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15 Best radiation therapist schools

15 Best radiation therapist schools in 2023. Those interested in comprehending the inner workings of the human body choose from a variety of health and research careers. A four-year degree program in radiation treatment is one such possibility.

With a degree in this field, you will feel confident utilizing technology to assist in the eradication of cancer. Therefore, this post provides information regarding the Best radiation therapist schools 2023.

Radiation Therapists are renowned for their commitment to aid others. And, given the amount of daily cancer cases, their services are always in demand.

The job has the potential to be profitable and alluring, but students must complete rigorous educational and certification criteria.

Students are eligible for certification through the American Registry of Radiology Technologists upon completion of a degree program (ARRT).

To become a qualified radiation therapist, it is necessary to get a degree from one of the Best radiation therapist schools.

A quick scan at the table of contents will emphasize the schools and disclose other questions pertaining to this course that have been satisfactorily addressed in this article.

What constitutes Radiation Therapy?

Utilizing radiation treatment to treat cancer. High-energy x-rays are directed by equipment such as linear accelerators to eliminate cancer cells in a patient’s body as part of radiation therapy.

These high-energy x-rays eliminate or reduce the size of cancer cells. In cancer centers and hospitals, radiation therapists are responsible for operating linear accelerators and administering, interpreting, and documenting patient data.

They are also responsible for simulating the surgery to decide where the patient and linear accelerator should be placed.

Radiation therapists must adhere to stringent safety protocols to prevent excessive radiation exposure. They establish a treatment plan in consultation with a radiation therapy professional.

A radiation therapist collaborates with radiologists to implement patients’ therapeutic treatment programs. Under the direction of oncologists and radiologists, radiation therapists deliver radiation therapy to patients, detect malignancies, monitor the amount of radiation administered, and update treatment reports.

As a treatment, radiation therapists beam X-rays, gamma rays, or charged particles at cancer cells or inject radioisotopes near cancerous tumors.

Fortunately, there are a number of low-cost, high-quality schools that offer various ways to fulfill these requirements, allowing each kid to pick a school that meets their needs and budget.

What Major is Required to Become a Radiation Therapist?

To become a qualified radiation therapist, you must complete at least a four-year Radiation therapy degree program.

This is required to sit for the exam and achieve certification. To enter radiation therapist school, you must hold an associate or bachelor’s degree in a comparable subject.

You must major in courses comprising the radiation therapy degree program. In addition to physiology and anatomy, radiation therapy physics, radiologic patient care, and radiation protection, the majority of radiation therapist programs require an outstanding performance in physiology and anatomy, radiation therapy physics, radiologic patient care, and radiation protection.

Can You Earn a Degree in Radiation Therapy Online?

Radiation therapy degree programs necessitate extensive hands-on training. This renders such degree programs unsuitable for online study.

Radiation therapist certification requires completion of a bachelor’s degree program in radiation sciences with a concentration in radiation therapy.

A radiation therapy school may offer this as an on-campus program or a partially online program that requires students to visit campus periodically.

The Joint Review Committee on Radiological Technology (JRCERT) maintains a comprehensive list of these programs, which can be sorted by title type.

List of the Best radiation therapist schools

The following is a list of the Best radiation therapist schools:

1. Virginia Western Community College (VWCC)

Best radiation therapist schools

The AAS degree in radiation oncology at VWCC in Roanoke, Virginia, prepares students to execute the duties of a radiation therapist and has an exceptional ARRT certification approval record of 97%. It is recognized to be one of the Best radiation therapist schools.

In addition, more than 87 percent of VWCC alumni are employed within six months of completing the two-year curriculum, according to the college.

The curriculum at VWCC is regarded rigorous; therefore, students are discouraged from working while attending.

2. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC)

UNC, located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has a long history of distinction in health education and is regarded as one of the best radiation therapist schools in the world. The university was recently ranked among the 30 best national universities by U.S. News and World Report (2018).

Prior to enrolling in the UNC program, applicants must have a minimum of an associate’s degree (or be in the process of obtaining one) and a radiography certification.

The 12-month post-certificate bachelor’s program qualifies students to take the radiation therapy certification exam administered by the national ARRT board.

This Best radiation therapist schools also boasts an astounding 100 percent post-graduation employment rate.

3. University of Nebraska Medical Center(UNMC)

UNMC, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, was rated by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top 20 primary care graduate schools in the nation (2018) and one of Best radiation therapist schools in the United States.

Students who complete the 12-month radiation therapy program have the option of pursuing either a degree in radiation science technology or a graduate certificate that enables them to sit for the ARRT exam.

4. University of Vermont (UV)

Best radiation therapist schools

With less than $16,000 per year, one of the most profitable radiation therapy programs is located in Burlington, Vermont (tuition in the state). The degree program at this Best radiation therapist schools provides the ideal professional trampoline, since its average job placement rate for the past five years has been 100 percent.

In terms of radiation therapy programs, this is one of the lower-cost and higher-performance investment possibilities.

5 Oregon University of Health Sciences (OHSU)

In addition to being located in one of the most beautiful regions in the country (with campuses throughout Oregon and Washington), US News and World Report recognized OHSU as the fifth best primary care medical school in the country (2018).

The OHSU BS in radiation therapy has a completion rate of 97%, a passing rate of 95%, and a job placement rate of 87%.It is also regarded as one of the Best radiation therapist schools.

6.  Gateway Community College (GCC)

With slightly more than $10,000 per year in out-of-state tuition, this is one of the most affordable AS Radiation Therapist Schools offering radiation therapy programs. This Best radiation therapist schools is renowned for its comprehensive and adaptable online course offerings.

