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10 Tuition Free Universities in Norway

10 Tuition Free Universities in Norway in 2022. Ever considered going to school in Norway but were concerned about the cost? The good news is that you don’t need to worry about costs as much because this article lists 10 Norwegian institutions where students can pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees without paying tuition. Norway may have a reputation for being an expensive place to live, but it also grants free access to top-notch university education to foreign students. Applying to a tuition-free university can put you on the road to studying in Europe with little to no financial stress.

In Norway, there are 16 private colleges, two national academies of the arts, 20 state university colleges, nine specialized university institutions, and eight universities.

10 Tuition Free Universities in Norway in 2022

  •  Ostfold University College:When certain universities in Oslo combined with other institutions in Oslo in 2018 was when Ostfold University College was founded. It includes campuses in Halsen and Frederikstad and is situated in the county of Viken.

    International students can pursue degrees in business, computer science, engineering, social science, theatre studies, health science, education, and foreign language at the college without paying tuition. Ostfold University College’s tuition is free because it is a publicly supported university, with the exception of a small semester charge of NOK 600 ($70) per semester.

Ostfold University College
Ostfold University College
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology: For any student who want to take a scientific or technology-related subject. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is one of your finest options. One of the greatest in the nation, without a doubt, is this institution. And the fact that it has won several honors is hardly surprising. You must, however, be able to demonstrate your ability to support your stay in Norway in order to be accepted into this institution. Also keep in mind that living expenses in this nation are relatively expensive.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Nord University:

    This public institution, which is situated in Nordland, Trndelag, Norway. It has campuses in four cities, its main campuses are in Bod and Levanger.

    However, it has a sizable 11,000 students, both domestic and international. It contains four colleges and a business school, with a focus on the social sciences, education, nursing, and the biosciences and aquaculture.

    This institute is publicly funded; thus it is free, however overseas students are asked to pay $85 every semester as part of an annual fee that is used to cover other academic demands.

    However, this institute requests that overseas candidates provide proof of their financial soundness. But take aware that this university’s yearly tuition is about $14,432.

    This fantastic institution, noted for its high-quality instruction, is also one of the Norway universities where overseas students are not charged tuition.

    Nord University
    Nord University
  • University of Bergen: We also think that the University of Bergen in Norway is a fantastic place to study. There are many overseas pupils at the institution. And the school’s academic success is one of the causes of this. Consequently, feel free to select this institution if you like. You should be aware that the university charges for a thing called semester due. It shouldn’t be difficult to pay this owing because it isn’t very large.
    University of Bergen
    University of Bergen

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  • The Arctic University of Norway:

    In Troms, Norway, there is the northernmost educational institution in the world. It was started in 1968, and it opened its doors in 1972.

    However, it presently has 3,776 staff members and 17,808 pupils. It provides a range of degrees in the humanities, sciences, business, and education. However, it is Norway’s third-best university and a tuition-free institution for foreign students.

    In addition, it has one of the highest student populations in the nation, including both domestic and international students.

    At UiT, however, all students—with the exception of exchange students—pay a modest $73 semester tuition. Additionally, this includes the enrollment processes, exams, student identification cards, memberships in extracurricular activities, and counseling.

    Students can also benefit from discounts on public transit and cultural activities thanks to this.


    The Arctic University of Norway
    The Arctic University of Norway
  • University of Stavanger:

    The city of Stavanger in western Norway is home to the University of Stavanger.

    Since its founding in 2005, the university has developed into one of the top institutions in Norway, offering degrees, degree programs, and in-depth research to its 11,000 students and more than 1,500 staff members.

    The University of Stavanger in Norway does not impose any tuition fees on both domestic and foreign students because it is a public institution. One of the newest colleges in the nation is this one.

    The faculties of social sciences, arts, and education, as well as science and technology, make up this free university in Norway.


    University of Stavanger
    University of Stavanger


  • University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS):

    The UNIS University Centre in Svalbard is a state-owned institution of higher learning in Norway.

    It was founded in 1993, engages in research, and offers top-notch university-level instruction in Arctic studies.

    The Ministry of Education and Research, as well as the universities of Oslo, Bergen, Troms, NTNU, and NMBU, which selected the board of directors, are all full owners of this university.

    However, the director of this institute is a four-year board appointment.

    This facility, which is situated in Longyearbyen at 78° N latitude, is the most northern research and higher education institution in the world.

    The available courses, however, are divided into four faculties: Arctic technology, Arctic biology, Arctic geology, and Arctic geophysics.

    One of the newest institutions, it had around 600 students as well as 45 administrative staff members.

    Despite the fact that there is no tuition at this university, international students are nonetheless obliged to pay an annual fee of less than $125 to cover things like their academic-related expenditures.

university centre in svalbard unis
university centre in svalbard 
  •  Narvik University/College:

    This institution and UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, were combined. This occurred on January 1st, 2016.

    Hgskolen I Narvik (HiN), often known as Narvik University College, was founded in 1994. This Narvik University College provides high-quality instruction that is praised around the nation.

    Despite being one of Norway’s newest institutions, Narvik University College consistently receives favorable reviews from international organizations.

    However, Narvik University College makes a special effort to accommodate any students who have financial difficulties.

    The institution does, however, offer a broad variety of courses, including ones in nursing, business administration, engineering, etc.

    Students are not restricted to these full-time programs, however, since the institution also offers online courses and programs.

    However, this university has 220 faculty members, including academy and administrative personnel, and about 2000 students.

    Furthermore, it is unquestionably a fantastic option for students from outside, particularly those looking for Norwegian colleges that don’t charge tuition.

Narvik University
Narvik University
  • University of Agder:

    One of the newest institutions in Norway, this one was formed in 2007. It has offices in Grimstad and Kristiansand.

    These two sites offer courses at any of the University of Agder’s six faculties.

University of Agder
University of Agder
  •  Harstad University/College:

    This university was a hgskole, a state-run institution of higher learning in the Norwegian city of Harstad.

    But even though it was first founded on October 28th, 1983, it wasn’t fully expanded as a university until August 1st, 1994. This resulted from the merger of three regional high schools.

    In 2012, the Harstad University/College had 120 employees and around 1300 students. The two faculties that make up this university are business administration and social sciences and health and social care. This includes many sections.

    However, there are 1,300 students enrolled at this university, including 120 academic staff members.

    The Harstad University/College, however, is among the top colleges in the nation and has a reputation for providing education of the highest caliber.

    Additionally, this university is ranked in Norway’s overall rankings, and this remarkable accomplishment was made in less than 30 years.

    This institution boasts excellent amenities, including a dedicated library, and several sports facilities that will be useful to many students.

Harstad University/College
Harstad University/College


While it is comfortable and secure to have enough money before you leave to study abroad, deciding to study in Norway can provide you a cheaper possibility to do so without worrying about having all the money.

This is because there are many institutions around the nation where you may apply to receive a scholarship or study for free in addition to finding employment. Amazing, isn’t that? Fill out the application now to start your trip.

Visit the university’s official website by clicking on its name to get instructions on how to apply to any of the aforementioned universities.

It should be noted that the student must have documentation of prior education, particularly high school, in order to apply. As well as proof of financial security, sufficient to cover necessities and housing costs.

To find out how to apply for scholarships offered to both domestic and international students by various colleges, if this is a difficulty for you. This might leave you with little to no money to fund and assist pay for your accommodation and tuition.


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