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15 Cheapest Universities in China for International Students in 2023

We made a list of the cheapest universities in China for International students who wish to study in China. A priceless opportunity, studying in China has countless advantages. China is a popular destination for international students seeking an education because of its affordable tuition, top-tier universities, and high caliber of instruction.

Chinese Living Expenses and other Costs

The first item to look at is the cost of living and other expenses now that you are about to read the list of the cheapest universities in China.

You must account for additional educational costs in addition to your tuition, such as application fees, visa fees, books and supplies, insurance, plane tickets, and more.
The good news is that there are tons of scholarships available in most of the cheapest universities in China that will pay for all of those costs in addition to your tuition and housing.

On the other side, the city in China where you choose to study will affect your cost of living. Living expenses in larger cities like Beijing and Shanghai are higher than in more rural places. You can use the cost calculator to see how much it would cost to live in various Chinese cities.

Check out our top 15 list of the cheapest universities in China if you’re looking for a school that fits your budget!

15 Cheapest Universities in China:

The listed cheapest universities in China costs are based on degree-granting programs. Some of China’s most affordable bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs are offered at these cheapest universities in China.

1. University of Bohai

First on our list of the cheapest universities in China is the University of Bohai.

Student fees begin at US$2,000 per year.

Reasons to attend Bohai University:
In the fields of engineering, chemistry, and computing, Bohai University is well regarded. For many years, the employment rate for recent graduates has been above 90%.

Bohai Institution, established in February 1950, is a comprehensive university situated in Jinzhou city and supported by the Liaoning provincial government.

2. University of Chengdu

The first year’s tuition is $2,200 USD.
Submission cutoff date: August 31, 2021 (September 2021 intake)

Reasons to attend Chengdu University:

The “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” university in China is Chengdu University. It is well known for its programs in chemical engineering, chemistry, dentistry, and economics.
A robust foreign exchange program at Chengdu University has helped the university forge partnerships with prestigious universities around the globe. Apply here for Chengdu University.

3. University of Wuhan

cheapest universities in China

The first year’s tuition is $2,500 USD.

Reasons to attend Wuhan University:
One of cheapest universities in China and most prestigious colleges with an emphasis on science and research The “Most Beautiful University in China” title is bestowed upon it. The instructional infrastructure at Wuhan University is also among the best in China. Here’s how to apply to Wuhan University.

One of the most stunning campuses in the world is that of Wuhan University.

4. Shenzhen University

The first year of tuition is $2,600 USD.
What draws people to Shenzhen University:
The city of Shenzhen’s primary research hub is Shenzhen University. This is why it continuously aspires to retain quality in both rigorous graduate and postgraduate programs as well as research-focused undergraduate teaching.

One of China’s newest universities is Shenzhen University. 30,000 internet connections are available on the campus, and 99% of the lecture halls and classrooms are now digital.

5. Ningbo University

The first year of tuition is $2,800 USD.

Reasons to attend Ningbo University:
A young and vibrant university, Ningbo University is well-known for its degrees in teaching, liberal arts, and engineering.
The university is known for having cutting-edge facilities, and the CNKI Network Administrative Service Center library is well-known for having a collection of roughly 1,400,000 books.

The Ningbo University campus offers plenty of room for research and study, as well as spectacular buildings, lovely grounds, and vegetation.

6. Jiangsu University 

The first year of tuition is $2,800 USD.

Reasons to attend Jiangsu University:
One of the cheapest universities in China , Jiangsu University was founded in 1902, making it one of the country’s oldest educational institutions. The engineering, clinical medicine, and materials science disciplines of the institution are very strong.

The Chinese Ministry of Education has given JSU’s undergraduate programs an outstanding rating. Additionally, apart from  being among the cheapest universities in China for many years, its employment rate has been evaluated at 95%.

The top 100 universities in China’s more than 2,000 higher education institutions include Jiangsu University (JSU).

7. College of Beijing Chinese Language and Culture

The first year of tuition is $2,900 USD.

For what reasons should I attend Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College?
It is the only University among the other cheapest universities in China with a focus on Chinese language instruction and exposure to Chinese culture. The majority of international students who wish to learn Chinese or research Chinese history and culture choose it.

Over the past 60 years, BLCC has established a solid reputation for providing quality Chinese instruction and knowledgeable service all over the world.

8. Tianjin University 

The first year of tuition is $2,900 USD.

