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12 Cheapest Universities in Netherlands

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This post will provide information on the 12 Cheapest Universities in Netherlands.The Netherlands is considered one of the best countries to study for English and Dutch speakers.

Dutch is the only official language of the Netherlands, however English is not a foreign language to the country’s residents. Due to the availability of multiple courses taught in English, international English speakers can study in the Netherlands without understanding Dutch. Those who speak English have no trouble living in the Netherlands.

Tuition fees for higher education in the Netherlands are comparable to those in the majority of European nations. Studying at one of the Netherlands’ less expensive institutions has no effect on its educational levels or diploma value. The Netherlands is renowned as one of the greatest destinations for international students.

What is the Cost of Living as an International Student in the Netherlands?

The cost of living for international students in the Netherlands can range from €620.96 to €1,685.45 (about $700 to $1900) per month, depending on their preferences and quality of life.

International students rather than living alone could also cost education and living through sharing an apartment with a fellow student or better still living in the university’s dormitories to cut down expenses.

It’s possible to still study abroad without the cost of living expenses if you study online. see cheapest online colleges per credit hour to get a good online college to attend.

Being awarded a full-ride scholarship would go a long way in easing, financial burdens of studying. You can navigate through the world scholarship vault to see available opportunities that could cut the cost of studying.

How Tuition Fees Paid in the Netherlands 

Students in the Netherlands pay two types of tuition fees annually: the statutory fee and the institutional fee. Typically, the instructional charge is greater than the statutory fee, and the fee you pay depends on your nationality.

Due to the Dutch educational policy that permits EU/EEA students to pay a statutory fee in lieu of tuition, EU/EEA, Dutch, and Surinamese students are afforded the opportunity to study at reduced tuition prices. Students from outside the EU/EEA are charged the institution’s fee in Dutch.

In addition to the benefits of studying in the Netherlands, the country’s residents are extremely hospitable, the cost of living is reasonable, and there are numerous tourist attractions due to the country’s rich cultural heritage. Studying in the Netherlands enables students to learn much more than what is taught in the classroom.

12 Cheapest Universities in the Netherlands

Keeping in mind that university tuition may fluctuate annually, I will provide information on the most current cost of enrollment at the 10 institutions in the Netherlands with the lowest tuition.

1. University of Amsterdam 

  • Statutory tuition fee for full-time undergraduate students: €2,209($2,485.01)
  • Statutory tuition fee for part-time undergraduate students: €1,882(2,117.16)
  • Statutory tuition fee for dual students: €2,209($2,485.01)
  • Statutory tuition fee for AUC students: €4,610 ($5,186.02)
  • Statutory tuition fee for PPLE students: €4,418 ($4,970.03)
  • Statutory tuition fee for Second, a degree in education or health care: €2,209 ($2,484.82).

Institutional fee for undergraduates per faculty:

  • Faculty of Humanities €12,610($14,184.74)
  • Faculty of Medicine (AMC) €22,770($25,611.70)
  • Faculty of Economics and Business €9,650 ($10,854.65)
  • Faculty of Law €9,130(10,269.61)
  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences €11,000 ($12,373.02)
  • Faculty of Dentistry €22,770($25,611.31)
  • Faculty of Science €12,540 ($14,104.93)
  • Amsterdam University College (AUC) €12,610($14,183.66).

The University of Amsterdam is a public research institution founded by Gerardus Vossius in 1632. The campus is located in the city that it was named after, Amsterdam.

This inexpensive institution in the Netherlands is ranked among the top research universities in Europe and has the greatest enrollment in the entire country.

At the University of Amsterdam, a variety of courses spanning from pure science to social sciences are available.

2. Maastricht University 

  •  Statutory tuition fee for undergraduates: €3,655 ($4,108.22)
  •  Institutional tuition fee Undergraduates:€14,217 ($15,979.91)

Maastricht University is a very affordable public University in the South Netherlands.

The school is the most international in the Netherlands and features international lecture rooms designed to bring students from all over the world together to study and work.

