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12 Best Christian Boarding Schools

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10 Best Christian Boarding Schools: As much as parents desire to enroll their children in boarding schools to instill discipline in them, they are equally concerned about the school’s activities when they are absent.

When searching for Best Christian Boarding Schools to enroll children, parents from Christian households consider this as a primary factor.

In light of the 2023 ranking, we have diligently compiled this article about the Best Christian Boarding Schools.

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About Christian Boarding Schools

At a time when boarding schools were only a regional cultural phenomenon, it was extremely difficult for students to regularly attend a certain institution. Gradually, these boarding schools have become more like the ‘work away from home’ environments where parents find refuge.

The majority of Christian schools, however, are Catholic and Episcopal, followed by Lutheran, Baptist, and Seventh-day Adventist institutions.

Yet, there are far too few Christian Boarding Schools in comparison to the total number of institutions in the globe.

Why Should You Enroll Your Kid in a Christian Boarding Schools?

There are a thousand and one reasons why parents should consider this in addition to the fundamental goal of instilling discipline in their children.

Secondly, Christian Boarding Schools give students with an education tailored to their individual requirements.

As much as these programs are individually accredited, they also accommodate kids with attitude problems.

The second point is that Christian Boarding Schools approach Christ-centered education. This means that this form of schooling provides a solid foundation for the wards as they navigate modern adulthood.

In addition, some boarding schools offer ministerial programs in which students engage in service projects that foster their development as young Christians.

Additionally, they cultivate a Christian character in all aspects of life. Due to the fact that there is more to education than simply the classroom, these boarding schools enable the availability of others who share the same perspective.

List of the Best Christian Boarding Schools

The following is a list of the Best Christian Boarding Schools:

1. “Iolani School”

Best Christian Boarding Schools

Being one of the best Christian Boarding Schools on our list, ‘Iolani Christian boarding school, founded in 1863, is a coeducational K-12 preparation school with around 2,000 pupils.

This Religious institution is renowned for its capacity to accept international students.

Moreover, its academic growth in a caring and tranquil environment is unparalleled. It has mastered a methodical approach to instilling discipline in students.

That is to say, “Iolani cultivates well-rounded, college-ready individuals with a strong sense of duty and morality.”

The tuition for this Christian residential school is $59,225 per year.

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2. College of the Holy Family

This approved all-girls private Christian boarding school in Connecticut allows its pupils to express their beliefs in the most comfortable environment ever.

The courses provided include college prep, honors, and even advanced classes, despite the fact that the class sizes are small enough to allow for individualized instruction.

In this institution, the pursuit of knowledge and acceptance of Christ’s principles are accomplished without resort to anything.

In their drive to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others, these ladies are raised in such a way that they are prepared to attend various colleges.It is among the list of our best Christian Boarding Schools.

In addition, tuition at this Christian residential school is $31,500 per year.

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3. Brooks Institution

This Christian boarding school was founded in 1926 as an Episcopal school catering to both American and international students.

At Brooks, a variety of courses are offered, and students must complete a three-year foreign language course.

The academic emphasis is on English, mathematics, history, and science, with AP classes available in each subject. Students may choose from a wide range of music electives, including AP music theory, as well as several courses in religion, drama, and visual arts.

Students are required to attend chapel three times each week, where they are exposed to a variety of worship and religious experiences.

Moreover, extracurricular activities abound. So, the pupils are permitted to choose which activities to participate in.

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4. The King’s School

This coeducational Christian boarding school in Seymour, Tennessee aims to foster spiritual growth in its students. It provides students with inter-disciplinary projects to complete as their theses.

In addition to its Religious foundation, there are various additional clubs available to broaden the students’ perspectives.

The Experience Curriculum for the Outdoor (ECO), which enhances students’ awareness for God’s creation through hiking, camping, and canoeing, is an excellent feature of this institution.

In addition, this institution gives awards for academic performance, Christian service, leadership, and the arts.It is also one of the best Christian Boarding Schools.

