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14 Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree

Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree.If you appreciate learning about interpersonal human behavior, family life and human development may be the appropriate college major for you. This bachelor’s degree program may prepare graduates for full-time employment in the education and healthcare sectors.

Exploring Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life will assist you in locating a position that aligns with your interests and professional objectives. This article defines the field of family life and human development and describes 14 careers that can be pursued after earning an undergraduate degree.

What does a degree in family life and human development teach?

The curriculum for a degree in family life and human development (FLHD) emphasizes caring for varied individuals and groups, such as children, adolescents, and the elderly. The training can acquaint you with the social behaviors of humans and how they affect their interactions with their loved ones.

Additionally, you can discover ways for identifying family needs and therapy regimens that help improve their mental and emotional well. Some FLHD graduates may pursue postgraduate degrees in social work, teaching, or counseling in order to qualify for licensed health care positions.

List of the Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree

The following is a list of the Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life:

1. child care professional

Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life

Annual average salary: $29,642

This Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree are educators who specialize in the care of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Child care workers frequently work in daycare centers, where they observe children as they interact with one another and play with toys.

In addition, they teach youngsters how to eat and dress, as well as fundamentals such as alphabet, numbers, and shapes. Child care professionals log their observations and explain the children’s development in learning for the parents.

2. mental health professional

Average annual salary: $30,123

This is another Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree. A mental health counselor’s primary responsibilities include assisting patients in coping with and recovering from various mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

During periodic sessions, counselors ask patients questions that encourage them to discuss their ideas and emotions, and they utilize their observations to formulate clinical diagnoses. Professionals may also meet with children and adults to better comprehend the impact of family dynamics on mental health.

3. Officer of community corrections

Average annual salary: $32,301

A community correctional officer’s primary responsibilities include distributing helpful materials to individuals who have recently completed their prison terms or are satisfying probation conditions.

The goal of this Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree is to assist former offenders in readjusting to civilian life, thereby protecting the society and reducing the likelihood of recidivism. Regularly, parolees meet with parole authorities to create goals for their recovery. In addition, they assist clients in finding work and housing and monitor the success of their recoveries.

4. adoptive parent expert

Annual average salary: $37,139

A child adoption expert is a social service practitioner responsible for directing the adoption process. When families show an interest in adopting, child adoption professionals conduct interviews with the parents and conduct house visits to establish whether the environments are healthy for children. Additionally, they discuss the needs of the children and engage with the birth parents.However, this is also one of the Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree.

5. Child care facility administrator

Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life

Average annual pay is $37,391

Director of a child care center is a leadership position that oversees the childcare center’s operations. Directors seek and hire suitable individuals to supervise children, as well as organize educational and enrichment activities for the children’s enjoyment. In addition, they manage payrolls, analyze employee performance, and coordinate work schedules.

6. Advocate for children

Average salary: $38,172 per year

As one of the Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree, A child advocate’s primary responsibility is to facilitate the placement of children in foster or adoptive homes. Advocating for the best interests of children, child advocates appear before judges to recommend the safest homes for children. In order to learn more about the conditions that led to the need for services, they also speak with individuals who know the children, such as teachers and family members.

7. Youth development specialist

Annual average salary: $39,240

A youth development coordinator’s primary responsibility is to design programs that engage children and adolescents. Some professionals have expertise in education, nutrition, and creativity, which might impact their working conditions. Coordinators of youth development encourage active participation and function as mentors for their participants, providing support and guidance for future pursuits.

8. Preschool instructor

Average salary: $40,524 per year

Another Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree is a preschooler instructor. A preschool teacher is primarily responsible for preparing and presenting instructional content for preschoolers, who are typically three and four years old. Their teachings frequently involve color recognition, basic math concepts, and the alphabet.

In addition to documenting their students’ academic progress and communicating academic success to parents, preschool teachers also keep track of their students’ academic development.

9. Social services director

Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life

Annual average pay is $44,396

A director of social services is primarily responsible for prioritizing support for children and families in need. Directors of social services coordinate relationships between their clients and community initiative representatives. In addition, they appoint professionals to contribute to their programs and oversee fundraising efforts for necessary funding. A director of social services may work in a hospital, a nursing home, or a nonprofit organization.

10. Caseworker

Annual average salary: $46,528

This Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree is a specialist who assists at-risk groups in living healthier lifestyles. By establishing relationships with individuals and families in need, caseworkers can assess the psychological and social needs of their clients and identify the most suitable resources for them.

In addition, they organize sporadic meetings to discuss concerns and define objectives, and produce reports for each of their cases. Caseworkers spend the most of their workdays at offices, but also travel to clients’ residences.

11. Early intervention professional

Annual average pay is $48,401

A primary duty of an early intervention specialist is to assess the cognitive development of young children in educational settings. Specialists construct learning exercises and assess their pupils’ ability to recognize patterns and solve problems. They may also visit the student’s house to collect personal information and review academic achievement with the parents. It is also among the Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree.

12. School guidance

Average annual pay is $51,940

This Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree responsibility is to ensure the mental and emotional health of pupils in academic institutions. School counselors facilitate frank conversations with students about their emotions and difficulties, and they provide coping strategies. In addition, they assist kids in exploring job prospects of interest and applying to colleges.

13. Family development professional

Average annual pay is $52,348

A family development specialist’s primary responsibility is to give children and families with useful emergency resources. In close collaboration with other social workers, development specialists identify family-beneficial and safety-enhancing support programs. If necessary, they may also refer them to therapy sessions and rehabilitation services.

14. Family psychotherapist

Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life

Annual average salary: $60,347

Family therapists are certified mental health professionals who study the dynamics of families. Individually and in groups, therapists can observe the experiences and emotions of patients. They give counseling approaches to assist families in resolving conflicts and fostering healthy familial relationships.

FAQs On Jobs You Can Do With a Family Life and Human Development Degree

What can you do with a human development and family sciences degree?

HDFS graduates go on to start careers in child care services, family life education, human services, pediatric services in hospitals, or business activities related to children or families.

Is human development a good degree?

Human development is a major ideal for degree-seeking students who want to work as researchers, social workers, counselors and educators. They are also suited for those who plan on eventually earning a master's degree in order to work further in human services, management, education, advocacies and others.

What does human development and family studies mean?

Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) is an interdisciplinary major focusing on the health and development of individuals across the lifespan, within the context of diverse families and social identities.

Which field is related with human development?

Human Development is a multi-disciplinary major encompassing fields such as psychology, philosophy, sociology, social work, biology, and education. You may be required to specialize in a certain area such as aging services or community human services; other programs offer a more general track.

Is a Masters in Human Development worth it?

Students who pursue an online master's in human and family development qualify for jobs in personally rewarding and in-demand fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects 12% job growth for community and social service occupations between 2020 and 2030.

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