Maastricht University is also considered one of the top colleges in Europe. The school holds several rankings and accreditation to its name. It is considered comfortable and among the cheapest, for international students to learn in the Netherlands.

3. Fontys University of Applied Science 

  •  Institutional Full-time fee for undergraduates: € 8.330 which is equivalent to $9.39 (excluding a few courses which cost doesn’t exceed €11,000 equivalent to $12,465.31).
  • Institutional dual fee: € 6.210 which is 7.04 in USD( excluding Fine Art and Design in Education which is € 10.660 which is  12.08 in USD)
  • Institutional part-time: € 6.210 ( excluding a few courses)
  • The statutory fee for undergraduates: € 1.104 ($1.24)
  • The statutory fee for a masters degree in education or health course: € 2.209 ($2.49)
  • The statutory fee for an Associate degree: € is 1.104($1.24)
  • statutory tuition fee link
  • Institutional tuition fee link

Visit fonts University of Applied Science tuition fee indicator to learn more about the tuition.

The Fontys University of Applied Science offers a total of 477 bachelor’s degrees in addition to various degrees in applied science.

It is a public university that educates international students in an organized and efficient manner.

International students interested in studying technology, entrepreneurs, and creativity at a reasonable price might consider Fontys University.

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4. Radboud University 

  • Statutory tuition fee for undergraduates:€2.209 ($2.50)
  • Statutory tuition fee for graduates:€2.209 ($2.50)
  • Institutional tuition fees for undergraduates and graduates: Ranges from € 8.512,- and € 22.000 (depending on the study program and year of study).
  • statutory tuition fee link 

Radboud University is one of the best public research universities in the Netherlands; its strengths include outstanding education and research.

At Radboud University, fourteen courses, including business registration, philosophy, and science, can be studied entirely in English.

Radboud Rankings and accolades are deserving awards that have been given to the University for their quality.

5. NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

  • Statutory tuition fee for full-time undergraduates: € 2.209
  • Statutory tuition fee for part-time undergraduates: € 2.209
  • Institutional tuition fee for undergraduates:€ 8.350
  • Institutional tuition fee for graduates: € 8.350
  • Institutional tuition fee for Associate degree: € 8.350

NHL Stenden University, located in the north of the Netherlands, encourages students to find and develop their skills in order to transcend the confines of their professional sector and immediate environment.

The NHL Stenden University of Applied Science is one of the Netherlands’ most affordable universities. It is an excellent choice for international students who wish to further their education while minimizing expenses.

6. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht 

  • Statutory tuition fee for full-time & work-study Bachelor, Masters degree: € 1,084  
  • Statutory tuition fee for part-time undergraduates:€ 1,084
  •  Statutory tuition fee for Associate degree programmes: € 1,084
  • Statutory tuition fee for part-time Master degree programmes: € 1,084
  • Institutional tuition fee for full-time & work-study undergraduates: € 7,565
  • Institutional tuition fee for Masters degree programmes: € 7,565
  • Institutional fee for part-time Bachelor degree programmes: € 6,837
  • Institutional fee for part-time Master degree programmes: € 7,359
  • Work-study Master degree programmes Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) and Physician Assistant (PA): € 16,889
  • statutory tuition fee link
  • Institutional tuition fee link

In addition to improving students’ expertise, the University seeks to cultivate their abilities and interests outside the confines of their coursework and environment.

Practical and result-oriented students will find HU University to be a good option. In addition, the university is among the 10 cheapest universities in Netherlands

7.  The Hague University of Applied Science 

  •  Statutory tuition fee: € 2,209
  • Reduced statutory tuition fee: € 1,105
  • Institutional tuition fee: € 8,634

The university, which is known for generating students that are practice-oriented, encourages its students through a variety of collaborative opportunities, including internships and capstone projects.

The Hague University of Applied Science is without a doubt a viable alternative for overseas students who wish to reduce their education expenses without sacrificing quality.