Why is Tianjin University Included in the list of Cheapest Universities in China:
The earliest contemporary university in China is Tianjin University. The Western higher education system has been fully adopted by this university, making it the first in China to do so. Due to this, a large portion of its faculty consists of highly qualified international professionals who are leaders in their specialties.
At Tianjin University, five academic fields—material science, chemistry, engineering, physics, biology, and biochemistry—are among the top 1% in terms of Essential Science Indicators.

More than 100 officials who influenced politics and the economy of China came from Tianjin University.

9. Jinzhou University of Medicine

The first year of tuition is $3,300 USD.

What draws people to Jinzhou Medical University:
One of the greatest MBBS programs in China is offered by Jinzhou Medical University, a public university. It also excels in other medical fields, including stomatology, pharmacy, opthalmology, radiology, and nuclear medicine. WHO and ECFMG both acknowledge the university.

JZMU is a prestigious university for medical scholars to attend because it is ranked among the top 10 medical universities in China and the top 350 medical universities worldwide.

10. Beijing University of Science and Technology

The first year’s tuition is $3,600 USD.

Why is University of Science and Technology Beijing among the Cheapest Universities in China?
The University of Science and Technology Beijing is a top-tier institution for engineering programs in metallurgy and materials sciences. It is a component of the 211 and 985 Projects of the Chinese Government.

USTB is a top innovator among Chinese colleges due to its strength in these domains. The first industrial-size robot and electric arc furnace were both created by USTB, which also created the housing components for the satellite Dong Fang Hong 1.

While keeping a balanced program that includes science, management, humanities, economics, and law, USTB focuses mostly on engineering.

11. Asia Europe Business School

The first year’s tuition is $3,600 USD.

Reasons to enroll at Asia Europe Business School:
East China Normal University and the prestigious emlyon business school in France collaborated to create Asia Europe Business School.
The Enterprise Mentor System is a distinctive educational method used by AEBS.

Each student will have a mentor who helps them progress academically. Additionally, they have an enterprise mentor (executives of renowned institutions/companies) who offers advice on professional development, business strategy, and career planning. .

Asia Europe Business School is situated in Shanghai’s Minhang District’s Zizhu International Education Park, which is home to numerous Chinese-foreign cooperation (or international) initiatives and organizations.

12. University of Beijing for Language and Culture

The university grace the list of the Cheapest Universities in China and the first year’s tuition is $3,800 USD.

Beijing Language and Culture University is a good choice because:
Leading liberal arts and language training university in China is Beijing Language and Culture University. In China, it is referred to as the “Little United Nations” since it annually enrolls 12,000 foreign students.
Because it has trained countless high-ranking government ministers, parliament speakers, and other officials, BLCU is also known as “The Cradle of Diplomats.”

BLCU is the first international university in China whose primary objective is to instruct foreign students in Chinese language and culture and amazingly among the cheapest universities in China.

13. Peking University

The first year of tuition is $4000 USD.

Reasons to attend Peking University:
Peking University, usually referred to as “Beida,” is one of China’s most illustrious and venerable universities. Every year, PKU comes in first place in the top universities rankings across the nation and the world. The university is a part of China’s Ivy League, the C9 League.

One of China’s top talents tanks is the PKU National School of Development. One of the greatest MBA programs in the world is offered there. Langrun Garden at Peking University features courtyard buildings with a vintage pagoda design.

14. Nanjing Medical University

The first year’s tuition is $4,200 USD.

What draws people to Nanjing Medical University:
Offering six-year medical school programs is one of China’s earliest medical universities.
The MBBS program at NMU has received worldwide accreditation from medical authorities or societies.
Additionally, NMU’s international graduates do well on their home country’s medical licensing exams. For instance, Indian students have a passing percentage above 50%, whereas Nepalese students have an overall passing rate of 83%.

There are two campuses for the university; Jiangning and Wutai. Eight hectares of land make up the Wutai Campus, which is a hub for clinical teaching and research and is situated at the southern foot of Wutai Hill in Nanjing’s Gulou District.

15. Tsinghua University

The first year of tuition is $4,500 USD.

Reasons to attend Tsinghua University:
One of the cheapest universities in China and also in the world is Tsinghua University. According to the QS World University Rankings, the university is now ranked No. 20 in the world, No. 1 in Asia, and No. 1 in China.
The C9 League was founded by Tsinghua University. The institution is renowned across the world for its programs in biology, architecture, business and management, and accounting and finance.

One of the cheapest universities in China is Tsinghua University.


Our list of the 15 cheapest universities in China is complete but as an international student willing to study abroad, you may be interested in other countries apart from China. Here are other cheapest Universities in these Countries you should check;

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