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15 Best Welding Schools in Michigan | Requirements

15 Best Welding Schools in Michigan.Those who appreciate working with fire and metal should consider becoming a welder.

This field offers a multitude of employment choices and is highly rewarding.

To become a welder, you must complete training, and we have developed a list of the Best Welding Schools in Michigan specifically for you.

List of Best welding schools in Michigan

The following is a list of the Best Welding Schools in Michigan:

All of these institutions were accredited by the SENSE Accreditation Program of the American Welder Society.

  • 1 Washtenaw Community College
  • 2 Schoolcraft College
  • 3 Siena Heights University
  • 4 Monroe County Community College
  • 5 Jackson College
  • 6 Henry Ford Community College
  • 7 Wayne County College
  • 8 Macomb Community College
  • 9 Kellogg Community College
  • 10 Oakland Community College
  • 11 Baker College
  • 12 Grand Rapids Community College
  • 13 Michigan Career and Technical Institute
  • 14 Ferris State University
  • 15 Muskegon Community College

1 Washtenaw Community College

Best Welding Schools in Michigan

The curriculum and program options at Washtenaw Community College are extensive and well-designed.

The primary advantage of studying at this Best Welding Schools in Michigan is that you can pick the brains of the most accomplished experts in each discipline while sharpening your skills in state-of-the-art practice facilities and laboratories.

You will be equipped for a rewarding and well-paying job in welding upon completion of the program. Classes and laboratories cover the academic understanding and practical skills necessary for success in this sector.

It is one of the Best Welding Schools in Michigan.

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2 Schoolcraft University

Schoolcraft College is the Best Welding Schools in Michigan to pursue your professional and personal interests.

It is innovative, dynamic, and ready to provide everyone a new employment chance. Due to the college’s state-of-the-art resources and labs, you can acquire all necessary skills in the shortest period possible. Additionally, the college can aid with financial planning.

Given the industry’s high demand for welders, the welding program is exceptional.

This quick, well-structured training will bring you your desired job within months.

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3 Siena Heights College

Siena Heights University is a great place to launch a new profession because it employs some of the most successful teaching styles and approaches in the region.

To give its students with the greatest education possible, the college has consistently enhanced its curriculum and resources.

Recently refurbished classrooms, laboratories, and residence halls will make your stay unique.

This Best Welding Schools in Michigan program is a fantastic professional path, as are the technical and engineering disciplines.

The primary certificate level can be finished in a few of months, and the school will help you find job.

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4 Community College of Monroe County

Monroe County Community College is one of the most hospitable and friendly institutions at which to begin your studies.

This Best Welding Schools in Michigan attempts to offer its students the greatest instructors, resources, housing, and opportunities.

As programs are established, the top educational professionals provide guidance, and alumni and current students’ feedback is also considered.

The welding curriculum can lead to a certificate or a bachelor’s degree, as well as a variety of specializations and opportunities. All courses and programs address the latest trends and techniques in welding.

It is one of the Best Welding Schools in Michigan.

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5 Jackson University

Best Welding Schools in Michigan

Due to Jackson College’s wide knowledge and academic recognition, a new profession can be begun in one of the greatest locations.

The structures are contemporary and were created with students and teachers in mind.

You won’t need much support to realize your maximum potential, and you’ll do so soon. This Best Welding Schools in Michigan can also assist with financial matters.

The short, future-focused, and well-structured welding certificate program will prepare you for a well-paying employment in a few of months. Due to the strong demand for this skill, you will find the appropriate employment quickly.

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6 Henry Ford Community College

Henry Ford Community College is a well-known and highly regarded vocational and technical school.

Due to its extensive history and vast experience, the college is happy to share its information, skills, and expertise with anybody who asks them.

You will benefit from the cutting-edge resources and facilities throughout your studies.

The short duration and integrative nature of the welding curriculum make it a good choice for a difficult and well-paying skilled trade job. You will quickly acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to launch a new chapter in your life.

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7 Wayne County University

The Wayne County Community College District in Michigan is an innovative welding school that offers some of the most popular and engaging programs in the region.

The college’s exceptional professors and teachers are continuously trained to give students with the best education and college experience possible.

A certificate program in welding that is exceptional provides several employment prospects.

Due to the small size of the class, you will have ample time to ask questions and get all of the necessary knowledge.It is also among the Best Welding Schools in Michigan.

