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10 Jobs for Political Science PhDs

Jobs for Political Science PhDs. A Ph.D. demonstrates your dedication to your academic field because it takes perseverance, diligence, and an in-depth knowledge of the subject. You might be wondering what careers you can pursue with a doctorate in political science if you’ve just finished or want to finish one. Finding out what you can do with a Ph.D. in political science might help you choose whether this degree fits with your career objectives. In this post, we’ll go through 10 occupations you can accomplish with a Ph.D. in political science and offer some advice on how to land one.

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What can you do with a political science Ph.D.?

Many political science PhD holders work in academia, but you can also use abilities like research, analysis, and writing in non-academic positions. Following is a list of careers you can pursue with a political science doctorate.

1. Journalist

$37,929 is the average yearly wage in the country.

For newspapers, websites, magazines, radio shows, and television programs, journalists conduct research and compose news and opinion pieces. In an effort to keep the public informed and involved with current events, they talk with sources, take notes, write pieces, and make adjustments. Political science-related issues are covered by some journalists, including legislation, elections, international events, local politics, and economics.

2. Postdoctoral fellow

$54,311 is the average yearly wage in the country.

Primary responsibilities: After receiving a doctorate, postdoctoral fellows get academic experience at universities while working under supervision in order to prepare for careers as researchers or professors. They frequently do research, instruct graduate students, and prepare grants. Postdoctoral fellows often work with academic mentors to construct career plans and track their progress toward predetermined objectives.

3. Professor

$54,405 annually is the average salary nationwide.

At graduate or postgraduate levels in colleges or universities, professors teach students. They plan lessons, deliver lectures, give feedback, assign projects, and provide their students with career guidance specific to their field. Additionally, tenure-track professors conduct ongoing research and produce academic papers. These positions typically call for a Ph.D.

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4. Campaign manager

$57,566 annually is the average pay in the country.

Political campaigns are managed by campaign managers who attempt to elect a candidate to public office. They might be in charge of developing a plan of attack, studying polls, writing speeches, organizing events, and dealing with the media. They typically assist with finances by establishing a campaign budget and managing fundraising initiatives.

5. Research manager

$60,106 is the yearly average pay in the nation.

A research manager is a professional who oversees a group of researchers at a university, nonprofit, or for-profit organization. They frequently plan proposals, manage research assistants, and coordinate research initiatives. Research managers also assist with funding acquisition, data analysis, and team member mentoring.

6. The administrator

$61,355 per year is the average pay in the country.

Administrators are high-level academic professionals whose main responsibilities include managing staff, finances, curricula, and other initiatives in schools and universities. They might be expected to address the student population, interact with parents and students, and enforce policies. Additionally, administrators organize activities and decide on admissions.

7. A political consultant

$61,590 annually is the average salary nationwide.

Political consultants’ main responsibilities are to advise politicians and political parties on image and messaging. Building a media strategy, supporting speeches and other public appearances, and responding to the media are among their duties. They frequently aid a candidate or organization in furthering their cause by using great communication and interpersonal skills.

8. Researcher

National average yearly salary: $71,321

Researchers’ main responsibilities are to carry out studies for academic institutions, the state, or private companies. These individuals frequently collect data and write reports about it, occasionally concentrating on surveys or polls. Additionally, they evaluate this data and use it to decipher important trends and patterns. Senior researchers, who occasionally hold a Ph.D., also serve as meeting facilitators, encourage teamwork, and assign duties among a research team.

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9. Director of communications

$71,735 annually is the average pay nationwide.

The main responsibilities of a director of communications include marketing and public relations strategy for a company, government agency, or nonprofit organization. Holding press conferences, developing branding, producing marketing materials, and interacting with the media are among their duties. These experts frequently serve as the company’s public face and contribute to its good reputation.

10. Policy analyst

National average yearly salary: $79,809

Policy analysts review and assess policies with the aid of government organizations or think tanks. These individuals typically possess good communication, problem-solving, and analytical abilities in addition to extensive understanding of politics and the government. They are typically in charge of evaluating the efficacy of current policies, identifying issues, coming up with solutions, and communicating their findings via briefs, speeches, meetings, or other forms of communication.

FAQs on Jobs for Political Science PhDs 

What job is suitable for a political science?

Graduates with a degree in political science can build their careers in the public sector, working for elected officials or government agencies, or in the private sector. Political science job titles include policy analyst, legislative assistant, political consultant, social media manager, and market research analyst.

What is the highest doctorate degree?

Professional doctorate and PhD degrees are considered terminal degrees, meaning when you earn either degree, you will have achieved the highest formal degree in the field. As such, they can significantly enhance your résumé and your career.

What does PhD mean in political science?

Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science (PhD)

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