The Tennessee Baptist Convention provides financial aid to parents, leaving them responsible for a modest amount of the tuition.

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5. Gem State Adventist Academy is located in Caldwell, Idaho.

Best Christian Boarding Schools

Chapel services at Gem State Adventist Academy emphasize the everyday commitment of students to their values.

In addition, students are motivated to strive in their service to God and man to facilitate their spiritual development.

Notably, this Christian boarding school does not believe in expelling pupils who cannot pay their tuition.

Yet, they assist students in finding employment so that they can earn money both on and off campus.This is also regarded as one of the best Christian Boarding Schools.

Instead of adhering to the state’s core curriculum, GSA offers a combination of core subjects and electives that better reflect the school’s mission.

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6. Evangel Christian Academy Boarding College

This Christian boarding school is affiliated with the Assemblies of God Church and offers a solid education for grades 7 to 12.

It is accredited by the State of Louisiana and the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges.

In addition to other sports activities and tournaments, boarding students have the opportunity to participate in youth and religious events.

In addition, tuition at this Christian boarding school is significantly less than the national average and relatively inexpensive.

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7. St. George’s School is located in Newport, Rhode Island.

The older students are encouraged to hold weekly religious gatherings with the younger children at St. George’s School. This institution was founded in the late 1800s.

There is an annual program intended exclusively for students who have not yet affiliated with the Episcopal church.

Also, students who choose to attend a church that is not located on school grounds are provided with transportation.Hence, it is one of the best Christian Boarding Schools.

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8. Oregon’s Western Christian School is located in Salem.

With a curriculum strongly oriented on Christ and the Bible, this Christian boarding school trains its students to be well-rounded individuals in all aspect of their life, not just their spiritual lives.

It stands out to the majority of families because of its affordable tuition costs. This is due to the additional revenue generated by school boosters and alumni.

Employing a Christ-centered approach to education, this school’s teaching methodology produces exceptional results among its student body.

In contrast to the majority of Christian boarding schools, Western Christian School offers a college preparatory curriculum with advanced classes in a variety of areas.It is among the list of our best Christian Boarding Schools.

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9. Oakdale Christian High School

This Christian boarding school incorporates faith into its curriculum and extracurricular activities. This is accomplished through exposing pupils to a variety of school-sponsored activities.

As much as there is an academic curriculum, there are also activities that promote the spiritual development of the students, particularly on weekdays and weekends. This enables students to attain spiritual and emotional maturity.

This Christian boarding school is accredited by both the Association of Christian Schools and the Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission.

Intriguingly, there are times when Oakdale students congregate for Chapel services, fellowships, and Biblical classes.

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10. Pine Tree School

Best Christian Boarding Schools

This Seventh-day Adventist school focuses on Christ in an effort to generate productive and responsible students of the Christian faith. Hence, both boarding and day students receive an education based on the Bible.

This Christian boarding school aims to give students with an exceptional dorm environment. But, in addition to other academic programs, students participate in hiking and camping excursions, as well as community service projects.

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FAQs On Best Christian Boarding Schools

What is the largest Christian school system?

The largest Protestant Christian school system in the world is the Seventh-day Adventist educational system. The Seventh-day Adventist Church has a total of 6,966 educational institutions operating in over 100 countries around the world with over 1.3 million students worldwide.

Which board is best for my child?

Choosing CBSE based on language could give your child a better understanding in their initial years. However, the ICSE board can help your child set a strong foundation for foreign studies and communication in the future.

Are kids who go to boarding school more successful?

Research has also shown that boarding school students feel more prepared for college and university than their peers. They are also more likely to earn advanced degrees like a Master's or PhD and advance to more prominent roles in their careers and communities.

Is it good to send your child to a boarding school?

Boarding school can be an excellent option for parents who want their children to receive a top-notch education. With smaller class sizes and more individualized attention, boarding schools can offer students a better education than they might receive at a public school.

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