8. Han University of Applied Sciences 

Statutory tuition fee for Undergraduate:

  • Automotive Engineering: € 2,209
  • Chemistry: € 2,209
  • Communication: € 2,209
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering: € 2,209
  • International Business: € 2,209
  • International Social Work: € 2,209
  • Life Sciences:€ 2,209
  • Mechanical Engineering: € 2,209

Statutory tuition fee for graduates:

  • Engineering Systems:    € 2,209
  • Molecular Life Sciences: € 2,20

Institutional tuition fee for undergraduates:

  • Automotive Engineering: € 8,965
  • Chemistry: € 8,965
  • Communication: € 7,650
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering: € 8,965
  • International Business: € 7,650
  • International Social Work: € 7,650
  • Life Sciences: € 8,965

Institutional tuition fee Masters degree:

  • Engineering Systems: € 8,965
  • Molecular Life Sciences: € 8,965

It is one of the most popular universities for overseas students who are attempting to reduce their educational expenses.

If you are eligible and an exceptional EU or EEA student, you should visit the university’s website to apply for a scholarship.

9. Delft University of Technology 

The statutory fee for undergraduates

  • Bachelor’s degree first-year students: € 542
  • Other years: € 1.084
  • Statutory tuition fee for Bridging programme:€ 18.06
  • Institutional fee for undergraduates: 11,534 USD
  • Institutional fee for Masters degree: 17,302 USD

Delft University of Technology’s 397-acre campus is the largest in the Netherlands, and it is the oldest university of technology in the country.

International students seeking an affordable, high-quality education in the Netherlands might consider attending this institution with low tuition.

10. Leiden University 

Leiden University is proud to be one of the oldest and most prestigious research institutions in Europe. The university, founded in 1575, is listed among the world’s top 100.

The university separates five clusters of science topics, including the fundamentals of science, health and well-being, languages, cultures, and society, law, politics, and administration, and life science, as well as a single overarching research theme on artificial intelligence.

11.Utrecht University

Utrecht University is one of the cheapest institutions in the Netherlands and is located in the province of Utrecht. Students from Europe and the rest of the continent travel here annually to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees due to the university’s outstanding and research-focused academic offerings.

In addition to this, Utrecht also offers professional education, education for refugees, Utrecht summer school, honors & exchange programs, online education, and further training education.

Humanities, social sciences, law & economics, medicine, geosciences, veterinary medicine, and natural sciences are the seven core faculties of the institution. In addition to being inexpensive, the fact that more than 100 programs are taught in English is advantageous for overseas students who are interested in studying here.

Undergraduate and graduate tuition fees begin at £2,200 per year for EU students and £10,000 per year for non-EU students. Ph.D. students who are employed by the institution do not pay tuition and instead get monthly or weekly stipends.

12.The University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is another of the cheapest universities in the Netherlands due to its low tuition. It is situated in Groningen, a city that is often teeming with students from various origins. The institution is affiliated with a number of international organizations and universities throughout the world and is, as a result, a major proponent of international education.

The University of Groningen is proudly placed among Europe’s and the world’s top universities. Attending Groningen offers an opportunity to have access to a world-class education and achieve an internationally recognized degree.

The tuition price for undergraduate and master’s students from the Netherlands and the EU/EEA region begins at £2,100. The undergraduate and master’s tuition rates for international students begin at £9,000 and £13,500, respectively.

Requirements to Apply for 12 Cheapest Universities in Netherlands

The following requirements may be requested by universities in the Netherlands:

  • Non-native English speakers applying to an English-taught program must take one of the authorized English language competency tests and achieve a passing score on the aggregate.
  • Students must possess a valid student visa or study permit
  • Typically, all academic transcripts from previously attended institutions are requested.
  • You should possess documents such as identification, letters of recommendation, a curriculum vitae, a personal statement, etc.
  • Applicants should be prepared for the possibility that the institution will administer an internal test or interview for additional evaluation.
  • Your admittance will be further bolstered by a stellar academic record and active participation in their respective communities.

These are the normal criteria, however there may be more or less. In this regard, while reviewing the most affordable universities in the Netherlands, we have provided links to each institution’s website so that you may learn about specific program needs.

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