Its 13-month radiation technician curriculum includes a clinical course in radiation therapy (RTT150) that can be done partially online.

In addition to being cost-effective and adaptable, the learning effects are exceptional. 90% of graduates pass the national certification examination on their first attempt, and 100% of graduates find employment upon graduation.

It is essential to remember that this program is only available to students who are currently ARRT-certified as medical radiographers.

7. Columbus’ Ohio State University

The OSU Medical School is tied for 30th place in research. The Wright Innovation Center in Biomedical Imaging is located at OSU.

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences of the OSU School of Medicine provides a Bachelor of Science in Radiological Sciences. The curriculum offers specialization options in radiation, radiography, and ultrasonography.

The study of radiological sciences is also available as a Certificate of Study or as an option for degree completion for those who already possess a medical imaging certification.

8. Ivy Tech Community College 

Best radiation therapist schools

This Best radiation therapist schools is the only institution in Indiana to provide an associate degree in radiation, and its VERT program is one of 29 such programs in the United States.

The objective of the radiotherapy program at Ivy Tech Community College – Bloomington is to give students with an affordable, high-quality education that will prepare them for a career in radiation oncology.

Through innovative training and strategic connections, this Best radiation therapist schools will prepare graduates for entry-level careers as radiation therapists.

9. Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

At Penn College, students learn how to utilize radiography technologies to enhance patient care. This fully recognized Best radiation therapist schools provides more than 1,500 hours of instruction in clinical settings, providing an immersive practical experience.

Utilize technical expertise in our array of fully energised digital radiography images and assured clinical rotations in three systems to gain extensive knowledge.

10.  Armstrong State University

For certified radiology technologists, Armstrong State University of Georgia provides both a B.S. and a post-baccalaureate certificate. During the first semester of instruction in this adaptable curriculum, student attendance at physical facilities is required.

For the remainder of the program, the majority of courses can be completed online, and clinical rotations can be scheduled at a facility near the student’s residence.It is also among the Best radiation therapist schools.

11. Amarillo College

The radiation therapy associate degree program at Amarillo College is one of the best in the nation. The 24-month program is comprised primarily of daytime classes and 1,500 hours of clinical instruction.

Throughout the program, students finish their courses on campus and participate in five clinical practice experiences. This course studies medical vocabulary, anatomy, and technical techniques, as well as oncology.

This facility is one of the few in the nation with an electrified laboratory for the practice of radiation procedures. This Best radiation therapist schools is also available to radiographers and nurses, who can finish it in 16 months.

12. Galveston College

Galveston College provides both an associate degree and a certification program for registered radiographers in radiation therapy. Students participate in classroom learning and clinical practice experiences throughout the programs.

The certification program requires 34 credit hours, but the associate’s degree program requires 71 credit hours. The JRCERT-accredited associate’s degree program is the oldest in the state of Texas.

The programs prepare students for national certification, and the school boasts a 96.7% pass record on the national credential exam.

13. Texas State University-San Marcos

The College of Health Professions at Texas State University-San Marcos is one of the Best radiation therapist schools  that offers a bachelor’s degree in radiation therapy. Students complete courses in biology, medical terminology, health law, radio-oncology, and radiobiology as part of the JRCERT-accredited curriculum.

In addition, the program includes simulation labs and specialized clinical experiences. Graduates are qualified to sit for the national ARRT certification examination.

In addition, the school collaborates with sixteen cancer centers to provide clinical teaching and has a computer lab specialized to dosimetry and treatment planning.

14. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 

The School of Health Professions at the University of Texas Anderson Cancer Center is one of the Radiation Therapist Schools that offers a bachelor’s degree in radiation therapy.

Students are required to complete didactic courses in health ethics, dosimetry and treatment planning, human pathology, clinical radio-oncology, and digital imaging, which may be presented through audio-video conference.

Students gain hands-on training in therapeutic therapy, treatment planning, and simulation during their clinical experiences. Students are prepared for ARRT certification by the program.

In addition, students have access to various medical conferences and a cutting-edge oncology facility.

At the MD Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas, radiation therapy students complete a two-year BS program in-person or remotely.

The distant education option consists of synchronous student-faculty contact, clinical rotations at affiliated facilities, and a brief campus visit in Houston.

15. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UT)

Best radiation therapist schools

In Dallas, the School of Health Professions at UT Southwestern Medical Center provides a postgraduate certificate in radiation therapy. This is a 21-month full-time program with only weekday classes.

The 65-hour program covers cancer, medical imaging, and ethical considerations in radiation treatment. Students complete four clinical training sessions during weekdays during regular business hours.

Graduates must possess the abilities and knowledge necessary to pass the ARRT Certification Exam for Radiation Therapy.

FAQs On Best radiation therapist schools

What degree is best for a Radiation Therapist?

Radiation therapists typically need an associate's or bachelor's degree in radiation therapy. Most states require radiation therapists to be licensed or certified, which often includes passing a national certification exam.

Is radiotherapy in high demand?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, radiation therapy employment is expected to grow 9% by 2028, faster than average employment growth.

Is radiation therapist school hard?

No, it is not hard to become a radiation therapist.

Becoming a radiation therapist takes between two and four years to obtain your desired degree. An associate's degree takes two years to complete, and a bachelor of science in radiation therapy takes four years.

How competitive is radiation therapy?

The overall competitiveness level of radiation oncology is High for a U.S. senior. With a Step 1 score of 200, the probability of matching is 97%. With a Step 1 score of >240, the probability is 99%.

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