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8 Macomb Community College

Macomb Community College has existed since its establishment in 1954. The college now enrolls approximately 38,000 students annually.

In addition, the college holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

Macomb Community College provides a variety of certificate and degree programs.

The Basic Welding Certificate Program instructs welding fundamentals.

The Advanced Welding Certificate Program expands on the Basic Program to aid with skill development.

Macomb is one of the Best Welding Schools in Michigan.

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9 Kellogg Community College

You can pursue your dreams and aspirations at Kellogg Community College, which offers some of the finest academic programs in Michigan.

Educators and teachers were selected using the greatest professionals in each subject, all of whom are among the best in their respective fields. The campus will make your visit fun and relaxed.

The welding curriculum provides good choices for certificates and degrees.

The 43-credit-hour certificate program provides all of the knowledge and abilities required to establish a career in this profession.

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10 Community College of Oakland

In 1965, Oakland Community College was established. There are five campuses and about a million students at the university.

It boasts the lowest tuition rates in the Detroit metropolitan area. There are more than 290 transfer agreements between the college and four-year schools and universities nationwide. The Higher Learning Commission has granted accreditation to Oakland Community College.

The university provides more than 100 majors in industries with strong demand (healthcare, IT, advanced manufacturing).

Select the Welding Technology Certificate Program to prepare for entry-level positions in a number of sectors.It is also one of the Best Welding Schools in Michigan.

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11 Baker College

Baker College was established during the 1960s. Thousands of students labor to cultivate and encourage knowledge, constructive action, and critical thinking at this institution, which is now a college. The Higher Learning Commission has granted Baker College accreditation.

The primary objective of the institution is to prepare students for professions in the global economy in the sectors of business, technology, health, and human services.

Enroll in the Welding Certificate Program to obtain practical experience in cutting-edge laboratories. You will be prepared and confident to seek a welding job after graduation.

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12. Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Community College features some of the greatest trainers and teachers in the state. Anyone interested in starting a new career should investigate the college.

The courses and programs are exceptionally well-designed so that you may begin working immediately.

The welding program is outstanding and will enable you to make a fair pay while working in fascinating teams. The program lasts only a few months and contains all essential components.

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13 Michigan Career and Technical Institute

One of the greatest welding schools in the state, Michigan Career and Technical Institute is renowned for its technological education.

This is the place to be if you want to begin a career in technology. Its practice rooms and labs are outfitted with cutting-edge technology to aid in your professional development.

A few months are required to complete the welding certificate program, which is one of the greatest on the list of trade skills. The taught ideas and abilities vary from basic concepts to cutting-edge technologies.It is also regarded as one of the Best Welding Schools in Michigan.

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14 Ferris State College

You will have the time of your life at Ferris State University, which is a wonderful decision for your future.

The curriculum is extremely contemporary, with one of the most comprehensive programs and courses to help you establish a new profession or develop in your existing one.

The faculty’s expertise and warmth also contribute to the high level of training.

One of the most popular technical programs is the welding program, which is popular because it can be completed quickly and is in high demand in the welding business.

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15 Community College of Muskegon

Best Welding Schools in Michigan

The ideal location to perfect your practical abilities and explore your passion for technology is Muskegon Community College.

These programs begin in high school and continue through the graduate level. The cutting-edge and expert resources and facilities will aid you in developing your talents and accomplishing your objectives.

The college offers an outstanding welding certificate program with fascinating lectures and laboratories. Following completion of your education, the college will assist you with job placement and search.

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FAQs On Best Welding Schools in Michigan

Is it worth getting a degree in welding?

If you want a solid knowledge of all types of welding to prepare you for any job, you will want to go with an associate degree. These courses get more advanced than those found in certificate programs. If you want to start your own business and don't know how an associate degree will show you.

What is the highest-paid welding job?

Rig welders are some of the highest-paid welders, averaging about $77,000 per year, but they often work long hours under challenging conditions. Since mistakes in these types of welding jobs could spell disaster, only the very best welders are considered for these sought after positions.

How much does a certified welder make in Michigan?

The average salary for a welder in Michigan is $42,500 per year. Welder salaries in Michigan can vary between $19,500 to $79,500 and depend on various factors, including skills, experience, employer, bonuses, tips, and more.

What is the easiest welding job?

MIG Welding- This type of welding is considered the easiest to master as it is the most common one. It is useful for fusing mild steel, Aluminum or, stainless steel.

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