Annual undergraduate tuition is $3,000.

This Spanish public institution was regarded as the best and one of the most Cheapest Universities in Spain for international students.

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it is the tenth best young university in the world. This does not negate its position as the top university according to the U-Ranking of Spanish universities.

Nonetheless, the Autonomous Government of Catalonia established this institution in 1990, naming it after the linguist and expert on the Catalan language, Pompeu Fabra.

The University of Pompeu Fabra, popularly known as UPF, is not only one of the most prominent institutions in Spain, but also one of the seven youngest universities in the world that are advancing rapidly.

In addition to its seven colleges and engineering school, the university has prominent alumni and a number of rankings.

8. University of Alicante

Graduate Tuition: 2,500 USD yearly

Annual Undergraduate Tuition is $2,500 USD.

The University of Alicante, usually known as UA, was created in 1979, although it was based on the 1968-founded Centre for University Studies (CEU).

This institution has about 27,541 students and 2,514 faculty members.

However, the university offers more than fifty courses, has seventy departments, and a number of research groups in the fields of Social Science and Law, Experimental Science, Technology, Liberal Arts, Education, and Health Sciences.

Additionally, there are five additional research institutes. Nevertheless, several courses are taught in English, including computer science and all business degrees.

9. University of Zaragoza

Annual Graduate Tuition: $3,000

Annual Undergraduate Tuition: $1,000 USD

This university is another on the list of the most Cheapest Universities in Spain. It has campuses and research centers spread throughout all three provinces of Aragon, Spain.

However, it was established in 1542, making it one of Spain’s oldest universities. There are numerous faculties and departments within the university.

In addition, the faculty at the University of Zaragoza is highly specialized. This university offers both Spanish and English research and teaching opportunities to both local and international students.

Courses range from Spanish Literature to Geography, Archaeology, Cinema, History, Bio-Computing, and Physics of Complex Systems.

This university has a total of 40,000 students, 3,000 academic staff members, and 2,000 technical/administrative staff members.

10. Polytechnic University of Valencia

Annual Graduate Tuition: $3,000

Annual Undergraduate Tuition: $3,000

This university, often known as UPV, is a Spanish institution specializing in science and technology. It is one of the Cheapest Universities in Spain for overseas students.

However, it was established in 1968 as the Higher Polytechnic School of Valencia. Although it became a university in 1971, some of its schools and faculties are more than a century old.

It has an estimated 37,800 students, 2,600 faculty members, and 1,700 administrative personnel.

This institution comprises fourteen schools and faculties and offers 48 bachelor’s and master’s degrees along with 81 doctorates.

In addition, it boasts renowned graduates, like Alberto Fabra.

11. EOI Business School

Estimated Graduate Tuition: 19,000 EUR

Estimated Undergraduate Tuition is 14,000 EUR.

This school emerged from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Tourism and offers executive education and postgraduate programs in corporate management as well as environmental sustainability.

It is one of the most Cheapest Universities in Spain for overseas students. However, EOI stands for, Escuela de Organizacion Industrial.

However, the Ministry of Education established it in 1955 in order to train engineers with management and organization skills.

Additionally, it is a member of AEEDE, EFMD, RMEM, and CLADEA (Latin American Council of MBA Schools).

In addition, it boasts a large campus and numerous renowned graduates.

12. ESDi School of Design

Graduation Tuition: Uncertain

Inconclusive Regarding Undergraduate Tuition

University, Escola Superior de Disseny (ESDi) is one of Ramon Llull University’s schools. This university provides a variety of official undergraduate degrees.

This is a young institution that is one of the most Cheapest Universities in Spain for foreign students.

This comprises Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Product Design, Interior Design, and Audio-visual Design courses.

Nonetheless, this institution teaches Management Design as part of Integrated Multidisciplinary.

However, it was also the first institution to launch Spanish university studies in design as a URL-owned title. In 2008, it was one of the first institutions to provide the Official Spanish Undergraduate University Degree in Design.

In 1989, ESDi was founded with 550 students, 500 academic staff, and 25 administrative employees.

13. Nebrija University

Graduate Tuition: 5,000 EUR Approximate (vary in courses)

Estimated Undergraduate Tuition: 8,000 EUR (vary in courses).

This university, which was founded in 1995 and bears the name Antonio de Nebrija, has been in existence since 1995.

However, this institution is one of the most Cheapest Universities in Spain for foreign students. In addition, its headquarters are located in the Nebrija-Princesa building in Madrid.

It consists of seven schools/faculties with numerous departments and a substantial number of students, academic and administrative personnel.Nonetheless, this university offers online programs for those who are unable to attend on-campus.

14. Alicante University

Annual Graduate Tuition: $2,500

Annual Undergraduate Tuition is $2,500 USD.

This Alicante university, commonly known as UA, was founded in 1979. Nonetheless, based on the Center for University Studies (CEU), which was established in 1968.

This university has about 27,500 students and 2,514 faculty members.

However, this University inherited the legacy of the University of Orihuela which was established by Papal Bull in the year 1545 and has remained open for two centuries.

Nevertheless, the Alicante University offers several courses in more than 50 degrees.

also comprises of over 70 departments and research groups in the following areas: Social Science and Law, Experimental Science, Technology, Liberal Arts, Education and Health Sciences, and five research institutes.

In addition, nearly all classes are taught in Spanish, however some are taught in English, notably Computer Science and different Business degrees. Not omitting a few courses that are taught in Valencian.

15. Autonomous University of Madrid

Annual Graduate Tuition: $5,000

Annual Undergraduate Tuition: $1,000 USD

The abbreviation for the Autonomous University of Madrid is UAM. It is one of the most Cheapest Universities in Spain for overseas students.It was established in 1968 and presently has approximately 30,000 students, 2,505 academic staff members, and 1,005 administrative staff members.

This university is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most distinguished institutions of higher education. It has multiple rankings and accolades.

There are eight faculties and many advanced schools at the university. This coordinates the academic and administrative activities of the university.Nonetheless, each faculty is subdivided into numerous departments that confer a variety of student degrees.

This university has research institutes that aid in education and advance research.

Despite this, this institution has a positive reputation, prominent alumni, and multiple rankings.

What are the Requirements for Studying in Cheapest Universities in Spain?

The following are the fundamental prerequisites for studying at the undergraduate level in Spain:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Transcript of documents
  • Depending on the curriculum, Spanish and/or English fluency is required.

The criteria for graduate students are as follows:

  • Submitted application form
  • Bachelor’s degree and Spanish translations of transcripts
  • Certificate of visa

Other academic, visa, and language requirements may differ based on the institution, program, nationality, and degree of your choosing. As an incoming international student, please compile a list of the prerequisites your university requires for admission.

Can you Take English-taught Programs in Spanish Universities?

Yes, some courses are taught in English. The Marbella University in Malaga, Spain, is one example. The Global Business School, which has campuses in Barcelona and Madrid, is another alternative. All of its undergraduate and graduate programs are offered in English.

Not all Spanish colleges offer English-taught programs or courses, so find a Spanish university that provides the program you intend to enroll in. The language requirements will depend greatly on the program picked.


Note that some of these colleges are young, and therefore international students have the possibility to pay cheaper tuition because the school is still developing.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that some professors at this university lecture in Spanish. However, this is not an issue because there are Spanish universities that only teach in English.


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