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11 Jobs in the Solar Power Industry

11 Jobs in the Solar Power Industry.Solar energy is a burgeoning business with diverse roles and specialties. Employees in this profession actively contribute to the generation of electricity for satellites and spacecraft or to the advancement of research into clean energy.

Knowing about these many occupations will help you determine which one best matches your talents and interests. In this post, we cover the salary and key responsibilities of each of the Jobs in the Solar Power Industry.

What employment are available in solar power?

As more nations transition to renewable energy, the solar energy business in the United States expands. The Environmental and Energy Study Institute estimates that in 2018, 855,000 Americans worked directly or indirectly in the renewable energy sector.

There are a variety of specializations within solar power, such as:

  • Commerce and logistics
  • Project development
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer support

List of the Jobs in the Solar Power Industry

The following is a list of the Jobs in the Solar Power Industry:

1. Welder

Jobs in the Solar Power Industry

$39,540 per year is the national average wage

Welders as one of the Jobs in the Solar Power Industry business assist in the construction of solar panel mounting systems and other technical equipment. Welders are responsible for combining beams to construct solar mounts and accessories on buildings, as well as welding supporting mirrors or solar-related pipelines.

2. Construction laborer

The national average wage is $40,733 annually

Primary responsibilities of this Jobs in the Solar Power Industry include metalworking, concrete placement, assembly, and destruction. Typically, construction employees specialize on one aspect of construction, which becomes their daily routine.

In addition to being experienced in solar site preparation, construction employees in the solar power business are also capable of cleaning away trees and other obstructions. Monitoring and maintaining on-site compressors, pumps, or generators are additional responsibilities.

3. Solar panel installer

The national average wage is $47,645 annually

Installers of solar panels are primarily responsible for attaching equipment to roofs and buildings and connecting it to the electric panel. This Jobs in the Solar Power Industry requires electrical and construction skills. Installers of solar panels work in a range of outside weather situations.

Additional responsibilities of this Jobs in the Solar Power Industry include utilizing installation equipment securely, connecting with clients to schedule and fulfill appointments, and documenting any additional data required for reporting.

4. Construction equipment operator

The national average wage is $47,249 annually

This Jobs in the Solar Power Industry are responsible for transporting heavy construction materials on construction sites. The alignment of solar panels and mirrors requires equipment operators to grade and clean the ground. Cranes can also be used to raise big things like enormous mirrors and turbine generators. Additionally, operators of construction equipment inspect and maintain their solar equipment as required.

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5. Steelworker

The national median wage is $54,830 per year

Steelworkers utilize blueprints to position and install iron or steel columns and girders. In addition, they cut the structures to the proper dimensions, drill holes for bolts, and number them for assembly. Additionally, steelworkers aid in transporting the constructions to their final destination.However, it is also among the Jobs in the Solar Power Industry.

6.  licensed electrician

Jobs in the Solar Power Industry

The national average wage is $55,865 annually

Certified electricians in the solar power business help solar panel installers connect the panels and ensure their safety. They may also assist in the development and testing of new items through system design. Managing a team of electricians to effectively execute a project and fulfilling any required reporting requirements are additional responsibilities.

7. Marketing professional

The national average wage is $58,417 annually

This Jobs in the Solar Power Industry are primarily responsible for writing website text, press releases, and social media material. Marketing specialists are responsible for developing the company’s brand manual and marketing strategy, as well as assisting with monthly reporting obligations.

Marketing skills are necessary for solar energy installation companies in order to measure the interest of prospective clients. These marketing gurus also devise dynamic tactics to maintain their companies’ competitiveness in their respective industries.

8. Scientist or academician

The national average wage is $70,947 annually

improving the efficiency, dependability, prices, and aesthetics of various solar power products. This Jobs in the Solar Power Industry engage with professionals in engineering, power, and manufacturing to suit market demands while placing a premium on product quality and precision.

9. Construction supervisor

Jobs in the Solar Power Industry

The national average wage is $76,844 annually

Construction managers are primarily responsible for overseeing the construction of solar power plants, from site selection to the final building walkthrough. These specialists are employed by large construction businesses, utility corporations, and energy companies. Additionally, the construction manager is responsible for monitoring progress and conducting quality control inspections on-site.

Additional responsibilities include coordinating the contracting process and managing a contractor team. This Jobs in the Solar Power Industry also establish a safe working environment by requiring employees to adhere to stringent safety regulations.

10. Civil engineer

The national average wage is $83,987 annually

Civil engineers who specialize in solar power are primarily responsible for designing solar power plants and other significant buildings. These experts ensure that the land is suitable and secure for solar installation, and they collaborate with other engineers and contractors to guarantee the feasibility and safety of the project.

11. Solar sales consultant

Jobs in the Solar Power Industry

The average national wage is $109,085 per year

A solar sales consultant’s primary responsibilities include conducting property inspections to identify the optimal system design for each location. This demands specialized knowledge of solar energy and the correct system sizing for each property. Additional responsibilities include educating the public about solar power, advising businesses on the viability of implementing solar power, and keeping abreast of current safety regulations.

FAQs On Jobs in the Solar Power Industry

How do I get into the solar energy industry?

Requires at least bachelor's degree in engineering or science with five years experience and certification. Post-graduate degree or MBA preferred. Good people skills required. Improve solar processes and materials for a variety of reasons, including cost, aesthetics and environmental impact.

Who makes the most money in the solar industry?

The highest-paying solar job is a lawyer with solar expertise, which can also be called an energy or environmental attorney. They earn a median annual salary of $114,870, although out of all of the solar jobs, this one does require the highest level of education and training, including a postgraduate degree.

What do you call someone who works on solar panels?

Electricians, plumbers, and solar photovoltaic installers install residential and commercial solar projects.

Is a career in solar energy worth it?

While going solar might be the future, it will take a while for the tech to be present in the majority of homes around us. The good news is, solar sales is a very rewarding and lucrative career to pursue in 2021 and beyond. Feel good about the work you do while making a good income — a dream come true for many.

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